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        Channel networkInformation CenterDomestic channelhome news
        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:50

        2020年06月25日 08:58:50

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 14 message (reporter Wang Li) June 14 is blood donor day of the 17th world. That day, anhui is great to this province break out communal and wholesome incident during one class is answered (came on January 24, 2020 on Feburary 25) attend all blood donor that donate blood 37086 people, personnel of plasma of convalescence of the person that alms recovers 42 people, hematic station fights epidemic disease 40 name, advanced collective had advanced individual 16 times commend on the line.

        Peaceful wave of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter Cao Meili Yang Jiangqi of Hong Yuxiang of Du Jinming's reporter) controlled at 12 o'clock on June 8, 3886 Japan importer tastes a car from harbor of hill of boat of Ning Bo relying on berth Mei Xi rolls those who hold port city to roll lading " amount to this cacique " annulus in ordinal sail piece, this is Ning Bo the car of the biggest batch that boat hill harbor greets rolls outfit exercise.

        Experts think generally, in beat back new coronal in the process of pneumonic epidemic situation, share information and experience and cross a country to cross a region harmonious collaboration is crucial. World Health Organization did a large number of works for this, produce effect adequately, coordinate the whole world to answer. Although each country system is differ, culture is different, the process that epidemic situation develops and travels also not just the same, but right same kind of sudden contagion, precaution and answered basic rule are interlinked. International society should be drawn lessons from each other, abide by jointly, ability forms the largest resultant force of beat back epidemic situation, thereby final conquer epidemic situation.

        Electronic passenger ticket is in after fast railroad carries out general, will enclothe long triangle railroad to provide sea of elder brother of Shanghai of the Beijing inside administer section, Shanghai, Gansu, capital 9 wait for 24 general artery of network of fast railroad road and carry busy line, involve 107 general fast mix a station with Gao Pu, among them Jiangsu area area of 32 stations, Anhui area of 43 stations, Zhejiang area of 26 stations, Shanghai area of 3 stations, Henan area of 2 stations, Hubei a station. Golden hill railroad opens train of the train of travel, land with certain boundaries of peaceful wave city, carry on to promote train of city land with certain boundaries, Lian Yun means of ticket of carry out of train of harbor city land with certain boundaries is changeless, shanghai, Shanghai of Lhasa Z164/165 second train comes Xining beyond paragraph, Shanghai, red Chu of nonstop Hong Kong of Shanghai of second train of Z99/100 of Hong Kong red Chu paragraph still use magnetizing mediums train ticket.

        As we have learned, couplet of rescuing joint defence of lash-up of 3 ground unifinication accuses a system to build, basically be aimed at cause easily cross condition impact or need to cross condition jury grave accident, construction lash-up helps rescue work system. Future, couplet of lash-up rescuing joint defence controls a system platform of compositive and will existing informatization and resource, make overall plans, unified design, an a system, system, come true gradually " a dish of chess " . For this, 3 ground should have been done in time and determine working compendium and main content. After 3 ground lash-up saves couplet of aid joint defence to accuse systematic building, lash-up platform tells implementation interconnection each other.

        Shenzhen is city of net of independent group of first 5G of countrywide, will take the lead in realizing 5G network to be enclothed completely this year in August. Recently, shenzhen airport shifts to an earlier date the 5G network that 3 months implemented dealer of 3 big operation is enclothed completely, comprehensive open 5G applies new era.

        "Divine animal " people termed begins. (Chaiandong of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        "Listened to so much city found plan report, true benefit bandit is shallow, this is a chance that learns advanced experience and way. Pass those who understand other city to set an example establish program, I also undertook think over and looking for difference. After the meeting, we must learn place, be seen, be realized in handling real work, contend for the class that achieve a bit service center (station) , for broad retire the soldier provides better, realer excellent service. " join conference representing to express.

        The income that Zhu establishs connecting with the boxing skill had not only rise greatly, integrated quality also had the individual very big promotion. Of the job, he combines professionalism to strengthen study, promotion " exercise to benefit the internal organs " , preparing pass an entrance examination nowadays " boiler industry card " .

        It is reported, this match cent is individual contest and team game, among them individual contest is ranked with achievement discretion early or late, before taking an individual 8; Organization match uses integral to make, according to the team the accumulative total in 3 rounds of matches notchs have a rank, before taking a group 6, and according to success of each course group, success of computational total group, will give an individual finally definitely the first 1 person, organization the first 1, unit of total organization superior 1. At the appointed time, still will by special alarm total fleet is represented and before substation 5 are held again special alarm " Wang Zhong king " set match, make whole town special alarm elite exhibits boxing foot on arena of fistfight, fire.

