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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:38

        2020年06月25日 09:15:38

        In addition, the Anhui province will rely on countrywide electron free to donate blood card, innovation free shows hematic management pattern, build " Internet + free donates blood " service mode, provide personalized service for blood donor, perfect free donates blood incentive mechanism, arouse public support participates in free to donate blood.

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        According to Hai Yueqin word project controller introduces, as " aigret river is noctivagant " upgrade edition, "Word of sea month musical instrument " it is carrier with luxurious and antediluvian yacht, set out from Xiamen peace dock, big bridge of island of tower of center of passenger liner of island of big bridge of statue of path of way aigret river, island bosomy billow, Zheng Chenggong, practise traditional martial arts, big island, international, maritime bright phearl, baked wheaten cake, Hai Cang, take the sea-voyage eastward the nature such as dockyard of container dock, Xiamen and humanitarian ground mark, lingong of big bridge of dark blue of big bridge of practise traditional martial arts, sea, apricot Tie Daqiao was linked together at 3 o'clock, offerred Xiamen of a maritime appreciation the new perspective of flowery night scene.

        Liu Gean expresses in the speech, remaining sum of loan of orgnaization of finance of city of Home Zhang group 85.26 billion yuan, borrow put than 93.86% , in Hunan complete province parts a row mix the 3rd the 4th times. Among them, remaining sum of agricultural bank loan amounts to 14.53 billion yuan, borrow put than be as high as 118.9% , this meant branch of Agriculture Bank Hunan Province to tilt resource morely Home Zhang group, reflected the main support to Home Zhang group. In the meantime, branch of Agriculture Bank Hunan Province is in innovation of product of construction of construction of urban and rural infrastructure, city of the industrial development, assault fortified positions that take off deficient, wisdom, banking, civilian the breakthrough that the many respects such as the service have innovation sex, made outstanding contribution for progress of economy of place of Home Zhang group.

        Officers and soldiers undertakes recording a vehicle in order (Guo Dawei of reporter of hair of center extensive network is photographed)

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 2 message (Wang Chuntao of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) the reporter learns from Guangzhou city Huang Bu district, recently, conformity of special superintendency section optimizes custom of developing zone of yellow Bu area, Guangzhou the job gains new headway, guangzhou protects tax other people to shed garden area conformity to actor or actress integrated free tax zone obtains yellow Bu of melt into Guangzhou give an official of the State Council, open to the outside world the advantage will be highlighted further.

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 17 message (reporter Wang Li) the reporter learns from office of government of lash-up of the Anhui province, on June 17 morning 9 when, workshop section of ammonium of sulfur of limited company of science and technology of energy of chemical industry of steel of horse of saddle hill city produces ammonia to enrage leak in producing a course, cause 3 philtrum poison on the spot, evacuation goes to city people hospital rescue. Up to now, already caused 2 people death, 1 person still is in ICU room rescue.

        On May 14, 2018, airliner of Sichuan airline 3U8633 flies to Lhasa road in Chongqing in, in the air cockpit is right before windscreen glass burst falls off, aircrew carries out close drop-off, at 07:46 minutes of safe equipment fall Chengdu double shed an International Airport, all passengers are restful be born, deplane in order and get appropriate is arranged.

        To this nobody drive machine receiving oil undertakes operating training (center extensive network sends bureau of Zhao Qinghai thing to offer a plan)

        According to introducing, 2020 1-4 month, duty of new increase and decrease of Guangdong province accumulative total falls expend 82.45 billion yuan, among them, the supportive epidemic situation that came on stage 2020 is prevented accuse and duty of new increase and decrease of policy of privilege of cost of tax of economic society progress falls expend 43.17 billion yuan; Policy came on stage to become warped this year in year 2019 duty of end new increase and decrease falls expend 39.28 billion yuan.

        As Guangzhou developing zone this second project stars building centrally stand for war, intellectual city begins construction project 66, occupy this area to began construction that day of project gross 6 into. Intellectual city science and education is division of innovation city, big scientific unit, medium try and use promotion area (area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province innovates in coordination field) , medical apparatus and instruments and equipment of medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine make garden wait for great platform to start, will make make this division " Huang Bu lab " main component.

