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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:59:00

        2020年06月25日 08:59:00

        A small bay in a river of river north area Home Guo is street 1000 collect collect what Zhang Changqing of free market of agricultural products sells flying haze strip of land between hills, endowment in the candy orange cake that emblem mark of provision of prefectural thousand benefit weighs to produce, allowance of incomplete of 2 oxidation sulfur does not accord with level of food safety state to set. Inspection agency examines for China limited company of attestation group Hunan.

        Jinan of center extensive network on May 30 message (reporter Gui Yuan) hall of country of agriculture of reporter Shandong province learns, current, shandong is wheaten by south northerly, by mature gradually eastwards on the west, partial area already began recently fragmentary reap, wheaten large area is reaped will in June the first ten days of a month begins. During 3 summer, machinery of agriculture of go into battle of plan of Shandong complete province is covered 1.8 million times, among them machine of wheaten combination results drill of 170 thousand more than stage, corn more than 20, personnel of technology of 280 thousand agriculture machinery and agriculture machinery hand enlist 3 summer launch a mass campaign. Shandong province still will organize commando of rush in the harvest, seize favorable opportunity, rest the person does not rest machine, assault rush in the harvest grabs wheat, accomplish wheaten maturity hard together, rush in the harvest together, ensure grain puts in a storehouse 's charge.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 9 message (reporter Meng Hai) according to Guizhou observatory message, on June 8 07 when to 9 days 07 when, guizhou big rainstorm appears in 39 observation inside 15 counties region to stand, rainstorm appears in 215 observation inside 36 counties region to stand, heavy rain has 376 observation station. The biggest rainfall is go smoothly 100 209.1 millimeter are especially big rainstorm.

        If the passenger needs to submit an expense account proof, but at driving before or the sun of the date that take a car rises 30 days inside, by the original of effective identity document that when buying a ticket, uses, to station wicket mouth (contain automatic carry out to take ticket machine, be commissioned to sell sth to light the window) print; More than 30 days, the passenger can contact railroad center of 12306 customer service is dealt with. Change procedures for more convenient conduction journey, railroad branch suggests the fare that buys electronic passenger ticket uses an electron to pay as far as possible, if need to submit an expense account, get after the journey ends as far as possible submit an expense account proof.

        According to " lash-up of fight a drought of Guizhou Province flood prevention beforehand case " concerned regulation, the requirement is provincial city is concerned inside strong rainfall area (city) , county (city, area) start prevent or control flood instantly beforehand case, transfer dangerous area masses ahead of schedule, had done with all one's strength be on guard answer the job, rigor is on guard the natural disaster that strong rainfall weather may cause and manufacturing safety accident.

        Orders provision, red Cross of place of prefectural class above ought to retain the independence that establishs lawfully in time tripartite orgnaization, the income to donating property has audit with use circumstance, to this class audit result Red Cross board and supervision board report, announce to the society.

        Before this, on the base that Jiangxi province restored on Feburary 19 this year and increases close Nanchang to Belgium to list day to go back and forth between course of total cargo aircraft, in April the middle ten days of a month opened Nanchang to come to Amsterdam, Nanchang to Osaka, Nanchang respectively los angeles these 3 freight temporarily charter flight course. Next, jiangxi will extend total cargo aircraft to decide class course further, encourage development temporarily charter flight course, support recommends company of base goods ship, accelerate research to publish aviation guest freight to develop policy, accelerate advance construction of airport of hub of air-freight of mid area international.

        Tianjin of center extensive network on June 11 message (Zhu Fuqing of reporter Xia Zhenyu) on June 11, press conference of intelligence of the 4th world is in center of Beijing Mei Deya news to hold. On the meeting, jin Xiangjun of Tianjin city deputy mayor introduces this world intelligence congress to will be in Tianjin at arriving 24 days on June 23 great theater holds Meideya. With toward different, current mass rally conducts 6 matches activity in all, among them, special setting " Haihe River person of outstanding ability " poineering contest, attract exert oneself and breed a batch to have start the gender, Promethean, poineering project that leads a gender formerly, better poineering innovation atmosphere is built in whole society.

        According to introducing, demonstrative area follow-up closes to will be opposite in succession on receive east the road network of alliance and European Union, breath out in implementation, in black, medium Russia, medium the circuit normalization such as Europe decides a class to leave row, the new-style international other people with powerful force of muscularity of construction international influence, assemble sheds a passageway, promote on join an organization economic corridor commerce is changed with carriage advantage.

