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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:59

        2020年06月25日 08:58:59


        Be thankful alma mater: Attend school days is the fortune of my lifetime

        Combining village village appoint in the courtyard of the meeting, listed in detail in announcement column the relevant circumstance of village farmer. Li Linsong of the first secretary says associated village, this is the stage Zhang that they build, the fundamental condition such as farmer housing, income, look obviously for nothing " a his fundamental condition, above all income of sex of a salary this respect, work where, dry what works, hit next how long, how much is lunar income, how much is gross income, this very clear be clear at a glance sees he does what this year, how does his income come. How does his income come..

        Langfang of center extensive network on June 10 message (reporter Wang Zhida) reporter from railroad of Beijing the Tang Dynasty manger department of 2 mark project learns, 10 days, site of construction of this project pier undertook first successive bridge hangs basket construction, it is important that plan of 3 reaches project strides railroad of Beijing the Tang Dynasty one pace.

        According to statistic, the Fuzhou City always peaceful county casts the Gu Shuming wood that protect to already amounted to 1423, insurance amount adds up to 4.402 million yuan. Last year May, the Fuzhou City always peaceful county starts judicatory of Gu Shuming wood to protect, established whole town jointly first " job of protection of judicatory of Gu Shuming wood is nodded " . Last year in September, establish complete province first " room of contact of protection of judicatory of Gu Shuming wood " , concentration begins ancient tree education of protection, law, assizes, volunteer service, build in all treat in all wait for the job. In the meantime, come on stage jointly " protection of Gu Shuming wood implements plan " , wood of name of wall introduction Gushu reachs Gu Shuming wood to protect law to set on, fulfil a canal to protect responsibility.

        Zhengzhou of center extensive network on June 17 message (reporter Li Fan) suffer day after day weather of overcast and rainy affects traffic information of newest high speed to show, henan many high speed prohibits reaching above passenger goods train 7 times to pass through. In the meantime, remind a travel the driver notices discretion drives.

        Ban with feed material to include: The gemmiparous potato, bright day lily, kidney bean, feral dawdle, agaric that immerses to time grows too and deteriorate, tremella or rice area products, nitrite (include inferior sodium nitrate, inferior potassium nitrate) , the additive agent for food of the meal link taboo such as antiseptic, emulsifying agent, stabilizing agent, those who do not have complete label, the loose agent of the Peng that contain aluminium, artificial colorant and products of the area that contain aluminium, meat products that contains artificial colorant and dressing.

        Case of illness of diagnose of the input outside the condition 2: Xu is such-and-such, male, 32 years old, guangdong book, CA946 airliner passenger. When entering a country, detect temperature 36.8 ℃ , xi'an custom and Xi'an city nucleic acid detect the result all is masculine gender, bosom CT is unusual. Group of expert of classics city class diagnoses tegether, diagnose for new coronal pneumonic diagnose case of illness. Keep apart cure in the medical establishment that decide a dot at present.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 17 message (reporter Wang Hang) recently, guiyang city supervises and direct superintend and director is checked bureau come on stage " Guiyang city home village or town (town) , the member that superintend and director checks street agency runs way " (try out) (the following abbreviation " administrative measure " ) . Basis " run way " , guiyang city carries out development fulfil in the center of, the relevant demand that province, city builds big superintend and director to examine working structure about compose, superintend and director of tamp basic level checks power, get through superintend and director checks last kilometer, compose is built " the horizontal stroke arrives edge, vertical after all " superintend and director examines network job system.

        Xining of center extensive network on June 13 message (reporter Liu Zegeng) on June 12, rise as train hooter noise, 396 tourists were set foot on " clean ground of travel of · of big beautiful Qinghai, Qinghai person swims Qinghai " Xining travels to Geermu special train, open a trip that says to go.

