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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:33

        2020年06月25日 09:15:33

        Xining of center extensive network on June 3 message (Tang Zhongwei of reporter Zhang Lei's reporter) Qinghai province been makinging new hat pneumonic epidemic situation prevents the premise that accuse to fall, will debut since June 6 " Qinghai person swims Qinghai " travel on the weekend special train, quicken industry of Qinghai article travel anabiosis get warm again after a cold spell.

          Perfect defend system, increase the extortion, field that abandon land answer agrarian

        Current watermelon section begins from June 6, will come continuously on July 5. The activity is divided set advocate the assembly room divides an assembly room 4 times outside, still added the characteristic travel activity of circumjacent villages and towns, enclothe the travel tourist attraction with whole main area already, conduct the rustic culture activity of characteristic of outstanding edge beach again. During the activity, tourists can taste watermelon, watch game of performance, view, enjoy a to the local culture big food that provides distinguishing feature alone.

        East in Zhao village big canopy " stereo kind of melon " fructification again and again (Liu Yang of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        The case inside the channel with the located personnel that be stranded is very complex, rescuing difficulty is particularly great, rescuing team assembles from each rescuing equipment, organize keen-witted and capable rescuing force main assault fortified positions, make according to science " little section, draw out lane " and " advance little rate of progress, entire section, strong timbering, firmly " plan, scientific assign gathers up broken bits machine slag car of 2 stage, carry 4 stage, fork-lift truck 1 stage, grab 1, major rescuing team group of 2 31 people, construction 3 44 people, avoiding to break down collapse while undertake in rotation works 24 hours, get through rescuing passageway.

        The reporter learns, "Word of sea month musical instrument " antediluvian swim be born out of at " aigret river is noctivagant " , latter passes development of 20 years, accumulate welcome visitor nearly 3 million person-time, had become with Shanghai " Pu Jiang is noctivagant " , Guangzhou " Pearl River is noctivagant " circuitry of the travel on eponymous gold water.

        " white paper " point out, stem from business to admit need, enterprise of operation of industrial garden district seeks capital support initiatively through capital market, "No matter be the attention of capital market, still be demand of development of oneself of business of industrial garden division, the heat wave of industrial real estate already engulfed capital market stage by stage " .

        Two ground wear Ninghai and fine grand case " the classroom in sky " (center extensive network sends Ning Hai county to publicize a ministry to offer a plan)

        Be engaged in " 3 are helped up " coverall Wu deadline is 2 years, midway must not leave post. The service expires classics assessment is eligible and after gaining corresponding profession competence, in the service the unit occupies obtain employment of career work out, enjoy relevant and favourable policy.

        Peaceful wave citizen is in " drum-tower edge " the bazaar that help deficient up shops (center extensive network sends center of entire media of Hai Shu area to offer a plan)

        Provincial and natural groove guard is located in Xi of alligator of Lin Zhou top luxuriant name city, the ground crosses the city that believe appropriate to think of congratulate, new treasure two towns, spring is received east 100 emerge provincial and natural groove guard, southwest and groove guard of cloud cut into a mountain photograph adjacent, gross area 6064.8 hectare, it is luxuriant name city the important zoology protective screen northeast.

        In recent years, hefei city high level is advanced contend for achieve the whole nation to stand poisonous demonstrative city, poison of severe blow experience violates guilty activity, organize early or late " beat ice " " broken net " wait for series special operation, large quantities of one experience poison violate guilty suspect to be captured immediately, the mobile space that experience poison commits a crime is compressed further. Only 2019, whole town seizes experience poison to commit a crime in all 483 people of suspect, capture is of all kinds drugs 15 kilograms, detected " 11.11 " , " 11.19 " wait for case of target of drugs of a series of ministries, province.

        Desk of leasehold issue of Liu Mou and company of some labour trade

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter Liu Zhan) basis " byelaw of air defence of Chongqing city people " concerned regulation, on June 5 morning 10 when come 30 minutes 10 when 42 minutes, chongqing will undertake inside whole town limits air defence alarm tries airing of views, grieve over " Chongqing big bomb " die brethren.

