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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:58:51

        2020年06月25日 08:58:51

        Long Bai Shan is in charge of appoint Chen Honggang of conference vice director expresses, "Chiliad firn all ages is loose, go up continuously the world the first peak " long Bai Shan, typical volcanic landforms, world Shanghai unplugs highest, area the lake of active volcano mouth with the biggest, the deepest seeper -- day pool, and selected " international slow city " the 2 spoken parts in an opera of area of 4A class scene below long white foot of a hill river small town, the hot spring of attractive old forest, high quality, will bring tourist comfortable enjoyment. Additionally the reporter still understands, this year during epidemic situation, region of long white country is maintaining diagnose case of illness, doubt to be like case of illness to all be all the time of 0 " double 0 " the achievement that fight epidemic disease. Long Bai Shan is in charge of appoint can express, will continue to had been done prevent accuse, aggrandizement discharge manages, take strict precautions against personnel to gather. Refine administrative measure, the standard visits order, ensure the tourist is happy swim, be at ease swim.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 5 message (Chen Jia exceeds Gu Junfeng of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) on June 3, bureau of suppress smuggling of office of branch of Guangdong of total office of Guangdong sea police station and customs is signed " strengthen execute the law cooperation operates detailed rules " , this detailed rules signs a mark successfully to wear both sides is in execute the law cooperation strode new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

        Ceremonially, be located in and the Inner Mongolia of new developed area crosses Lingeer first times condition cable business is new retail demonstrative inn and import goods reveal the hall formal operation, have more than 1000 kinds of merchandise that come from more than 10 countries such as heart of day of Han, law, Russia bay and area, huhhot city reachs the consumer of Inner Mongolia whole area to be able to never leave home, do not go abroad the door can buy the whole world, increase the shopping experience of consumer greatly.

        Peaceful wave of center extensive network on June 18 message (Du Jinming of reporter Cao Meili) last night (on June 17) , pneumonic epidemic situation prevents new hat of peaceful wave city accuse the job to lead group office to allot an announcement, this city will be right since this day the administrative step that the personnel of high risk area in coming from takes concentration to keep apart 14 days.

        In new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation is prevented during accusing, move to ensure business of industry imports and exports is normal, guangzhou custom is used " wisdom custom " superintendency platform is carried out " do not meet " superintend remotely, to offerring the production of product of flesh of birds of HongKong and Macow the process undertakes entire chain video is superintended, directive Yun Fu, Luo Dinghai closes wait for an unit to advance carry out, main safeguard offers product of flesh of birds of HongKong and Macow stable, smooth supply.

        Harbor of land of international of Nanchang Xiang Tang is the main platform that Jiangxi province opens to the outside world, in recent years high quality of kind of class of the Europe in Nanchang leaves row, open a speed to promote ceaselessly, radiation limits two-way expand, category of supply of goods is ceaseless and rich, the Oubanlie in Nanchang opens a frequency from leave at first two weeks come when travel 1 is decided to weekly this year figure send 2-3 to list, open a circuitry to come in original Nanchang on foundation of Holand Lu Tedan, open a Nanchang to come again early or late inside Vietnam river, 6 international such as Paris of Ao Ersha of Ming Sike of Russia Moscow, White Russia, White Russia, France arrive directly at a row, limits of radiation of supply of goods covers area of and other places of Jiangxi and circumjacent Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shanghai, the service exports a company more than 1200.

        During epidemic situation, guangzhou custom offers online business to seek advice to make an appointment with holiday for the enterprise involve a service, optimize interior ceaselessly each cargo handling operation, compress goods effectively to connect pass time, realize 99% markets to purchase customs declaration " second careful " , " the second is put " ; Guide an enterprise to use " declare ahead of schedule " " two paces are declared " close mode, union exports goods " touch harbor to be installed continuously " mode, after goods transfers dock can direct billabong is carried out check, discharged, accelerate goods to connect further involve rate.

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 1 message (reporter Zhao Cong acute hearing reporter Zhong Jie) 61 eve, chongqing passenger transport paragraph young volunteer " small orange " the child in getting on a car to be journey crosses international 61 Children's Festivals. Young volunteer " small orange " brought spell a plan, books of palette, children and candy, for D1833 second the blessing that the child of each railroad car chases a car to send 61 Children's Festivals. Children appear excited to the surprise of the arise suddenly on motor-car unceasingly, parents take skill machine to pat the setting of next this one joy in succession, express to did not think of to be able to participate in such activity to motor-car, experience different Children's Festival.

        As we have learned, " method " by Zhejiang province judicatory hall, Zhejiang saves big data bureau to be drafted jointly. Early days, two units go to Shanghai to begin early days survey jointly, made concerned legislation work implement plan; " method " after first draft is finished, early or late 3 written asked for letter of the letter that save a net, public security, classics, market to superintend the opinion that waits for legislation of more than 30 provincial concerned unit and government of people of 11 city that establish a division and partial basic level to connect a dot, seek social community opinion publicly through the network, ask bureau of big data of 6 city that establish a division submits written investigation report; In addition, bureau of big data of province judicatory hall, province still sends person specially assigned for a task to go to and other places of Hangzhou city, stage state city, justice black city to begin legislative survey, held an expert 2 times to prove meeting, branch to coordinate forum of meeting, industry. On the foundation that studies each honest opinion proposal one by one, bureau of big data of province judicatory hall, province is right " method " text undertook iteration modification, the 44th times standing conference discusses government of final classics province to pass and be promulgated to the society.

