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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:58:56

        2020年06月25日 08:58:56

        On April 2, 2020, qingdao city market superintends integrated administration to execute the law detachment executes the law personnel in Xiang Qing product of service of limited company of food of insular plain sweet garden examines when the report, in its warehouse for finished product discovers this company is produced " Chinese cabbage of sweet hot brine " finished product, pack inside " certificate of approval " tag manufacturing date to be on April 4, 2020, the product adds up to 74 box, party forms production to tag the illegal behavior of the food that produces date phonily. On April 24, 2020, superintendency bureau of Qingdao city market is right limited company of food of Qingdao plain sweet garden makes following administration punish: 1. Fine 60 thousand yuan; 2. Confiscate illegal production " Chinese cabbage of sweet hot brine " 74 box.

        " a certain number of measure " put forward to want to optimize foreign capital project to plan to be examined and approve with the ground, optimize project of project of key foreign capital to examine and approve, simplify the program of examine and verify of company of chain of the brand that cross a state that register, raise advantage of job of foreign nationality personage to spend, support crosses area sth used to one's own advantage to invest convenience, support to widen financing channel is dropped outside the condition etc. For instance, chongqing city put forward foreign capital project to plan to be examined and approve with the ground " much careful syncretic " " much evidence syncretic " " measure syncretic more " " much check syncretic " , support the brand that cross a state to interlink company provision to manage a license to be in execute " applicant acceptance is made " hind concentration is dealt with register register, to floor area the foreign capital project under 3000 square metre begins construction graph to examine no longer and execute inform acceptance to make wait for a series of innovation sex policy.

        Restful area changes Long Lu dweller of community every nationality is jumping Tibetian dancing " boiler village " (center extensive network sends Zhang Lei to photograph)

        Imitate of maritime space of 6.5 kilometers experiment " carry "

        In May 2019, the Huang Mou of management breakfast inn is make the zhongzi mouthfeel of sale much better, zhongzi of Zong Xie Yu not adhesion, borax of blame edible material is joined in the water that boils a zhongzi in evaporate then. Beautiful closes city food medicines and chemical reagents to examine the discovery when the zhongzi sampling observation that is in pair of this inn, borax is contained in the zhongzi, do not accord with SB/T10377-2004 " zhongzi " standard requirement, examine conclusion is unqualified. On May 27, beautiful closes market of region of city Zhen river to supervise management board to undertake to this inn the spot is checked, check on the spot buckle all zhongzi and white material (borax) 1 bag.

        It is reported, since Chongqing city rolls out different ground to accept dweller Id to work oneself, already accumulative total handles card of ground of more than 310 thousand different, let masses avoid suffer the pain that returns countryside to do card to rush about, managing masses handles affairs cost. Implementation dweller Id " Quan Yu is connected do " hind, serve what promote public security scheme further ability and level, make masses handles affairs owner, more convenient.

        Mao Shanyu of dean of courtyard of Shanghai Shanghai opera says, the birthplace of Shanghai opera is in Shanghai, grow in Shanghai, have very close relationship with Shanghai so, it is when Shanghai opera is original in order to say news, sing news to be edificatory, it is the person that week of instantly of special apace report meets with and thing so. The complex of Shanghai person has two kinds of stories: The story of a kind of foreign room, one kind is alley (lanes and alleys) story, these two stories are Shanghai person hard the complex of give up, the story of foreign room is the story that Shanghai person misses deeply from beginning to end, especially the never-failing source that this art takes Shanghai opera.

        Nanchang of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Xie Yuansen) save observatory to forecast according to Jiangxi, came on May 29 on June 7, jiangxi complete province will enter precipitation collect metaphase,

        The ocean that satisfy a brook executes the law integratedly personnel saves a hard and fast cowfish (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        The person that current segregation is contacted closely 102 people, close observer is inputted outside the condition among them 64 people, provincial assist the person that investigate intimate contact 38 people.

