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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:53

        2020年06月25日 08:58:53

        Center extensive network Urumqi on June 9 message (Gao Menghui of Dong Zhiyong of reporter Wu Zhuosheng's reporter) at present, xinjiang each are integrated free tax zone is grabbed seize policy opportunity, active help enterprise changes danger to be machine, aid advance export trade to go against force growth.

        Center extensive network luxuriant name on June 8 message (reporter Zheng Shu) " ride human society imperial concubine to laugh, the predestined relationship is litchi comes to luxuriant name. " late on June 6, the big Tang Furong that has Cheng Tang view extremely in city of Shaanxi province Xi'an inside garden, litchi becomes the most dazzling element. "Name of Yang Mao of good intention of · of Chang'an of Li popular benefit " communication of travel of culture of Mao Mingshuang city can hold Xi'an here. Municipal Party committee of mobile You Maoming publicizes a guidance, bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of luxuriant name city is sponsorred. Pass through in this the twin city of chiliad is interactive in, scholar of two ground expert seeks source of culture of twin city history, literary exhibit perform emersion " the predestined relationship is Mao Mingli branch comes " grand occasion, department of travel of two ground article signs agreement of framework of culture travel collaboration, drive two ground to move toward future from the history.

        Both sides still will rely on police station of boat hill sea " blame spot executes the law " new-style mode, intelligence of cable of first sea of domestic is established to change monitoring center in this bureau. Superintendency range of this monitoring center is wide, hunt down efficiency tall, the sea cable that configures through its protection system, can realize trends of the shipping inside sea cable groove guard monitoring is collected with illegal evidence, solve early-warning to grind sentence it is difficult, difficult to intervene ahead of schedule, obtain evidence the issue with small efficiency, prevent submarine cable effectively to suffer destroy, it is important that to safeguard boat mountain sea area more than meters of 800 submarine cable reached the major project such as base of Zhejiang green petrifaction to be offerred with electric safety prop up.

        Hole of tiger slabstone Sui is located in Hunan Province always churchyard of county of state city talk, it is area of fill of the Milky way rainwatering in puddles engineering stress controls sexual project, full-length 4884 meters, hole body is the largest bury make an appointment with 550 meters greatly. Sui hole adopts imports and exports to fight each other, raise a hole without construction, line of weak opening driving is long, geological condition is complex, construction difficulty is great, time limit for a project is very pressing.

           Defence: Hidden trouble of calamity of geology of go on a tour of inspection nods 1628 place to change 513 people

        Zhuhai of center extensive network on June 3 message (Xuan Lisen Jiang Zhangyi promotes overbridge of reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang) this morning 9 when, meizhou of plum big high speed east link branch line right hole of channel of its Gu Ding is successful be well versed in, before this left hole already at the be well versed in at the beginning of May. Be well versed in of this channel crewel, for node of key of get through of project follow-up construction.

        Make work road, quickly to make farmer of carry out grain little run grain, farmer of grain letting carry out sells so that be at ease, warm heart, in store enterprise of each directly under spreads grain energetically apply " Hui Sannong " system of grain of APP carry out, farmer use mobile phone can undertake making an appointment making work grain, reduce the time that queue up. Close store library dot still will be amount of bicycle gross weight to come loose below in 15 tons a start of grain of farmer carry out is special passageway, first carry out grain. In the meantime, in store grain still encourages those who have a requirement to close store the library nods try out " door mouth beforehand check " means, utmost reduces the rate that remove a car and appearance of platoon leader band, to planting the broker with grain large family and bigger dimensions is adopted make an appointment, the means such as wrong peak is bought in order, alleviate issue of group of fastigium platoon leader; Right poverty door should be executed make an appointment come to buy. To carry out grain too contradictory and concentration, prominent place, close store warehouse name a person for a particular job contacts local government sector and village actively appoint meeting organization is begun make an appointment buy, make work in order for the unit with the village grain.

        " announcement " put forward to develop mainly nightly shop, nightly cate, nightly recreation, nightly travel, nightly culture and nightly sports domain of 6 big spending.

        Announcement requirement, each district each unit wants farther aggrandizement apanage to manage responsibility, branch and unit to prevent control liability, fulfil station of field of produce terminal market, free market of agricultural products, food market, supermarket, hospital, traffic strictly to wait for domain of key place, key " measure lukewarm + sweep (bright) code + Dai Kou is overspread " wait for health government measure.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 16 message (reporter Meng Hai) of center of climate of bureau of Guizhou Province atmosphere monitor show, since this year, average fall is Guizhou Province 572.3 millimeter, relatively historical the corresponding period slants much 22.4% , 48.5% what take year of total fall. Data shows, since June, save average fall to be 178.1 millimeter completely, relatively all the year round the corresponding period slants much 83.0% , for historical the corresponding period is highest since 1961.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 12 message (actor Chen Yi becomes Chen Hong of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) recently, beautiful closes careful of court of people of area of city Zhen river to written guarantee a production, sale is poisonous, harmful zhongzi case, because Huang Mou of the accused person makes production, sale blame of poisonous, harmful food, the set term of imprisonment that be sentenced 10 months, probation one year, punish Jin Wuqian yuan.

