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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:51

        2020年06月25日 08:58:51

        Taiyuan of center extensive network on June 11 message (reporter Li Nan) recently, "Big 2 schoolboys make-up examination is cogged after be being caught, drop die " be related brings heat to discuss, this matter has newest progress again. Reporter from which boreal university understands, from June 6 since incident happening, as public security investigation and deal with problems arising from an accident handle working end, undertake a bulletin with respect to concerned circumstance. Beijing University learns to express deeply regret greatly to the person that die again in, express to express sympathy and solicitude for cordially to the relative.

        Motorcade of guest of ceremony of Guangzhou public transportation group holds water formally (public transportation group of Guangzhou of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Liu Mei Xiu is done for husband's younger brother massage

        According to cooperative agreement, 4 units will do fine day ferry jointly the construction operation of service station of integrated energy expert, advance new-style infrastructure around what Tianjin city and company of national electrified wire netting sign construction, make agreement of framework of collaboration of strategy of city of pioneer of revolution of the sources of energy, begin innovation of technology of integrated energy field and typical pattern research, sex of the look up before developing development of industry of the strategy, integrated energy to offer for economy of Tianjin city energy resources suggests. Assist key industry, enterprise to develop industry energy-saving diagnostic job, use mode and energy-saving technology to drive the user such as garden area, factory to undertake the sources of energy uses technical reformation and promotion with advanced the sources of energy, industry of city of the Tianjin that help strength can effect and the sources of energy use horizontal promotion integratedly. In the meantime, expert service station still will begin green garden area to build center of data of research, green the job such as communication of learning of conduct propaganda of popular science of pilot construction, integrated the sources of energy, high level and collaboration, build in all " integrated the sources of energy " group of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment, achievement of science and technology of integrated energy resources of stimulative Tianjin city is changed with industrialization, accelerate compose to build system of safe and green low carbon, efficient the sources of energy, for " 5 modern Tianjin " construction offers wisdom the sources of energy to prop up.

        On June 2 when 0-24, sichuan complete province is not had add the person that affect without the symptom newly, turn that day for diagnose case of illness 0, remove to keep apart medicine to observe 0 centrally that day, still keep apart medicine to observe 7 in concentration (5 are inputted outside the condition among them, hubei inputs 1, jilin inputs 1) .

        Xiamen of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Chen Geng) the reporter protects bureau know from Xiamen city medical service, medicines and chemical reagents of organization of the 2nd batch of nations is purchased centrally and Fujian Province medicines and chemical reagents is purchased centrally a month is carried out to come in Xiamen be born, 45 kinds are chosen reach be chosen with breed blame purchase of medicines and chemical reagents drops compared to the same period 73.30% , medical establishment protects a patient to open a prescription to join one hundred and nineteen thousand four hundred pieces, drug use cost drops related average per capita 49.19% , reduce drug cost eight million two hundred and eighteen thousand eight hundred yuan, reduce burden of patient expenses for medicine significantly.

        According to Guangzhou city industry calm dot is monitored show, up to this year on May 15, 1709 decide a dot to monitor number of enterprise on guard to be four hundred and eighty-four thousand seven hundred person with labour, than April the bottom adds 47 thousand person, amplitude exceeds 10% . April, whole town town adds annulus of obtain employment number newly to be close to than rising 50% , circumstances of Guangzhou city obtain employment appears accelerate look forward to firm to good trend.

        Shenzhen is smooth south elder brother of Feng of deputy stationmaster of Xi Li station expresses railroad, "Whole journey of this time of special train 5000 much kilometers, realized cold storage container ' the door arrives the door ' carry, developed railroad adequately to carry the dominant position with Sunday run, large volume, rapid rate, the bridge that good to ensure the catenary of the industry after epidemic situation, stability that supplies chain is developed railroad carries and bond action. "

        Case 8: Procuratorate of Feng Xiang county accuses nonperformance of substation of Feng Xiang of environmental protection bureau of treasure chicken city is legal duty case.

        Spot of popular science activity (Zheng Shu of center wide reporter is photographed)

        "Our enterprise difficult when, the government came on stage in time to include to drop a lot of move of electrovalency of industry and commerce, reduced the operation cost of our enterprise, delivered true gold silver to us. Derate policy extends the end of the year, in my heart particularly glad, develop to battalion of already of look forward to of second half of the year and on time full specified amount sent knock off endowment to be full of confidence to employee. " Ni Xiumei of general manager of limited company of makings science and technology says Heibei boat Da Xincai, carry out in policy in, this company can reduce defray of charge of electricity every months to make an appointment with 44 thousand yuan, the measure that plans synergism of depletion of numbers originally is able to avoid, more than 100 workers include 12 poverty door complete a go back to work, stabilized obtain employment.

        Yi glad community (Liu Tao of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Running a side, save orgnaization of 16 city hydrology to execute hall of province irrigation works and local government entirely completely double management, complete province establishs center of prefectural class hydrology by area 75 place, build service center of hydrology of villages and towns 400 much place, administrator of hydrology of the country that recruit many 4600, compose is built rose " province, city, county, countryside, village " the hydrology government of 5 an organic whole serves a system.

