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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:58:51

        2020年06月25日 08:58:51

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 13 message (reporter Wu Xinwei) day after day rainstorm invades Chongqing. The reporter learns from management board of Chongqing city lash-up, up to 12 days 15 when, this big damage caused by waterlogging is killed already caused the 15 areas county such as city, 10 thousand cities, Wu Xi 115 villages and towns (street) 300 thousand person is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, because calamity dies 2 people, because calamity is missing 6 people.

        Ceremonial spot, tan Yong of deputy mayor of the Changsha City expresses, the group of limited company of management of asset of Changsha Hunan river builds stand, be sure to thrust moves Changsha to deepen finance to reform, rise to resource is configured and run efficiency, contribute force for Changsha modernization and high quality development. Hope Hunan river endowment canal from beginning to end the mission of engrave oneself bear, focusing is undesirable asset advocate duty advocate course of study, sufficient play mixes ownership dominant position, accelerate build system of perfect and contemporary company, cogent assume case be on guard the weighty responsibility that dissolves area banking venture, grow to run a company to have the professional capital fund of more powerful force and core competition ability, go in complete province and even front row of management of countrywide place asset, become the fresh troops that local banking venture is on guard and dissolves, stabilizer, for whole town, complete province development of economic high quality makes positive contribution.

        Li Linsong says, this stage Zhang spent what 40 much talents arrange cadre of their village group, advance deficient assault fortified positions to them the job is particularly useful, "Main purpose is to understand us to combine a village a of all farmer basic message, be aimed at his fundamental condition, put forward to have the measure of specific aim. Prefectural countryside is various cadre, go solving the problem that he exists hard. Go solving the problem that he exists hard..

        The parent longs to term begins, the child longs to go to school, teachers also are looking forward to answer garden, "This holiday is too long really, the time that parts with the child is very long, also want to get together with the child again, or the child of the top class in a kindergarten is very fast with respect to go up, the feeling missed a lot of thing, the teacher also hopes to term begins, can get together more with the child in this semester. Can get together more with the child in this semester..

        Chinese railroad blueness hides Li Gang of vise general manager of group limited company to introduce, will hold a special train to send car ceremony on June 6, 7 when 43 minutes from happy stand only then hair, by way of is restful dak, Xining stands, that day 13 when arrive at terminus heart 48 minutes to make breath out a station; On June 7 7 when 30 minutes of Cong Deling breath out a station to set out, 9 when arrive at tea 54 minutes to block saline platform, that day 14 when by tea 30 minutes card saline platform is folded return, by Xining station, restful dak, at 19 when arrive at terminus 53 minutes happy stand.

           Undertake through adding up to regulation way legally thought fors the time being consumptive

           Never forget where one's happiness comes from, hand in hand tea grower goes straight towards well-off

        "Read sweet Ning Bo " project:

        Rubbish of more than bags of 12 island makes picking up volunteer service brand

        According to statistic, before this year in May, guangzhou custom examines in all quarantine is superintended put flesh of bright, refrigerant birds on the ice for HongKong and Macow 4055 batch, goods weighs twenty-four thousand eight hundred tons, goods is worth 89.1 million dollar.

        Recommend on the meeting, shanghai book exhibits a group to be mixed from project of design of overall frame, content, brand the whole that read a few respects such as culture activity to introduce current book to exhibit prepares a case, introduced epidemic situation to prevent mainly accuse to normalize setting to fall, will take the new step such as the activity on network ticket Wu, line, cogent safeguard exhibits the safety that can move orderly. Current book is exhibited will continue to be joined choicely exhibit orgnaization, handpick ginseng to exhibit books, concentration to read an activity, through dash forward show a theme, deepen character of connotation, promotion, transmit new era of mainstream value, navigate further, build active up, the book sweet atmosphere that the act vigorously that urge a person enters. Shanghai book is exhibited cordial invite in the center of reach Beijing area to publish a person of the same trade to choose activity of culture of outstanding product, organization centrally, take an active part in Shanghai book to exhibit, reveal China to publish the new achievement of course of study, new style and features. Press of university of press of Chinese publication group, China International publication group, mechanical industry, Beijing University press, people, medium letter press and rich market day coil, new classical, Beijing grinds iron to wait to publish an orgnaization to express in succession in Beijing, want concentration good book, organization is high grade read an activity to appear on Shanghai book to exhibit.

        On May 14, substation of new developed area of weather government office dispatchs more than 80 alarm force, substation of two rivers new developed area dispatchs more than 200 alarm force, the feature of check of 9 bilk company that synchronism is in to bilk gang undertakes centralized controlling a network, add up to arrest 132 crime suspect. Classics first trial, the guilty suspect such as some is opposite Zhu Mou to apply the guilty fact of telegraphic bilk to admit actually. Current, this case is being dealt with further in.

        The plane of coloured drawing or pattern of first Hangzhou Asia Game that appears this by Hangzhou inferior group appoint aviation makes He Changlong jointly. Airframe uses design of 3 paragraphs of type, before half part used emblem of Hangzhou Asia Game " wave " one of core elements " Qian Jiangchao head " , tail section used slogan of theme of Hangzhou Asia Game " be in harmony of heart heart photograph, @ future " Chinese and English vision presents a plan. Integral colour is shirt-sleeve mass-tone of Asia Game emblem is harmonic color of theme of long dragon aviation " long Long La " , have intense visual wallop and figure to identify degree. Plane of whole coloured drawing or pattern blended in those who abound inferior carry element, hold wind of an athletic theme, international concurrently lasting appeal of Fan Hehang city, the natural modes of life and relation to their environment that showed Hangzhou, history is humanitarian with innovation gene.

