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        Release time:2020年06月25日 09:15:39

        2020年06月25日 09:15:39

        Center extensive network Huhhot on June 10 message (Wang Yusen of reporter Li Zhengxiang's reporter) China (Huhhot) cross condition cable business enlightened ceremony is in business of comprehensive test division today garden of production industry of intelligence of new developed area holds Inner Mongolia and Lingeer ceremoniously, at the same time the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region crosses condition cable business first times new retail demonstrative inn and import goods reveal the hall synchronous also join movement.

        According to introducing, of this circuitry enlightened, fill neat old since the city zone of the city in advance lodges for the night to Taiyuan fierce what the International Airport does not have nonstop special railway line is short board, of passenger traffic of highway of the city zone of the city in realizing advance and aviation traffic without seam join, integrated to accelerating stereo change traffic to carry a system construction, accelerate Long Cheng area materiality construction serves whole city " 4 a hunderd li " project has great sense.

        Relevant personnel introduces, ning Bo accepts a point establish, it is to comply with complete province " run at most " main body of the reform, market that defeat solution " do according to it is difficult to handle card easily " " admittance forbids battalion " the real need that waits for outstanding issue, the company that has great and convenient Ning Bo entrance cosmetic demand is dealt with put on record formalities, increase an import blame spy cosmetic puts on record administrative efficiency and quality, will be helpful for an enterprise putting the market on to drive cosmetic to import commerce to develop quickly foreign product quickly.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 1 message (Xiao Guang of reporter Wang Hang's reporter) on June 1, by Guizhou Province industry is mixed Public Security Department of informatization hall, Guizhou Province, protect interest long the Guizhou Province that couplet accuses a group to be sponsorred jointly civilian explode trade security is special punish acts 3 years advance meeting and " safe production month " the mobile ceremony that start is in Guiyang city Qing Dynasty presses down city Pan Jiangmin explodes company, pull open by a definite date January " safe production month " series activity is prelusive.

        In the morning 11:43 minutes, be B-1673 as number " inferior carry catchword " plane of order coloured drawing or pattern slowly glide to aircraft parking area, two large fire engine are ejective the water column that is as high as a few meters, with convention of international aviation group " cross floodgate " formal, for brand-new the plane of coloured drawing or pattern that appear " give a dinner of welcome of give a dinner for a visitor from afar " . On machine level ground, staff member of long dragon aviation is discharged " 2022 " the thematic phalanx of model of written characters, display a flower to express sympathy and solicitude for to unit staff, with accept as a souvenir of group photo of plane of coloured drawing or pattern.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 14 message (reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang another name for Guangdong Province should announce) this morning, basis " Guangdong province flood prevention prevents meet an emergency of prevent frostbite of drought the root of fangfeng beforehand case " defend total concerned provision with the province, guangdong province flood prevention prevents drought the root of fangfeng office of government of lash-up of province of office of department of commander in chief, Guangdong decides on June 14 0 when lash-up of class of 30 minutes of will windbreak Ⅳ answers promotion to be lash-up of windbreak Ⅲ class to answer, requirement each district is departmental the door divides the work according to duty and beforehand proposal provision, combinative this locality grinds actually seriously sentence calamity risk, implement typhonic defense measure ahead of schedule, ensure people life property is safe hammer and tongs, utmost reduces calamity loss.

        Go up lunar base, the hand swims " food language " medium brand-new the person that feed soul sets Xiang Yu the Conqueror to fasten the line on female singer, it is to let a person cause boundless imagination more. To this, chen Jing expresses, advocate achieve a group to give out collaboration to invite to courtyard of Shanghai Beijing opera designedly about, original intention is advocate the quintessence of a country. Courtyard of Shanghai Beijing opera got also agree willingly after the infinite glamour of the network in the feeling before this. Can better to let A Jie of notable reputation actor display sing, assume personal command of specially of Mei Paqing Yi Tianhui coachs and publicizing piece li of loud voice. Fasten new overlord after the deliberate burnish that A Jie passes countless times female singer is sung lasting appeal is dye-in-the-woodly, came true to feed the arena dream of fetch.

        According to introducing, guangzhou is current already print and distribute " job of group of leader of construction of city of Guangzhou city sponge is regular " , clear mayor holds the position of leader group group leader, the deputy mayor that Wu of water of be assigned personal responsibility for works holds the position of assistant group leader, municipal government assists the deputy secretary-general that Wu of water of be assigned personal responsibility for works to hold the position of daily office director. Member unit covered leader group to send change, program, live build, Wu of traffic, water, gardens and airport economy area and Guangzhou are handed in cast, city of construction group, Guangzhou is cast, Guangzhou water is cast wait for 28 branches and unit. Unit of leader group composition covers a range wide, cooperation of division of labor of each member unit, make trade of one's own profession respectively (unit) practical executive plan, to whole process the canal accuses to advance city of our city sponge to built the job to provide important safeguard with macrocosm.

         All-around supervisory equipment, safety administration upgrades again

        Among them 3 days, far, beautiful closes Qing Dynasty, another name for Guangdong Province with Pearl River delta city county has heavy rain on the west local rainstorm or big rainstorm, the companion when thunderstorm has the strong wind when 8 class left and right sides is short; County of the others city has dispersive (thunder) showery and local heavy rain. 4 days - 5 days, far, beautiful closes Qing Dynasty, another name for Guangdong Province with Pearl River delta city county has on the west in to heavy rain local rainstorm or big rainstorm, the companion when thunderstorm has the strong wind when 8 class left and right sides is short; County of the others city has dispersive (thunder) showery.

