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        Release time:2020年06月25日 09:15:31

        2020年06月25日 09:15:31

        As we have learned, qinghai province finishs first-run autonomy byelaw to edit from 2006 the time that already had 14 years up to now, a lot of content in the autonomic byelaw that Qinghai saves each autonomous prefecture, autonomous county the incommensurate already, need that does not match phasic job progress, cannot satisfy the need that each enterprise admits autonomic place, start new byelaw of round of autonomy edits imperative, just meet meantime.

        Hunan asks various and departmental door combines province affection, city situation, school feeling cheek by jowl, key of poineering job of obtain employment of clinch college graduate and weak point, suit the remedy to the case, essence sends force definitely, give birth to epidemic situation to fall with respect to the influence of course of study to college graduate lowest.

          Zhuhai of center extensive network on May 28 message (eaves of reporter Guo Xiang) eve of 61 Children's Festivals, 3 rivers county is the same as Guangxi happy country returns east the children that wait for 7 schools received elementary school to come from the gift besides a thousand li in succession. "I like most " piggy admire is strange " ! " " listen to a teacher to had said " the analects of confucius " this book, am I OK does recapture go reading? " " be I discover this book first, do not want to grab! " facing terminal of check of edge of Zhuhai of about a hundred box to donate a works, children cheer caper, joyous sound laughs at language resound to be in high mountain campus.

        In advance of center extensive network on June 15 message (reporter He Wei connects reporter Meng Juan) at present is county of company of Yu of the city in Shanxi province advance the season that high grade watermelon appears on the market, walk into big canopy to cultivate base, see each only shiny green fructification, set off one another on cirrus, provoking love, big canopy is circumjacent a lively picture, picked, sorting, bagging, help use... the in full swing with busy common people, there is happy smile on each face.

        According to statistic, this year 1-5 month, via Shenzhen port exit fruit is defeated by past country and area by 18 of the corresponding period increased 22 last year, extended the Wukelan, Albania, market such as Nigeria successfully, exit fruit achieves 140 thousand tons, money worth amounts to 1.7 billion yuan.

        According to " put a canal to take " reform requirement and deploy of job of government of province of Fujian provincial Party committee, since 2017, APP of service of the Fujian Province government affairs that start unites platform (Fujian politics connects APP) construction. Up to now, conformity saves government affairs to serve resource completely, receive complete province administration to examine and approve, public service item exceeds 220 thousand, integrated civilian service item exceeds 845 25 kinds; Communal platform foundation props up aggrandizement ability, build open mode framework, support various and departmental door civilian service application is entered with small order kind halt, advance " one is connected admit " and " one passes through " , finish serve with national government administration platform and provincial butt joint of attestation of identity of platform of service of more than 200 government affairs, implementation " register, entire network is global, login, entire network roams " .

        In the meantime, the person that Liaoning saves accumulative total report to be affected without the symptom completely 71, remove segregation leaves hospital 44, turn for diagnose case of illness 27 (cure leave hospital 25, nodding a hospital to treat 2 surely. )

        Answer of go back to work is produced, economy restores, consumption is answered fill, traffic carries inevitable go ahead of the rest. May, shanghai disappear is protected appoint accept traffic to carry kind complain 1265, rise compared to the same period 36.6% . Share bicycle, time-sharing to rent among them share a car to complain relatively concentration. It is difficult to share bicycle problem to be centered in systematic breakdown eliminate, if cannot solve a lock, cannot return car, unusual buckle cost to wait, and telephone call of 400 customer service is bad put through, APP is online the problem such as unmanned reply. Time-sharing is rented course of development of boat of breakdown, add and actual travel course of development are broken out to not agree with in sharing car problem to be centered in car travel process, cannot return a car to reach deduct cost unusual etc.

