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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:58:56

        2020年06月25日 08:58:56

        This year in March, new coronal epidemic situation spreads in the whole world, italy is become " heavy disaster area " . Government of flourish prosperous district is after the circumstance that is informed the country such as Italy, Spain to fight epidemic disease goods and materials to short, arouse actively enterprise of constituent area under administration prepares guaze mask, segregation quickly to take wait for epidemic prevention goods and materials with blinkers, carry group of each country artist, donated this to approve medical treatment preserve endowment, settled a pressing need of local hospital.

        How is data opened? " method " clear and public data is united with saving two class platform of city open for the principle, ask all data all pass public data platform to open, because external condition limitation cannot bring into platform to unite,open, ought to be in charge of a branch to put on record to public data beforehand; The requirement plans to open public data brings into open catalog entirely and be made public to the society, concerned unit ought to undertake to active list data opens an amount to wait be evaluated regularly and distensible ceaselessly. In the meantime, unit and individual can put forward to have the data outside catalog open demand, public data opens main body to ought to be handled.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on May 30 message (reporter Shu Longhuan) start of Xi'an city industry " one window is connected do one day to do a form " standardization construction promotion can be held on May 29, indicate open realizes a Xi'an city industry " one network service, one window is connected do, collect, one day does a form " target, business start time is compressed to 1 day.

        Huhhot town court of justice, procuratorate establishs what protect base with judicatory of resource of black town environment for new start, develop good base hard handle a case platform and propagandist position intention, let zoology judicatory protection look so that see, feeling, experience get, the beautiful city that goes up to make a plain provides firm law safeguard.

        5. Maintain desktop sanitation, do not drop about litter, need not poisonous and harmful container or food of the excessive besides that pack.

        Chen Mou of the person that take sb's place some, fasten my county some street agency working personnel, at present already by suspend sb from his duties, incident involves detailed information to be in further investigation. Government of county Party committee, county depends on basis findings compasses gravity to handle according to discipline lawfully, final result will be seasonable announce to the society.

        Case of illness 3, female, for case of illness 2 wives, zhejiang person, took CA638 scheduled flight on June 13 (charter flight) arrive at Chongqing from Indian Bombay, be sent to concentration to keep apart a dot to accept medical observation subsequently. On June 14, its nucleic acid detects eventuate is electropositive, classics expert group diagnoses tegether, diagnose for new coronal pneumonic diagnose case of illness.

        Center extensive network on June 3 message (reporter Qiao Renhui) the reporter learns from hall of Heilongjiang province country, came in January 2020 April, complete province pork is sold save 160 thousand tons outside, amount to live pig 2.05 million, the dot moves 410 thousand toward provincial work pig to the dot, aggregate 2.46 million. Export leads rapid growth, export proportion by by 2019 23% rise 37% , produce firmly for the whole nation protect make positive contribution for overall situation.

        Nanjing of center extensive network on June 18 message (Cheng Ziyi of Ning Sui of reporter Jingming's reporter) person of epidemic situation callosity has feeling. This year beginning, contribution of actively of people of countrywide various places contributes content, many a little makes a mickle is prevented for epidemic situation accuse to provide safeguard, the network commonweal platform that uses Internet technology becomes people " 0 doorsills " the optimal choice that participates in commonweal to present a cause, have the form of contribution through platform of the commonweal on the net, how to undertake handling in individual income tax? To this, nanjing city revenue the duty Wu cadre of bureau of the 2nd check does patient explanation and relevant policy to unscramble to taxpayer with respect to this one problem.

        In recent years, a mountainous area and main compose builds stone scene to be dominant with modern banking, with science and technology IT of originality of service, number, new generation is characteristic, with business affairs the service is prop up " 1+3+1 " high-grade industry system, industrial structure is optimized continuously. Current, whole area is being grabbed seize opportunity, make demonstrative division of innovation of national level finance with all one's strength; Science and technology serves course of study to be advanced steadily, establish 50 million yuan " science and technology innovates " special fund, drive drive automatically the construction of 21 application setting such as service demonstrative division; Dominant position of digital originality industry is prominent, move the advantage industry such as confluence of free game, media to develop quickly, create 60 million yuan of industries special fund, make " of network game to look on the west " area calling card; Industry of new generation IT is bred quickly, release industrial Internet industry to develop a program, push the position of new capital construction such as industrial Internet, virtual reality, 5G, be in charge of with ZhongGuanCun appoint group of development of meeting, ZhongGuanCun builds innovation to serve a system jointly, develop the vitality with new infuse for economy; Business affairs serves course of study to accelerate development, publish stimulative consumption to upgrade 3 years action plan, found first unripe active of whole town to serve demonstrative area of course of study, become first countrywide homemaking to serve industry " get the person that run " the action is pilot city.

