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        2020年06月25日 08:58:59


        2020年06月25日 08:58:59

        According to introducing, guangzhou city prohibits toxin this year appoint the branch such as resource of associated education, manpower, round municipal Party committee was begun cover art, call for paper, the whole town adolescent of the many projects such as small video and dance of the street that prohibit toxin bans poisonous theme literary work creates a contest. Publicize education to cover a range to promote drugs precaution further, the poster of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin that in station of subway of generous of stream of people, public transportation platform paste of large lamp box makes by writing of student of bear the palm, go to placard paste community, bring broad citizen masses into play to share the enthusiasm of activity of the commonweal that prohibit toxin, advance Guangzhou city to ban poison to set an example to the city is founded and be deepened " the whole people bans poisonous project " construction, the grumous atmosphere that boycotts drugs self-consciously is formed in whole society.

        Up to on June 8 before dawn 2 when, complete province deals with effectively already river of 11 main force and its affluent exceed alarm above flood, especially Jiang Chao treats the cataract 50 years. Library of lake of river of complete province river all can accuse in safety move inside limits.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter Liu Tao) on June 7 0, 24 when, sichuan adds new coronal newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness 3 (all be the input outside the condition, set out from Egypt Caire by plane on June 6, segregation medicine observation and dynamic diagnosis and treatment are accepted namely after arriving at Chengdu with day, on June 7 diagnose) , without add newly cure leave hospital case of illness, without add doubt newly to seem case, without add dead case of illness newly.

           Zhang Ligang introduces, shanxi province still will be addedStrong experience medical science violates crime investigate and chasten strength. Mechanism of various public security violates criminality to maintain to violating order of safety of medical personnel person, disturbed medical treatment " 0 patient " , to experience medical science alarm circumstances arises quickly alarm, on the spot check, fast deal with, use lawfully alarm instrument, weapon is decisive the behavior that checks minatory medical personnel reachs other person safety.

        Guizhou Province rolls out " complete province is connected do, do " reform act, to promoting a government efficiency, field of battalion make a market changes law to change environment of internationalization battalion business, steady economy growth has important sense. Basis " Guizhou Province advances government affairs to serve " complete province is connected do, do " the announcement that reforms the job to implement plan " , guizhou Province will come true to July 2020 " complete province is connected do " item different ground closes, accept remotely, implementation different ground will be accepted in December 2020, deal with remotely, shirt-sleeve each other will be connected below the line on implementation line in December 2021, indiscriminate deal with in coordination.

           Case 3

        After husband's father and mother dies, the heavy burden that takes care of husband's younger brother falls completely to Liu Mei Xiushen again, "Inchoate moment, feel some really at odds. " Liu Mei Xiu says, a few neighbour once persuaded her: That is your husband's younger brother only, not be husband's father and mother, your elder brother's wife is in charge of so much to do what. "I make a point more, husband's younger brother lives bit more at easely. I am married Xie Jia, marital brother is my full brother. I no matter, who still takes care of him. " the hard choice with old memory, liu Mei always laughs very on beautiful face calm.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 2 message (reporter Shu Longhuan) " the job of my doing actually very ordinary, but want you to regard it as only an enterprise will work, can realize life value in ordinary post. " recently, reporter v/arc be on the throne at the group of spaceflight science and technology of Xi'an spaceflight base 7103 factories cover 6 courtyards when answer of go back to work is produced, the sail of Cai of milling of young numerical control of 25 workshops says this plant: "Although I am an everyday screw in spaceflight career only, but the honorary feeling that is engaged in this industry other industry cannot give me. But the honorary feeling that is engaged in this industry other industry cannot give me..

        According to Ningxia educational office unites arrangement, whole area one, 2, 3 grade student resume classes of 31 days of return to school after the vacation. At the same time each school wants requirement each district to carry out epidemic situation strictly to prevent accuse relevant measure, do good epidemic situation to prevent accuse to work with school security, ensure campus security, student is healthy.

        This 61, come to Guangzhou zoo watch animal baby (zoo of Guangzhou of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Police immediately hurries off to 9 rivers Dou Changzhan to leave capture, on June 7 in the morning 8 when, suspect Zhu Mou hides in Zhu Zaishan channel after one night, coming home change clothes be succeeded to seize in the course that plans flee to other country, police still does not have disposal of stolen or contraband goods of there's still time in the ferret on his body on the spot by pilfer gold jewelry, discover amount is exact after check the amount without by accident. So far, use 23 hours only, well of Nanchang king government office shopping centers is especially big gold is accused successfully to defeat by pilfer case.

        The some combination company that pack and leave one's post, retired employee affirms desk of working relationship issue

        Shenyang city still will is opposite on 60 time cut the century standard of extra allowance for living expanses of quit working worker is made adjust, revolution attends to work before September 2, 1945, enjoy him level pay formerly the personnel of 100% living cost, every months by everybody 542 yuan raise everybody every months 580 yuan of;1945 year will come to attended revolution to work on September 30, 1949 on September 3, enjoy this person pay formerly the personnel of 70% living cost, every months by everybody 507 yuan raise everybody every months 543 yuan of;1949 year will reach what revolutionary job entered before the end of the year 1957 on October 1, enjoy this person pay formerly 40% relieved personnel, every months by everybody 470 yuan raise everybody every months 503 yuan of;1949 year will reach what revolutionary job entered before the end of the year 1957 on October 1, enjoy formerly be badly off the personnel of accessorial cost, every months by everybody 434 yuan raise everybody every months 465 yuan.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 9 message (reporter Lei Kai) coach well and truly for farther science medical personnel and patient safety are reasonable with medicine, bureau of province medicine inspect makes Shaanxi come on stage surely " the directive opinion that about the manual is being printed on the drug label that pack 2 dimension pile up " , guide encourage Shaanxi to save medicines and chemical reagents to produce an enterprise to be packed in medicines and chemical reagents the manual is printed on label 2 dimension code.

