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        Channel networkInformation CenterDomestic channelhome news
        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:37

        2020年06月25日 09:15:37

        Be in harmony of cloud of commerce of investment of 2020 peace wave is exhibited on meeting and cloud of commodity of middle east Europe will around investment, commerce, consumption 3 big themes, with trade of classics of middle east Europe collaboration gives priority to a line, reveal with cloud conference, cloud, Yun Qia talks, cloud autograph is made an appointment with, cloud direct seeding is main form, will hold trade exhibition, two-way investment, consumption to promote wait for activity of the series on the line, be explored actively and make can new platform is exhibited on the line.

        Meanwhile, yellow Bu area still fulfils high level from give special treatment alarm measure, include to build what precede in whole town alarm trends of pay of complementary personnel pay adjusts a mechanism; Enlightened policeman, alarm complementary staff on business is wounded, major disease is fast go to a doctor " green passageway " ; The outstanding policeman to according with a condition, alarm start going to a nursery of enter a school of complementary personnel children gives preferential safeguard.

        Since this year, the Gansu Province is comprehensive aggrandizement obtain employment is preferential policy, decrease negative, firm hillock and enlarge obtain employment to develop simultaneously, fulfil each obtain employment that already came on stage with all one's strength support, give aid to and measure of award filling policy, complete province obtain employment keeps stable. Up to by May, town of complete province implementation increases obtain employment newly one hundred and forty-eight thousand five hundred person. Investigation of monthly labour force shows, population of Gansu Province obtain employment rises than month by month, week of personnel of industry obtain employment is average working hours month by month picks up, month by month of proportion of population of be closed down drops.

        Nanchang of center extensive network on June 14 message (reporter Li Jing is become) the reporter learns today, pneumonic epidemic situation prevents Jiangxi province new coronal accuse lash-up headquarters to issue urgent announcement, act on people life safety and healthy consummate principle, will of all kinds to complete province market undertakes be discharginged greatly checking.

        On June 4 0, 24 when, the person that town report adds Chongqing newly to be affected without the symptom 1 (save an input for Hubei, in relief county of the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches reports) . Up to on June 4 24 when, still have the person that affect without the symptom 7, input 5 for Hubei province respectively (among them division of 10 thousand states reports the area in 1 exemple, change reports 1 exemple, macrobian area reports area of 1 exemple, Rong Chang reports county of 1 exemple, You Yang reports 1) , 1 is inputted outside the condition (input for the United States) , this locality is original 1 (for macrobian area 1) , accepting medicine to observe.

        Hunan Province government and wide iron group establish punish headquarters respectively, the member that accredit contact each other, build " difficult point of Information Circular, week negotiates day, season survey superintend and director guides " mechanism of 3 main jobs. Provincial 14 ground city established an organization to direct an orgnaization accordingly, formed direct to attemper up and down a line, organization coordinates overall situation the working structure of a dish of chess. Hunan Province still takes out punish special fund 50 million yuan, use at person travel culvert, crossover to join shortcut villager gives a difficult a sector of an area to build rustic road, establish punish of railroad safety environment to catch get right on the job to reward fund really, railroad safety environmental processing brings into Hunan Province area to build assessment to evaluate quota system in safety, key of along the line station area brings into Hunan Province beauty a covered corridor or walk of countryside, green builds a program, for condominium of environment of fast railroad safety will build general in all henceforth, mechanism of integrated processing lasting effect is formed laid good foundation.

        Operation manages square relevant controller to say, inside the near future Yinchuan in each size area in succession operation wisdom inn of unmanned fruit vegetables, the plan enclothes Yinchuan city inside 2 years the village of 75% , achieve inside 3 years 85% , according to covering rate government business of relevant science and technology, agriculture, business affairs, action, hair changes, help deficient up to do wait for a branch to will have corresponding policy allowance, fruit vegetables is so cheap and fine, community dweller all enjoys convenient material benefit.    

        The Beijing University in the basis learns the bulletin before this, on June 6, 2020 14:58 minutes, one student is in through 9 education building from the back when, discover somebody dropping building, dial the school instantly 120, 110 phones call the police. The school hurries to the spot in time to deal with about the respect, object building person disable via rescue of medical personnel spot death. Via checking, dead student is software institute Shi Mou of 18 class student. Should be born that day the curricular make-up examination 14 o'clock is medium afternoon, cogged behavior is discovered to receive its examination paper by invigilate teacher, the student leaves examination room, drop with respect to misfortune happening before long building incident. Classroom monitoring shows and via be the same as examination room the student confirms, did not happen inside examination room have a teacher intense utterance or conflict of utterance of teachers and students.

        On June 13 when 0-24, chongqing town report adds new coronal of the input outside the condition newly exemple of 1 of pneumonic diagnose case of illness (input for Sudan) . Up to on June 13 24 when, the input outside Chongqing city existing condition is in courtyard diagnose case of illness 1, accumulative total inputs diagnose case of illness outside report condition 4, accumulative total is cured leave hospital case of illness 3.

        The project is mature element of climate, rainwater, hold spring gold period, take the area afforest such as slope of the field that abandon land, edge to masterstroke. Choose careless seed meticulously, adopt spread artificially reach mechanical gush to sow wait for means, begin green operation of carpet type Fu, afforest upsurge is lifted one round before monsoon comes.

        Forum of health of whole world of forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle was in Shandong in June 2019 Qingdao holds first plenary meeting successfully. Honored guest of each country attending the meeting around " healthy nowhere is absent " theme, in " implementation the whole people is healthy " , " innovation promotes health " and " health blends in all policy " below 3 cent topic for discussion, the foremost edge of wholesome to 28 healthy domain, most the problem of care undertook discuss and communicating, shared a lot of good experience, also condensed a lot of consensus. First congress reports concentration reflected afore-mentioned congress consensus and gain.

        As we have learned, 29 days - another name for Jiangxi Province of north of another name for Jiangxi Province of 30 days of Jiangxi is medium, late on June 2 - another name for Jiangxi Province of north of 4 days of another name for Jiangxi Province has weather of rainstorm, local big rainstorm respectively south the another name for Jiangxi Province in 5 days of medium, another name for Jiangxi Province. In rainfall intensity respect, 29 days - complete province of accumulative total rainfall exceeded 100 millimeter generally on June 6, partial area 200 millimeter, local 300 millimeter above. When rainstorm happening, hours of parcel area is the largest rain can amount to 40 ~ by force 70 millimeter. This precipitation process has accumulative total rainfall big, intermittent while is short, strong the rain when rainfall range is wide, short is powerful wait for a characteristic, when thunderstorm comes, can accompany have the gale of strong precipitation, thunderstorm strong convection weather when strong thunder is report, short.