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        Release time:2020年06月25日 09:15:36

        2020年06月25日 09:15:36

        Among them, classify center of confluence of class piece data is the project of data confluence center that Guangzhou city takes the lead first times by mechanism of area public security, through the area inside of all kinds government affairs, alarm of Wu " " data conformity is become " piece " , get through information shares camp, comprehensive implementation government affairs, alarm Wu data shares each other to connect. In addition, yellow Bu area still produces construction public security learn to grind to achieve couplet to exhibit a center with couplet, press the application that the technique of new generation informatization such as 5G, artificial intelligence works in public security energetically; Build Guangzhou city first alarm Wu forms into columns without man-machine, exploration is advanced carry a person not to have man-machine application, compose establishs new-style airspace alarm Wu.

        Build enter a country come short for Zhejiang Province " quick passage " , the purpose is for more thorough advance Zhejiang answer of go back to work is produced, serve in essential commerce, content shedding, production and technology especially wait for domain get through to block a dot up, order of stimulative economy society restores in the round. This measure is from the job such as orgnaization of enterprise, scientific research need sets out, it is a when be badly in need of nature place executing in the light of specific post public policy. Unit of each choose and employ persons wants cogent assume main body responsibility, strengthen active management, be in charge of doing relevant personnel health to monitor, implement lash-up government measure.

          Below Guangzhou tower, citizen obligation donates blood the spot End extensive network sends a reporter to offer a plan

        Lukewarm mountain of center extensive network on June 14 message (reporter Li Jia) on June 13 afternoon, explosion of tank car of on the freeway one chamfer is strong near village of fine of town of big brook of city of lukewarm mountain of city of stage of Zhejiang of high speed of G15 Shenyang sea give a freeway, cause circumjacent part a house owned by a citizen and workshop collapse. Up to on June 14 4 when make 10 minutes, the accident causes 18 people death in all.

        Jilin of center extensive network on June 7 message (reporter Yuan Jingwei) on June 7 14 when, jilin city is last pneumonic diagnose patient reachs 2 new crests leave hospital standard, in Jilin medicine institute accessary hospital leaves hospital. According to national new coronal partition of pneumonic epidemic situation divides grade level, grade of risk of epidemic situation of Jilin city the city zone is adjusted to low risk. So far, grade of risk of epidemic situation of region of countrywide all county all is adjusted for low risk.

        The move butt joint that each district wants the brook in been do to shed the flood and mountain torrents to send dot of hidden trouble of area, urban and rural easy waterlogged dot, geological calamity easily to wait for dangerous region staff, staff of region of danger zone of decisive move danger. When releasing rainstorm yellow early-warning, move should inform to accepting responsibility person masses does good move to prepare; When releasing rainstorm orange and above level early-warning, move should come to accepting responsibility person butt joint, inspect affection to transfer. Strengthen move to find a place for the dot manages, did not affirm forbidden personnel is returned before safety.

        As we have learned, the expert such as Wang Rebing of writer of literature of Xiao Yunru of famous culture scholar, famous landscape, scholar will take up the post of compilatory job adviser, the catchment city such as autonomous prefecture of Tibetian of tree of jade of Yellow River fountainhead will compile for almanac offer specific domain information to support. During the seminar, still undertook first making up appoint, activity of expert combination autograph.

        " announcement " clear, right Beijing is new since May 30 add new coronal the person that pneumonic case of illness is contacted closely and the place such as market of seafood of new hair ground is exposed history come prosperous returns prosperous personnel, uniform concentration keeps apart observation 14 days, begin nucleic acid of new coronal virus at least 2 times to detect, antibody detects. To the person be contacted closely of afore-mentioned personnel, undertake be centralizeded relatively keeping apart observation, begin nucleic acid of new coronal virus at least 2 times to detect, antibody detects (removed 24 hours of above) , detect the result is negative person remove segregation, bring into community to reside a healthy management that monitor.

        Case of illness 2, wang Mou, male, 31 years old, case of illness the son-in-law of one. Beijing is gone to before was being driven oneself with wife, daughter on May 14, come to delivered ground market aquatic product newly in Beijing all the time on June 8 14 stall are in business, on June 8 afternoon 16 when drive oneself together with wife and daughter return install new county to carry bourg on the west bank village. On June 9 morning 9 when arrive at river Beijing University 20 minutes to learn accessary hospital, after jockeying near subbranch of a bank of red star road, 10 when enter a hospital 03 minutes from the gate, 10 when arrive at B 08 minutes to exceed room, 10 when 29 depart open B to exceed the center that collect blood is gone to before the room, 10 when come 53 minutes 11 when 40 hematic center and hall area are being collected to ambulate during cent, 11 when leave a hospital 43 minutes from gate place. 11 when come 57 minutes 13 when the repast of restaurant of face of Mr Li beef that is in 45 minutes in 4 office of Baoding city on. 13 when enter a hospital 54 minutes to take examination result on foot, 14 when accompany a wife 04 minutes to arrive further consultation with a doctor of department of gynaecology and obstetrics, during waiting, mix in the doorway all the time area of wait to see a doctor wanders, 14 when 20 depart open examine area, learn accessary hospital from Beijing University of construct a canal on foot, drive oneself return how new. Village of the back street in sending a daughter to carry bourg on June 10 the first nursery school, received at 3 o'clock afternoon time. In end clinic of village of bourg back street saw a doctor at 10 o'clock in the morning. On June 11 morning 9 when drive upright bourg government to handle a birth certificate oneself. On June 12 morning 11 when, drive the hotel that celebrate ocean to isolate a particle oneself.