        Because little patient condition is critical, and the risk that faces both hands amputation, local hospital is in meticulous little patient of the proposal after evaluating turns courtyard to Zhongshan surgery of microscopical and traumatic hand makes one courtyard be treated deep.


          Rectify and reform the job to advance superintend of central zoology environmental protection deep, the ceremonially that start, government of Hainan state government, sea north state and protection of area of Qinghai lake scene use management board relevant and responsible comrade was rectified and reform with respect to problem of feedback of superintend of central zoology environmental protection make known his position to make a speech, protection of area of Qinghai lake scene uses management board deputy director general Comrade Ha Chengke to express, group of superintend of environmental protection of central the 6th zoology hits the mark to the feedback opinion of environmental protection of Qinghai lake zoology, essence of life allows profundity, true reflected environmental protection of Qinghai lake zoology " hurt forcedly " and " short board " .

        Ministry of molybdenum charging product upgrades the establishment of useless water treatment after transforming (Shu Longhuan of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 18 message (reporter Lei Kai) news of Shaanxi province government does today (18 days) hold a news briefing, released " Shaanxi saves space of zoology of the Huanghe valley to administer 10 big moves " . Shaanxi saves Dang Shuangren of forestry bureau director to express, shaanxi will begin diversity of biology of the Huanghe valley to protect the operation, renown wood begins the ginkgo of establish of hand of Zhi Bai of yellow emperor hand, father Gushu that has important history value and commemorative sense regularly healthy check-up.

        Lake of Heilongjiang province total river grows 3 order to ask government of Party committee of each city class, county class, people wants cogent raise politics to stand, safeguard of capital of aggrandizement organization leader, aggrandizement, aggrandizement supervises and direct assessment, ensure finish on schedule take the management that use water special punish acts the goal assignment of each phase, close to sleave is sent and can use environment of safeguard catchment zoology and high quality development continuously with science of water natural resources.

        "Exhibit on cloud of commodity of middle east Europe hold, it is we try to exhibit commodity of middle east Europe first move to the net, also be special period answers epidemic situation percussive an attempt. Had invited more than 500 ginseng to exhibit now the enterprise purchases an enterprise to attend with 2000, what the hamster in specialized service still will build 365 days of the enterprise in city is one-stop online service platform, make Ning Bo into the ground that enters the first selection of Chinese market for commodity of middle east Europe hard. " chief expresses related bureau of business affairs of peaceful wave city.

        At the beginning of this year, in the new coronal that faces arise suddenly when pneumonic epidemic situation, ningxia threw many financial resources, manpower, material resources, energy to fulfil good epidemic prevention to work a dish of chess. Door of Ministry of Education feels a whole area not to have the difficult family student that watchs a condition, strive for support of business of each big communication operation, what the signal of satellitic direct seeding that realized Ningxia to teach a TV station is enclothed completely and Ningxia teachs cloud platform is all and enlightened. Additional, the student that still teachs level family difficulty for whole area obligation gives network flow, free broadband is carried fast. "Internet + education " bright look is behaved in final examination of this epidemic situation.

        Good to do the good work, do not lose the great expectations of examinee and family, the driver of motorcade of rental group love, having those who abound to send take an examination of experience, they will are opposite according to the knot the circumstance of examinee, communicate with examinee parent beforehand, mix along examinee home take an examination of a dot to undertake road rehearse, master travel time and the road block that avoid a likelihood, fulfil the heavy responsibility that sends examination room for the student 100 percent. In 2 days of the university entrance exam, receive the domestic doorway that sends a car to will shift to an earlier date one hour to arrive at examinee, let the parent be at ease, examinee sets his mind at.

        Up to now, share 542 to exhibit business purchases business to enter with 2516 halt platform is exhibited on the cloud. Well-known company of Europe of numerous middle east and characteristic product had gathered together on platform, besides food drink, daily expense household, day makes up the United States to wait for a product, still enterprises of many new and high science and technology sign up participate in, operation of the low reflex glass that as usual uses at museum holding, Latvian fiber-optic product, unmanned aircraft manages software to wait, more science and technology kind the enterprise is participated in, abounded the kind of item on display that extends on the cloud and administrative levels, go up in all at present line 1643 item on display.