        Liu Gean expresses in the speech, remaining sum of loan of orgnaization of finance of city of Home Zhang group 85.26 billion yuan, borrow put than 93.86% , in Hunan complete province parts a row mix the 3rd the 4th times. Among them, remaining sum of agricultural bank loan amounts to 14.53 billion yuan, borrow put than be as high as 118.9% , this meant branch of Agriculture Bank Hunan Province to tilt resource morely Home Zhang group, reflected the main support to Home Zhang group. In the meantime, branch of Agriculture Bank Hunan Province is in innovation of product of construction of construction of urban and rural infrastructure, city of the industrial development, assault fortified positions that take off deficient, wisdom, banking, civilian the breakthrough that the many respects such as the service have innovation sex, made outstanding contribution for progress of economy of place of Home Zhang group.

        This year spring, jilin saves average air temperature 7.3 ℃ , relatively all the year round tall 0.5 ℃ , each district is average air temperature all relatively all the year round tall. Came on March 1 among them on April 3, in April 11 to 19 days, came on April 30 on May 16, appear period of time of 3 apparent high temperature, each period of time is average air temperature parts relatively all the year round tall 2.3 ℃ , 2.8 ℃ and 1.8 ℃ , mixed to 29 days on April 20 was microtherm to 28 days on May 17 paragraph, save average air temperature to part completely relatively all the year round low 4.6 ℃ and 2.6 ℃ , broke through extreme value of low temperature of historical the corresponding period to 29 days of average air temperature on April 20 among them.

        If be encountered on gregarious network with " naked a little " when means blackmail, how should citizen masses be on guard and handle, the rights and interests that what method can avoid him does not suffer encroach? Police clew should accomplish the following at 3 o'clock:

        Increase support of pair of basic level fund. Enlarge Shaanxi to save achievement of science and technology to change guide fund dimensions, support the basic level a gleam of such as Yu forest, copper plain, Shang Luo actively to build achievement of science and technology to change lead fund.

        In the ceremony that uncover a shop sign, zhao Ximin of dean of court of Huhhot city intermediate people expresses, of base of protection of judicatory of resource of black town environment build, the purpose depends on be with this one base rely on, mining, protection, inheritance and promote culture of the Huanghe valley, publicize environmental policy, code and typical case, reveal judicatory of resource of black town environment to protect the job especially the history that protection of judicatory of environment of zoology of the Huanghe valley works, current situation and taking success, hard the cooperative platform that compose builds zoology of the Huanghe valley to protect processing.

        2019, travel of the first countryside achieves Guizhou Province guest contest, attracted complete province in all 83 groups sign up take part in the match, many projects are obtained breed after expanding, positive effect was produced in the assault fortified positions that take off deficient, the culture travel industry that promoted Guizhou grows, drove local masses to add receive deficient.

        Suffer epidemic situation effect, home can exhibit property first half of the year basic backwater. Changchun steam rich can eliminate all difficulties to take the lead in holding. Prevent the overall demand that control according to epidemic situation of country and province, city, made epidemic situation prevent accuse working program and standardization to prevent accuse manual. Will exhibit business to adopt external register ahead of schedule, phase of attestation, APP measures real name lukewarm wait for means to undertake administrative; Enter those who exhibit a house to exhibit business and audience to measure attestation of lukewarm system, identity to identify the system that register through installing trends, ensure identity contrail can be tracked, can trace to the source. Steam rich is met all participator all asks to accomplish " healthy code is swept surely, temperature is measured surely, guaze mask is worn surely, disinfection is done surely, break out be in surely " .


        Guangzhou of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Zheng Shu) quicken hydrogenous the sources of energy to be carried out in the demonstrative application of Guangzhou public transportation domain and be born for exert oneself, the Guangzhou that help strength is built internationally integrated traffic hub, green of area of service good bay goes out row, guangzhou public transportation group cooperates with Guangzhou developing zone, take the lead in making hydrogenous fuel battery inside the area public transportation demonstrative line, compose is built " person, car, road " unifinication management platform, make a citizen fair hand in a travel more comfortable, more environmental protection, more convenient.

        Guangdong saves irrigation works hall to called together relevant unit on June 7, be opposite again situation of flood of river drainage area has hold a conference or consultation on the west and deploy defence works, assist ask Pearl River appoint, science of hall of Guangxi irrigation works attempers hydroelectric station of lion combining an aspect and closed county power station of 3 class a flight of stairs, utmost reduces congratulate river flood to affect; City of far, Yun Fu, benefit gives out seasonable Xiang Zhaoqing, Qing Dynasty pluvial early-warning announcement; Urgent allocate and transport goods and materials of a batch of flood prevention assists rush to deal with an emergency of county of Yang Shan, closed to provide disaster relief. Defence of calamity of the drought that visit water works only the class continues 24 hours to be stared at closely " urine library, medium little river flood and mountain torrents calamity " 3 gale danger, deal with calamity early-warning 241, issue early-warning information to responsibility person 3306.

