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        Channel networkInformation CenterDomestic channelhome news
        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:59:03

        2020年06月25日 08:59:03

        Lanzhou of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter Zhang Lei) the ave that goes in the city is off-street, many people ever had encountered " use the toilet " awkward difficult problem: A few communal toilet or place unidentified, label is not clear, or wholesome condition is poorer, let a person hard pass in and out. But, in Lanzhou, place is passed " toilet revolution " new plan of 3 years of actions, not only preliminary reached " amount enough, layout reasonable, management is careful, how-to reach the designated position, masses is satisfactory " target, a few such as " the 3rd toilet " innovation practice, the satisfaction that also lets a citizen is spent promote considerably.

        Requirement of hold a conference or consultation, want to reinforce the prediction that monitor, ensure early-warning arrives to the village to countryside person, accomplish early-warning information to be enclothed completely. Should highlight be on guard key, in strengthening little river, medium urine library go on a tour of inspection defends, defence of calamity of geology of aggrandizement mountain torrents, fulfil flood prevention bag strictly to keep responsibility, accomplish a county to wrap countryside, countryside to wrap village, village to hire a person, for a short while masses of region of danger zone of decisive move danger, ensure people life is safe. Should attemper scientificly water conservancy project, water level of lake of reasonable control river, to exceeding flood to be restricted water level reservoir falls in time by the requirement to formulary water level, reduce risk of prevent or control flood; Should do drain off water of good city waterlogging each preparation.

        It is reported, guangdong saves irrigation works hall to maintain lash-up of class of Ⅳ of irrigation works flood prevention to answer.

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 15 message (reporter Liu Zhan) the pneumonic epidemic situation that in the Chongqing city that holds this morning virus of new-style coronal shape affects is prevented accuse a press conference to go up, chongqing city sanitation is healthy appoint the person that Xia Pei of Party committee vice secretary reported the 3 diagnose case of illness that inputted outside the condition recently to reach 6 to be affected without the symptom is relevant circumstance.

        Case of illness 1, the male, ningxia person, took HU7974 scheduled flight on June 12 (charter flight) from earth of Sudan noise made in coughing or vomiting Mu Di amounts to Chongqing, be sent to concentration to keep apart a dot to accept medical observation subsequently. On June 13, its nucleic acid detects eventuate is electropositive, classics expert group diagnoses tegether, diagnose for new coronal pneumonic diagnose case of illness.

        Inspire confidence in sb nails black tea renown float is red fancy (namely Qi Gong is fancy) , the craft that make is before 2009 almost be lost. Defined a goal, wang Yongfeng begins to begin immediately relevant job, reassemble at the outset the technical group of field of breed of cultivate of 9 dragon hill people, began inspire confidence in sb to nail the road of the development of tea.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 6 message (reporter He Weiji) on June 6, in Guangzhou tower 2 buildings are made the same score on the stage, accompanying the ringing sound that strike gong, section of first direct seeding of Guangzhou pulls open by a definite date formally prelusive.

        3 it is meander police uncovers Li Mou to get married a group of things with common features the case that peddle poison. May 2020, prefectural public security bureau destroys meander to become the gang peddling poison of first with Li Mou, arrest guilty suspect 12, capture drugs heroin 94.219 grams, sequestered poison endowment 25512 yuan, frozen capital more than yuan 230 thousand.

        In the meantime, qinghai province makes full use of dominant position of substantial solar energy resource, grab seize opportunity of policy of deficient assault fortified positions, develop smooth hot season to help deficient industry energetically, complete province builds 4 kinds of smooth hot season to support deficient project, implementation " namely put into production, stabilize namely, namely gain " target. Year generate electricity production value anticipates 880 million yuan, the accrual that help deficient up 570 million yuan, 5 go up into poor person impediment " sunshine meal " .

        Bring Liu Jing of manager of yellow project project to say, the subterranean plant area that yellow project leaves by wavelet builds 6 unit in all, had installed two at present, additionally 4 aircrew are deliver goods from abroad, two unit that had held had begun to be defeated by water, flow of every outfit aircraft is 6 stere every second.


        Stand for war as this second construction the Jiang Cun of field stands, it is the station of railroad organizing into groups with Hua Na the largest area, basically load Beijing wide, wide deep, An Mao, Beijing 9, wide bead line stands each inside 5 direction and Guangzhou hub goods train sets out, solution arranges wide line of exercise and Beijing of passenger train through exercise. According to the iron in construction unit controller of 5 bureaus spot introduces, river village station changes construction to contain 9.55km of line lay a railway track, 12.05km of station ordinates lay a railway track, spread new switch 57 groups, causeway bed 74519 stere, demolish circuit 9.55km, demolish switch 21 groups, batch move circuitry of line, station ordinates 25. This second batch receiving is Jiang Cun the station changes the difficulty in the process coefficient the biggest, working procedure personnel of the most complex, construction is most. The north that need stands in Jiang Cun, mid, south dials interface 8 times inside 3 area to launch operation at the same time.

        Omit lane of 102 labour that be not involuntary discharge of urine and inheritance ginseng and this activity completely. Among them, lane of 53 labour that help deficient up and inheritance person open store of the business on independent route.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 8 message (Shui Xuan of reporter another name for Guangdong Province of reporter Zheng Shu) the reporter understands from hall of Guangdong province irrigation works, arrive 8 days 7 days day in the morning, delta of north of another name for Guangdong Province, Pearl River and Shan end appeared rainstorm arrives big rainstorm, among them the Buddha ridge with far Qing Dynasty and quiet town, area of collaboration of Shenzhen deep Shan, benefit city rich collect, Huidong and dragon door and other places appeared especially big rainstorm. Predict, 8 days of evening come 9 days, rainstorm of partial city county still lasts; 10 days begin, situation of rain of county of city of the south in Guangdong province wear off.

        Next, area of boreal celestial bodies will combine main festival to take an active part in an organization " buy Tianjin · spring breeze to act " , "E buys ferry town ferry spring has you " wait for the activity of large sales promotion with lively topic, guide in order to close to consumptive policy is, expand an inn economy. Carry the activity of formal diversity, cogent promotion consumer experiences, let consumer get material benefit.