        The member that custom closes undertakes probation to importing waste paper (king Yi star is photographed)

        Nature endowment and Li Hongliang of director of source program bureau accept 3 river city when interviewing, express, end at present, divide through taking disappear disaster danger, cut fill establish of low, to earth up high green wait for measure, 3 rivers city already finished mine to administer an area 6.6 square kilometer (add up to forest 1.1 million individual plant, establish is careless 2900 mus) , the mine that having administers an area 15.4 square kilometer. Total investment makes an appointment with 8 billion yuan.

        Life of lowest of urban and rural dweller ensures standard field, city low protect a standard to raise everybody 685 yuan every months every months by everybody country of 715 yuan of; is small protect a standard to raise everybody 480 yuan every months every months by everybody 510 yuan. Field of level of urban and rural low income, urban low income (former town is small maintain the margin) the standard rises 685 yuan every months to reach village of 858 yuan of; 715 yuan every months to everybody to 822 yuan by everybody low income (raw country is small maintain the margin) the standard comes 480 yuan every months to rise 576 yuan by everybody. Strand personnel deliverance respect especially, the country strands personnel to make offerings to dispersedly especially the standard raises everybody 655 yuan every months every months by everybody city of 820 yuan of; strands personnel to make offerings to especially standard and country strand personnel to make offerings to centrally especially the standard is maintained changeless. Raise orphan and basic life to foster a standard. Concentration makes offerings to orphan is fostered the standard raises everybody 1731 yuan every months every months by everybody 1807 yuan of; live scattered orphan is fostered the standard raises everybody 1305 yuan every months every months by everybody 1363 yuan.

        As we have learned, dong Gangrui cloud " in record of small small company is public the technology serves platform " it is the record that government of domestic exclusive classics holds communal technology serves platform. Knowledge of information of information of platform volume record, archives grooms, the archives service such as archives policy code is one-stop solution, module of the store that help deficient up regards this platform as main component, devote oneself to to use platform website user of many 20 thousand enterprise and caller flow dominant position, free offers online sale to serve a function.

        Region of river of gully of China shade mayor is administered integratedly (Shu Longhuan of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Safe knowledge delivered in the festival (public security of iron of fierce of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Jiangsu ocean economy " Jiang Hailian is moved " characteristic is apparent. 2019, 3 establish total output value of area city ocean littoral (GOP) realizes four hundred and eleven billion three hundred and thirty million yuan, than going up year of growth 8.2% , 50.9% what hold total output value of complete province ocean, hold " half of country " . Among them, total output value of Nantong city ocean is two hundred and eighteen billion eight hundred and ninety million yuan, than going up year of growth 8.6% , 23.3% what hold its area total output value; Total output value of saline city ocean is one hundred and thirteen billion six hundred and ten million yuan, than going up year of growth 7.5% , 19.9% what hold its area total output value; Total output value is even ocean of cloud harbor city 78.83 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 8.1% , 25.1% what hold its area total output value.

        In fact, "Edge flutter, edge butt joint " already became normal state. "Advanced during two meetings that score gain, through supply and demand bilateral essence allows a butt joint, what we sign agreement many category successful already be born, the autograph makes an appointment with brand sales volume to have remarkable growth. " vise general manager of Inc. of couplet China supermarket is planted Xiao Bing says, couplet China hopes have the aid of is met the 3rd times into rich, understand widely more and introduce the importer that consumer favors to taste, satisfy consumer demand effectively, be similar to " the country extends market " the butt joint means of such innovation, be the beneficial attempt of butt joint of supply and demand.

        Meanwhile, hunan Province Public Security Department and network of telecommunication of province blow processing are new-style illegal crime joint meeting is other cooperation of member unit concerted effort, form resultant force, drive blow to administer the job to be begun to depth ceaselessly. Since this year, save communication management board jointly, in all intercept bilk, harass a telephone call twenty-nine million eight hundred and thirty-six thousand times, short message fifteen million five hundred and seventy-four thousand, seal domain name of bilk of network of the telecommunication that block experience up more than 19 thousand; Following of conduct propaganda of associated provincial Party committee sends an announcement to turn over telegraphic network bilk to publicize the job to make clear the job to ask further, procuratorate of associated province people, province High Court print and distribute " evidence of case of crime of telegraphic network bilk is collected examine judgement the job is how-to " , aggrandizement of the silver-colored bureau that keep watch is opposite subbranch of a bank of center of Changsha of associated people bank, Hunan to high experience case, high to be begun continuously to public account clear punish.