        Graduate is met in invite applications for a job information of the spot post that browse (Bo Peng of reporter of learn on job of center extensive network is photographed)

        Xiamen city helps deficient up in the thing pay attention to in cooperation drive an industry to help deficient up, build infrastructure through establishing acting labour site, rescue, extend the means such as firm hillock allowance, increase Gansu Province to face workshop of Xia Fu deficient to build strength, make " the factory that help deficient up + the workshop that help deficient up + domestic mill " the industry develops pattern, the workshop helping deficient up that aid builds already achieved 216, induct local poor able-bodied person 4783 people.

        Office of headquarters of fight a drought of flood prevention of the Anhui province raises a requirement, headquarters of fight a drought of each city flood prevention, the province is prevented show concerned member unit wants responsibility of flood prevention of impaction squeezing ramming, strengthen constituent leader, fulfil administrative leading cadre strictly to be in charge of making, ensure various administration leads hillock to reach the designated position, aggrandizement responsibility of each link flood prevention, put an end to paralytic thought and fluky psychology stoutly, become fight a flood of good flood prevention or control laxly none each job; Want to strengthen early-warning of the forecast that monitor, close surveillant weather, rainfall, regimen develops change, scroll forecasts early-warning, strengthen hold a conference or consultation to grind sentence, release early-warning information in time, ensure information of strong rainfall early-warning is enclothed completely.

        The basis is forecasted, it is normal that Heilongjiang saved average air temperature June, precipitation slightly much, among them the upper reaches in catchment of tender river drainage area, Songhua River trunk stream becomes the left and right sides more, big damage caused by waterlogging kills a risk to lift; As rainfall grow in quantity, situation of silvan prairie fire prevention gets alleviating, but go in for sth in a large scale the air mass of upper zone changes in temperature such as An Ling is alternant and frequent, dry thunderstorm weather is more, fire of be struck by lightning causes hazard of silvan prairie fire taller; According to the field circumstance that monitor, the crop such as snout moth's larva of armyworm, the nymph of a locust, meadow is main June plant diseases and insect pests is overall to medium happening; It is normal that predicting flood season saves average air temperature completely slightly tall, precipitation slightly much and spatio-temporal distributing not all, weather of much stronger convection, easy happening short when the atmosphere calamity such as strong precipitation, hail, gale, thunder; The water in saving pluvial general trend to be completely or in Gao Shui, among them the upper reaches in catchment of Songhua River trunk stream is main much rain area, it is the key area of flood prevention, want vigilant city at the same time waterlogging, medium big damage caused by waterlogging kills little river and ill danger reservoir; Increase as flood season rainfall, area of the eastpart part, mid, south produces and other places of collapse, coast, mud-rock flow to pledge calamity possibility is increased. In the meantime, fresh gale, short when the extreme soup grow in quantity such as strong rainfall, build easily carry into traffic interrupt, unripe disaster of damage of building construction accident, infrastructure and agricultural loss grade happens.

          Case 8


        Qinghai visits town of case Er wood, be located in southwest ministry of Chai Damu basin, connect Gansu Province, Xinjiang, Tibet many province, average height above sea level many meters 2800, what begin here is saline land reforms reach Gao Han to be able to bear or endure plant experimentally of saline buck paddy. From sow to transplant rice seedlings, had gone many days 30, the pale green seedling in big canopy of raise rice seedlings, do not have too big distinction with groovy paddy breed it seems that, the hill of paddy field, seedling and far place formed the new scenery line on highland. The chief Zhang Guodong that cultivates base according to this introduces, this year is first time of group of Qingdao seawater rice paddy is done to cultivate an experiment in area of Gao Han, high height above sea level, through be opposite paddy is able to bear or endure salt (alkaline) experiment, cold-resistant experiment, be able to bear or endure the method such as drought experiment, choose and breed cold-resistant to be able to bear or endure drought paddy breed, cultivate highland cold land " briny paddy " , use achievement of newest science and technology to promote transition of Qinghai agriculture modernization, make " saline land is improved + establish of briny seed rice + digitlization agriculture " new pattern, cultivate structural adjustment to offer high grade seed rice for Geermu and even Qinghai area agriculture.

        Up to on May 31 24 when, the person that accumulative total traces intimate contact 25112 people, already removed medicine watchs 24988 people, still 124 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        Current, guangdong already was in " another name for Guangdong Province opens check " date of small letter public invites 100 societies supervisor publicly to whole society, collect an object to enclothe the ETC user that saves each ground city and model of avery kind of completely. Came on June 10 on July 9, social supervisor will collect fees to saving a freeway completely the system undertakes supervisory, search and discovery collects fees flaw of mistake, system, and the client serves a problem. In the meantime, welcome broad car advocate dial another name for Guangdong Province in time when the problem discovers in use ETC process to connect card to serve a hot line 96533 undertake feedback.