        Current, epidemic situation is prevented accuse to enter normalization, each are prevented accuse measure to cannot be changed infirmly. Broad citizen cannot loosen vigilance, should careful be like eventually only then, had fulfilled each normalization to prevent seriously accuse measure.

        According to statistic, 18 projects that the autograph arranges in Benciji can form investment to make an appointment with 4 billion yuan. Among them, include Alibaba (China) finance of software limited company, quick buck serves (Shanghai) limited company of group of hair of embellish of limited company, the Yangtse River, firewood is too soft (Shanghai) business of limited company of center of nutrition of children of limited company of development of science and technology, Shanghai, Chengdu plain promotes industry equity to invest fund management.

        After receiving a situation, ningxia public security passes international collaboration channel and Vietnam police butt joint instantly, ask Vietnam police such-and-such to Hou close monitoring is timely undertake capturing. In the meantime, reach with punishment detect branch handle a case the unit is consultative the premise that accuses normalization is prevented in epidemic situation next capturing, turn over, segregation detain answers each link such as peace to send under escort, ensure capture, turn over the job and measure of epidemic prevention work to join cheek by jowl; Turn over according to suspect of crime of flee to other country by auspicious city public security bureau with scheme of Guangxi edge check and Guangxi program and prevent into condition epidemic situation accuse the job to ask to deal with relevant job formalities; Subsequently harmonious Vietnam police captures Hou Mou as soon as possible some does good nucleic acid to detect wait for epidemic prevention to work.

        Current, liaoning province accumulative total inputs diagnose case of illness outside report condition 22, cure leave hospital 21, 1 is treated in the courtyard; Case of illness of diagnose of mainland of report of complete province accumulative total 130, cure leave hospital 126, die 2, 2 are treated in the courtyard.

        On June 17 5 when make, when the case is being begun to investigate the work toward cogongrass hill direction before case group policeman presses down Na Xiucun from Meng companion, forwardly makes an appointment with 200 meters of place to discover a doubtful man. The double shoulder that this man gets on the back quickly discards and the flee in disorder in past mountain forest, the policeman gets off instantly pursue and attack, because mountain forest is concentrated and stand by border land a gleam of, those who pass a hour surround, did not arrest suspicion man. In affirm after discarding to reach surroundings safety in the knapsack of roadside, classics examination, the policeman hunts down opium from inside the one textile bag inside bag of this black double shoulder on the spot suspicious other people 11 Tuo, suttle 10.695 kilograms.

        The side that decide a dot helps Guangxi poverty up Children's Festival of child of village hill area receives 5791 books (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        New edition released a standard to still edit the index grade of arid early-warning signal differentiates standard, the issuance that waits for signal of 6 kinds of early-warning to gale of hail, thunderstorm, thunder, rainstorm, blizzard, gale the principle undertook editing. Edit prove through many second expert, climate of weather of province of Jilin of sufficient base oneself upon resembles calamity characteristic compatibly, with real business applied effect is think, the sex of effectiveness for a given period of time of signal of early-warning of weather of will farther promotion and accuracy rate, decrease the play in calamity in atmosphere take precautions against natural calamities thereby bigger effect.

        Chongqing city Wei Jian appoint Xia Pei of Party committee vice secretary expresses, chongqing city epidemic situation is prevented accuse to consolidate further to good posture, prevent accuse the job to already turned from lash-up condition for normalization. But the epidemic situation outside the condition still is spreading, domestic specific area appears collect sexual epidemic situation, should have caught " outside prevent an input, inside prevent rebound " the job, cogent consolidate the epidemic situation of hard-earned is prevented dominate positive result.

