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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:31

        2020年06月25日 09:15:31

        According to introducing, each district is right in coming from, information of staff of high risk region undertook be born of one by one is checked, implement health government measure. To there is area of Gao Feng jaws inside nearly 14 days of reside abroad history come another name for Guangdong Province returns personnel of another name for Guangdong Province to carry out 14 days concentration keeps apart medicine to observe, the key increases ground of new to there is Beijing since May 30 hair terminal market activity history of the person that high risk personnel reachs his to be contacted closely assist check trace strength, be in the 1st, the 14th day begins nucleic acid of new coronal virus to detect, ensure the platoon checks a canal to accuse to reach the designated position.

        In relief river of center extensive network on June 13 message (Qiu Yao of Hao of Shen Gao of reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang) high speed of reporter Cong Yangmao changes extend project to learn, area of Wu of this project in relief suit steps a section of a highway to the horse left (former Guangzhou direction) each other of 9.5 kilometers, Cheng Cun is connected connect to the each other that knit Ha left (former Guangzhou direction) 11.5 kilometers come true two-way 4 driveway travel, stepped solid one pace again to target of be open to traffic.

        He Xin, male, the Han nationality, was born in July 1961, guangdong luxuriant celebrity, record of formal schooling of on-the-job graduate student, had a job in November 1980, joined a Chinese Communist in April 1990.

        Integrated free tax zone is to show approval of classics the State Council is established churchyard closes in People's Republic of China, carry out close superintend, the treatment, content that keep tax flows and protect duty in order to keep tax to the service is basic function and gift the specific function area of the specific taxation of form a complete set, superintendency policy, also be current favourable policy most, function the most all ready, formalities most simplify, the special section with open highest administrative levels, open as our country model main platform of economy, to expanding foreign trade, attract transition of foreign investment, stimulative industry to upgrade producing main effect.

        Additional, mobile spot still was established " cultural relic testimony fights epidemic disease history " exhibit an area, with the form of cultural relic picture, revealed the Chinese nation thousands of years to come epidemic situation prevents the history that accuse. Reveal through these cultural relic, appeal society community sees with content history, with content Yo person, more with Shi Weijian, with history endowment politics, be good at from wisdom of epidemic prevention of the derive in historical experience, for epidemic situation of human beat back, devote Chinese wisdom and Chinese program.

        For cogent push this work, guiyang city key has been done " check, treat, canal " and the job that understands the truth of a matter, essence to allow processing, lasting effect to superintend 3 link; Clear county, countryside, village 3 cascade sth resembling a net member, assign person specially assigned for a task cooperates a platoon to check in the round group begin spot platoon to investigate the work; Through " feel platoon, check, establish Zhang " working mechanism, safeguard platoon checks plan and quality, finish each job job on time.

        It is reported, passenger ticket of electron of our country railroad began in Gaotie of Hainan annulus island in November 2018 pilot, enlarged 4 Gao Tiecheng such as border of Ning Cheng reaching Shanghai in July 2019 border railroad is pilot, after the four seasons was spent 2019, in the whole nation Gaotie is mixed large area of city boundary line is advanced carry out, was in in April this year outback Gaotie and city border railroad realized electronic passenger ticket to be enclothed completely. The promotion of electronic passenger ticket was experienced spring the applied test of region of each period such as height of passenger flow of carry heat carry, small long holiday, golden week, each circuitry, each district, each setting, systematic moving stability, business deals with efficient, spot to organize orderly, passenger the experience is good, in convenient the passenger gives travel, improvement to serve quality, raised the respect such as efficiency of passenger transportation management to develop active effectiveness.

        Next, defend the arrangement that point to according to the province, fu Chunjiang power plant will increase flood discharge flow further, maritime branch will continue to do very relevant prevent or control flood to work, arrange personnel 24 hours to be on duty, car boat a light boat and lash-up equipment had prepared to reach the designated position, if have danger feeling,begin deliverance operation at any time.

        According to the Shaanxi provincial Party committee, unified deploy that saves a government, procuratorate of people of province of Public Security Department of province of Shaanxi of combination of Shaanxi province tall courtyard, Shaanxi begins blow punish to destroy wildlife natural resources to violate crime to execute the law special job, to natural resources of the whole wild animal that save experience guilty punish undertakes unity guidance. Develop blow activity through lasting, increase what commit a crime to destroying wildlife natural resources to punish ceaselessly strength, the penalty with severity is applicable, form the awe state that violates crime to destroying wildlife natural resources quickly, the deterrence that develops trial of criminal of good environment resource adequately and educational function.