        To support key group to do poineering work obtain employment, enterprise inducts the high end outside the condition in short supply talent, "Duty Wu 9 " put forward, should fulfil graduate of soldier of battle of hurried advance and retreat, college strictly, build archives to establish calorie of poverty family of personnel of the population, unemployment that register, 0 obtain employment and town are small protect domestic personnel to wait for key group to do poineering work taxation of obtain employment norm deducts policy; Fulfil army of own choose occupation cadre of be transferred to civilian work, along with army family member poineering obtain employment is avoided inside 3 years draft policy of value added tax, individual income tax; Fulfil the disabled to do poineering work policy of derate value added tax, individual income tax and find a place for disabled value added tax is asked for namely retreat namely, pay deformity worker pay to add plan deduct, policy of derate of town land royalities. Allowance of negative balance of talent of the high end outside wanting to fulfil the condition that works in big bay area and duty of individual income tax of in short supply talent is avoided draft policy of individual income tax. Aggrandizement supports platform of poineering obtain employment, strengthen fulfil hatch of enterprise of science and technology implement, garden of university science and technology and numerous start policy of privilege of royalities of land of duty of dimensional value added tax, house property, town, sufficient play poineering investment is promoted " double achieve " with the distinct effect that adds obtain employment.

        "The master introduces the door, cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine relies on an individual. " Cai Fan expresses, arrive from attend school the job, spaceflight career each public relations no risk at all of be particular about, the breakthrough of any the innovation of any unique skill stunt, achievement is to struggle come out. He hopes alma mater can continue to offer the opportunity of theory study, solid example, exercitation to the student, supervise and urge the student is good in school practice basic skill. In the meantime, train a student energetically " expert in one thing and good at many " , with person of aerospace culture Yo, the patriotic feelings that trains a student and consecratory spirit.

        Home Liu Home Mei Xiuyi lives in the level ground of big wide mountain peach that did not open highway all the time, 2014, her home is brought into to build archives to establish calorie of poverty door, 2017, the village asks person general brother two carried on the back, arrange their occupy allow the new home in together. Liu plum beautiful figure is emaciated, the word is not much also, all the year round the life of overworked lets years be on her face at present trace, there always can be sweet smile however on the face. She meets the person says: "Now of the government take care of quite much, give us every months living allowance, let us live went up house, still the side helps a cadre up -- on holidays of Liu Xianggong of chairman of business association of vice-chairman of prefectural the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, county gives me the home send fish, rice, face, oil, still deliver money sometimes. We are quite contented, thank the warmth of the party. Thank the warmth of the party..

        Next, developing zone of yellow Bu area, Guangzhou is returned will build academy of yellow Bu innovation in all with collaboration of Hunan agriculture college, with college of Hua Na agriculture (Huang Bu) center of area of big bay of innovation academy and HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province of research center of technology of project of national cross paddy, form harbor of Long Ping academician " two courtyards one center " core carrier.

        Spot of front courtyard careful (public security of city of appropriate of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        In the meantime, development of 9 rivers city carries out industrial catenary " chain length is made " , develop casting catenary, filling chain deep, delay project of catenary, strong catenary, basis of main promotion property is advanced change, level of industrial chain modernization. 2019, 9 rivers city undertook to 116 enterprises ability changes upgrade. Added 100 enterprises newly to undertake again this year pilot. 9 rivers city is brought greatly around advantage industry move strong, begin actively " 5020 " project assault fortified positions acts, had introduced at present " 5020 " project 15.

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 16 message (reporter Liang Mingxing) today (16 days) 5 when 00 minutes, change of observatory of the Anhui province issues signal of rainstorm blue early-warning. Predict rainfall of area of part of north of the 12 rivers inside the hour will amount to 50 millimeter above, parcel area exceeds 100 millimeter, accompany possibly have thunder, short when the strong convection weather such as gale of strong precipitation, thunderstorm.

        "Roll out ' the company prepares to establish APP ' , it is we are made build in all manage an exploration practice that shares a society to administer pattern in all. " Guangzhou developing zone relevant controller introduces civilian battalion economy and company service bureau, "The enterprise will enjoy main body status adequately, participate in through systematic platform prepare to construct in the process of the service, performance checks branch of immediate to the grading result of each function branch impact end of the year. Promote effectively prepare to construct service level and efficiency promotion, accelerate drive project be born, develop infuse new kinetic energy for economy. Develop infuse new kinetic energy for economy..

        2. Do not dine together as far as possible or decrease dine together, before cooperating actively to make good food when necessary, monitor, billabong of disinfection, personnel and information are registered wait for the job.

        Introduce according to winter of Shenyang of secretary of company Party committee, vise general manager, company early or late accumulative total admits many 2700 to build archives poverty door obtain employment, send deficient because of incomplete among them many 430, send deficient due to illness 570 much people, accumulative total sends knock off endowment 1.024 billion yuan, enclothe 10 villages and towns inside the county 108 villages (community) , mix directly drove family of poverty of inside and outside of nearly 3000 counties to eliminate 0 obtain employment secondhand, realized essence of life to take off deficient to take off deficient to become rich definitely the end that approachs well-off, took off deficient assault fortified positions to make certain contribution for place.

