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        2020年06月25日 09:15:31


        2020年06月25日 09:15:31

        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 9 message (reporter Liu Tao) on June 8 when 0-24, sichuan adds virus of new-style coronal shape newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness 1 (the input outside the condition, turn for the person be affected without the symptom June 7 diagnose) , without add newly cure leave hospital case of illness, without add doubt newly to seem case, without add dead case of illness newly.

        The autograph makes an appointment with ceremonial spot (Chen Peng of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Police of two rivers new developed area is cogent answer a service to become economy of change area twin city to encircle construction alarm spirit of joint meeting of first time of group of Wu collaboration leader, have case information and police of new developed area of Chengdu weather government office synchronism is pushed send, two ground police begins synchronism to grind to the case sentence. At the beginning of this year May, two rivers new developed area holds new developed area of Chengdu weather government office and Chongqing technically alarm Wu collaboration communicates an informal discussion, bilateral around refine fulfil " public security bureau of Sichuan province the Chengdu City substation of two rivers new developed area serves public security bureau of city of Chongqing of substation of new developed area of weather government office economy of twin city of Cheng Yu area encircles construction alarm Wu collaboration mechanism " , study details of a case technically, made " apanage is given priority to, exchange of section blow, evidence, data is contributed " cooperative mechanism, the key highlights this criminal pain unifinication blow, hold cooperation of unifinication of case of deal with according to law, alarm Wu resource unifinication is shared, the respect such as qualitative effect of promotion crime blow is begun grind sentence communication.

        "To advance a project to build as scheduled, we held water to tackle key problem group, install windlass through growing rail car tail end, bridging the tool such as outfit platen is added on machine, make grow rail to be passed on long course train bridge machine, reoccupy fork-lift truck haul reachs the designated position, finishing long rail grown ramp also avoided to bridge while the top sends machine appear retreat machine occurrence safe risk, pass through for lay a railway track channel of A Er golden hill provided strong safeguard. " in Huang Kejun of manager of department of project of library of division of company of one bureau new use introduces iron.

        "Name of Yang Mao of good intention of · of Chang'an of Li popular benefit " communication of travel of culture of Mao Mingshuang city meets Xi'an the spot. (center extensive network sends Ceng Qunfang to photograph)

        Public prosecution mechanism thinks, king of the accused person is such-and-such wait for 11 people, violate national regulation, deal with illegally dangerous trash, pollute an environment badly, ought to investigate its criminal duty in order to pollute environmental blame.

        This case is in investigate duty of criminal of the accused person lawfully while, people court adjudicates strictly lawfully, appropriate pursue and wipe out is carried out, pay attention to later period conserve, develop judicatory activity adequately, be in charge of sectional linkage actively with forestry, ensure be succeeded to return to nature by the feral ormosia fir of steel strike. The cognizance of this case was changed " pay attention to blow to punish " juridical train of thought, the protective rehabilitate concept that outstanding environment resource tries, judicatory adjudgement function is administered to zoology outspread, revealed environmental resource adjudgement to build convoy for zoology, sukhavati of green water of the blue sky that help strength defends the judicatory value of battle.

        "In complete province major first quarter project centers start working ceremonially, total investment amounts to 1416 714.2 billion yuan projects to centralize go into operation; Each district still organizes concentration respectively go into operation is major project 2620, always invest 955.9 billion yuan. " Sichuan focusing investment sings leading role, strong and orderly promote go into operation of project go back to work. Save priority discipline in March the last ten-day of a month is full go back to work, chengdu weather government office International Airport, plain south a batch of projects such as the 6th acting line accelerate east of positive capital of freeway of city border railroad, Chengyi, continous construction. 1, in April, save priority discipline to complete investment 183.2 billion yuan, take year aim 29.6% , increase 11.1 percent than first quarter.

        The respect is ensured in flood prevention goods and materials and facilities facilities, the airport complements in time already and change useless old goods and materials, the dimension of the establishment such as the water pump that finish maintains operation. Pudong airport finishs more than 850 sumbersible pump to maintain in the round ahead of schedule program, change ageing component; Already laid in flood prevention sandbag nearly 3000, pump water pump 50 more than stage, special vehicle tool of 20 more than stage, of all kinds lash-up is close 100 kinds, raincoat wait for 5 kinds of big goods and materials more than times 300. Rainbow bridge airport already finished water pump, Qing Dynasty corrupt the care and maintenance of sewerage of 103 flood prevention such as machine, deployed many 1300 4 pump of 22 pump water, sumbersible pump, sandbag. Rainbow bridge airport is area of safeguard of key of this city flood prevention, already finished first half of the year east, on the west field area in all conserve of dredge of conduit of sewage of 38 kilometers rain, to mouth stopping water and 851 bilge well of 1839 rain inside airport limits, two boat stations housetop outfall has done the building to block a dot up easily to clear. Airport working personnel returns conduit of pair of catchment of the 42 kilometers inside flight division and circumjacent driveway to had made pedestrian inspection, repair barrel-drain cover board 14 place, clear in the round catchment conduit interior accumulates silt, through transform and upgrading drainpipe net is built, rise to safeguard efficiency daily, ensure smooth rate achieves the catchment establishment serviceability rate of area of track, taxiway and drainage system further 100% .