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        Release time:2020年06月25日 09:15:30

        2020年06月25日 09:15:30

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 11 message (reporter He Weiji) on June 10, exhibition of goods and materials of Guangzhou international epidemic prevention kicks off, this is exhibition of goods and materials of epidemic prevention of first international of countrywide, also be first line that since epidemic situation erupts, Guangzhou holds next exhibiting meeting.


        Chengdu of center extensive network on May 31 message (reporter Gu Yichao) politics and law of Sichuan provincial Party committee appoint, 13 units such as Public Security Department of province education office, province, begin combination half an year of by a definite date " be on guard health of minor of protection of illegal crime of minor of blow enroach on, care grows " special operation. Special operation will from 4 respects exert oneself, aim to build minor of perfect care, protection, deliverance to normalize working system mechanism further, promote job of minor care protection qualitative effect.

        In the meantime, the person that Liaoning saves accumulative total report to be affected without the symptom completely 71, remove segregation leaves hospital 44, turn for diagnose case of illness 27 (cure leave hospital 25, nodding a hospital to treat 2 surely. )

        A gleam of of supportive basic level builds base of area of platform of innovation of science and technology, garden. Condition of a gleam of of supportive basic level the better, industry that has certain dimensions kind transition of area of garden of science and technology upgrades, support gives aid to area builds division of garden of science and technology of prefectural area characteristic mainly. Strengthen position of provincial to basic level a gleam of high new developed area, drive provincial and new and high area to upgrade for national tall newly-added district. Orgnaization of supportive industry, colleges and universities, scientific research and basic level a gleam of build division of garden of agricultural science and technology in all.

        Drill site (total fleet of fire control of forest of province of Sichuan of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        It is reported, wide benefit high speed afternoon 3 when already in along the line information board releases clew information, toward Guangzhou direction car can shift to an earlier date to stand in small gold mouth, via the country path travel stands to Long Xi high speed; Toward benefit city direction car can shift to an earlier date to stand in Long Xi, travel of classics nation line stands to small gold mouth high speed. The personnel such as road politics, conserve, policeman already all was in the spot is urgent rush to deal with an emergency, dredge traffic, predict toward Guangzhou way a section of a highway can grab inside 1 hour, after predicting to be able to be in 3 hours toward a section of a highway of benefit city way, grab.

        The hidden trouble platoon that public security mechanism is in charge of carrying traffic accident to send a section of a highway easily to dangerous chemical investigates a case, drive to having drug taking history and alcoholic drink history danger changes a car to drive person platoon investigates a case, exceed the time limit of dangerous chemical carriage car did not examine, did not discard as useless, break the law to was not handled clear regularly the respect such as the circumstance undertakes checking; Traffic carries a branch to be in charge of be defeated by an enterprise to fulfil condition of system of safe production management to danger freight, danger freight loses enterprise aptitude case, groom from qualification of personnel of course of study and safety educational circumstance, car technical condition supervises a case, car trends monitoring fulfils the respect such as the circumstance to undertake checking; Lash-up management department is in charge of be being purchased to the enterprise, system of management of sale link safety and system of safety production fulfil a circumstance, carry out " Shanxi saves dangerous chemical to produce management enterprise to manage link " 10 forbidden " regulation " circumstance, whether to exist not to buy licence to carry according to virulent chemical bright the case that breed, amount sells virulent chemical, make easily explode the circumstance of dangerous chemical, " one book is signed " (safe technical specification, safe label) extend, the respect such as stickup or pensile circumstance undertakes checking; Market superintendency department is in charge of be being cast to movable type pressure vessel before using, whether to express a kind of medium of the regulation according to nameplate and product data, chase an equipment of conduction special type to use the card that register and case of electronic record card, whether be inside the period of efficacy of certificate of proof operation, whether to fulfil condition of system of safe production management to wait according to formulary regular inspection, use unit undertake checking; Shanxi is handed in accuse a group to be in charge of serving area danger to change to the freeway article carriage vehicle is special jockey area sets a condition, guide, mark of directive, caution and graticule setting circumstance, danger is changed taste carriage car to register a system to carry out reach equipment of lash-up fire control to provide a case, spot in advance deals with measure is made reach lash-up drilling to begin the respect such as the circumstance to undertake checking.

        This typhoon does not have immediate impact to the land of the Fujian Province and piscatorial fishing ground. 13 ~ flatus of fishing ground of decharge of 14 days of Taiwan 8 class of 7 ~ .

        Superintendency bureau of Shaanxi province market returns base oneself upon to serve " one belt all the way " , leading proposal holds water " 6+1 " strategy of standardization of new silk road is allied, key around western characteristic estate development begins the relevant work such as standard development and standardization research, already released " western characteristic product potato is planted potato " " western blanket of characteristic product cashmere " " western characteristic product medlar " and " western characteristic product fine cashmere " 4 allied standards, promote area advantage industry competition ability in coordination, drive western industry of area advantage characteristic " go " .

        La Mei 1 (Zhang Guoliang of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Benefit city is located in area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province east bank, hill of back collect float, in Sui Tang already was another name for Guangdong Province east town of military importance, have " mountain Na Mingjun " " another name for Guangdong Province east portal " say, its climate lukewarm embellish, traffic develops, it is to suit litchi production, distributing center treasure ground. This year, benefit city litchi is greeted " bumper harvest year " , but fruit grower is fond of care half however.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 14 message (reporter Chen Ge) on June 14, the reporter is from provincial Party committee of Guizhou of Guizhou Province culture and travel hall, the Youth League on the relevant press conference that Guiyang holds know, travel of the 2nd countryside achieves Guizhou Province guest contest will be held in September at coming in June, begin to sign up since this day.