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 13 message (Luo Yan of reporter Wang Li's reporter) on June 12 when 0-16, anhui saves major area to appear completely showery or thunderstorm, river north divides area heavy rain to rainstorm, local big rainstorm, fall of accumulative total of 95 villages and towns exceeds 50 millimeter, among them fall of accumulative total of 39 villages and towns exceeds 100 millimeter, site of stockaded village of king of the biggest G 236.1 millimeter. That day when 0-16 highest air temperature: North of the Huaihe River is upper 25 ℃ of 22 ~ , south of north of the Huaihe River 29 ℃ of 26 ~ , between river the Huaihe River 32 ℃ of 29 ~ , along the 32 ~ austral Jiangjiang 35 ℃ , highest wide heart 35.7 ℃ ; Provincial capital Hefei 30.9 ℃ .

        The problem such as security of the individual information protection that cares in the light of social all circles, data, " method " with " safety is 1, other be 0 " design a concept as the system, the system stipulates safety of public data whole technological process runs a system, build bottom line of security of firm public data.

        Shanghai of center extensive network on June 12 message (Yuxue of reporter of nimble of reporter Fu Wen puts old Cheng Xu Na on the ice) the Shanghai since June 1 enters flood season. According to forecasting, this year gross of precipitation of flood season Shanghai slightly much, typhoon and intensity of convection sex weather slant strong, high temperature day is counted slightly much. The reporter learns from Shanghai airport group today, run the adverse effect of safeguard to the airport to answer the soup such as thunder, rainstorm, gale, below the premise that normalizes epidemic prevention, anabiosis for the airliner and answer of go back to work is produced provide efficient and orderly service safeguard, two big airport respects of Shanghai already against a rainy day, had done each flood prevention adequately to prevent a stage to intend the work.

        In the meantime, the person that Liaoning saves accumulative total report to be affected without the symptom completely 71, remove segregation leaves hospital 44, turn for diagnose case of illness 25 (cure entirely leave hospital) , 2 are treated in the hospital that decide a dot.

        Up to on June 13 24 when, case of illness of diagnose of report of Liaoning province accumulative total 151, cure leave hospital 147, die 2, 2 are treated in the courtyard. The person that accumulative total tracks diagnose case of illness to be contacted closely 4263 people (the person that contain case of illness of the input outside the condition to be contacted closely) , already removed medicine watchs 4022 people, still 241 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        Heilongjiang province decreases calamity to do remind each experience calamity the branch wants to pay close attention to affection of weather variation and rainfall, regimen, ravages of a drought, fire closely, strengthen hold a conference or consultation to grind further sentence and lash-up is on duty the value is defended, stare at closely go in for sth in a large scale Anling is forest zone, a mountainous area wait for target of key area, key with Lin Yuan oil depot, gas station, 24 hours are enclothed completely monitor, strengthen people's air defense, content to prevent, ability is prevented, knit net of close fire prevention. Fulfil the forecast that monitor, project to attemper, area of harbour flood detention is applied, dike defend grab protect, personnel move finds a place for wait for measure, do fight a drought of good flood prevention or control to intend the work ahead of schedule. Begin geological calamity hidden trouble to nod platoon of go on a tour of inspection to check deep, strengthen agrotechnical guidance, safety of aggrandizement exercise construction manages, encounter extreme weather to adopt be restricted to go, close wait for a canal to accuse measure to reduce road transportation accident, build firm safety " lifeline " .

        Recently, group of leader of job of country of municipal Party committee is discussed pass and print and distribute " farming area stock raising revitalizes the municipality 3 years action program (2020-2022 year) " . " plan " 8 when put forward farming area stock raising to revitalize concrete step mix 4 kinds 13 demonstrative projects. " plan " include to do strong flocks and herds to plant course of study, expand raise fodder line of business energetically, aggrandizement epidemic disease is prevented accuse to wait for a respect, increase complete border farming area stock raising can expand capacity continuously.

        The key that calamity of Hunan Province geology was on guard 2020 is on guard period of time. 6-9 month Hunan Province is geological calamity happening frequency is taller, be on guard for the key period; 7-9 month Hunan east, should be on guard mainly south Hunan the geological disaster that the weather process such as typhonic rainstorm may cause. Basically be the 72 counties urban district that geological calamity sends easy hair area high to involve, among them 47 counties urban district with be on guard coast, collapse, mud-rock flow is given priority to, 25 counties urban district with be on guard ground cave in is given priority to. The key is on guard the hidden trouble of important and geological calamity that the object already found out to show is nodded; The key selects mining area, 44 mining area such as mining area of much metal of garden of bamboo of persimmon of city of mining area of dam of coal of the countryside that be like peace, Chen, Shaodong gesso mining area; 3 it is the country such as city of Home Zhang group, West Hunan, Chen travel scene area; 4 it is a part a section of a highway of main main road; 5 it is to be in the railroad that build, freeway, reservoir, airport to wait for major project.