        Forest the chief engineer tells a reporter, because bridge is located the characteristic of situation, put in larger construction difficulty, they also are this creativity the ground used a variety of construction methods. "This advocate the bridge spans equestrian Hangzhou aqueduct of Wu Longjiang, shipping of bridge area contact is current busier, another difficulty is Fuzhou belongs to a typhoon to send an area more, so big what the steel joist beam bridge that crosses path uses is craft of big cantilever construction, the construction system of one I asymmetry, will reduce construction risk. At the same time we use the lock outside water side put oneself in another's position to assist the construction of big cantilever, the purpose is to assure the safety of construction of big bridge big cantilever. The purpose is to assure the safety of construction of big bridge big cantilever..

        2001, be able to bear or endure the line of sight that jujube of winter of crop of saline alkaline economy walked into them. 2010, this village introduces establishment to help advance somebody's career, cultivate to wintry jujube, administrative technique has promotion, form " solar conservatory + canopy of steel wearing quilt + prevent canopy + open air " much means cultivates pattern, came true the uninterrupted in October maturity, new phase that appear on the market reachs from May inside year.

        In the spot, orgnaization of service of 12 intellectual property passes platform of new media of intellectual property major to develop general situation of course, brand and service characteristic to undertake direct seeding explains to public around what serve an orgnaization severally to personnel of broad to apply for a job interactive, allow the operation style that personnel of to apply for a job knows orgnaization of different invite applications for a job in the round, intuitionisticly, conveniently, improve efficiency of invite applications for a job.

        Increase company of science and technology enterprise, new and high to basic level a gleam of technology breed, support. Plan to bring into science and technology enterprise to cultivate the industry of the library to basic level a gleam of, give project of science and technology support directly. To be in the science and technology that the key gives aid to area establishs enterprise, achievement of province science and technology is changed lead fund preferential give devoted support; To be in the key gives aid to the company of new and high technology of area be born, achievement of province science and technology is changed guide fund to increase equity to cast strength continuously.

        Below the setting that expands nightly economy energetically in Shanghai, natural nature science of house of Shanghai science and technology, Shanghai is passed " museum is wonderful night " build atmosphere of night life section, for people culture consumption offers richer alternative, let more person walk into museum, understand nature and science and technology, promote scientific artistic appreciation.

        The high school school that according to city the building is versed in Wu arrange and each area newspaper send builds progress case, 3 high school that plan investment used 2020 (campus of hillock of mud of Shenzhen middle school, south artistic high school of division old attached middle school, city) can term begins by the plan. Among them, campus of hillock of mud of Shenzhen middle school is being begun indoor decorate and construction of the engineering outdoor, adjacent already finish, predict consign school was prepared June term begins, new this year in September campus is enabled, deep in recruit students number will increase 1300 people to control, recruit about 2100 people in all; City artistic high school is transformed (ministry of international of Long Hua campus transforms school of Shenzhen foreign language and former address of high middle school does Long Hua newly Shenzhen art high school) beginning construction; South division old attached middle school already 2019 the bottom builds basically, the school is being prepared actively now autumn terms begins this year.

        / of G826 of Xi'an of Shenzhen north ~ 7, G818 / 9

        According to introducing, of this course debut to save promotion Jiangxi international freight transport power, extend air-freight direction, perfect route network position, expedite Jiangxi saves content of international of enterprise of foreign trade imports and exports to shed a passageway.

        "Qidan impression -- high-quality goods of distant acting cultural relic is exhibited " museum is visited in Guangdong " the cloud kicks off " (rich of province of Guangdong of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        According to introducing, shaanxi province teachs website of department of company of office door website, person, Ministry of Education in Shaanxi province since June 22 " 24365 campus invite applications for a job " platform release information of invite applications for a job; On June 29 9:00 to on July 3 18:00 enlightened " Shaanxi province is special hillock teacher management information system " , accept examinee to sign up, post of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is volunteer, be restricted to sign up for a post each. Every is in school or job or disciplinary treatment is crossed during be out of job, undesirable obtain employment is recorded, and of all kinds basic level serves period up to not full on August 31, 2020 person, or assessment is once unqualified inside service period person cannot enter oneself for an examination.

        On May 7, act according to change police to drive go to area of Hangzhou arch villa, below the assistance of Hangzhou police, seize guilty suspect Dong Mou, hunt down its on the computer of the spot from " dark net " on more than 10000 bought individual information.