        " plan " put forward, implementation the public manages normalization independently, advocate civilized and healthy lifestyle actively, guide public nurturance good and healthy lifestyle and civilized behavior habit. In daily life, the attention maintains the social distance of 1 meter of above, reduce unessential to collect sexual activity, decrease join the staff that collects sexual activity, do not head for personnel to collect a place as far as possible especially airtight place; Do good individual to defend, close thick and fast in personnel place, when be less than 1 meter of distances to contact with other, adorn guaze mask; Station of field of personnel, passenger transport is multiplied to serve the personnel such as personnel, police and personnel of go to a doctor to wait in the medical personnel of airtight public work, assistant, member that ensure public security, member that protect clean, department should adorn guaze mask; Nurturance " a meter of line " , diligent wash one's hands, Dai Kou cover, wait for wholesome habit and lifestyle with fair chopsticks; Indoor often open a window ventilated, maintain airiness, keep out notices when cough, sneeze; Do the health of good individual and domestic member to monitor, appear doubtful symptom, timely seek medical advice informs an individual actively reside abroad history and personnel contact history, sign up for area of key of epidemic situation of equipment family member actively to community and unit reside abroad history and personnel contact history.

        Group of the work that be stationed in a village visits blame poverty door (village of combination of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Peaceful wave of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter Du Jinming) Ning Bo free tax zone crosses condition cable business to import business to continue to maintain the whole nation to precede, free tax zone of examine and verify of 1-5 month custom crosses condition cable business to import declaration form this year thirty-five million six hundred and sixty-one thousand three hundred sheet, goods is worth 7.768 billion yuan, grow 31.4% compared to the same period, 63.5% ; Among them United States makeup washs gargle to taste cross condition import to be worth more than 2.4 billion yuan, occupy than 31.92% .

        Guiyang of center extensive network on May 28 message (reporter Chen Ge) Guizhou Province sanitation is healthy appoint disclosed a few days ago, since this year, guizhou Province 88 counties (city, area) nutrition of comprehensive executive children improves a project, age of object of infant nutrition safeguard is outspread 12 months. This is afterwards the Xizang Autonomous Region later the province that the whole nation realizes children nutrition the 2nd times to improve a project to be enclothed completely,

        As we have learned, the design of this platform follows to fry a platform truely almost same, the stock goes situation, can see profit and loss, want a client to enter gold only, tiring-room passes modification data, let a client see match inside account immediately endowment the remaining sum after, then is at ease give them money.

        Hang out one's shingle ceremonially, new intellectual property serves limited company in relevant personnel released intellectual property of industry of equipment of plated film of vacuum of Zhao Qing city to analyse appraise sth through discussion to report " and " appraise sth through discussion of analysis of intellectual property of industry of automobile of new energy resources of Zhao Qing city reports " . Two reports celebrate equipment of plated film of car of city new energy resources, vacuum around cause two big industries develop analytic appraise sth through discussion. This second around Zhao Qing city key industry expands demand, the two estates intellectual property that develop analyses appraise sth through discussion, current situation of position of patent of industry of investigation and study and potential risk, put forward to perfect the relevant proposal that patent distribution plan and how-to industry upgrade to be introduced with the talent, for Zhao Qing municipal government relevant section and innovation main body make development plan to mix decision-making offerred prop up.

        Hydrology branch is analysed, the act out of normal behaviour of Po Yang Hu this year, entered April advocate after flood season, come from April 18 on June 4, 13 meters come in 10 meters between in water period wanders 46 days continuously. Rain of accept a surrender accept a surrender is affected later, water level of Po in relief lake stops drop time go up, lake area area expands further.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on May 30 message (reporter Liu Tao) " application is low now protect go to the lavatory very, handle machine is opened, information is filled, all sorts of data are patted illuminate a family to be referred went. The data is not complete, the family still sends a small letter to be informed, we reissues again one also is to use a mobile phone. Our community has an individual so application is low protect, light goes copying to the family it is data, good to hand in data, filling data to want a few times, spend money to run again again road. Check with Shaanxi deliverance service public date applies for those who go to the lavatory to be held out really! " Ou Hanliang of tower of Xi'an city wild goose was finished in the home low keep application.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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