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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:57

        2020年06月25日 08:58:57

        Grasp the illegal detailed information that send through electronic police supervisory equipment, in Tianjin north horizontal stroke fast Lu Xiqing along the line, much name drives person not only single hand operates steering wheel, its travelling speed also is in horary 60 kilometers. Below this kind of circumstance, once have sudden case, drive the person is extremely easy because of abstracted bring about discovery inconvenience of steering wheel of operation of not seasonable or single hand cause car deflection, cause chase after loiter of end, cut, more serious even accident aftermath. "Company business is received temporarily in driving, not dare hang up " , " go up in quick way, temporarily keep to the side jockeys not actual also. " face this kind of situation, minority drives the person expresses to drive receive call to also be belonged to " lift helplessly " . But this kind " lift helplessly " compare at life safety, what light what is heavy, most propbably is self-evident.

        On June 8, 2020, jiangxi saves auspicious to install city peaceful and reservoir of prefectural mouth of a cave to open brake flood discharge. (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        On June 9, flower police is organized alarm force, take action to this bilk gang, arrest 23 crime suspect in all. Classics trial, guilty suspect is right the behavior that is cover bilk poundage with antique of appraisal, auction is admitted.

        The person that current segregation is contacted closely 102 people, close observer is inputted outside the condition among them 64 people, provincial assist the person that investigate intimate contact 38 people.

        Join of innovation catenary and node of industrial catenary centre in try base, it is the main platform that drives an enterprise to span to be produced to dimensions from product trial-produce. According to divulging, luxuriant name tries base general settle in industry of academy of green chemical industry luxuriant name is new and high technical estate development.

          One-stop service

        Examine and verify does not meet in fulfilling beforehand responsibility. To the personnel that examine and verify passes, the system informs an applicant with the form of mobile phone short message, the applicant can choose to mail of one's own accord " allow ingoing proves " , get to window spot no longer. In the meantime, did not pass to examine and verify, the system rejects a reason with the form of mobile phone short message tells an applicant and be being made clear, the applicant can hint according to the short message perfect information important document offers application afresh.

        "The village grows common corn originally, accessory value is inferior, after we and farming division courtyard are communicated, began to choose ground of one little place to cultivate delicacy to eat corn, appear on the market earlier than original corn not only, and income is considerable, 2018 only the village collective income that delicacy feeds corn to obtain 15 thousand yuan. Common people sees grow this profit tall, approbated, large last year area cultivates delicacy to eat corn, receive the income of 160 thousand. " Gu Changlong says.

        "Jin Dun 10 " put forward, this area will face the whole nation to introduce a batch alarm Wu major gets a soldier just, give highest pay of firewood of 2 million the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, introduce strength can to say the throughout the country is the biggest.

        As we have learned, gather to avoid the child, the class number one divides into two with will original nursery school, "The number control of a class is in now 15 arrive between 20 people. " Introduction Tian Yanxia, to make sure the child can see familiar teacher, nursery school also undertook arranging afresh to the teacher, "It is the teacher of the top class in a kindergarten before and teacher of a middle shift at present be in charge of a class, such children can see his familiar teacher. Such children can see his familiar teacher..

        This activity is in with developing wind of home of domestic teaching in home the main effect in processing of basic level society, strengthen cultural and ideological progress to be catalogue mark, build red-blooded society to administer community with compose, form basic level society to administer new structure to be oriented, regard example as Na Xun, form practice case, sum up experience and popularize.

        Ningxia lays in aggrandizement land to daily canal is protected and be used, make development of good early days to drafting supply land, realize its economy value adequately through be being supplied lawfully; The land that be not supplied to of short duration or cannot supply, the key is done good canal is protected and use temporarily, prevent asset to suffer enroach on. Build system of go on a tour of inspection, the behavior that lays in land right to enroach on should be accomplished check early discovery, early, early processing.

        2012, guizhou Province is brought into by the country nutrition of impoverished area children improves project province. Later, guizhou Province improves item year after year to increase funds to children nutrition continuously devoted, enlarge executive limits, ensure the project is carried out. By 2018, this one project was enclothed provincial 66 impoverished counties; 2019, guizhou Province government will " for impoverished area 6, 24 lunar age children provide freely nutrition is wrapped " include " real issue of 10 the people's livelihood " ; 2020, ensure nutrition object infant from 6-24 lunar age is outspread to 6-36 month age.

        At the same time gang of expert of classics Tianjin city talks, the input outside the 58th condition inputs diagnose case of illness outside the 59th diagnose case of illness, condition, accord with leave hospital standard, leave hospital now, turn into concentration to keep apart medical point of observation. Pneumonic epidemic situation prevents Tianjin city new hat accuse working headquarters to concern seasonable bulletin the situation.

        This case is contentious case of commonweal of administration of typical air pollution. This case adjudicates to supervising and urge lawfully the executive authority walks on duty in the round, ensure contaminative industry is rectified and reform in time, cogent hit good blue sky to guard battle to have important sense.