        Build environment of good run business to safeguard financial order security, compose, on May 8, yellow riverside police is organized alarm force goes to Dalian, Shenyang two ground begin first time to centralize operation controlling a network, commit a crime to this in the gang 1 cover illegally show a suspect to reach 12 people holding card that report a case to the security authorities phonily to undertake centralized capturing. On June 2, yellow riverside police goes to and other places of Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui to begin concentration the 2nd times to control net operation again, commit a crime this successfully gang catch the whole lot in an action, arrest the 33 crime suspect such as Wei Mou, Xu Mou, Wang Mou. Current, average per capita of 46 crime suspicion is adopted lawfully by yellow riverside police criminal coercive measures.

        Use network platform to trade, liu Feng protects even broken business emphasis wild animal case (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Zhuhai of center extensive network on June 17 message (Lin Wenqi of Lan Zhicheng of reporter Zhou Yu's reporter) on June 17 11 when 45 minutes, deep in heavy canal of passageway head section and on the west of artificial island dark bury Duan Zaihai bottom to finish accurate butt joint to install, finished first " marine first kiss " , this indicates the move is deep in passageway key circuitry obtains significant progress.


        It is reported, taxi " Hui Min certificate " will come to will extend at 12 o'clock every week on August 31 on June 8, add up to 500 thousand pieces, the citizen can shine in the cloud pay App " certificate of Qingdao Hui Min " the zone is gotten, can get every week use 1 piece. The citizen is in take stick have " Hui Min certificate " the make one's rounds of the label swims when the taxi, code of scanning polymerization gathering pays can enjoy 5 yuan of privilege that take a car.

        The letter of different situation is visited take different return kind, get through serves masses " last kilometer " . Means of clear to having connection and appeal to beg clear, have a return through mobile phone short message or network system; To having connection explanation of means, need communicates, use present or answer goes again after the phone talks about party about; Connect a telephone call to notting have but the address is clear, belong to this academy administer, after conduction decision is made, the basic level such as the community that contacts party place in time, police station is organized, bulletin letter visits a case to handle a case; The incoming letter person with bigger to the age, further journey, adopt come to visit or the means of long-range video has answer.

        As we have learned, " method " by Zhejiang province judicatory hall, Zhejiang saves big data bureau to be drafted jointly. Early days, two units go to Shanghai to begin early days survey jointly, made concerned legislation work implement plan; " method " after first draft is finished, early or late 3 written asked for letter of the letter that save a net, public security, classics, market to superintend the opinion that waits for legislation of more than 30 provincial concerned unit and government of people of 11 city that establish a division and partial basic level to connect a dot, seek social community opinion publicly through the network, ask bureau of big data of 6 city that establish a division submits written investigation report; In addition, bureau of big data of province judicatory hall, province still sends person specially assigned for a task to go to and other places of Hangzhou city, stage state city, justice black city to begin legislative survey, held an expert 2 times to prove meeting, branch to coordinate forum of meeting, industry. On the foundation that studies each honest opinion proposal one by one, bureau of big data of province judicatory hall, province is right " method " text undertook iteration modification, the 44th times standing conference discusses government of final classics province to pass and be promulgated to the society.

        Current, still have 15 rivers, water level of 20 wadi station exceeds alarm, add Jiang Xiangxi among them (2) station (county of door of dragon of benefit state city) water level 41.4 meters, exceed alarm (38.85)2.55 rice, Yong Hanhe always Chinese station (county of door of dragon of benefit state city) water level 22.18 meters, super- alarm (bay of the 20.0)2.18 rice, river that send a pool frightens a station (Guangzhou city adds the city zone) water level 14.12 meters, exceed alarm (the station below water tower of 12.0)2.12 rice, Ma Bei (rich of benefit state city collect county) water level 25.91 meters, super- alarm (Yang Cun of 24.0)1.91 rice, fair Zhuang He stands (rich of benefit state city collect county) water level 24.82 meters, exceed alarm (23.0)1.82 rice.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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