        General manager of Fei stalking or branch represents branch of Tianjin of limited company of container transport of abundant of Shanghai new of great capacity: Of new line enlightened, fill the blank that I manage China serves to Vietnam south straight boat, realized Vietnam from south to north complete port is enclothed. At the same time civilian Dou Lu serves as the market exclusive straight ship line, came true east the range of Ma Quan port is carried fast, great promoted us east the market appeal that the horse serves.

        Taiyuan of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter Li Nan) the reporter understands from department of company of Shanxi province person, shanxi province is paying close attention to ab extra introduce a talent while, outstanding to mainland talent is strengthened take drive seriously. Shanxi saves secretary of leading Party group of person company office, hall to grow Introduction Lu Jianming, talent plan is to identify, the discovery, evaluation, important step that breeds outstanding talent, for this, shanxi talented person is new politics " 12 " put forward, want reform to optimize a talent to plan, increase talent drive strength.

        On May 7, act according to change police to drive go to area of Hangzhou arch villa, below the assistance of Hangzhou police, seize guilty suspect Dong Mou, hunt down its on the computer of the spot from " dark net " on more than 10000 bought individual information.

        According to preliminary estimation, first census unit, individual will exceed more than 20 thousand () , census object will exceed more than 60 thousand. Census will be right the number of one by one of whole area network, tabulation that register, form " Ningxia network directory " , the material of fundamental sex archives that regards Ningxia informatization as construction and network safety, use at normative network safety to build, the system is combed, master current situation of Ningxia network construction, operation and safe protection circumstance in the round, tamp network safety is superintended and each respect such as protective foundation works, safety of network of ceaseless promotion whole area defends ability.

        This project builds a branch to build a canal as a whole by dc of company of national electrified wire netting, country company of net Qinghai power assist canal, epidemic situation and winter are overcome during the butt joint period construction influence, when be being used only 117 days finish job of all butt joint. In construction, the BIM pipe that uses own research and development accuses platform, undertake to the installation of GIS equipment nicety is engineered, overcome the construction difficult problem that climate respect brings.

        In the spot of road cave in, can see the bed that has about 120 meters long, because of rainstorm flood erode, already whole breaks down collapse. Although still one part road surface is withheld, but lower part is main it is impending condition. And of road edge defend column also because of roadbed break down collapse, powerful traction, involve it the water that enter a river between.

        Island of calabash of center extensive network on June 12 message (Feng Yuxing of reporter of stage of island of calabash of reporter Zhang Jing) since the Bohai Sea enters Fu Jixiu this year fishing period arrives 1 many month comes now, up to now, police station of sea of Liaoning calabash island is investigated in all disobey Fu Jixiu fishing to manage exercise fisher 38, hunt down fishing to catch thing 1233.13 kilograms, value more than yuan 2.2.

        2019, jilin province plans thirty-four thousand seven hundred to transform housing of of all kinds shanty town, real go into operation thirty-six thousand one hundred, overfulfil a plan. Plan twenty-two thousand six hundred to build housing basically, build thirty-eight thousand two hundred actually, also overfulfiled annual plan; The plan extends housing of family of the fair safeguard that rent a house rents allowance eighty-six thousand five hundred, extend actually ninety-eight thousand three hundred, of the annual plan that finish 113.6% . Obtain performance of Ministry of finance to examine outstanding class.

        According to statistic, serving field of flood prevention fight a drought, current, complete province is built provincial above signs up for flood to stand 558 place, realized a backbone wadi, large and medium-sized of reservoir enclothe completely, can offer the information element such as rainfall, water level, discharge and edaphic soil moisture content in time. Hydrology branch year all apply measure flow 6000 for many times, measure sand 1000 for many times, water level of real time control, rainfall monitors information. In hydrologic forecast respect, at present complete province releases the hydrology that the flood forecasts to monitor a station to have 71 place. Mix for defence reduce water drought calamity, begin from 2018, shandong province begins regimen early-warning work, the regimen early-warning that formed a standard releases a system, at present already accumulative total is released south early-warning of flood of river of 4 lakes, Yi Mu 16, low water early-warning 2.