        Ability is governed in promotion, it is system of perfect environment law. Promulgate byelaw of byelaw of executive zoology environmental protection, soil contamination prevention and cure, issue 10 places standard. Severe blow violates act, annual environment administration punishs a case 3630, move politics of see sb off detains a case 59 cases, pollute guilty case 20 cases. 2 it is perfect environment superintendency system. Drive opinion of feedback of superintend of the environmental protection central to rectify and reform with all one's strength fulfil. Begin superintend of environmental protection of city class zoology " look round " . Deepen reform of zoology damages system, case of damages of environment of the zoology that start 24, among them 10 grand ceremony of a selected whole nation case. Advance blowdown to permit system reform, clear rectify fixed pollution source, advance blowdown licence nuclear hair. 3 it is the ability of promotion science and technology that prop up. Finish the whole nation basically the 2nd times to pollute source census, understood family property accumulated over a long time. Science and technology of comprehensive promotion environment supports ability, accelerate promotion of technology of research achievement application, processing. 4 it is the promotion environment ability that monitor. Perfect environment quality monitors a network, upgrade transform atmosphere, water to monitor a site automatically, add monitoring point of alongshore maritime space, exercise hard nucleus to monitor a technology to wait.

        In the meantime, to the end of 2019, bead trigonometry area builds silvan park 127, banding park 607 hectare, street heart park 435; The carbon that finish collects afforestation seventeen thousand seven hundred hectare, forest transform twenty-nine thousand six hundred hectare, silvan ecosystem serves a function to promote considerably; Finish coastal backbone forest belt to build 308 hectare, coastal depth shelter-forest builds 5167 hectare.

        Cadre of the Wu that occupy duty introduces, basis " the announcement that total bureau of Wu of duty of Ministry of finance donates policy of individual income tax about commonweal charities " (announcement of total bureau of Wu of duty of Ministry of finance 2019 the 99th) the 3rd regulation, the commonweal that dweller individual produces donates defray to be able to rent earning, belongings to transfer gains of earning, accrual dividend extra dividend, accidental income in belongings (the following a general designation classifies income) , in perhaps managing gain, integrated income is deducted. In current the commonweal that an earning project does not deduct donates defray, can relay in other income project by the regulation add is deducted. Additional, what still require an attention is, direct to suffer giving a person to donate is to cannot be touched deduct individual income tax, must wait for commonweal sex to the unit is donated and obtain gathering receipt proof to just can be done to education of office of social organization, state touch buckle.

        Classics investigation, on May 3 afternoon 17 when make, the parent small letter on mobile phone of victim Chen Mou group receive to come from " classmaster " group of messages: Each parent is good midday! School announcement is ordered " Huang Gang " series knowledge exercises terms begins with offerring use, have correspondence with course set roll and the data that next semester need expends altogether 711.5 yuan, ask each parent pay the detail Zhang sheet in Zhang sheet check scheme hair group in! The bookshop checks trade odd numbers! I am in charge of statistical number, thank each parent to cooperate. In the meantime, "Classmaster " the 2 dimension that still released a piece of gathering pile up a picture.

        On June 9 14 when come 30 minutes 20 when 30 minutes, the person that Tianjin city adds the input outside the condition newly to be affected without the symptom 1 (Chinese book) , accumulative total 22 (21 are inputted outside the condition) , remove among them medicine observes 9, still observe 11 in medicine, turn for diagnose case of illness 2.

        According to introducing, executive electron passenger ticket can raise a passenger to give an experience further. Buy ticket respect, the passenger can make work the window, automatically through Internet, station each channel such as ticket machine and dot of be commissioned to sell sth buy ticket, the flow that buy a ticket all did not change with the certificate that buy a ticket, after buying electronic passenger ticket, the passenger can be mixed through Internet return a ticket change a label, never leave home can complete an operation; Give a side, proof of ticket of check of check of station of pass in and out by the past " identity document + ticket " , identity document achieves effect of hold of brief melt into " one evidence is current " , real name makes ticket of nuclear check, check, check bank note more convenient, when ticket of brake machine check is used on average by 3.8 seconds / the person shortens to 1.3 seconds / person, rate rises 3 times the left and right sides, efficiency of station of great promotion pass in and out, managing passenger gives travel time cost, and can be on guard effectively missing ticket, buy the venture such as false bill.

        As we have learned, since taking off start shooting of battle of deficient assault fortified positions 2016, qinghai province regards first class important matter and project of the first the people's livelihood as the assault fortified positions that take off deficient, aggrandizement essence helps deficient, spirit up to take off deficient, speak or sing alternately to help deficient up definitely, finish 15 deepness poverty in the round village of poverty of 559 county, deepness and population of poverty of 241 thousand deepness reduce deficient job, 42 impoverished counties (city, area, travel appoint) , 1622 impoverished villages are exited entirely, 539 thousand build archives to establish calorie of impoverished population to take off deficient entirely.