        City of lake of center extensive network on June 17 message (Pan Xiaofei of Yu Saiyan of Chen Ying of reporter Zhang Guoliang's reporter) use consumptive market to be pulled further, sing noisy " beautiful China sees in lake city " thematic, city of start shooting lake " urban brand " , trade fair of first lake city was in center of exhibition of De Qingguo border to pull open heavy curtain on June 16, the concentration below the line exhibits by a definite date 5 days, activity of the series below the line on the line will last to the end of this year.

        It is reported, project of area of fill of the Milky way rainwatering in puddles is a country irrigation works of one of 172 major water conservancy project, Hunan Province builds a project. Hole of tiger slabstone Sui regards sex of control of project of area of fill of the Milky way rainwatering in puddles as major project, also be right the longest, difficulty is the greatest inside total trunk canal and path county limits Sui hole, its be well versed in is indicating project of the channel inside path county connects water to achieve precondition.

        This cent of special punish action takes punish of the management that use water and groundwater of 3 rivers Campagna to exceed collect integrated processing two respects.

        The rescuing spot of 14 days of before dawn (Li Jia of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

          Filar road is handed in collect

        To this year in March end, deposit remaining sum two thousand five hundred and twenty-seven billion two hundred million yuan, hold complete province 18.05% , reside complete province 11 years continuously the first; Loan remaining sum one thousand seven hundred and fifty-one billion seven hundred million yuan, hold complete province 13.51% , reside complete province 7 years continuously the first; Bad loan is led 0.97% , dial equipment to enclothe rate 577% , quality benefit all resides countrywide farming to believe front row.

        Guangdong saves forestry bureau to divulge, in recent years Guangdong each district adds up to sleave hair to use relics of a mountainous area and rich nature, humanitarian, history and resource of wild vivid plant, energetically travel of zoology of the economy below development forest, forest, forest health raise, " Internet + " wait for burgeoning forestry estate, production value of tourism of zoology of forest of complete 2019 province achieves 169.6 billion yuan, 90.89% what hold production value of forestry tertiary industy. In the meantime, guangdong province breeds the new-style forestry such as tree farm of forestry major cooperation, family, professional large family actively to manage principal part, blend in complete province actively " one county one garden, one town one course of study, one village is tasted " working deploy, it is for a mountainous area farmer at the door the home obtain employment, increase economic income and improvement to produce the creation condition such as living conditions, a lot of areas are coming true by " cut a tree " to " see a tree " change, "Green water green hill " zoology advantage is in ceaseless translate into " golden hill silver-colored hill " economic advantage, forestry estate revitalizes medium action to be revealed ceaselessly in the assault fortified positions that take off deficient and countryside. Current, complete province has provincial forest zoology to set an example integratedly field 20, national level forest play economic demonstrative base 14, provincial forest leave economic demonstrative county 28, provincial forest play economic demonstrative base 110, the countryside of Chinese characteristic industry 40, the condition of forestry estate new job of each class develops infuse for Guangdong forestry estate powerful motive force.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 13 message (reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang another name for Guangdong Province should announce) suffer this year the 2nd typhoon " parrot " (tropical storm class) influence, predict to came 14 days on June 13 in the morning, guangdong province will appear littoral process of calamity sex ocean wave and storm tide, another name for Guangdong Province east coastal occurrence 30-50 centimeter storm adds water, pearl River mouth is coastal occurrence 50-l00 centimeter the greatest storm adds water, another name for Guangdong Province on the west coastal occurrence 40-80 centimeter storm adds water; Nanhai north maritime space will appear of 4-6 rice gigantic to mad billow, guangdong alongshore maritime space will appear of 2-3.5 rice in to sea.

        The gross weight of more than kinds of 10 drugs that centers destroy by melting or burning this 1.725 tons. Among them herion 21.89 kilograms, amine of methylic benzene third 30.32 kilograms, chloric amine ketone 61.38 kilograms, immortal water 0.71 kilograms, Ma Gu 0, 07 kilograms, shake one's head bolus 5.17 kilograms, happy fruit 18.73 kilograms, Xiao Jia is stable 0.04 kilograms, beautiful sanded ketone 66.25 kilograms, hempen 1.77 kilograms, other drugs (basically be medicines and chemical reagents of hemp of essence of life and drugs filler) 1519.12 kilograms. To reduce the pollution to the environment, this drugs destroy by melting or burning was used harmless change processing way.

        Receive suitable project along the line original place irrigates, drainage system, make area of construction of roadbed of along the line forms complete, fluent, beautiful drainage system, beautification zoology environment, benefit one party common people.

        Current watermelon section, sponsor still just going to on the foundation, added characteristic produce newly to be on sale, installed 22 to be on sale, concentration is on sale include blueness of 9 big watermelon, 9 leaves Chinese prickly ash, too source well basks in grass of vinegar, yellow city to make up, always An Cao carve, and langouste, grape, cold the produce of whole area characteristic that eats series to wait inside.

        In the meantime, archives bureau passes the country to sign cooperative memorandum with Chinese agriculture bank, rely on the electron with Chinese agriculture giant bank to expend network and client resource, extend new channel of export of the product that help deficient up, heart of happy event of the sale below the line on the line already came true inside short time prefectural farming special local product tastes nearly 1.1 million yuan.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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