        The reporter understands, this combines made 5G laboratory by ground of school look forward to, have program of industry of research and development of new application of 5G new business, 5G to seek advice with test, 5G professional education, talent communication and fact hold 4 big functions and network security experience of whole business of life of test, telegraphic wisdom feels two platform. After this lab investment moves, will use at education to groom on one hand, through 5G online study teachs compose to build perfect study platform; The research and development that will be used at 5G product, application to wait on the other hand and test, basically face couplet of Internet of agriculture of city of VR/AR, wisdom, wisdom, industry, car net, unmanned drive, the numerous domain such as safety of medical treatment of intelligent household, wisdom, unmanned aircraft, lash-up begins exploratory study. Current, already had science and technology of Xi Jiayun fir, China body, cloud country of core of line of academy of Tian Lifei, 1000 fine science and technology, power love, division, medium report is empyreal wait for lab of much home company and 5G to begin collaboration.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 18 message (Lu Lu of Zhou Bolun of reporter Liu Tao's reporter) today (18 days) in the morning, in Shaanxi salty Yang Weihe on especially big bridge, track-laying machine puts last long rail smoothly on sleeper, this mark is worn Xi'an comes Shaanxi of Yinchuan tall iron paragraph project of lay a railway track is finished satisfactorily, it is important that the target that opens operation towards the end of the year was stridden again one pace. At the appointed time, ningxia will greet first Gao Tie, yinchuan will shorten to the time taking a car of Xi'an.

        Shaanxi province free donates blood the crowd develops a report (1998-2018) and donate blood achievement of research of crowd health big data, by hospital of Shaanxi province people Yang Jiang puts director group to combine Zhang Lei of Xi'an traffic university to teach center of group, Shaanxi blood the complete province that Chairman Li Heng new guides hematic station group, Shaanxi saves 10 ground downtown policy of wholesome family planning is evaluated with information. " report " rate preexistence home drew the outline of Shaanxi to save 20 years with big data free donates blood the development change feature of the crowd, with compared 1998, donated blood 2018 the number increased 11.94 times, 1000 people donate blood rate achieved 13.05 ‰ . 1998~2018 year complete province accumulative total donates blood 6.737 million person-time, add up to donate blood the quantity is two billion one hundred and ten million five hundred and thirty thousand milliliter (do not include sheet to collect donate blood quantity) , donate blood the number rose 11.94 times. Although donate blood,lead rise somewhat, but far still the 42 ‰ under world good-paying country. The report still shows: After 2009 18~25 year old donate blood crowd scale is reduced somewhat, and 46~55 year old donate blood crowd scale rises somewhat. To consider to make Shaanxi save free to donate blood policy provided data support, to driving Shaanxi province and even whole nation donate blood career sense is great.

        Save air environment quality to be improved continuously completely, strengthen air pollution to prevent and cure, hit stoutly win blue sky to guard battle. Deepen coal fired to pollute a canal to accuse, aggrandizement industry pollutes processing, begin Qiu Dong season continuously aggrandizement of air pollution prevention and cure is supervised, wash out furnace of coal fired pannikin, eliminate old old car, investigate rectify and reform finished product oily market, accelerate group of coal electric machinery to exceed low discharge transform, punish " messy corrupt " enterprise, strengthen motor vehicle environmental protection to amount to mark to check. Execute " macrocosm full period of time is comprehensive " straw open air is banned burn, begin solve straw open air effectively to burn superintend and director is checked, superintend and director is checked come 4 class reseau more than 10 thousand, straw is banned burn gain decisive victory; Insist to be used in order to ban hurried, integrated utilization rate achieves complete province straw 80% above. Perfect early-warning classifications standard, lash-up decreases a measure and Ha Dasui to pollute couplet of weather joint defence to accuse a mechanism again, active appropriate answers heavy pollution weather.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 9 message (Guan Yue of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) according to Guangzhou custom on June 9 message, guangzhou custom hunted down hempen lampblack mouth in post channel recently 9. This is to should close in post channel to apply " long-range concentration careful pursues " the first narcotics case that mode hunts down.

        The letter of different situation is visited take different return kind, get through serves masses " last kilometer " . Means of clear to having connection and appeal to beg clear, have a return through mobile phone short message or network system; To having connection explanation of means, need communicates, use present or answer goes again after the phone talks about party about; Connect a telephone call to notting have but the address is clear, belong to this academy administer, after conduction decision is made, the basic level such as the community that contacts party place in time, police station is organized, bulletin letter visits a case to handle a case; The incoming letter person with bigger to the age, further journey, adopt come to visit or the means of long-range video has answer.

        Divine farming phlogistic emperor is the first ancestor of China farming agrarian civilization, phlogistic emperor culture is the fountainhead of China civilization. According to expert textual research, make the same score divine farming phlogistic emperor high " historical involuntary discharge of urine collects evidence of historic site of relatively complete, cultural relic full and accurate of account of strong, character carved stone of rich, monument is long-standing of unique, sacred activity, phlogistic amorous feelings of folk-custom of the Supreme Being is far-reaching " , it is the whole nation resource of phlogistic emperor culture is most rich inside limits the area of collect.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 9 message (billow of Mo Wu of Chen Lin of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) the reporter learns, in custom the guidance of total arrange falls, province of organization of office of branch of Guangdong of customs total office is thalassic about a few days ago print and distribute " Guangdong is provincial custom fulfils two meetings deploy to support Guangdong to live firmly in the round foreign trade foreign capital is primary a certain number of dish of measure " , supportive Guangdong lives firmly foreign trade foreign capital is primary dish.

        Spot of front courtyard careful (public security of city of appropriate of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)