        Custom statistic shows: This year 1-5 month, liaoning saves imports and exports of civilian battalion industry to continue to maintain driving growth momentum, realize imports and exports one hundred and eight billion six hundred and fifty million yuan, grow 17.4% , occupy 39.9% . The corresponding period, liaoning saves an enterprise to be deepened continuously to the development strength of rising market, right " one belt all the way " imports and exports of country of along the line 91.39 billion yuan, grow 17.1% , occupy 33.5% . 1-5 month, liaoning province imports crude oil 57.67 billion yuan, grow 70.5% , occupy 35.3% , 10.4% what take entrance of countrywide crude oil.

        2019, general Tuo area appoint, district government puts forward " 3 long " area (long wind, long march, macrobian) unifinication linkage develops. "3 long " area area 17.4 square kilometer, 1/3 what occupy whole area gross area about, the Suzhou that has nearly 21 kilometers water front of river bank water, area advantage inside information of advantage of condition of outstanding, traffic, history is solid, industrial essential factor basis of all ready, property is good, mix in whole town entire division is new fundamental strategic value is had in round of development. In August 2019, initiate the Tsinghua of Shanghai of orgnaization of innovation research and development that establish jointly as Tsinghua university and Shanghai municipal government international innovation center is formal settle. In March 2020, country is the biggest network security company -- headquarters of big safety of 360 groups Shanghai and headquarters of Hua Dong area are official settle. Nowadays, culture of contest of first report of countrywide experiences a center -- advocate center of experience of culture of contest of field ESP report appears formally also. Of large quantities of one well-known companies, priority discipline thick as hail, make " 3 long " the assemble effect of the area and magnetic field effect are formed already. Future " 3 long " the area will be buckled closely " unifinication " and " high quality " two keys, be blended in more actively and serve long triangle, sufficient play linkage cooperates with advantage, elevate Pu Tuo window action and status ceaselessly, adamantine go " division achieve + industry " development road, make the new raise that faces headquarters of company of banking of original place of innovation of long three-cornered science and technology, science and technology to collect the ground and move of achievement of science and technology to change with all one's strength.

        Changchun of center extensive network on June 15 message (reporter Liu in a steady stream) Jilin province is accelerated fulfil firm hillock of look forward to of unemployed insurance aid to return return policy, carry channel of open up green, accept quickly, examine and verify, fair show, extend wait for flow, the functional action of Hui Min of look forward to of life of firm hillock of look forward to of aid of insurance of sufficient play unemployment, safeguard, benefit. Up to in May end, already extended for 18957 enterprises firm hillock is returned return fund 1.486 billion yuan, 1.11 million person of benefit and worker.

        The key tilts, increase firm hillock to return still. Jilin spare is sufficient with show policy of firm hillock of look forward to of aid of national unemployment insurance, because the ground makes appropriate because of look forward to,accomplish, will suffer epidemic situation and loss of influence of defer go back to work bigger with active go back to work answer yield ginseng protects an enterprise to bring into a key to support limits, preferential extend firm hillock allowance, allow more company especially small small company is benefited. Complete province conducts a business actively relevant business is conducted on the line, accelerate advance application, examine and verify, fair show, extend business of whole technological process is dealt with, improve efficiency of examine and verify. When examine and approve, jilin province simplifies program procedures, the enterprise does not need to offer register, salary again watch, remove the material such as labor contract proof.

        2. In the repast of patient dining room of medical establishment, maintain suitable space, decrease hall feed, advocate take dinner service oneself.

        Changchun of center extensive network on June 1 message (reporter Liu in a steady stream) bureau of Jilin province atmosphere announces, begin from today, jilin province carries out newest castigatory " signal of early-warning of calamity of Jilin province atmosphere issues standard and defence guideline " .

        Protection of facilities of power of electrify of sea of boat hill city executes the law jointly the office establishs a ceremony (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Shenzhen is city of net of independent group of first 5G of countrywide, will take the lead in realizing 5G network to be enclothed completely this year in August. Recently, shenzhen airport shifts to an earlier date the 5G network that 3 months implemented dealer of 3 big operation is enclothed completely, comprehensive open 5G applies new era.

        Wang Xi's is the famousest calligrapher on Chinese history, it is a coronal Gu Jin, praise sow abroad book emperor, his calligraphy theory and art are carried out, it is the gem in tradition of culture of the Chinese nation. Of Wang Xi calligraphy, in China rising on calligraphy history bear before the action after opening, of Wang Xi calligraphy affected Chinese book art full more than 1000 years. 1700 old before, landscape of brook of his admire Shan, loving at Sheng city, the knot results from Jin Ting, carry wife the belt puts in concealed chute the foot of a mountain 's charge, lovemaking landscape, with writing herd goose is happy, be born firstly eventually here.

