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        2020年06月25日 09:15:36


        2020年06月25日 09:15:36


        In be located in northwest Ningxia, "Internet + education " the advantage is being shown. In July 2018, ningxia becomes the throughout the country permissibly first " Internet + education " demonstrative area. In the beginning of build, ningxia decided the educational cloud that unites plan and construction, service, operation, application by the municipality serves a system. Be less than two years of time, ningxia already built and open in order to provincial for the unit, Yun Ping stage that covers natural resources of various and of all kinds education, become solve high grade education endowment configuration not all the significant step of the problem.

        Blow is encroached intellectual property and make carry out crime of false and inferior commodity acts (" Kunlun 2020 " 4 actions) key blow makes carry out fake the crime with safe production of the harm masses life such as car a replacement, juvenile products, housing materials, mechanical equipment, company, destroy innovation to create the crime that science and technology of vigor, harm innovates.

        On this second congress, shi Jingshan area signs major project to introduce with concerned enterprise, platform of capital attraction project, industry is built and head steel garden area priority discipline 30, the autograph restricts amount many yuan 500, head postdoctoral achievement of base of solid model of project of platform of Internet of golden international center, industry, Beijing transforms base, head community of talent of steel garden international be born of a batch of projects such as apartment of administration of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, platform, for Shi Jingshan the area is perfected " high-grade " industrial structure infuse motivation.

        According to introducing, in recent years, guizhou Province was promulgated early or late " Guizhou Province land gives birth to wild animal to protect way " " directory of wild animal of protection of Guizhou Province key " " byelaw of Guizhou Province fishery " wait for a series of local laws and regulations, preliminary form biology resource protectionism and code system. Guizhou still established court of environmental protection of countrywide head home in quiet town city, made public cognizance to adjudicate the environmental protection case that buys national emphasis illegally to protect animal products lawfully, open environmental protection tries specializationed way. Up to 2019, guizhou Province builds natural groove guard 106 place, 5.07% what occupy area of complete province land about, had formed system of the wild animal protection of a variety of different level, types, network that monitor.

        River of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of Chongqing city irrigation works, director, city is long do director Wu Chenghai to express, chongqing river library is numerous, task of protection of water pollution, aquatic condition and government of water area water front is formidable, chaos of sewage chaos platoon, water front is occupied, wadi chaos builds a problem to be highlighted quite. Superintend of central zoology environmental protection also points out, chongqing is in the respect existence weak point such as rehabilitate of zoology of water front of water pollution prevention and cure, the Yangtse River. To this, issue Chongqing city class the 2nd total river is long your, special punish operation is begun inside Chongqing limits, since shows Chongqing cogent it is important to build advanced position of firm the Yangtse River the sturdy determination of zoology protective screen, also be specific act.

        Taiyuan of center extensive network on June 11 message (reporter He Wei is connected) recently, shanxi saves air pollution prevention and cure to lead group office bulletin, this year May, chroma of Shanxi province PM2.5 is 26 microgramme / stere, achieve the history best level.

        On the activity, famous culture scholar, Shaanxi is saved assist chairman merchant makes the same score name of sunken Xiang Mao to give a content to be " Xi'an luxuriant name -- Shan Haizhi friendship, add of twin city predestined relationship " calligraphy, make the testimony with two friendly cities.

        Inner Mongolia and canal of new developed area of Lin Ge Er appoint Wang Xian of chief of bureau of service of business of action of meeting estate development expresses, this second award fills capital results from the industry supplies to the award of the contribution of local economy and fill to the talent's award. Pass current mechanism to reform, for the enterprise spare time, managing cost, will precious energy is thrown in manufacturing construction to go up.

        Lead reincarnate band from many city consignor is sowed, to everywhere unused assets goes base of garden of body network red industry, direct seeding, poineering hatch implement; From " the countryside of 3 water " agriculture products is comprehensive in price rebate policy go up line, to broken problem " in quick succession " take living broadcast money outspread wait for a domain to industry of travel of manufacturing industry, article; The superintendency that participates in jointly from platform of perfect superintendency branch, direct seeding and consumer and system of sincere letter attestation, school of take office trade is built " institute of net red economy " , set small course of net red economy, qualified personnel of chain of training entire industry... battalion mouth consider carefully is delicate, have equipment and be, collect " the net is red breed, content is made, the product is supplied, economic benefits is changed " take shape at the platform system of an organic whole.

        Current, headquarters of construction of the railroad austral another name for Yunnan Province of group of bureau of Chinese railroad Kunming is captured closely " push project by the plan " this is crucial, attach most importance to a dot in order to control sexual channel, with get through lay a railway track the passageway that wear bridge gives priority to a line, organize the project after the station before the station as a whole, catch epidemic situation to prevent single-handed accuse, catch project construction single-handed, the project is built steadily efficient advance.