           Cooperate with linkage, get together it is difficult that breath of force assault fortified positions appeals to

        Center extensive network Manasi on June 11 message (Zhu Lijun of reporter Wu Zhuosheng's reporter is made of baked clay Li Sijiang) come day after day, suffer continuously influence of high temperature weather, capacity of moisture of park of wet land of Home Ma Home Na Siguo increases, water level drops, wet park starts lash-up actively beforehand case, to carry out zoology filling water wetly.

        School of the grade in Chongqing is located in road of prosperous of article of Li Cang area and abide by justice road roundabout on the west side, total floor area 97 thousand square metre. Regard the people's livelihood of Qingdao city key as one of projects, 2100 people can be held after this school builds, be one 9 years of the class 45 all having that always make the school, campus design promotes campus vigor and building temperament with the collocation of red and cream-colored, building element uses mutiple level compose to build, create the campus vacuum of appropriate You Yixue.

        Up to on June 16, 2020 7 when, accumulative total of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region inputs diagnose case of illness outside report condition 161 (Russia 108 exemple, England 23 exemple, France 4 exemple, Spain of 19 exemple, United States 2 exemple, Sweden 2 exemple, Austria 1 exemple, Czech 1 exemple, Portuguese 1) , cure leave hospital 158. Case of illness of diagnose of the input outside existing condition 3.

        Library of its go-between mouth is on base of data of branch of original public security, increased complete province civil administration, cure to protect wait for relevant data. Electronic card already put in collect 's charge to save departmental door completely according to the library 349 kinds, 220 million card reflect data, to national government administration service platform newspaper sends card to reflect data 325 kinds, 160 million. Up to on May 31, the card that Shandong province reports parts according to data bulk according to type number, card house whole nation mixes the 7th the 4th times, add a newspaper newly in May to send card to occupy countrywide first place according to data bulk among them.

        The industry of Malaysia stationery book of slope of Yuan Zaiji grand combines total meeting arrange to pay attention to long Mr Yan Ruiliang to express through video assembly room, below epidemic situation very expect to be able to have the platform on such line, build the bridge of commerce communication. "So, be being exhibited this on line of gift of peaceful wave stationery is to do very in time really, very good also, those who solved us to cannot come to China purchase is difficult. Those who solved us to cannot come to China purchase is difficult..

        Shanghai police will hit experience bank to block illegal criminality continuously, active butt joint coachs each big finance orgnaization strengthens industry interior to manage, perfect ceaselessly trade superintendency flow, this city pays aggrandizement domain risk prevent control capacity, safeguard economic finance order and bank card to pay an environment security.

        Monitor data according to hydrology, up to on June 10 16 when, 1 hour has rainfall of station of a rainfall to exceed 30 millimeter, for Meizhou city abundant suitable county big money stands 31 millimeter; Current 12 rivers, water level of 14 wadi station exceeds alarm, among them boreal Jiang Yingde (5) station (Ying De town of quiet remote town) water level 30.33 meters, super- alarm pool of river source of 4.33 rice, big swallow stands (clear the city zone of quiet remote town) water level 17.49 meters, super- alarm drop of dragon of river of 2.49 rice, big swallow stands (clear the city zone of quiet remote town) water level 14 meters, super- alarm 1 meter, river closed estuarine stands on the west (county of closed of Zhao Qing city) water level 18.57 meters, exceed alarm Jiang Qingyuan of 0.77 rice, north (3) station (clear the city zone of quiet remote town) water level 12.39 meters, exceed alarm 0.39 meters.

        It is reported, 2019, total output value of whole town district grows 8.2% , add fast rank complete province first place; Dimensions above industry increases a value to grow 17% ; The amplitude of main economic norms such as amount of imports and exports of fixed assets investment, foreign trade also occupies complete province front row.

        Lhasa of center extensive network on June 13 message (reporter Pubuciren Wang Yu of Bo Peng of reporter of learn on job) this morning, "Picture of theme of Tibetan culture bequest is exhibited " in house of art of masses of the Xizang Autonomous Region (municipal blame involuntary discharge of urine protects a center) pull open prelusive. The exhibition divides 3 board piece, exhibit in all more than pairs 160 (group) picture, intuitionistic show Tibet to be not protection of involuntary discharge of urine, inheritance and development achievement.

        In recent years, guangdong provincial Party committee saves a government to use intellectual property information in order to develop to enter a place to cut, industry of stimulative intellectual property is shirt-sleeve, what save around Guangdong is strategical property of burgeoning industry, area key development carries out job of patent navigation appraise sth through discussion energetically. In Guangdong this Zhao Qingcheng establishs intellectual property to analyse center of appraise sth through discussion, aim to drive build perfect cause to celebrate system of appraise sth through discussion of intellectual property of activity of great economy science and technology, cogent carry qualitative synergism and enterprise innovation development to offer for region industry prop up, promote development of region economy high quality.

        Company of food of peak of flourish prosperous peach is nominal manufacturing soy, bacterium colony gross does not accord with food to install countrywide home standard to set. Inspection agency examines for medicines and chemical reagents of Chongqing city food detect academy.

        Begin oneself fulfil safety of food medicines and chemical reagents " 4 the most severe " since special operation, qingdao city market superintends safety of medicines and chemical reagents of systematic aggrandizement food, hold to to violating act " 0 patient " , accomplish appear to be hit, heavy fist hits out, absolutely not be irresolute when firmness is needed, from severe from heavy from fast investigate illegal case.

        Bolo sanded island greens jade(reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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