        Up to by 2019, already more than 120 content sheds an enterprise to garrison area of content shedding garden is managed, accumulative total realizes goods of area of pass in and out to be worth 112.4 billion dollar. 2019, guangzhou protects tax other people to shed goods of area of garden area pass in and out to be worth 10.4 billion dollar, total value of imports and exports 1.2 billion dollar.

        2 it is to advance achievement of science and technology to change jointly with industrialization. Collective and contributive establish joint-stock company, in other city of Shanghai, Chongqing and whole nation, development rubbish classification, rubbish classification receives carry and low cost to be able to reclaim project of buy of good of benefit of content extreme loop, collaboration begins market of business of equipment promotion, whole nation to develop.

        Xining of center extensive network on May 30 message (Ju Shaofeng of Tan Guoxia of reporter Zhang Lei's reporter) look so that see hill, look so that see water, remember nostalgic. In recent years, qinghai Xining city builds a demand around beautiful country closely, begin rural person to reside environmental punish energetically, the working key such as processing of rural life rubbish, each beauty countryside changes former days appearance, adorned river Huang earth, broad farming herdsman masses was enjoyed " the life is rural beauty, village beauty, beautiful " appropriate lives the life, obtain feeling, happy feeling to promote in the round.

        It is to assure wide stone line inside time of scuttle dot construction receive Beijing wide line smoothly, guangzhou project headquarters and Wu of work of wide iron group paragraph, electric Wu paragraph, the unit of many inside and outside such as manage of construction, inspect cooperates cheek by jowl, below the premise that affecting movement of river village station, wait to roadbed, orbit, power supply, signal undertake construction is transformed.

        The exhibition spits grave of distant of Er radical hill, Chenguo's princess and emperor's son-in-law to add up to bury grave, Ye showpiece in all the relics of the Beijing in relics of the Beijing on grave of high-ranked imperial concubine of channel of force of the grave of law feather, small king, distant, distant cultural relic that come up out of land high-quality goods 128. Cultural relic category is diversiform, include ironware of golden silver, copper, chinaware, paint carpentry, silk and agate, amber wait for a variety of quality of a material. Cultural relic level is high, precious cultural relic amounts to 116 / set, among them one class cultural relic 76 / set, chenguo's princess mask, emperor's son-in-law is amber Jin Gaoshi of waist of defend of gold of fine gold of bead grain of play of Ying Luo, Shuang Feng, fine gold pursues gild of silver cup, coloured drawing or pattern the heavyweight cultural relic such as stupa of law of 7 Buddha woodcarving all alls present. Of cultural relic level tall, phyletic abundance, for in recent years of congener exhibition scarce.

        The class as man of virtual and ability the village is stationed in a village Yuan Guangping of the first secretary tells a reporter: "Ban Yan village the villager of 98% is the Tu nationality, the most special is the Tibetian son's wife that there are 42 to come from Tibet in our village. The neighborhood in the village is harmonious now, everybody solidarity, the villager is mutual between also very friendly affection, mutual help. Ban Yan village becomes rich with harmony of ethical solidarity, religion, masses for the key, developed a batch of industries that have ethical distinguishing feature according to the apiration of masses, added item of a batch of travel newly again this year, let a tourist experience the traditional culture of the Tu nationality better. Let a tourist experience the traditional culture of the Tu nationality better..

        Serve new requirement to get used to government affairs, raise administration to examine and approve efficiency further, china (Liaoning) Dalian of division of free trade test piece decision of division management commission, since June 17, 2020, become existing 8 hours to examine and approve service mode to serve to be examined and approve on 24 hours of nets. There is demand company inside area under administration but round-the-clock 24 hours declare material through be being referred on the net, tiring-room staff member will make be examined and approve on the net according to application. Difficulty problem is encountered in conducting business process remotely, can dial phone 88535035-3 to undertake advisory.

        Deep in heavy canal of passageway head section weighs 60 thousand tons, hand in ground of heavy base of island of head of ox of 4 boat bureau to begin production from which, last a period of time engineering technology plans 10 months, the surplus that experiences 36 hours carries installation works, settle down in new home of lonely foreign underwater eventually. This new home, when builder is used about make two years, from dredge, shop the foundation arrives decorate, use China's most advanced project wisdom make a technology.

        Shenzhen crosses condition student to be during go to school of Hong Kong school, should learn censorial and how-to requirement to fulfil the individual defends and healthy managing according to medical service of government of Hong Kong special zone measure, abide by its epidemic situation to prevent control a demand. Before crossing condition student, read toward Hong Kong school should go there and back that day, finish class to should return Shenzhen according to school arrangement after school, do not head for Hong Kong other area.

        (5) nonlocal car and personnel need to enter those who install new county truly, it is normal that classics temperature detects, by recieve an unit to hold a proof to believe checkpoint to deal with hand over formalities.

           Solid had grabbed job of firm foreign capital of firm foreign trade