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        2020年06月25日 08:58:56


        2020年06月25日 08:58:56

        In recent years, county of Er of Ji Mu Sa is in admire the beauty of flowers economically make full text. The rose regards the county of this county as the flower, with its breed much, design and color is complete, become complete border famous and landed Xian Qiemei rares earthnut produces base.

        According to introducing, "Guizhou tea " 3 skill contest is 2020 one of serious content of contest of skill of Guizhou Province profession, the theme this year is " inheritance makes tea craft breed Guizhou tea craftsman to aid push industrial revolution " . Among them, contest of the manual skill that make tea this year already is the 9th, finals comes 16 days to be held in Yin Jiang county on June 15, match project has manual green tea (flat look) , manual green tea (curly form) , tea of manual black tea, manual blueness (oolong) 4, all be individual individual event to surpass.

        " plan " put forward, 2020, implementation priority discipline invests 85 billion yuan, the enterprise achieves 550 thousand or so, obtain employment achieves above of 6 million person, increase a value to achieve 900 billion yuan, grow 9% to control, innovation of service line of business develops 10 big projects to increase a value to occupy than achieving 75% . To 2020, priority discipline investment breaks through 100 billion yuan, the enterprise achieves 700 thousand or so, obtain employment achieves above of 6.6 million person, increase a value to break through 1 trillion yuan, innovation of service line of business develops 10 big projects to increase a value to occupy than achieving 78% above.

        "You see mice of the carven on this wall and grape, it is the species with progenitive extremely strong capability, the implied meaning is worn the descendants is much child much happiness. " Maqinglin says imam of pluvial spring mosque, the confluence of element of culture of this kind of different people, be ethical big solidarity is indicative, also be the crystallization of each folk great wisdom, witnessed ancient area of Huang of river of past the present and the past the harmony between each nation in all flourish.

        That day morning 9 when make, in ball cartridge of gun of many carry on one's shoulder special alarm below armed escort in transportation, more than kilograms of 60 drugs is come to grow abundant county Wu Shan to press down science and technology of environment of Anhui grand Yue by send under escort finite liability company. After brief ceremony, all drugs are centered in public destroy by melting or burning.

        Walk into Pan Xiuyuan of the Tu nationality of Ban Yanxin village, star of 65 years old because he alls alone absorption embroider is worn " the sun is beautiful " , gules lacy wrap up is worn the leaf of green, pink, there is maize stamen among, a 7 colour are gorgeous " the sun is beautiful " in the star he falls to blossom sadly because of the needlework of all alone. Star he says because of all alone: "Doorway is in the home can work, come down one year to be able to earn 779 yuan, my old lady has such income very contented. My old lady has such income very contented..


        According to introducing, guangzhou is current already print and distribute " job of group of leader of construction of city of Guangzhou city sponge is regular " , clear mayor holds the position of leader group group leader, the deputy mayor that Wu of water of be assigned personal responsibility for works holds the position of assistant group leader, municipal government assists the deputy secretary-general that Wu of water of be assigned personal responsibility for works to hold the position of daily office director. Member unit covered leader group to send change, program, live build, Wu of traffic, water, gardens and airport economy area and Guangzhou are handed in cast, city of construction group, Guangzhou is cast, Guangzhou water is cast wait for 28 branches and unit. Unit of leader group composition covers a range wide, cooperation of division of labor of each member unit, make trade of one's own profession respectively (unit) practical executive plan, to whole process the canal accuses to advance city of our city sponge to built the job to provide important safeguard with macrocosm.

        Center extensive network all and on June 18 message (Tang Dawei of reporter Zhang Guoliang's reporter) reporter today from Zhejiang all and the reward of Chinese design red star that city holds (all and) products plan contest -- contest of 2020 hose line of business all and the understanding on press conference of the line on design wisdom library arrives, zhu Jijin year hand China is pulled to design red star award since April, face the whole world to collect hose line of business to design work. At the same time with " all and design wisdom library " for carrier, all and build a platform of assemble of domestic and international outstanding stylist, offer technical butt joint, design to seek advice for outstanding stylist and hose estate company, a series of services such as service of bag of hair of design professional work, intellectual property.