        Sponsor square introduction, "House of Chinese flow science and technology " Guangdong province make one's rounds is exhibited (the water in Nanhai stands) activity, it is from 2015 Guangdong province is begun " house of Chinese flow science and technology " the 31st station that make one's rounds exhibits an activity, will be in li of water cool with cold water or ice is free open to social community showpiece 3 months.

        Flower substation of area public security is destroyed open buying and selling to be opposite the gang of state-owned bank account. Flower development of substation of area public security grinds the clew that sentences gumshoe detachment to turn over, discovery offers the gang of pair of state-owned bank account for element of telegraphic network bilk. This gang with guilty suspect Zhong Mou (male, 31 years old) head, by Wu Mou (male, 30 years old) , Ma Mou (male, 19 years old) composition waiting for a person, be suspected of be engaged in be being opened to date of state-owned bank Zhang, buying and selling is used at the illegal crime activity such as telegraphic network bilk, gang member is in area of Guangzhou, Fosan, wet Shan respectively activity, preliminary check experience record many 100, experience record amount amounts to 1.05 million yuan. On April 20 7 when make, gumshoe detachment is spent jointly substation of area public security dispatchs alarm force, be in current state, Fosan, Guangzhou respectively 3 ground synchronism is carried out capture, arrest the guilty suspect such as Zhong Mou, Wu Mou, Ma Mou in all 11, be in capture begin stop payment work to date of Zhang of 104 experience case at the same time. Via examining, this gang suspect is offerred narrate, personnel of society of lure by promise of gain offers identity document, head for a bank to open pair of public account, buy with 3000 yuan of prices, be engaged in violating guilty activity to gang of telegraphic network bilk with 4000 yuan of resell again.

        Cognizance of court of justice of Fosan buddhist town thinks, the factory that make the clothing pauses because of order of epidemic situation element, capital have enough to meet need is painful, inappropriate be apt to dissolves pair of both sides answer to produce have adverse effect. Classics is harmonious, spin company agrees change to conserve measure, change to lease warehouse additionally by spin company custodial dress. In the court mediation falls, both sides reachs finally reconcile: Spin company agrees to undertake solving sealing to making equipment of clothing factory machine, the factory that make the clothing is divided 12 period pay default payment for goods, spin company is returned group by group return dress, the help makes clothing factory carry a sale as soon as possible steam again capital.

        According to introducing, monitor via sampling of bureau of environment of macrobian area zoology, high concentration is contained to volatilize in the residual waste liquid of illegal tip the toxicant such as phenolic, aniline, benzene, toluene is qualitative, maintain for virose danger trash, only 16 tons of dangerous trash of dump created drainage area of the Yangtse River on April 11 system of more than tons of 3000 water is polluted badly (zoology environment branch is right already get pollution water system has have a change of luck entirely and appropriate deals with) , nitrogen of oxygen demand of chemistry of index of water system contaminant, ammonia, volatilize phenolic, aniline, exceed national level respectively 239 times, 324 times, 319 times, 185 times, cause zoology environment to play havoc with. Current, the 4 crime suspect such as Zhou Mou already was approved to catch lawfully by procuratorial work mechanism.

        Current watermelon section begins from June 6, will come continuously on July 5. The activity is divided set advocate the assembly room divides an assembly room 4 times outside, still added the characteristic travel activity of circumjacent villages and towns, enclothe the travel tourist attraction with whole main area already, conduct the rustic culture activity of characteristic of outstanding edge beach again. During the activity, tourists can taste watermelon, watch game of performance, view, enjoy a to the local culture big food that provides distinguishing feature alone.

        Solicit to the whole nation alarm Wu is gotten army professional

        As we have learned, ningxia develops the organization division warden canal to violate this year compasses cut slope to build room, scientific program to remove avoid let, advance 3 geological calamity such as great processing to administer a project integratedly as a whole, the dispersive dweller that to sufferring geology calamity browbeats is carried out remove avoid let, punish of combinative zoology rehabilitate, land, mine resumes the processing, project such as land answer cultivate, advance gravely qualitative calamity to administer as a whole, public to the harm safety, the likelihood causes a large number of personal casualty and significant loss and carry out hard remove avoid calamity hidden trouble nods the great geology that let, basis importance, in installment, carry out processing group by group.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 4 message (Wang Qian of Zhang Shengjiang of reporter Wang Xuewei's trainee) June 5 is annual World Environment Day. Guangdong borders HongKong and Macow, advancing construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province in the round, it is our country coasting at the same time the province area with the longest, the vastest coastal areas and territorial seas, zoology environment state gets attention fully.