        Nanchang of center extensive network on June 11 message (reporter Xie Yuansen) recently, jiangxi came on stage " the directive opinion that works about doing wild animal of very abstinence and artificial breed to deal with in order lawfully " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) , put forward to breed to the wild animal that exit door give the side is helped up appropriately.

        According to introducing, sports consumption certificate extends adopt provincial fill continuously, city grading is covered and the form of business door privilege, 6 city such as rich of first pilot choice Jinan, Qingdao, Zi, sunshine, power sea, Linyi undertake, the plan extends sports consumes certificate 74.3 million yuan. Among them: Shandong provincial finance throws 5 million yuan, city grading covers 1.3 million yuan, business door privilege yields benefit 68 million yuan, predict to pull move sports to consume 150 million yuan - 180 million yuan.

        Jordanian library Nai compares transcribe of Mr Mulade Abodule of stationery company company VCR, he says in video: "I like Ning Bo very much, could there be every year wave stationery is exhibited. As Jordanian jobber, I need to be government, school, orgnaization and organization to offer high grade and rich writing material and office product. I wish this Ci Ningbo stationery exhibits consummation on the net, everybody can find favorite product and partner. Everybody can find favorite product and partner..

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 16 message (Yu Qing of reporter Wu Xinwei's reporter) go up month, ou Ban is listed in (Yu Xinou) row 208, grow 80.9% compared to the same period, money worth is added compared to the same period 98% . Yu Xinou company is announced today, this is medium Oubanlie (Yu Xinou) leave since travel, only month opens a quantity to break through 200 first.

        Still released on the meeting " optimize environment of area battalion business, digital ode can innovate development " associated proposal, put forward " establish normal mechanism, unifinication of stimulative network market develops " , " build bridge of politics look forward to, support digitlizes an ode can market main body " , " insist to expand inside need, complete link of brand of supportive home products upgrades " , " increase a side to help strength, supportive number is aided farming add receive deficient " , " expedite loop system, the deepness below the line on stimulative line is shirt-sleeve " 5 big proposals; Spot of day cat platform answers a proposal, held " new home products " ceremony of the line on channel, hit CALL for each district home products, old name and own brand, the help increases drainage of conduct propaganda, diversion to reach extend the market, promotion brand is beautiful praise degree, consequence and market share.

        Face 4 special performance that buy the home and supplier to reach the designated position to receiving an activity to also had been arranged. According to the demand of buyers and sellers, the organizing committee exhibits business and on 1000 home 167 times to purchase an enterprise to undertake essence of life allows to match to middle east Europe beforehand, system of Zoom of have the aid of arranges wine centrally kind, food, beverage, commodity butt joint of 4 special performance negotiates activity, what open independence is online negotiate room, offer 1 pair of 1 communication to negotiate for both sides of supply and demand, arranged 365 in all at present annulus second butt joint.

        Chief expresses related hall of country of Guizhou Province agriculture, area of paddy of complete this year province is in stability 10 million mus of above, ensure grow completely plant completely, can appear anything but the phenomenon of barren of land put down; Guizhou Province will accelerate construction to be connected centrally piece, the high level cultivated land with ensure stable yields despite drought or excessive rain, high and stable yields, friendly zoology, complete this year province builds accumulative total 10.35 million mus of above; In addition, around dam area, big thrust is wide " paddy + " interplanting is covered raise mode and rotate mode, implementation " a year of many season " " one cropland closes more " " one employment much effect " .

        Zhejiang province is right next the job that prohibit toxin made particular demand, put forward focusing drugs to permeate problem, focusing drugs of new-style drugs problem, focusing diffuses wait for a problem, emphasize wanting to hit good essence of life to allow precaution to battle, deepen " avirulent campus " construction, strengthen college drugs to prevent education, basic implementation " campus does not have drugs, student not drug taking " .

        As we have learned, this drilling is Jilin saves fire control to come to help when the the the the biggest, most difficult, most adverse, most complex condition begins total fleet base oneself upon " without script, without beforehand case " , " whole process, complete element " true soldier fact installs actual combat to cross region combination. Next, jilin total fleet will sum up experience of actual combat solid example ceaselessly, around rescuing domain of accident of of all kinds and special calamity, exert oneself promotes integrated lash-up rescuing capability.

        Ensure pressure to answer the cherry season this year actively, company of Dalian airport freight serves as actively, study cherry season guarantees flow and safeguard program. Everyday the cherry season private plane of 11 sortie, 24 hours all-around safeguard, in lengthen working hours while, reasonable allocate personnel, ensure provide ampler operation time for consignor, safeguard goods is seasonable shipment. This year during cherry season, dalian airport predicts 4300 tons to will provide cherry transport power, grow 60% compared to the same period.

        On April 23, the organization that makes illicit inning in province Public Security Department is harmonious below, guangzhou city public security bureau hits illicit detachment to add bureau of suppress smuggling of custom of substation of public security of the city zone, Huang Bu to begin jointly " hurricane 52 " blow aspic tastes smuggling case to centralize operation controlling a network, hunt down aspic to taste more than tons 4800, arrest guilty suspect 19 people.

        On May 12, the danger that when policeman of group of policeman of happy county public security bureau is on duty, Xin Zhoujing discovers to number of a plate is DW***2 of look forward to is changed taste carriage car travel to be changed to danger taste a car to ban an area. Basis " law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China " " method of > of law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China of Shanxi province executive < " relevant provision, the policeman is in the administrative punishment that writes down 6 minutes with fining 200 yuan lawfully to its, persuade its in time to return.

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