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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:34

        2020年06月25日 09:15:34

        Hangzhou of center extensive network on June 17 message (Wang Lijing of Wen Jun of Cao of reporter Li Jia's reporter) " Zhejiang saves public data to open as provisional as safe management way " (the following abbreviation " method " ) today (17 days) make public formally, will apply formally at will rising on August 1, 2020.

        Demonstrative engineering field is constructed in the high grade base that suckle a source, xinjiang develops the stress spring of the Western Regions to breed course of study suckles garden of industry of poultry of city of project of source base extend, Chang Ji basin of over sixty years of age of project of construction of base of 10 thousand milk cow, Yan suckles source base to build a project to wait. This year, autonomous prefecture of prosperous auspicious the Hui nationality is accelerated fulfil requirement of demonstrative project of the high grade base that suckle a source, si Tan of high grade to introducing carry on one's shoulder suckles the enterprise of the source to undertake allowance, take out special fund to ensure a project to be carried out as soon as possible.

        A lot of well-known trademark dress from hope river county carries toward each district. (Xu Peng of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Benefit city is maritime begin " 5 World Environment Day of 6 · " thematic series activity (maritime bureau supplies administrative division of benefit of hair of center extensive network graph)

        Next, superintendency bureau of Chongqing city market will produce whole process around salt, risk of oriented, aggrandizement manages outstanding problem, strengthen salt quality safety to superintend lawfully, ensure people " the safety on the tip of the tongue " .

        Natural zoology state. Condition of environment of Dalian town organisms' habits is overall for fine, index of zoology environment state (EI) for 67.2, with go up year of photograph comparing rise somewhat. Whole town forest is enclothed rate for 41.5% . Build area greenbelt to lead 43% , afforest is enclothed rate 44% , green ground of park of average per capita accumulates 11.3 square metre. Whole town shares natural groove guard 11, gross area 5860.8 square kilometer. Groove guard of nature of class of its China home 4, provincial and natural groove guard 1, groove guard of city class nature 6.

           4, mechanism of Shenzhen city public security is detected successfully " hurricane 47 " unplug hammer series encroachs case of citizen individual information

        Alone Xie Cao is planted group distributing (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 18 message (reporter Chen Peng) the data that comes from Chongqing city hydrology to monitor terminal, 17 days 8 when to 18 days 8 when, chongqing occurrence rainstorm of 16 areas county, jia Lingjiang appears 4 ~ flood 5 meters apparently process.

        According to Chongqing city hydrology the terminal that monitor is monitored, 11 days 8 when to 12 days 8 when, rainstorm arrives greatly Chongqing, bureau ground big rainstorm. 10 thousand cities, city, Yun Yang, Wu Xi, act according to mouth of section, Liang Ping, city to wait for 20 areas county to appear rainstorm, days of the biggest rainfall achieves 206 millimeter.

        Qinghai saves the sea east new residential quarter of Banyan of autonomous county of city coadjutant the Tu nationality (center extensive network sends Zhang Lei to photograph)

        Politics of station of check of edge of peaceful wave airport is in director Zhang Ming to say, come nearly 3 years, station of check of edge of peaceful wave airport teachs a side to help up through raising, consumptive side is helped up wait for a variety of sides to support a measure, help place masses becomes rich. "The travel agent that combines Ning Bo this recommends the travel resource of 3 rivers, want to introduce 3 rivers to peaceful wave person namely, promote the development of 3 rivers tourism, drive masses to take off deficient. Drive masses to take off deficient..

           In day of area of dawn of sea of peaceful wave city one square, 86Year old " butt grandfather " plait of plait of badge of the party before Yu Zhifa wears a city to be in charge of justice labour actor's costumes, bosom gives off light, he is being carried " stub canister " , taking clip single-handed, often stop stub of offal pace pick up. More than uncle becomes a city to be in charge of justice labour to still be less than a year, but his butt however already assemble several bags. "Butt is very small, a butt is OK nevertheless a burn-up of a house, drop the urban image that also can destroy A Laning wave on the road. " more than uncle tells a reporter, from last year6The month begins, he can be spent everyday on about3Hour, along park of 100 measure journey, clever bridge, enlightened street, Zhongshan butt is collected near and other places. "Weather became good I can go to Zhongshan park make ball catch. Myself made a portable jar, bought a clincher, the edge walks along an edge to collect butt, there is strong interest now, eyesight is better also. Eyesight is better also..