        Through 16 years make meticulously, shanghai book extends new to mark from beginning to end requirement, new change, new trend, base oneself upon " stimulative the whole people is read, construction book sweet society " functional fixed position, build international culture to accelerate metropolitan, main start shooting " Shanghai culture " the brand made positive contribution. Current book is exhibited hold to " I love to read, I love the life " theme, focusing builds the times spirit such as comparatively well-off society in the round, exhibited train of thought, means and specific project to undertake adjustment optimizing to doing, present for wide readership hard high quality, multidimensional degree, of the linkage below the line on the line read culture regale.

        Taiyuan of center extensive network on June 16 message (reporter Li Nan) Shanxi saves observatory on June 16 10 when release rainstorm blue early-warning 28 minutes, early-warning area: Face city of Fen, carry, Jincheng. Suffer air of changes in temperature to be affected jointly, predicting future inside 24 hours, the partial area in early-warning area accumulates rainfall to will amount to 50 millimeter or above. Had done about unit and personnel please be on guard preparation.

        Announcement requirement and Beijing add what pneumonic diagnose case of illness has new coronal to contact and had arrived to send the place such as ground seafood market newly newly to come another name for Jiangxi Province returns personnel of another name for Jiangxi Province, from the Gao Feng in Beijing jaws area comes the personnel that another name for Jiangxi Province returns another name for Jiangxi Province, want to report actively to apanage community and unit. Up to now,

        In addition, "Safe production civilian explode row " with " safe production month " synchronism is started, come to will end December this year. Main content is: Branch of various industry letter contrasts civilian explode safety and relevant system regulation, begin seriously be checked oneself and superintend and director checks an examination, discover in time and correct is being fulfilled civilian explode the inadequacy that exists in safe superintendency duty and short board, promote safe superintendency capability. In the meantime, force the enterprise fulfils main body responsibility, fulfil a proprietor of an enterprise to want chief and safe administrator responsibility especially, strengthen management, sound system, promote safe production level of management in the round.

        Peaceful peaceful Miao Zu in April according to legend of 8 girls section is to commemorate Yang Li of heroine of pretty of Song Daifei cave's woman and the ethical red-letter day that inheritance comes down, the area of attrib border Miao Zu of Hunan laurel Guizhou that basically circulates rather center peacefuls south Yu Yihu, it is the peculiar festival of seedling home woman. 2008, this festival is labelled national level is immaterial culture bequest.

        According to introducing, special hillock teacher is in the center of one when carry out is opposite western the special policy that obligation of area rural area teachs, arrive through making public graduate of college of invite applications for a job western school of area rural area teachs, guide and encourage college graduate to be engaged in rural obligation teaching the job, the compensatory mechanism of teacher of innovation country school, improve the integral quality of rural teacher team, promote urban and rural education balanced development.

        Through carrying out rehabilitate of annulus lake zoology in the round, pool of another name for Yunnan Province appeared first " the lake is retreated into the person " . Retreat into the lake from the person, surround a lake to create field, to retreat return a lake n cultivated land, retreat return n cultivated land forest, processing of pool of another name for Yunnan Province reflected the process with Chinese acknowledge nature, natural understanding. Tang Yunhong of deputy director general of management board of pool of Kunming city another name for Yunnan Province introduces, lakeside of pool of another name for Yunnan Province is finished retreat a pond to retreat cropland 45 thousand mus, return a house 2.33 million square metre, remove a person 28 thousand person, demolish the bank that prevent wave 43.14 kilometers, rehabilitate area of water area of pool of another name for Yunnan Province 11.51 square kilometer, build wet ground 54 thousand mus, came true " the person is retreated into the lake " to " the lake is retreated into the person " historical change, lakeside zoology function and biology diversity get resumptive.

        Built 3 2020, built 9 2021, built 18 2022, built 7 2023, came 2024 2025, build 12 above fair punish general tall. To 2022, add newly fair run general high degree 60 thousand above, came 2023 2025, add again newly fair run general high degree 37 thousand, pass above the construction of two phase, add up to 6 years to be added newly fair run general high degree 97 thousand above.


        Face atmosphere early-warning, street of white source of the area that install a source hold flood prevention job to meet for a short while, party member cadre undertakes 24 hours is on duty is worth defending, ensure instruction of flood prevention information is expedite, the lash-up a troop unit corresponding to the platoon or squad that forms by the Party member at any time on call. From before dawn 3: White source market works since 32 minutes group inside had not stopped about the message of rainfall, the flood love that cadre of Party member of each village, community discovers on-the-spot make an on-the-spot survey report for a short while, ensure it is good to do calamity of emergency treatment of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of white source area under administration intends the work, pulled quickly in front of danger affection " red defends net " .

        The industry develops the essential seat that is test division construction. Current, 9 rivers city is versed in owner guides the position does not shake sturdily, increase strength to advance industry to optimize upgrade, aim at industrial high end and high-end industry, promote industry the quality of development and benefit in the round, accelerate compose to build modern industry system, weigh model stage by stage 9 rivers " industrial town of military importance " new brilliant.

        1. Consciousness answers to use when have dinner " fair chopsticks fair spoon " , advocate " one dish one chopsticks, one Shang Yi spoon, unripe ripe have not " .

        Hangzhou of center extensive network on June 12 message (reporter city hears colourful Xie Mengjie of reporter Chen Yu) superintendency bureau of Zhejiang province market is released 11 days external " Zhejiang province set index of vitality of small small company newly 2019 " (the following abbreviation " energy index " ) . " index " show, zhejiang set index of vitality of small small company newly to be 125.94 a little bit 2019, grow 4.95% compared to the same period.