        As we have learned, gather to avoid the child, the class number one divides into two with will original nursery school, "The number control of a class is in now 15 arrive between 20 people. " Introduction Tian Yanxia, to make sure the child can see familiar teacher, nursery school also undertook arranging afresh to the teacher, "It is the teacher of the top class in a kindergarten before and teacher of a middle shift at present be in charge of a class, such children can see his familiar teacher. Such children can see his familiar teacher..

        " how-to " show, deep harbor of the sea before Shenzhen is being advanced quickly is area of collaboration of innovation of science and technology of area of collaboration of contemporary service line of business, deep harbor, bright travel of international of deep harbor of city of science and education of international of belt of economy of bank of scientific city, deep harbor, Xi Lihu, sanded brilliance consumes collaboration area, another name for Guangdong Province; Advance center of innovation of construction international science and technology, deep harbor actively each other of money market interconnection is connected, infrastructure interconnection each other is connected, the position that compose builds the key domain such as the modern industry system that has international competition ability and development; In finance, obtain employment, live, the talent is introduced, the respect such as education offerred multinomial policy to support; Established municipal Party committee to advance area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to build leader group and group of 7 specific responsibility to be in charge of advancing construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province.

           In relinquishing book activity this, many policeman children are in of parents accompany below, in writing the blessing to impoverished village child into the book, mail along with all the others. "I sent 6 books to you, they are the book that I like most! ... you can want to learn well, can realize your dream so! " in return east elementary school on 4 grade classroom, terminal is raised taught Yang Huang of teacher of policeman, English to recite harbor bead for children bay the incoming letter that bag of child of policeman of station of check of big bridge edge wraps up. Children with puerile child's voice all to terminal dedicator thankses, the determination that expressed work energetically study and what live to happiness is yearning.

        On June 8 morning 7:30,

        Be located in south short for Weihe River ministry of molybdenum charging product regards the branch of smelt metal of mine of share of molybdenum of gold of golden molybdenum group of division of city China state as the Asia the first, supplier of product of smelt of world tertiary molybdenum, besides industry deserted, waste residue, industrial waste water discharges a quantity to not allow to ignore. June 2018, examination of environmental protection branch discovers this factory is vitriolic tail gas arranges existence issue, this factory is being rectified and reform when be being checked oneself, discover industrial waste water is handled again, discharge wait not to amount to mark.

        According to introducing, executive electron passenger ticket can raise a passenger to give an experience further. Buy ticket respect, the passenger can make work the window, automatically through Internet, station each channel such as ticket machine and dot of be commissioned to sell sth buy ticket, the flow that buy a ticket all did not change with the certificate that buy a ticket, after buying electronic passenger ticket, the passenger can be mixed through Internet return a ticket change a label, never leave home can complete an operation; Give a side, proof of ticket of check of check of station of pass in and out by the past " identity document + ticket " , identity document achieves effect of hold of brief melt into " one evidence is current " , real name makes ticket of nuclear check, check, check bank note more convenient, when ticket of brake machine check is used on average by 3.8 seconds / the person shortens to 1.3 seconds / person, rate rises 3 times the left and right sides, efficiency of station of great promotion pass in and out, managing passenger gives travel time cost, and can be on guard effectively missing ticket, buy the venture such as false bill.

        The reporter understands, 2019, guizhou complete province leaves the country 15 times fluvial section all achieves Ⅲ kind reach category of above water quality, the water quality of ground of fountainhead of drinking water of 23 collect Chinese style of central city amounts to mark rate to all be 100% . In the meantime, 9 main cities realize Guizhou Province first all is achieved " standard of ambient air quality " (GB 3095-2012) secondary standard, scale of good day number achieves air quality on average 98.0% .

        In relief river of center extensive network on June 13 message (Wei Zhifeng of Wu Wenbiao of reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang) up to on June 13 in the evening 22 when, for solid do good defense typhoon " parrot " lash-up rescuing preparation works, guangdong fire control comes to help total fleet according to " land a circle " , " the influence is encircled " , " support a group " wait for ladder second built up rescuing force of Yang Jiang and circumjacent fire control in all 557 people, equipment of 70 133 83 cars, Zhou Ting, drain flooded fields and water area come to help equipment, lofty mountains comes to help equipment, lifesaving is cast cast implement, the equipment such as life flaw-detecting apparatus undertake building up on call, had made rescuing preparation at any time.

        Make new era " maple bridge experience " Huang Bu example

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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