        Current the Chengdu City " 100 beautiful " the worker achieves guest star to choose an activity, selection flow includes to declare, first trial, reexamine, fair show reach praise 5 link. After the activity is started formally on June 11 oneself, sign up declare level to end on July 31. The worker of on guard a gleam of that Chengdu economy construction enlists inside Chengdu administration area all can pass offer one's services or the organization is recommended, sign up freely participate in. In August the first ten days of a month each area (city) prefectural labour union and industrial labor have the first trial on the line; In August the middle ten days of a month, expert of evaluation of organization of the middle ten days of a month will begin material to examine in September, spot reexamine and solid the earth's core are checked; The last ten-day of a month will choose list to undertake to awaiting in September fair show, the middle ten days of a month will undertake naming praising in October, choose the Chengdu City to obtaining " 100 beautiful " the worker achieves guest star to award certificate, medal, give 60 thousand yuan / the person is rewarded (before duty) .

           The project is located in college of Chengdu grain industry on the west side, according to Chengdu nature museum exhibits Chen Dagang, education of line, popular science will be given priority to to exhibit Chen Wei characteristic, allusion to hide construction to be technology of foundation, application to be ligament for core, geoscience with culture education inside the house, around " understanding earth home, probe natural mystery " theme, the task such as universe of resource of opposite life origin, geological action, mineral products, vast undertakes popular science and reveal.

        After procuratorate of river north area is examined lawfully, think, the harm sex enough that holds the post of some headroom to cast content behavior to arise browbeats the life health of not specific majority and belongings safety, its behavior is suspected of endangering communal and safe blame with dangerous method. This courtyard makes approval arrest a decision to guilty suspect Ren Mou lawfully. Current, the case is being investigated further in.

        Dalian of center extensive network on June 3 message (Lin Ge of Wang Hongyu of reporter Gu Tiesheng's reporter) on June 3, below the superintendency that belongs to custom of big kiln bay in Dalian custom place, 306 tons " foreign rubbish " carry is retreated to leave the country in dock of harbor of big kiln bay, this is custom of big kiln bay withdraw motion this year first " foreign rubbish " .

        Zhuhai of center extensive network on June 17 message (Lin Wenqi of Lan Zhicheng of reporter Zhou Yu's reporter) on June 17 11 when 45 minutes, deep in heavy canal of passageway head section and on the west of artificial island dark bury Duan Zaihai bottom to finish accurate butt joint to install, finished first " marine first kiss " , this indicates the move is deep in passageway key circuitry obtains significant progress.

        The ceremonially that start, tung cottage county issued activity of annual of section of travel of the whole people and product line. Section of travel of current the whole people rolls out opening ceremony of section of travel of 2020 the whole people in all " pattern of · of drunk beautiful county travels " the experience swims, Fu Chunjiang leaves fishing section and " banquet of Chun Jiang fish " originality of whole nation of ceremony of hand of travelling companion of 1000 bearing banquet, article designs invitational tournament, show new line of new product of tung cottage travel in the round, promote a tourist new experience.

        The limits that Shaanxi folk collects appraisal of sex of cultural relic commonweal to seek advice basically is the cultural relic artwork that the cultural relic that circulates cultural relic of orderly be handed down from ancient times, folk is collected legally and code of other be good law set, the bugle call of small letter public that the public can refer an unit through 3 appraisal and pertinent information platform understand the specific content of the service, the applicant can make an appointment through the phone the time that appraisal refers. The applicant that collects cultural relic appraisal to seek advice from an unit to put forward Tibet to taste appraisal to seek advice to folk ought to produce effective identity document, folk collects cultural relic appraisal to seek advice from an unit to news should have done the identity to the applicant to register and file. Commonweal appraisal seeks advice from a service to nod the appraisal that give out to seek advice from an opinion to offer an applicant to consult only, do not issue document, do not have legal effectiveness, must not serve as evidence to use, do not involve droit is maintained and auction, impawn, sell, donative, successive wait for any other relevant utility.