        The reporter understands, position of this project place enters the mouth at area of Mount Hua scene nearby, it is Mount Hua tourist goes back and forth between recreational, consumption, recreational to need the ground of classics. Yao Jianrong says frankly, come the tourist of Mount Hua, great majority is to go up hill amuse oneself, go downhill, stop continue to swim below stay hill, eat, what buy and experience Hua Yinmin old culture is amusement, very few. Nowadays, through growing gully river region to be administered integratedly, water quality ameliorated, the environment becomes beautiful, will continue to make small town of many recreational travel, can make a citizen recreational already motion has a good place, also can come true " detain a guest below hill " , the development of stimulative travel economy.   

        Lin Zhilu Lang Xiaozhen (Bo Peng of reporter of learn on job is photographed)

        Operation of Xining panda house manages department chief Ru Yujie to introduce: "Come one year, 4 giant panda are here special health is happy, xining panda house welcomed domestic and international visitor nearly 500 thousand person-time. We carry the value of the respect such as the culture value that digs giant panda, economy value and scientific research, diplomacy, make double bumper harvest of economic gains and social benefit. Make double bumper harvest of economic gains and social benefit..

        Guiyang city teachs bureau requirement, school and nursery school of general benefit sex do not get middle and primary school of level of education of obligation of each run by the local people give false information, once check fact and not agree with actually, cancel to give aid to funds allowance qualification, treat relevant responsibility person gravely. Each school should carry out each finance capital strictly to run way, must not use at with run a school, the expenditure that epidemic prevention and accessorial student have nothing to do. In the meantime, alleviate for the oldest rate the capital pressure of middle and primary school of relevant run by the local people, nursery school, each area (city, county) educational bureau wants obligation of seasonable appropriate run by the local people to teach finance of level middle and primary school to allocate funds unripe all public funds and movement of nursery school of sex of Pu Hui of run by the local people are accessorial, ensure the school runs normally.

        Predict to arrive by day today nightly, between cloudy day of Guizhou complete province cloudy have showery or thunderstorm, among them upper zone cloudy day has in city of southeast of the south in the city austral south of south of cupreous benevolence town, Guizhou southwest city, Guizhou and Guizhou showery or thunderstorm, heavy rain arrives in rainfall, rainstorm of partial villages and towns, individual villages and towns has big torrential rain.

        Cent of signal of atmosphere calamity early-warning is gale of ice and snow of rainstorm, blizzard, road, gale, cold wave, thunder, hail, thunderstorm, big mist, high temperature, arid, sand and dust, freezing, frost, low temperature cold kill, typhoon, haze 17 kinds, signal of each kinds of early-warning includes different color social estate, deserve to have corresponding icon and specific defence guideline, it is the take precautions against natural calamities when atmosphere disaster happens avoids of danger " starting gun " and " the message is cultivated " .

        "Long-range careful square " management mode alleviated effectively already hold the pressure with insufficient amount of apothecary of course of study, can offer the necessary reasonable guidance that use drug and medicine in time to learn a service for consumer again, raise issue of retail industry drug to serve a level, it is the beneficial complement that issue of drug of inn of face each other serves. Retail chain company develops drug its intensive changes administrative dominant position, have the aid of " Internet + " , issue of retail industry drug serves development medicines and chemical reagents function, science is normative hold apothecary of course of study is directive and long-range prescription examine and verify, reasonable deserve to send thing waiting for medicine servive routine with medicine and medicines and chemical reagents, offer the medicine with accurate, active essence of life to learn a service for broad citizen, cogent safeguard people uses medical security, can reach.

        Guangzhou rises again start " charity is civilian month " (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Line of wide on May 16 stone receives afterwards wide dark line, two end all receive thing of wide stone line successfully already country railroad network. With day, store of 68 kilometers track connects wide stone interval, turn into orbit essence to move stage in the round, debut for all fronts laid a foundation.