        Atmosphere branch is forecasted, will not 10 days save forecast of accumulative total fall completely: Edge the Huaihe River arrives Changjiang Delta is upper 150 ~ 300 millimeter, local 400 millimeter of 300 ~ south of; Changjiang Delta 200 millimeter of 100 ~ , local 300 millimeter of 200 ~ south of area of north of; the Huaihe River 150 millimeter of 100 ~ zone of north of; the Huaihe River is upper 100 millimeter of 50 ~ . With all the year round photograph of the corresponding period compares: North of area of north of the Huaihe River and Changjiang Delta south slant much 5 become 1 times, other area slants many 2 times above.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter Liu Tao) today (8 days) afternoon, economy of 2020 China number casts financing " Yun Lu acts " the activity is held in Chengdu. Suffer epidemic situation effect, the activity adopts the kind that ties with the photograph below the line on the line to undertake.

        Center extensive network Manasi on May 28 (Bin of characters on a seal carved in relief of Zhu Lijun of reporter Wu Zhuosheng's reporter) Xinjiang Chang Jizhou Manasi 6 ground press down the county " treat sand " with " become rich " close together union rises, 3 years of time, more than 10000 mus of desert become local masses to add stop the green bank that become rich.

        The input outside the condition does not have the person that the symptom affects: Luo Mou, male, 21 years old, xinjiang book, CZ8744 airliner passenger. Entered a country on June 16 detect temperature 36.7 ℃ , without calorific wait for a symptom, xi'an custom and Xi'an city nucleic acid detect the result all is masculine gender, bosom CT as good as constant, group of expert of classics city class diagnoses tegether, diagnose for new coronal pneumonic the person that affect without the symptom. Keep apart medical observation in the medical establishment that decide a dot at present.

        " opinion " still made clear second birth the supervisory management responsibility of the other side such as waterborne dimension, management.

        On June 14 0, 24 when, the person that town report adds Chongqing newly to be affected without the symptom 4 (all input for India) . Up to on June 14 24 when, still have the person that affect without the symptom 14, input 5 for Hubei province respectively (among them division of 10 thousand states reports the area in 1 exemple, change reports area of north of 1 exemple, change reports area of 1 exemple, Rong Chang reports county of 1 exemple, You Yang reports 1) , 8 are inputted outside the condition (among them 1 exemple, England of American 1 exemple, Sudan 2 exemple, India 4) , this locality is original 1 (for macrobian area 1) , accepting medicine to observe.

        Chongqing of center extensive network on May 28 message (reporter Chen Peng) the reporter learns from total fleet of public security of Chongqing city public security bureau, public security mechanism continues to deepen " put a canal to take " reform, the people's livelihood of carry out travel alarm Wu adds new move again, since June 1, 2020, chongqing will carry out Id of the dweller that cross a province " Quan Yu is connected do " .

        Invest vigor to arouse folk effectively, sichuan optimizes investment climate further, advance continuously " put a canal to take " reform, begin index of battalion business environment to promote special operation, carry out an enterprise to invest project acceptance to make, the line runs project project to examine and approve administrative system on, drive energetically " one net is connected do, one net opens a valve " , up to now, online examine and approve platform, approve, put on record investment project seventeen thousand six hundred, always invest 3.3 trillion yuan, grow 24.6% .

        Peaceful wave of center extensive network on June 9 message (Qian Fang of Du Jinming of reporter Cao Meili's reporter) on June 8 afternoon, "2020 peace are exhibited on net of whole world of exit of wave stationery gift " begin formally. The spot is set " square cabin exhibition hall " , build 40 video assembly room. Last a period of time 3 hours, outside the condition 59 purchase Shang Hening 81 industries of wave city that offer money carry the kind such as video, speech " face-to-face " communicate.

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 16 message (reporter Liang Mingxing) to be fulfilled effectively " outside prevent an input, inside prevent rebound " prevent accuse strategy, knit further knit firm market closely to superintend a domain to defend net, on June 15, print and distribute of superintendency bureau of market of the Anhui province is urgent announcement, deploy is saving the organization inside limits to begin food safety to check the work completely since this day, highlight place of key product, key and key link, comprehensive platoon is checked, superintend strictly, check place and stem the flaw that exists possibly, consolidate of hard-earned prevent dominate positive result.

        Face railroad greatly formal lay a railway track (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        The report shows, guizhou saved forensic blame to accuse executive case amount grows further completely last year, add up to examine 2813, grow 2.51% compared to the same period, examine strength to be increased ceaselessly; Invalid lawsuit proportion is higher. Contentious case disables in saving chose judge of forensic administration lawsuit completely 5227, grow 7.57% compared to the same period.


        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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