        In the cate is not involuntary discharge of urine that approves Jilin characteristic in this, vessel abundant true cake by Changchun person praise for " the king of cake " , it is national Department of Commerce of first attestation " China old name " . Its make more than 10 process that passed master worker of size extent case. It is hundred years old store likewise, flat bread of Li Liangui bacon from choose the acid of the flesh, nap, platoon, flesh that boil, fumigated, extract Laoshang is oily, to knead dough, make crisp, wipe cake of crisp, bag, poker, the technology is complete and normative, formed the gust is not involuntary discharge of urine of develop a school of one's own. Besides " fume " delicate, still have white of decoct of the northeast barbecue that cannot miss, Jilin, cate of amorous feelings of the Chaoxian nationality -- cold face, pickle, rice wine, make cake. Northeast has 3 treasure: "Horn of ginseng, marten, pilose antler " . Craft of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine of Ma Jilu fine and soft is Ma Xingtai the pilose antler of initiate machined craft 1918, with Jilin pure pilose antler is raw material, craft handed from the master directly, product is distinctive.

        On April 27, xiamen city starts the 2nd batch of countries to organize medicines and chemical reagents in the round concentration is purchased and Fujian Province medicines and chemical reagents purchases the job centrally. With this before " 4+7 " pilot photograph is compared, this 45 kinds are chosen drug limits more of wider, amount, purchase an amount bigger, depreciate range is more distinct, cover the cure such as diabetic, hypertensive, tumour to use drug, be chosen drug price falls on average amount to 58.43% .

        It is reported, this second in all 7 " special railway line of cool breeze of 510 small lotus " thematic bus gives a market, the design inside automobile body and car all uses Yu Qian expression to wrap, have brave the wind and waves emerge of head establishing tide, have deep sigh of face of spring breeze stroke " I only cool breeze just " , the character modelling of Q edition, characteristic of culture of tie-in Hangzhou place, have times new idea additionally one time.

        Ability should bring the person to enter, should stay so that live more, and how to disentomb, education goes more mainland to turn a talented person likewise fetching attention. To this, xiamen municipal Party committee organizes Lu Shourong of director of ministry talent bureau to express, xiamen takes the choose of native land talent seriously quite all the time, come on stage early or late carried out choose of multinomial and native land talent to develop a plan, but the bearer outside be being contended for in last few years just is compared intense, may imperceptible meeting policy focus a little deflection at outside talent this one, also undertaking at present a few adjust.

        After happening of the situation of a disaster, city decreases calamity appoint the office organizes relevant section quickly to grind sentence the situation of a disaster, make working deploy. Branch of lash-up of each area county throws rush to deal with an emergency to provide disaster relief. City rich safety attempers the early-warning in the rain that the center relies on information system attempers function, unified command is in dispersedly 15907 of each district fourfold reseau member (namely annulus station staff, piece division chief, defend geological team member, group measure group of member that prevent) , thereby specific aim ground strengthens platoon of affection of ground calamity danger to check, spot go on a tour of inspection.

        This, in for instance the county still will start hotel of high-quality goods of travel of area of Sa general scene, angry river project of station of scene of coastal corridor view plans to design the job. "With Zhejiang university the building designs collaboration of academy limited company, can pledge high not only efficient complete current work, and still serve as chance with closing this, extend enlarge cooperative domain, deepen both sides ceaselessly in function of urban and rural plan and construction, city perfect, countryside is revitalized, the communication of the domain such as talent skill communication cooperates, achieve mutually beneficial mutual benefit, collective progress. " this chief says so.

           Case 3

        Held the post of trustee of limited company of Zhongshan torch group, assistant president to hold general manager concurrently in September 2004 (deputy place class)

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 9 message (reporter Lei Kai) Shaanxi saves wholesome health appoint today (9 days) bulletin: On June 8, 2020 8 when to on June 9 8 when, shaanxi is not had add new coronal of the input outside the condition newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness, without the person that add the input outside the condition newly to be affected without the symptom, the person that save segregation to be contacted closely completely currently 146 people.

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 11 message (reporter Liang Mingxing) on June 10, the Anhui province enters a plum between river the Huaihe River. Before this (on June 2) Anhui Changjiang Delta and fasten greatly a mountainous area already entered plum rains season. Bureau of atmosphere of the Anhui province is answered at starting lash-up of rainstorm III class.

        On May 7 9 when make, protect health county public security bureau the net installs a group to receive gentleman of river of dweller of area under administration to call the police, say its receive " Tecent customer service " phone, the other side informs him small letter account is unusual, after he is operated according to clew of phone of the other side, discovery binds the capital inside the bank card that decides small letter to be transferred 112 thousand yuan. The policeman tightens function of urgent stop payment through Tecent at once, stop in time for its caustic 20 thousand yuan. Via the policeman suitable line is tracked after and careful is investigated, on June 3, 5 days, capture 5 crime suspect in and other places of Guangdong, Hunan, and total number recovers illicit money.

        After Yellow River water passes pump up water of subterranean pumping station, get water area to each by do as one pleases of project of 2 Sui hole, safeguard zoology, unripe generation uses water alive. Move to ensure it is normal to cite yellow project, the project introduces Yellow River water board gully river to move store water library, in flood season of wavelet bottom reservoir air water is moved when water cannot be being taken during sand, as bring source of water of yellow project water supply, ensure uninterrupted water supply.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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