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        Release time:2020年06月25日 09:15:36

        2020年06月25日 09:15:36

        Public prosecution mechanism thinks, king of the accused person is such-and-such wait for 11 people, violate national regulation, deal with illegally dangerous trash, pollute an environment badly, ought to investigate its criminal duty in order to pollute environmental blame.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Gu Yichao) share bicycle industry to manage to be strengthened further, promote share bicycle standard health to be able to develop continuously, the branch such as carriage bureau of traffic of the Chengdu City was begun share bicycle to serve quality reputation assessment, announced on May 29 Chengdu shared bicycle to serve quality reputation to assess a result 2019, among them, beautiful round bicycle obtains the first with 703.67 minutes.

        Center extensive network Huhhot on June 1 message (Wang Yusen of reporter of exercitation of reporter Li Zhengxiang) on June 1 morning, inner Mongolia and new developed area of Lin Ge Er hold capital attraction favourable policy to cash congress, to be stationed in division business to cash award of policy of capital attraction privilege fills capital.

        30 million yuan are arranged during epidemic situation, to day all the live pig that butcher measures 200 above nods butcher surely the factory gives 400 thousand yuan or 800 thousand yuan of one-time award; To amount of livestock on hand of can numerous sow 2000 above, the farm that fatten pig gives column accumulative total to achieve 10 thousand above during epidemic situation gives 300 thousand yuan or 600 thousand yuan of one-time award.

        Attend " 3 are helped up " plan personnel, in obtain a service to expire certificate of conformity, contented lowest serves fixed number of year, can enjoy officeholder directional employ, institution is special induct, support " help up 3 times " personnel does poineering work independently, assist " help up 3 times " staff is own choose course of study, encourage " help up 3 times " personnel continues to learn take advanced courses wait for policy.

        In travel process, continue to execute epidemic situation of country, province, city to prevent accuse each measure, the tourist must adorn guaze mask, hold card of journey of big data of healthy code, communication to enter room of activity of scene area religion, must cooperate a staff member self-consciously to undertake measuring lukewarm, register, receive probate probate. In buy the ticket, beard when queueing up to wait to maintain distance of 1 meter of above, severe accuse to personnel gathers together and gather.

          Roll out " hydrogen " public transportation service, security goes to add safeguard all right

        This paragraph of a section of a highway that be destroyed by the mountain torrents that strong rainfall causes is as long as many meters 300, a section of a highway that has many meters 120 among them was on June 9 was marred badly to break down by the flood at 8 o'clock in the morning collapse, and many meters additionally 180 are on June 10 before dawn removes water be marred in the process. Break down collapse roadbed makes an appointment with 10 meters high, quantity of cubic metro of earth and stone is amounted to 10 thousand with all possible means, predicting loss achieves 6 million yuan.

        This 61, come to Guangzhou zoo watch animal baby (zoo of Guangzhou of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        To answer epidemic situation actively to affect, department of company of Qinghai province person strengthens the obtain employment of the key group such as worker worker of graduate to the college, peasant, poor able-bodied person to serve, collect the demand of to apply for a job of key group extensively, essence of life matchs post field to knit invite applications for a job of the unit that use worker worker entering the arena definitely. Drive the market actively to participate in, qinghai brilliant group of industry of new and high science and technology, capable group, day establishs bead Tibet drug the unit of choose and employ persons of province inside and outside such as elevator, offer business management, sale, IT, financial accounting, cashier, estate to trade, the post of a variety of types such as resource of administration, manpower, jockey, clerk, urge a company answer of go back to work is produced.

        The double mascot that start day " Qing Qing, carry on one's shoulder carries on his shoulder or back " (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Zhang Haijiang of spot construction controller introduces, be aimed at the difficult problem with rustily and serious material of saline cliff construction, project ministry is grasper with labor contest, innovation construction craft, wait to steel wearing, reinforcing steel bar undertake special anticorrosion is protected, use high strength next anti-corrosive concrete, reduce groundwater infiltration, reduce the halite effect to channel, ensured channel relatively planned project duration shifts to an earlier date 2 months be well versed in.

        Harbin of center extensive network on June 2 message (reporter Chi Song) according to Heilongjiang Wei Jian appoint bulletin, on June 1, 2020 when 0-24, heilongjiang province is provincial without add diagnose case newly, add the person that affect without the symptom newly 2 (peony river) , sieve of the person that all be the intimate contact of the person that affect to having a symptom checks acid to detect. Up to on June 1 24 when, case of illness of diagnose of mainland of accumulative total report 559, accumulative total is cured leave hospital case of illness 546, have the person that affect without the symptom 15 (peony river) . Number of diagnosis and treatment of calorific that day outpatient service 761 people. The person that accumulative total traces provincial and intimate contact 20082 people, already removed medicine watchs 19829 people, still 253 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        In addition, countryside of Feng Yang of the county austral countryside of She nationality of Muchen of town of Long You county Home Zhan, Long You county, dark green, thoroughfare river area lifts village countryside to part to invest administrative limited company with Zhejiang countryside Yue (Zhejiang visits ancient village protection is used, realize article travel company and ethical country " capital is allied " , for ethical village development brings materiality help.

        According to statistic, this year 1-5 month, via Shenzhen port exit fruit is defeated by past country and area by 18 of the corresponding period increased 22 last year, extended the Wukelan, Albania, market such as Nigeria successfully, exit fruit achieves 140 thousand tons, money worth amounts to 1.7 billion yuan.