        Hero of center extensive network is installed on June 18 message (reporter Meng Xiaoguang) hero installs new developed area to install new county to answer new coronal office of group of leader of job of pneumonic epidemic situation today (18 days) issue announcement, accuse to strengthen epidemic situation to prevent further, the epidemic situation that because personnel is brought without order flow,reduces spreads a risk, cut off effectively catch a pass, classics hero installs new developed area to install new county to answer new coronal research of group of leader of job of pneumonic epidemic situation, decision from June 18, 2020 12 when case, install car of new county area to carry out to pass in and out temporarily traffic control.

        The reporter builds academy of consolidate of university project appraisal to understand from Shandong, on June 10, be located in road of hill of Jinan all previous nun meets do missionary work of 47 goddess of primary Catholic square benefit courtyard (abbreviation " nun building " ) will formal translation. "Move " to the crossing outside tens of rice. "Nun building " total floor area makes an appointment with 1700 square metre, gross weight makes an appointment with 2600 tons, for three-layer brick timberwork, will build limited company of engineering of major of solid special type to undertake migratory protection construction by Shandong. Translation project predicts a long time to be able to be finished, move after reposition " nun building " the heavy traffic that shuts boreal look out the main street eastwards, the high buildings and large mansions that back builds south, make the bid of one place new ground around, elegant demeanour of returning cultural relic.

        City of another name for Jiangxi Province of center extensive network on June 3 message (Zhan Yuanchun of Wu Pengshan of reporter Xie Yuansen's reporter) on June 3 before dawn 4 when, deep tall Tie Liheng crosses another name for Jiangxi Province Beijing 9 railroad are especially big the bridge bridge of turn of compose of 14 thousand tons of T, in two big thrust the drawing of automatic and successive jack falls, suitable hour hand rotates 56 degrees, safety spans to have capital already 9 railroad line, allow a butt joint with essence of two side bridge, when whole turn process is used nearly 60 minutes, indicating another name for Jiangxi Province is deep tall iron Jiangxi paragraph construction of all turn bridge receives an official successfully.

        On June 3, college of Shandong grain industry is released in its official net first " what handle about undertaking to Chen Qiuyuan record of formal schooling is cancelled is fair show " . Fair show say, "Collect through the data, academic contact is checked and school examine and verify, economy of 2004 class international and Chen Qiuyuan of commerce major student fasten my school imposture enter a school, via school principal office conference considers to decide, my school will cancel Chen Qiuyuan to learn to believe news of net record of formal schooling by the program. My school will cancel Chen Qiuyuan to learn to believe news of net record of formal schooling by the program..

        Deep in passageway heavy canal uses structure of steel casing concrete first in our country, the standard is in charge of a section to grow 165 meters, 46 meters wide, 10.6 meters tall, compare harbor bead bay big bridge 33 heavy canal channel is little 1, those who use is the factory changes the manufacturing way with prefab standard, division of 22 standards valve is in be apart from construction maritime space the Zhuhai ox outside 50 sea mile is finished on head island, carry from maritime float next construction site, sink again marine butt joint. 4 boat bureau is deep in Zhou Lin of minister of ministry of passageway project project says: "These heavy canal channel are to be in our country first large-scale use structure of steel casing heavy canal, large volume of section of every standard valve is used amount to 30 thousand from close-grained concrete, total square volume amounts to 700 thousand, every heavy canal should use 12 thousand tons of steel, be equivalent to building the rolled steel that place of iron tower of Er of 1.6 dust humble uses to measure, this is we experience harbor bead bay after big bridge is built, another when encounter weighs final examination test. Another when encounter weighs final examination test..

        In recent years, south short for Weihe River disentomb actively the rich connotation of outstanding and traditional culture, innovation accedes the culture that be not involuntary discharge of urine, launch general investigation of the project that be not involuntary discharge of urine, build the perfect protection that be not involuntary discharge of urine, the research that strengthens blame involuntary discharge of urine, maintain, save and travel, be dedicated to telling story of involuntary discharge of urine of south Africa of good short for Weihe River,

          In recent years, guangdong traffic person hears the dance since chicken, day and night travel at double speed, regardless of the weather, accelerate ceaselessly advance each other of interconnection of infrastructure of transportation of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to connect construction,

        As we have learned, activity of this second cloud invite applications for a job combines 12 intellectual property to serve orgnaization and Guangdong industry university by Guangzhou city intellectual property bureau, and south university, Huanali is versed in the much home college such as the university is held, serve an orgnaization for personnel of broad to apply for a job and intellectual property " pull wires builds the bridge " , the business that help strength is overall answer of go back to work is produced, alleviate effectively enterprise " it is difficult to hire " with to apply for a job person " obtain employment is difficult " problem.