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        2020年06月25日 09:15:35


        2020年06月25日 09:15:35

        Xining of center extensive network on June 13 message (reporter Liu Zegeng) 2020 " culture and natural heritage day " and " shopping section of blame involuntary discharge of urine " Qinghai advocate the assembly room ceremony that start saves Xining downtown square to hold in Qinghai now.

        On May 20 - on June 5, china (Beijing) international tea course of study reachs organizing committee of tea art exposition to send force again, collaboration of international of associated China agriculture promotes the orgnaization such as Co-operative Alliance of industry of tea of committee of meeting tea industry, international to sponsor rich of tea of the international on 2020 lines to meet. Build " rich of tea of the international on the line is met " small order of official small letter, organize business of tea of look forward to of more than 1000 tea to send force jointly, undertake through electric business platform direct seeding takes money, apace of help tea look forward to opens the tea market of the end on the line, ensure the income of each district tea grower.

        Nanchang of center extensive network on June 3 message (reporter Xie Yuansen) on June 2, first airlines that Nanchang goes back and forth between los angeles total cargo aircraft to decide class course flies to ocean the other shore from airport of prosperous northland border, this indicates first America freight decides a Jiangxi class course (Nanchang - los angeles) debut formally.

        However, most those who let Cai Fan be obsessed with still is this career. What he says no less than: "The time that I am together with the machine tool daily wants to be gotten more than the time that is together with family much. " also be " 10 years of consistent day " tired, precipitation mixes measure of land innovation, let him make a trade in " young craftsman " . Time is the efficiency, percent of pass of 100% to be being meant for him, because of spaceflight career be particular about in all seriousness, reliable and considerate and meticulous, reliable, no risk at all.

        Coadjutant county 50 towns class as man of virtual and ability the village is village of inhabit a region of masses of a the Tu nationality, in language of the Tu nationality, ban Yan is " rich, happy place " meaning, however, how much does the villager that the name of happiness of this implied meaning did not give dispersive life to be in big hill however bring lucky, the family of close half is poverty door, the village was not married more than 10 years even had taken a new son's wife.

        Build enter a country come short for Zhejiang Province " quick passage " stimulative go back to work answer produce

        According to Liaoning the province advances new coronal as a whole pneumonic epidemic situation is prevented accuse and the ministry makes general director of work of economic society development the 13rd requirement, key area comes distant returns distant personnel, by apanage arrangement is undertaken observation and 2 nucleic acid detect 14 days centralized keeping apart medicine.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 2 message (Wang Lihua of Yong Chendan of reporter Peng of reporter Zheng Shu) on June 2 afternoon, court of Guangzhou city intermediate people first kind of judgment of try out go ahead of the rest adjudges 5 2 careful to accept trade issue case newly centrally, holding start off before the others of trade issue case to adjudicate a press conference subsequently.

        Small letter of work of market of white source of the area that install a source group (Wu Bin of reporter of hair of center extensive network is offerred)

        It is current that nucleic acid detects outside prevent an input, inside prevent rebounding important step, it is the basic approach of the person that discovery is affected without the symptom. Use up check by coordinate check, wish the requirement that check uses up check, zhejiang province expands in order relevant detect limits. Come from April 8 on June 1, the nucleic acid of personnel of key area key that accumulative total has 2.17 million person to accept a government to organize detects.

        Essence of life of Xinjiang cable business helps deficient storehouse up to match distributing center center definitely the storehouse of 3000 square metre, according to wait for 7 ground city with assorted of cropland, noise made in coughing or vomiting, Akesu the characteristic of 16 counties, city undertakes differentiating, reveal move farming special local product to taste with article travel product. The code on goods shelves is putting the kinds or types of goods that becomes case. Only should consumer fluctuates in the net odd, the staff member can bale immediately, send toward countrywide each district.

        Come since this day on May 31, section of the local product austral Hunan of the 4th West Hunan and the commodity that help deficient up is exhibited will undertake farming special local product is tasted and culture originality product is on sale, peaceful peaceful characteristic is fastfood the spot samples, traditional craft and immaterial culture bequest are revealed, provide a network red tape goods is exclusive direct seeding arena, net of person energy of life is red will with ginseng exhibit a businessman to interact, recommend peaceful peaceful characteristic product.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 10 message (reporter Wang Hang) on June 9, industry of Guizhou Province tea grows congress to be held in Guizhou Mei pool. The conference sums up the entire industry that save tea to work first half of the year, green of tea of communication of study of view and emulate is prevented accuse, seed selection of breed of scientific fertilization, tea tree works, study deploy saves tea industry to work next completely, ensure assignment of implementation annual goal.

        "Judicatory of resource of black town environment protects base " set in Huhhot city to hold a gram in the palm to hold resource of environment of prefectural people court in the palm to protect a court. Two class court of justices of Huhhot town, procuratorate aims to make base administration of justice of market modes of life and relation to their environment culture of conduct propaganda of concept of education of law of protection, zoology, zoology, zoology extends the integrated service at an organic whole platform, in environmental resource protective diversity administers a respect to seek practice to break through.

