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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:52

        2020年06月25日 08:58:52

        Shanghai storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect grows Introduction Gaobowen all round, this the epidemic situation influence to storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect is very big, storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect listens the book should sound every day, proviso field cannot do business. The direct seeding on refer line, gao Bowen says, "This moment young young person produces tremendous effect, their hand handle teachs me. Itself of storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect is to tell tell a little, sing sing, play, so our direct seeding a few people, this is not to take money. There is the knowledge that promotes the epidemic prevention that fight epidemic disease already between direct seeding, more important is to promote the art that transmits us. More important is to promote the art that transmits us..

        To this year in March end, deposit remaining sum two thousand five hundred and twenty-seven billion two hundred million yuan, hold complete province 18.05% , reside complete province 11 years continuously the first; Loan remaining sum one thousand seven hundred and fifty-one billion seven hundred million yuan, hold complete province 13.51% , reside complete province 7 years continuously the first; Bad loan is led 0.97% , dial equipment to enclothe rate 577% , quality benefit all resides countrywide farming to believe front row.

        On June 10, 2020 8 when to on June 11 8 when, shaanxi province is not had add diagnose case newly, without add doubt newly to seem case, without add the person that affect without the symptom newly, already successive 112 days are not had add case of native land diagnose newly, successive 109 days are not had add doubt newly to seem case, successive 110 days do not have the person that add mainland newly to be affected without the symptom. Up to on June 11 8 when, case of illness of diagnose of mainland of accumulative total report 245 (home inputs case of illness 116, this locality case of illness 129) , leave hospital 242, die 3, cure rate 98.78% . The person that accumulative total report is affected without the symptom 31 (turn for diagnose case of illness 1, already removed keep apart 30) .

        Government of Guangdong provincial Party committee, province takes the lead in putting forward to build city of forest of first country of Chinese group -- bead city of trigonometry country forest group. Guangdong saves forestry bureau to establish silvan city to build the job to head a group, ensure " achieve dark " the job is advanced smoothly in order. Bead trigonometry each city will " achieve dark " the important grasper that regards the service that prop up as big bay area, the strength that cites whole town is efficient advance.

        Monitor data according to hydrology, up to on June 8 17 when: 1 hour has rainfall of 7 rainfall station to exceed 30 millimeter, among them quiet remote town connects autonomous county of Na Yao a group of things with common features to keep city station Lang Wei of short of Wenshui River of county of collect of bosom of city of 45 millimeter, Zhao Qing stands Bai Sha of autonomous county of the Yao nationality of Lianshan Chuang of 39.9 millimeter, quiet remote town stands 32.5 millimeter, beautiful closes.


        2, control measure and requirement

        Can main activity is Yun Qia 18 an opening ceremony, main activities, include 11 commerce to exhibit 4 activity of activity, 3 two-way investment, consumption to promote an activity.

        Build " one graph expresses one index " horse race mechanism

        Changsha of center extensive network on June 10 message (reporter Jiang Wenjing) since June 6, since Hunan Province suffers flood, the strongest rainfall makes a surprise attack. End on June 9 8:00, complete province in all 8 city state 21 counties urban district 321 thousand more than person is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, urgent move finds a place for and life deliverance 11 thousand person, because calamity dies 7 people, be missing 1 person; Crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area 11.5 1000 hectare.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 1 message (reporter Zheng Shu) Guangzhou Bai Yun police reported on June 1: About Liu Mou (small gain name: The sea in the isle) intended fictional crammer causes a society to pay close attention to be related extensively, via police further investigation is checked, find out Liu Mou intended fictional and false information, use ill will of other parent identity through registering pattern of the small gain, small number that believe Zhang to risk dispersed transmission, and hire personnel undertakes the network is acclaimed, achieve thereby force teacher of thing of school discharge experience, ask for the purpose such as compensation.