        The sea is before band team leader amounts to Ming Sheng to retire east the president that autonomous county of city coadjutant the Tu nationality learns in place. This Qinghai of melody of virtuous filial piety " ethical solidarity kisses " it is compose of his compose a poem to a given tune of ci, deliver the friendly feelings that 56 nations keep watch and help defend each other, solidarity struggles.

        The member that Guangzhou custom place belongs to custom of airport of Guangzhou white cloud to close seizes the drug that contains banned part in brigade check channel 6.3 kilogram (center extensive network sends Lv Yi to photograph)

        The Shen Zhou knitting that is in a Yu Wangjiang county (Anhui) inside the sew workshop of limited company, after the workmans that wear coverall sit in to discharge orderly electric sewing machine, busy move sews collar, dozen lacy. The dress production with this the biggest the Anhui province exports a company, the Didasi that it is A, be able to bear or endure well-known trademark acting labour produces the international such as the gram, athletic sportswear installs a knitting from here in a steady stream sells past world each district ceaselessly.

        Cause celebrates Liu Xiaoyun of maritime bureau director to introduce, in recent years, cause celebrates maritime bureau to devote oneself to to drive ability of oily lash-up of local water overflow to build all the time, establish established Zhao Qing team of oily lash-up of town water overflow and library of equipment of oily lash-up of overflow of water of Zhao Qing town, be in on the west river along the line sets 20 excessive oily lash-up newly to deal with material lays in a dot. In the meantime, still with on the west county of river along the line (city, area) relevant section and enterprise are built " safety is built in all, resource is shared, the team is built in all, lash-up is interactive " politics look forward to establishs pattern in all, integrated " army, politics, look forward to " on the west strength of incident lash-up troop is broken out on Jiang Shui, drive actively combine model, close experienced, collaboration, practice " three-in-one acts " , establish lasting effect mechanism, be united in wedlock visible Jiang Jian is set on the west, oil of overflow of ceaseless promotion water answers speed and lash-up to deal with ability, collective protection is good on the west river mother river.

        On June 13, 2020 8 when to on June 14 8 when, shaanxi adds new coronal of the input outside the condition newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness 2, the person that add the input outside the condition newly to be affected without the symptom 3. Up to on June 14 8 when, shaanxi accumulative total inputs new coronal outside report condition pneumonic diagnose case of illness 68 (cure leave hospital 64, without dead case of illness) , have 4. The person that accumulative total report is affected without the symptom 21 (turn for diagnose case of illness 1, already removed keep apart 14) , have 6.

        For farther convenient blood donor, management center of blood of early days the Anhui province has organized 22 first pilot hospitals relevant Training Within Industry, these 22 hospitals begin to carry out blood donor formally today the clinical charge that use blood leaves hospital derate of direct blood cost works, the other and all hospital that use blood wants in August the bottom is carried out entirely, accomplish " a window is accepted, one-time inform, one-stop service " , cogent rise donate blood service level.

        "Palmy spring village removes a bucket 10 days inside, rubbish classification is participated in rate from 10% rise to 55% , what classify everyday is perishable rubbish promotes 1700 kilograms from 200 kilograms. " person and Yao Gongmei of secretary of Party committee of community of street and harmonious region introduce, this year in April, support of the people of two rivers new developed area is street begin to remove pail of conduct propaganda to work.

        State-owned company station is collected and release the action centrally, be welcomed ardently by broad college graduate, obtained good society echo. State-owned company in succession contact company department, express to be willing to assume more society responsibility, preparative development offers post of obtain employment of more college graduate. Among them, the high seas in Dalian carries limited company of engineering of plain Qi shipping and Dalian weigh Electromechanical to install engineering limited company to offer project technology actively already greatly kind obtain employment post 120.