        Up to on June 9, 2020 7 when, accumulative total of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region inputs diagnose case of illness outside report condition 158 (Russia 108 exemple, England 23 exemple, France 4 exemple, Spain of 19 exemple, United States 2 exemple, Sweden 2) , cure leave hospital 150. Case of illness of diagnose of the input outside existing condition 8.

        This case is in investigate duty of criminal of the accused person lawfully while, people court adjudicates strictly lawfully, appropriate pursue and wipe out is carried out, pay attention to later period conserve, develop judicatory activity adequately, be in charge of sectional linkage actively with forestry, ensure be succeeded to return to nature by the feral ormosia fir of steel strike. The cognizance of this case was changed " pay attention to blow to punish " juridical train of thought, the protective rehabilitate concept that outstanding environment resource tries, judicatory adjudgement function is administered to zoology outspread, revealed environmental resource adjudgement to build convoy for zoology, sukhavati of green water of the blue sky that help strength defends the judicatory value of battle.

        Ceremonially, zhejiang province bans poison to do released " Bai Yi angel says to drugs not " series bans poisonous commonweal ad piece, li Lanjuan academician and cure of Zhejiang province each district protect worker to issue a proposal to whole society jointly: Face epidemic situation, it is difficult that we are greeted and go up; Face drugs, we say together not!

        Villager Shen Haijun says: "Previously dirty random difference is on our village, wall of earthy room earth, the life is bad also. After new residential quarter was built, the condition is good, environmental it may not be a bad idea, sewer was in charge of a net to be connected, strong water toilet also was built, living in the heart comfortable. Living in the heart comfortable..

           5, mechanism of Guangzhou city public security is detected successfully " hurricane 52 " smuggling aspic tastes case

        Zhang Jing expresses, should strengthen analysis of trend of change of ambient air quality to grind next sentence. Stare at ambient air quality closely to monitor data change trend, continue to insist every months to report its to each district government seat and the state of quality of town ambient air that already built air to stand automatically, have a rank according to circumstance of air quality aggregate index, remind in time to ranking the region after leaning or early-warning, supervise and urge local government implements responsibility of contaminative prevention and cure and measure strictly. Zhang Jing: "Not apparent to air quality improvement or give now to slip and the area of lag of key job plan, timely jointly with Qinghai province relevant section begins special superintend and director to check, search existence question in time, thrash out countermeasure, establish linkage mechanism, advance in coordination solve. Through adopting early-warning, talk about, the measure such as the bulletin, supervise and urge each district whole thrust works into air pollution prevention and cure. Supervise and urge each district whole thrust works into air pollution prevention and cure..

        The goods that buy Guizhou, display love, aid deficient, help the grasper of deficient cooperation up as thing ministry, the consumption of rich and colorful helps deficient up to act in Dalian already ground of like a raging fire spreads out. Dalian opens special local product of 11 6 dishes of water farming to taste sale center in main business market, 6 dishes of water produce tea to become a government to recieve the conference to use tea oneself, "White horse hole " the product helping deficient up such as mineral water walks into Dalian city two meetings, special local product of 6 dishes of water farming tastes the electric business platform that presented Dalian, business to exceed, community and restaurant, "People small liquor " become amount to Wo Siwen to change late banquet government to appoint action is stand-by wine. Since 2018, dalian city helps city of 6 dishes of water sell the product that help deficient up 245 million yuan, drive more than 6000 impoverished population to add close.

        On earth of this poineering heat, emerge in large numbers gave large quantities of one outstanding undergraduates to do poineering work typical. On opening congress, commended undergraduate of person of outstanding ability of 10 science and technology of old young person, Hangzhou " poineering star " , Hangzhou undergraduate does poineering work " prospective star " , showed undergraduate poineering story.

        It is reported, guangdong saves irrigation works hall to maintain lash-up of class of Ⅳ of irrigation works flood prevention to answer, 4 working groups that expedite continue to coach in a gleam of defence works.

        It is reported, zhejiang is saved this year " safe production month " the kind that mobile general ties with the photograph below the line on the line, exert oneself makes meet an urgent need (safe) high-quality goods of popular science of house of experience of propaganda and education, safe culture " two old brands " , the key is begun " complete province safety publicizes advisory day " , " everybody talks safe production " cloud classroom, " when the platoon checks punish to undertake " special operation " 3 activities " , deepen advance safe conduct propaganda to enter a business, into the country, into community, into the school, into the family " 5 into " , the synchronous safe production that start " special subject goes " " area goes " " the net goes up " etc " safe production goes 10 thousand lis " activity.