        "' go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations person ' people to guard the life health of millions upon millions masses, this is a kind of patriotic feelings, consecratory spirit, this is indispensable on our spaceflight person. " Cai Fan tells a reporter, although epidemic situation delayed manufacturing time, but answer of go back to work is postpartum we can let produce node and cycle to be delayed anything but.

        Bid of A1 of big bridge of Qing Zhou of path of 2 boat bureau is made in occupying paragraph chief engineer Lin Xiang introduces, path Qing Zhou crosses river passageway to cross river advocate the successful closure of the bridge is indicating A1 mark paragraph advocate construction of bridge steel structure is finished entirely, sequel advocate the bridge will undertake bridge face plate is installed.

        Up to on June 17 0 when, complete province accumulative total reports virus of new-style coronal shape is pneumonic diagnose case of illness 589 (48 are inputted outside the condition among them) , accumulative total is cured leave hospital 565, die 3, in the courtyard at present segregation treats 21, 353 people still are accepting medical observation.

           Intellectual city is quickened again, division of big scientific unit starts construction

        The children of the top class in a kindergarten arrive in succession field,

        Company of food of peak of flourish prosperous peach is nominal manufacturing soy, bacterium colony gross does not accord with food to install countrywide home standard to set. Inspection agency examines for medicines and chemical reagents of Chongqing city food detect academy.

        Consumptive certificate can be willing to enter an activity inside limits of land with certain boundaries of Hefei whole town, can use the meal that pays treasure, general merchandise the much setting such as supermarket of retail business and large trade synthesis, chain uses retail, home appliance.

        Solicit to the whole nation alarm Wu is gotten army professional

        Changchun of center extensive network on June 11 message (reporter Liu in a steady stream) Changchun steam rich is met on July 10 - 19 day general save the Changchun City hold in Jilin. Cultural Festival of Changchun international car and red flag fine time activity also holds the corresponding period. This is prevent in epidemic situation accuse normalization to fall, northeast meeting exhibits property " head beautiful " , also be this year home " 5 cart are exhibited " in take the lead in holding exhibit meeting.

        The dot of A is added say, he is added previously quite poor, we two want often to read for two children. After the policy of the party became good, the side helped an unit up to also come. Helped them a lot of. They lack a skill, lack capital, can borrow money.

        Should speak of the current situation that float bridge tea develops now, wang Yongfeng is proud in divulge the move is anxious. As a result of the great reputation of Jingdezhen china, make a lot of people " know Jing De porcelain only, do not know float bridge tea " , want to make tea of float bridge tea, hammer of inspire confidence in sb true serve as brand of a canorous to walk out of Jiangxi, take door going abroad, still very remote region wants.

        "Jin Dun 10 " put forward, this area will face the whole nation to introduce a batch alarm Wu major gets a soldier just, give highest pay of firewood of 2 million the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, introduce strength can to say the throughout the country is the biggest.

        Jin Xiangjun expresses, exert oneself of current mass rally builds assembly, exhibit, Sai Hezhi can experience " quaternity " internationalization platform, make radiation Beijing ferry look forward to, lead the domain of complete China, intelligent science and technology that faces a whole world high-end grand meeting. 6 matches activity namely world intelligence drives challenge, China (Tianjin) contest of application of industrial App innovation, " the 5th space " contest of sports of intelligence of algorithmic contest of lake of data of · of Hua Lu cup of intelligent safety contest, China, international, " Haihe River person of outstanding ability " poineering contest.

        On April 27, xiamen city starts the 2nd batch of countries to organize medicines and chemical reagents in the round concentration is purchased and Fujian Province medicines and chemical reagents purchases the job centrally. With this before " 4+7 " pilot photograph is compared, this 45 kinds are chosen drug limits more of wider, amount, purchase an amount bigger, depreciate range is more distinct, cover the cure such as diabetic, hypertensive, tumour to use drug, be chosen drug price falls on average amount to 58.43% .

        81 streets tighten the area that install a source rapid move masses (eminent of the thread of ideas in writing of reporter of hair of center extensive network is photographed)

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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