        Big talk of center extensive network on June 16 message (reporter Zhu Yong) this morning, by Hainan the province travels and hall of sports of culture wide report sponsors " green from trade harbor environmental protection my go ahead of the rest " originality of bag of Hainan environmental protection designed a contest to be started formally in big talk 2020.

        Monitor according to atmosphere hydrology, 6 days 0 when arrive 20 when, complete province has 2 stations to be recorded so that exceed the especially big rainstorm of 250 millimeter, county of abundant of Shan end sea but the pond presses down area of Jin Wan of 260 millimeter, Zhuhai 3 kitchen press down 250.6 millimeter, 96 stations record the big torrential rain that gets 250 millimeter of 100 millimeter ~ , 558 stations are recorded the rainstorm of 100 millimeter of 50 millimeter ~ , 994 stations are recorded the heavy rain of 50 millimeter of 25 millimeter ~ . Up to 6 days 20 when, complete province has water level of station of a wadi to exceed alarm, niu Panshi of government-owned cropland river stands (city of Qing Yuanying heart) water level 124.17 meters, exceed alert (warning line 124 meters) 0.17 meters.

        Mobile spot banners and flags is jolty (management board of district of scene of lake of Qinghai of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Management board of this city lash-up introduces, up to late on June 11 22 when, this big damage caused by waterlogging is killed already caused the 3 areas county such as city, 10 thousand cities, Wu Xi 29 villages and towns (street) 96443 people are stricken be hit by a natural adversity, because calamity dies 1 person, because of calamity injury 6 people, urgent move finds a place for 298 people; Crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area 1130 hectare, control an area absolutely among them 139 hectare; Collapse building 28, building of different level attaint 69; Immediate pecuniary loss 40.63 million yuan. Be in the infrastructure such as rustic highway more among them different level is damaged, town waterlogging case is severe, seeper most in nearly 2 meters, a few car get flood.

        Chu Xia season, enter county of source of Xining city Huang big the Mo Bu of China town pulls a village, neat tunnel, brand-new farmhouse everything appears so quiet and harmonious.

        " opinion " clear, 2 dimension pile up content to be restricted to finish the content of manual of medicines and chemical reagents that put on record via approve of bureau of national medicine inspect only. Content of character of manual of medicines and chemical reagents is much, when manual name is less than 5 standards name, enterprise should with manual of medicines and chemical reagents 2 dimension pile up means to wrap mount to presswork in medicines and chemical reagents; Name of manual of medicines and chemical reagents is more than be equal to 5 standards name, the enterprise can be in according to need mount of bag of medicines and chemical reagents prints manual of medicines and chemical reagents 2 dimension code, above all needs to apply for a form to put forward to put on record to bureau of the inspect that save medicine with complement of medicines and chemical reagents. Make clear at the same time, according to standard of national medicines and chemical reagents or requirement of bureau of national medicine inspect, manual of medicines and chemical reagents of production of application modification country and by the regulation modificatory home produces what medicines and chemical reagents packs label to put on record item, content of security of manual of medicines and chemical reagents of production of compensatory and perfect country and by the regulation modificatory home produces what medicines and chemical reagents packs label to put on record item, and the packing specification that changes home to produce drug and by the regulation modificatory home produces what medicines and chemical reagents packs label to put on record item declares form and data.

        Company of power supply of county of heart of net happy event is stationed in the country cadre of group of village of combination of village work group, from change villager living means, life consuetudinary proceed with, through " shining darling " " hall of civilized a lecture given to a large number of students " wait for an activity, propose civilized life concept, bring villager nurturance into play to love healthful good convention through civilized integral. Qumuligumu says the villager, them now nurturance love healthful good convention, "We are cleaned 3 times two everyday almost now, suffer like that to two little baby washs his hands in the evening the ability that wash a foot sleeps. Bathing next also is to pass a few days to be washed. We wholesome to this environment view is different also now, the feeling is moved in this new building now very comfortable, the environment is good, the mood also ameliorated accordingly. The mood also ameliorated accordingly..

        It is reported, activity of division of warm heart life begins two months to come, the enterprise below the line on the route that shares an activity already amounted to 555 thousand, exceed anticipate many 250 thousand; The consumer accumulative total that receives warm heart to block consumptive certificate is close 12 million person-time, drive consumption 17.5 billion yuan; Guangxi pays treasure user accumulative total to trade the forehead breaks through 60 billion yuan, day all trades a number, day all trades during the forehead compares epidemic situation respectively (on January 24 - on Feburary 29) grow 110% , 28% , than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 16% , 60% , market vivid jerk promotes substantially. First quarter, total volume of retail sales of Guangxi society consumable increases 3.8 percent of whole nation of fast prep above, platoon whole nation the 10th, than going up year of promotion 7 seating arrangement.

        This year Hunan Province rainwater will relatively slant all the year round much, risk of sudden geology calamity is higher. Work to ensure geological calamity prevents and cure during new coronal epidemic situation ceaseless archives, not slacken, rich hall basically leads Hunan Province for many times to hold special subject meeting, research deploy, catch grip to pledge calamity prevention and cure works each on the spot; Allotted in time " about solid the announcement that has made work of prevention and cure of calamity of 2020 year geology " , the key segment that reduces calamity to take precautions against natural calamities puts forward to make clear a requirement, before starting complete province flood in the round, platoon of geological calamity hidden trouble is checked, lead conduction band group by hall, constituent of the course of study outside expediting 7 goes to 14 city state to begin a platoon to check superintend and director to guide the job, strengthen the job and instructor, responsibility of squeezing ramming prevention and cure.

          Craft sex experiments spot of paragraph of Sui hole be well versed in (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)