        Meanwhile, various places also acts in succession, advance our region deep the comprehensive, development that classification of rubbish of communal orgnaization life works is begun. Shenyang city, Dalian city regards a country as 46 go ahead of the rest executive life rubbish classifies key city compulsively, already formed classification to put in, the standard is collected, the lasting effect of unified processing controlling use runs a mechanism, other area also undertakes to this job according to concerned requirement comprehensive deploy, layer upon layer fulfil. Next, liaoning province will continue to coach each district catchs good place to belong to area the organization that classification of rubbish of communal orgnaization life works is carried out and superintend and director guides the examination works, build the administrative system that catchs condominium to be treated in all in all, ensure goal assignment is finished.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 17 message (reporter Lei Kai) Shaanxi province answers virus of new-style coronal shape to affect job of pneumonic epidemic situation to lead group office 16 days to allot " good about doing current pneumonic epidemic situation prevents new coronal the urgent announcement that controls the job " : Ground of new to Beijing arriving since May 30 hair and other places of deep-sea fresh market comes to terminal market, Beijing short for Shaanxi Province returns personnel of key of short for Shaanxi Province, and have area of domestic high risk reside abroad history comes short for Shaanxi Province returns personnel of short for Shaanxi Province, uniform concentration keeps apart 14 days, uniform begin nucleic acid to detect.

        Foreign hill harbor serves as face harbor new the main component of an area, of haven equipment upgrade transform, will great prop up new a construction of the area and development. Maritime bureau will optimize foreign hill harbor ceaselessly superintendency service level, exploration serves from trade harbor relevant act, handling capacity of container of harbor of hill of the ocean that help strength innovates again tall.

        "3 lines one sheet " those who point to is zoology bottom line of quality of protective red line, environment, resource is used on detailed list of admittance of environment of line, zoology. The work out is carried out " 3 lines one sheet " canal of zoology environment partition dominates program is to carry out fulfil economy of the Yangtse River to take " stress great protection in all, do not start big development " and " preferential, green develops zoology " concept, prompt the significant move that forms green to develop means and manufacturing life style.

        The heavy difficulty that regards another name for Jiangxi Province as deep Gao Tie controls one of sexual projects, full-length 6414.2 meters Huang Baishan channel is located in Jiangxi to save city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province to believe abundant county and complete south in high mountain ridges of prefectural have a common boundary. This channel country rock is complex extreme difference of changeful, stability, order and degree of construction safety risk is higher, pass through many shallow bury bias voltage paragraph with many broken belt, rupture belt, country rock of class of complete Sui Ⅳ , Ⅴ is occupied bigger, groundwater is rich, existence bias voltage is broken firm, dash forward mud dash forward water, cave in, spread the risk such as collapse, construction risk big, difficulty is tall.

        " measure " publish customs total office " actor flow, decrease link, brief formalities, fall charge " waited for a series of reform act to undertake be refininged again be fulfillinged again. Put to accelerate port check further, put forward to optimize declare mode, accelerate port check to put, carry out the key act such as the duty after be being put first; Develop to stabilize improvement trade, put forward of short duration to avoid delay duty accrual, clear assure suitable scope, simplify delay formalities, drive the auction on leftover material net to wait; Promote cross condition cable business to develop a field, advance add newly cross put together of condition cable business to try an area to be begun as soon as possible business, expedite cross condition cable business to retreat Dongguan of goods channel, support to take the lead in beginning cross B2B of condition cable business exit is pilot etc. Basically carry actor technological process, decrease link, brief formalities, fall charge, reduce industry imports and exports to connect in the round pass cost. In the meantime, through " Internet + custom " platform, international trade " onefold window " and " custom passenger finger tip serves " the channel such as small order offers custom to serve, publicize measure of custom policy advantage, execute custom to work " 0 contacts " .

        Jiang Baodong of deputy director general of bureau of sports of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region introduces, extend " sports consumes certificate " , guide effectively, activation and release whole area sports to consume market vigor, promote further and drive dweller sports consumption level and consumptive power, the development that consumes the market for sports provides policy support.

        During accusing to ensure epidemic situation to prevent, clinical blood is supplied, guangdong province sanitation is healthy appoint associated much branch, much act advances free to donate blood the job. Associated province civilization does launch various scheme enterprise or business broad cadre worker joins the unit actively free donates blood, provincial Party committee of Guangdong of associated the Youth League appeals broad member youth joins free to donate blood in the team, broadcasting television total stage invites national Wei Jian in the center of combination appoint free of appeal of hill of Zhongna of academician of group leader of group of high level expert, Chinese Academy of Engineering donates blood activity, build good free to donate blood for whole society atmosphere.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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