        In the meantime, shanghai Xin Huachuan intermediary also will combine countrywide famous Tong Shu to publish an orgnaization, concentration sells well 61 kinds Tong Shu in a limited time 66 lose privilege, synchronous " hungry " privilege of the platform on the line; Shanghai Hong Kong is triplex book of domain of bookshop Hong Kong and Taiwan and article start a product 7 fold, other books 8 lose a sale; Xin Huashu inn tells smooth space hold " noctivagant book market " , the commonweal activity that smooth dimensional carry on promotes road inn to run shows office 7 numbers business hours is lengthened to 24 when, terminally activity set a theme, recommend different wine money and relevant characteristic book according to the theme; City of book of Shanghai rich library reachs business end since 8 o'clock in the evening, full-court books 8 lose privilege (except of books of entrance books, phonic resembling goods, indulgence) , book of 100 kinds of high-quality goods child 69 fold etc; Ginseng of press of old hidden from view exhibits inn of 6 a letter from home 6 days, 7 days of stationery are on sale 66 fold, 12 days, 13 days of articles for daily use are on sale 66 fold, 19 days, 20 days of toys are on sale 66 fold, 26 days, 27 days of jotter are on sale 66 fold an activity; Press of lakefront of old hidden from view in June 20, participate in activity of market of drop water lake 21 days; Ginseng of bell book cabinet exhibits inn of 2 a letter from home to appoint commodity 8 fold sell.

        By Xu Hui the area sponsors originally period " collect estrade " invited storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect of Mao Shanyu of dean of courtyard of Shanghai Shanghai opera, Shanghai to grow courtyard of Beijing opera of Gaobowen, Shanghai all round decanal Zhang Fan and, get together Fen Yang Lu new site of 150 courtyard of Shanghai Shanghai opera, 101 years old when overcome a design in this Wu Da " white residence " in, the dialog that cross a boundary " cloud opera " .

        Deploy works with the province in the center of the basis, for solid develop railroad along the line hidden danger of external environment safety is special punish acts 3 years, make fight of assault fortified positions of punish of environment of good railroad safety, guizhou Province is installed appoint do and made about sectional research " hidden danger of safety of environment of along the line of Guizhou Province railroad is special punish acts 3 years executive plan " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) .

        On May 31 before dawn at 1 o'clock half, 31 days in the morning at 9 o'clock half, boat of an organic whole is begun build float to carry channel is reached change carry of float of area radical chamfer to imitating test. Heavy canal of laurel hill island is prefab factory space is deep in water area of installation of passageway heavy canal makes an appointment with 50 kilometers, ship of China's most busy channel lonely harbor is passed in road. To reduce the burden drilling effect to relevant section, project ministry chose actual float to carry prefab factory reachs harbor bead in channel bay the part of the about 6.5 kilometers between big bridge regards an experiment as maritime space, need according to drilling, department of interest expenditures eye is own of research and development new-style measure control a system, the channel of will different level and change area radical to groove " carry " to drilling area, achieve result of full course drilling.

        Exporting quickly while drawback is examined and approve, still guide export business to apply energetically " onefold window " , application of conduction drawback of the means on the line such as electronic revenue, use a phone to talk about, small letter is communicated, video delivers even mail of line, phone etc " blame contact " means is begun check, the export business that proves kind of writ to be badly in need of drawback is offerred in time mail express serves. Since epidemic situation happening, exit drawback business 100% for " blame contact " deal with.

        1. Nurturance " wash his hands a meter of line, frequently, Dai Kou cover, fair chopsticks is made " wait for wholesome habit and lifestyle.

        Deep in factory of wisdom of passageway heavy canal (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 9 message (Guan Yue of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) according to Guangzhou custom on June 9 message, guangzhou custom hunted down hempen lampblack mouth in post channel recently 9. This is to should close in post channel to apply " long-range concentration careful pursues " the first narcotics case that mode hunts down.

        As we have learned, qinghai province comes nearly 20 years exploration and establish " donate blood with street give priority to, organization recruit is complementary, lash-up donates blood for complement " free donates blood working mode, the phase that every nationality masses takes an active part in free to donate blood is initial form. End complete province accumulative total donates blood by 2019 citizen 770 thousand more than person-time, clinical medical treatment comes from free to donate blood 100 percent with blood, ensured blood is safe.

        Happy heart county takes off deficient through expanding production a batch, remove easily deficient a batch, zoology compensates deficient a batch, development teachs deficient a batch, social security reveal all the details a batch, to the end of this year June before, 17 thousand person meets entire county take off deficient ahead of schedule finally, happy heart county also is met the poor hat that pick off wore a few years.

        6. Hospital of people of center of king Lei Zhan Jiang

        As we have learned, inner Mongolia sports consumes certificate to extend to begin from June 3, last to August 30, divide a phase to undertake in all, sequel began to extend at 11 o'clock. At present consumptive certificate can be used at the many motion project such as fitness, badminton, ping-pong, in 47 athletic sports that are located in the alliance city such as Huhhot, Baotou, Chi Feng, Wu Hai business door, add up to 59 doors inn is used.

        Video of spot of Yuan Longping academician makes a speech and announce to transplant rice seedlings the section kicks off (center extensive network sends Wang Zunyan to photograph)

        "Home market tends saturated, the bumper harvest often is meant sacrifice and slow-moving, develop new market only, ability is cultivated from litchi in score real bumper harvest gain ' . " director of Qiu of limited company of development of agriculture of Dali of go smoothly of benefit state city says, "Sell litchi abroad going is right choice, but we do not have experience. But we do not have experience..

        Show of folk-custom amorous feelings (hair of center extensive network is sponsorred just offer a plan)

        In addition, no matter Xi Hang of Cai sail hope's student is attend school road go up, still will be engaged in aerospace career wanting resist loneliness henceforth, can bear poor; Cannot too blundering, can static next hearts will do a few things, make it a few things; Do not be name and benefit, the temptation of outside of able to bear, ready dedicates for aerospace career of the country green force. (Wang Kehan aing thoroghbred horse uses the horse Zhang Chao fining jade also has contribution to the article)

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