        What this second exhibition exhibits is the ethical folk inwrought work that 559 time collect the century on house of Guizhou Province culture, the carry out of Hui Min of this since culture goes, also be Guizhou each minority rich and colorful, abound what the folk art of creativity tastes is classical appear.

        Fudan University professor, central Rearch Institute of Culture and History house Professor Yuan Gejian male addresses (Wei Wei of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Video connects a line in, tens of renown experts of each course such as division of division of medicine of serious illness of breath of arrangement of total hospital of Ningxia medical university and danger, serious illness medicine, emergency call division to Rome center of sanitation of the first common medical treatment " raise action " . Both sides is produced around answer of clinical cure, go back to work wait for content to spread out discuss.

        ◎ is accelerated drive market of Lu Lin aquatic product " fishing person dock " project, the nightly seafood that makes marine culture and tie of travel sightseeing photograph discharges archives assemble area. The area that in trade service line of business collects makes dining room of a batch of late nights.

        Harbin of center extensive network on June 1 message (reporter Chi Song) save Wei Jian according to Heilongjiang appoint bulletin, on May 31, 2020 0, 24 when, heilongjiang province is provincial without add diagnose case newly, add the person that affect without the symptom newly 2 (peony river) . Up to on May 31 24 when, case of illness of diagnose of mainland of accumulative total report 559, accumulative total is cured leave hospital case of illness 546, have the person that affect without the symptom 13 (peony river) . Number of diagnosis and treatment of calorific that day outpatient service 570 people. The person that accumulative total traces provincial and intimate contact 20079 people, already removed medicine watchs 19826 people, still 253 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        Notable is, this year is the 20th whole nation " week of activity of science and technology " , the 12nd " countrywide take precautions against natural calamities decreases calamity day " , also be Guangdong saves the 29th " month of activity of progress of science and technology " a particular year. Guangdong saves system of association of science and technology to concern combination the section, around " science is prevented accuse, hit stoutly win new coronal epidemic situation to prevent accuse nick battle " " ability of lash-up of promotion basic level, the people defense line that builds firm take precautions against natural calamities to decrease calamity to provide disaster relief " wait for a theme, synchronism holds popular science conduct propaganda to enter school yard, into the country, into community, into mechanism, wait for a series of activities into the enterprise, show achievement of innovation of great science and technology and science and technology adequately to defy epidemic disease positive result, the consciousness of science and technology that arouses the whole people further, wholesome healthy consciousness, take precautions against natural calamities decreases calamity consciousness.

        Held the post of members of standing committee of Dongguan municipal Party committee in July 2017, song Shanhu is new and high party of area of garden of industry of zoology of technical estate development, Dongguan is versed in appoint secretary

        The conference is published " optimize ode of number of environment of area battalion business to be able to innovate development " associated proposal, put forward " establish normal mechanism, unifinication of stimulative network market develops " " build bridge of politics look forward to, support digitlizes an ode can market main body " " insist to expand inside need, complete link of brand of supportive home products upgrades " " increase a side to help strength, supportive number is aided farming add receive deficient " " expedite loop system, the deepness below the line on stimulative line is shirt-sleeve " 5 big proposals.

        The side that decide a dot helps Guangxi poverty up Children's Festival of child of village hill area receives 5791 books (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        "Haihe River person of outstanding ability " poineering contest serves as this year a of intelligent congress new match, cent does poineering work for the masses poineering contest of contest of innovation contest, undergraduate poineering innovation, abroad talent becomes independent 3 times relatively board piece, the match spreads out during congress, wait for a domain around commonweal of service of originality of burgeoning industry, contemporary agriculture, culture, life, society, face recruit poineering group domestic and internationally or do poineering work enterprise, highlight drive obtain employment effect. Current, abroad talent poineering contest has opened contest.

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