        The calligraphy work of Zhou Yinggong compose

        Shenyang of center extensive network on June 10 message (reporter Xu Zhijiang) the reporter understands from superintendency bureau of Liaoning province market: This year in May, complete province is new register main body of of all kinds market 64909, grow 6.74% compared to the same period, innovation of the new measure that register is tall, the department appears first since this year compared to the same period to amplitude. Day all registers market main body to achieve 2164, than last year annual day is average the level is much 247.

        Taiyuan of center extensive network on June 13 message (reporter He Wei is connected) on June 10 afternoon, taiyuan city public security bureau holds office of whole town public security " execute the law rightly judicatory concept, improve execute the law judicatory style " special punish activity arouses meeting.

        In big Fenghua high-speed builds the spot to be able to see, construction site green meaning is abundant, channel of big lake exports flower in full bloom, arboreous luxuriantly green, a vibrant picture. The loess before this is bare in cent belt, nowadays suddenly change one's identity, become Hua Gongcao green, strewn at random have gramineous floret garden.

        Leave stage, the industry of electric business direct seeding that Fuzhou round municipal Party committee will establish to be orgnaization of dominant, professional direct seeding, enterprise and base to participate in with industry bibcock enterprise is allied, promote development of high quality of industry of business of direct seeding cable.

        One bureau faces iron greatly in Wang Furong of controller of shop wearing work area introduces, time limit for a project of construction of whole lay a railway track is very close, open a target to ensure, their grading discharges time limit for a project, early days uses fair iron amphibious bridge bridge of machine erect T, after T bridge erect is finished, the means that uses man-machine band has lay a railway track, adopt dual class construction to work, predict the achievable course that do not have tiny fragments of stone everyday 3 kilometers, orbit having tiny fragments of stone the laid of 1 kilometer.


        Hefei of center extensive network on June 14 message (reporter Liang Mingxing) according to observatory of the Anhui province newest forecast, prospective a week saves much stronger precipitation completely, produce thunderstorm easily fresh gale and short when the weather of strong convection sex such as strong precipitation. Area of 14-15 day strong precipitation somewhat south pressure abate, river of the Huaihe River of edge the Huaihe River divides area heavy rain with the south, local rainstorm, 16-18 day complete province still has strong precipitation process.

        According to " national education exam violates compasses processing way " the 9th regulation, shanxi saves entrance exam management center to already made Tong Zhuo attend Shanxi to save whole nation of recruit students of average 2013 college to unite an exam the processing decision with invalid grade of each phase, each section.

        During epidemic situation, still many enterprises were encountered do time of drawback of enterprise of 3 kinds of foreign trade newly to grow, capital presses the issue of muscularity. To support foreign trade exit stabilizes development, branch of Wu of duty of lake state city is declared from enterprise of convenience foreign trade, accelerate the respect proceed with such as plan of drawback examine and verify, through total bureau, province bureau, city bureau and area bureau 4 cascade are moved, promote drawback of foreign trade enterprise rate in the round, to export drawback " carry fast do " buy new power again. In the meantime, also decreasing formalities further, reduce segment, those who make 3 kinds do foreign trade business newly is exclusive drawback drive, stay in foreign trade enterprise firmly " lifeline " .

           On this foundation, superintendency bureau of market of whole town each district is harmonious cooperate Wei Jian of area under administration, disease to accuse to wait for a branch, the virus nucleic acid that makes food of good focal point and environmental example with all one's strength detects. Up to now, couplet of many branches joint defence accuses, already finished the edible produce such as vegetables of fruit of sanded to fizzling out aquatic product, Changjiang Delta to trade centrally the food of the supermarket such as Ma Xiansheng of the market, box and nucleic acid of environmental example virus detect.    

        Will come last year in November in December, expert of many 10 international pottery and porcelain that comes from Italy, Germany, United States, Spain, scholar, entrepreneur suffers invite Chongqing Rong Changcan to add 2019 Chongqing " one belt all the way " forum of international pottery and porcelain, with respect to industry of ceramics of China and foreign countries collaboration has development communication, brew cooperative development.

        According to introducing, come as summertime flood season, the risk that Ningxia part area produces geological calamity is bigger, job of geological calamity prevention and cure is austere situation. Branch of various rich, atmosphere will strengthen Ningxia information is shared, begin hold a conference or consultation in time to grind in the light of extreme weather sentence, release early-warning information for a short while, do effect of early-warning of risk of atmosphere of very geological calamity to evaluate jointly. All sorts of information make full use of to issue an instrument in the meantime, drive geological calamity hidden trouble to nod early-warning information to be enclothed completely, sufficient play take precautions against natural calamities reduces calamity effect.

        Up to on June 15 24 when, case of illness of diagnose of report of accumulative total of Liaoning province province 152, cure leave hospital 147, die 2, 3 are treated in the courtyard. The person that accumulative total tracks diagnose case of illness to be contacted closely 4295 people (the person that contain case of illness of the input outside the condition to be contacted closely) , already removed medicine watchs 4022 people, still 273 people are accepting medicine to observe.   

        △ children queue up field (Zheng Shu of center wide reporter is photographed)

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