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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:53

        2020年06月25日 08:58:53

        Hou Kai of doctor of officinal plant major introduces Sichuan agriculture college, alone Xie Cao is plant of our country's peculiar lonely involuntary discharge of urine, distributing to reach Shaanxi at Sichuan, Gansu Province, Yunnan only, mirrorring happy horse to draw the old plant district before elegant orogenic movement is distributinging circumstance. The its unique structure that spends one part of a historical period, have very high value and scientific sense to studying angiosperm is developmental.

        Introduce according to winter of Shenyang of secretary of company Party committee, vise general manager, company early or late accumulative total admits many 2700 to build archives poverty door obtain employment, send deficient because of incomplete among them many 430, send deficient due to illness 570 much people, accumulative total sends knock off endowment 1.024 billion yuan, enclothe 10 villages and towns inside the county 108 villages (community) , mix directly drove family of poverty of inside and outside of nearly 3000 counties to eliminate 0 obtain employment secondhand, realized essence of life to take off deficient to take off deficient to become rich definitely the end that approachs well-off, took off deficient assault fortified positions to make certain contribution for place.

        Current, be the crucial period that our country accelerates powerful nation of construction liaison man. The deepness confluence that carries as the contemporary IT such as 5G, artificial intelligence and traffic develops, intelligent shipping makes the inevitable trend that shipping develops, make the point of important hair force that traffic powerful nation builds.

        Especially since pneumonic epidemic situation produces new coronal, guangdong skill catchs epidemic situation to prevent accuse, protect blood to collect single-handed for, make meticulously collect epidemic situation of the orgnaization that offer blood to prevent plasma of convalescence of the person that accuse guideline, rehabilitation to collect cure working program, donate blood the multinomial act such as safe decathlon acceptance, organize complete province to collect the safety that offer blood to groom lecture, the blood that effectively ensured complete province is supplied and blood is safe.

        Through carrying out rehabilitate of annulus lake zoology in the round, pool of another name for Yunnan Province appeared first " the lake is retreated into the person " . Retreat into the lake from the person, surround a lake to create field, to retreat return a lake n cultivated land, retreat return n cultivated land forest, processing of pool of another name for Yunnan Province reflected the process with Chinese acknowledge nature, natural understanding. Tang Yunhong of deputy director general of management board of pool of Kunming city another name for Yunnan Province introduces, lakeside of pool of another name for Yunnan Province is finished retreat a pond to retreat cropland 45 thousand mus, return a house 2.33 million square metre, remove a person 28 thousand person, demolish the bank that prevent wave 43.14 kilometers, rehabilitate area of water area of pool of another name for Yunnan Province 11.51 square kilometer, build wet ground 54 thousand mus, came true " the person is retreated into the lake " to " the lake is retreated into the person " historical change, lakeside zoology function and biology diversity get resumptive.

        Center is wide net justice black on June 5 message (reporter Zhang Guoliang) on June 5, 2020, "Justice new Europe " in Oubanlie (justice black - Madrid) X8020 second " epidemic prevention special train " cry in justice black west station flute sets out head for Spanish capital Madrid. The epidemic prevention goods and materials that row of this time of class is carrying a 86 standards container and manufacturing life are badly in need of goods and materials, again Madrid of rush to the rescue.

        "With agricultural industrialization development aids force to take off deficient assault fortified positions, we invest more than yuan 3000 in all, the job taking off deficient that presses down village of more than port for Yang Wan sends force continuously. " Wang Gong of president of trade of couplet friendly steam is suitable say, help deficient company foundation up to produce a situation at present, annual and preferential arrange poverty door to pursue the job such as stoving, treatment and farm service, work for a long time among them 10 people control poverty door, year per capita amounts to 30000 yuan of above, seasonal with labour 15 people are controlled, year per capita is in 16000 yuan - 24000 yuan differ, settled a portion effectively poverty door is daily domestic income problem.

        As we have learned, university of industry of five place, Zhejiang and tripartite of government of people of tung country city are in spaceflight after signing strategic cooperation agreement, the domain such as Internet of industry of remote sensing of processing, satellite, day radical will be digitlized to begin thorough collaboration in prefectural region big garden; Tripartite establishs collaboration academy of satellitic remote sensing, the center of technical research and development that exert oneself makes Huadong and even data of domestic satellite remote sensing, application releases center, value to trade center, breed satellitic data processing, data to develop the applied property such as net of couplet of application, content.

        Save various and of all kinds school to realize orderly resume classes in the round completely, 110 colleges already termed begins entirely. Up to on June 1 17 when, 8.077 million person of student of return to school after the vacation, rate of return to school after the vacation is 92.58% . Among them, rate of return to school after the vacation of college, middle and primary school, nursery school is respectively 92.7% , 97.42% with 73% . Prevent in epidemic situation accuse to normalize a condition to fall, whether to press opening time return to school after the vacation to the student, zhejiang is adopted include manner, the student that allows remit to school asks for leave, allow the parent to reside cheeper a look after especially, act according to circumstance grants option. Right not student of return to school after the vacation, ask each school is strengthened dog coach, reduce the effect that epidemic situation causes to the student as far as possible.

        26 days, angry Jiang Zhouqi uses natural disaster 3 class lash-up are answered, establish rescuing headquarters of lash-up of calamity of state level nature, job of rush to deal with an emergency of calamity of nature of county of hill of responsible and direct tribute providing disaster relief.

        The main task of punish involves 6 keys field: Water conservancy project builds safe punish. Bag of cent of illegal subcontract of company of key punish construction, violate compasses hang lean, the behavior such as the mount guard that do not have card, forbidden the enterprise that does not accord with a condition and personnel enter irrigation works to build the market, clough of processing of aggrandizement flood net, wadi, reservoir divides water of division of division of danger consolidate, fill to transform it is great and dangerous to wait for construction of water conservancy project source canal accuses, the individual protective equipment such as normative safety belt, safety helmet uses government.

        This year in March, fosan city public security bureau receives the clew that duty Wu branch turns over to say via detect detachment, 113 enterprises such as limited company are suspected of all of home of some fort of Fosan city Europe illegal external empty opens bill of value added tax. For puissant blow experience duty domain highlights crime, province Public Security Department coachs via detect bureau Fosan city bureau and development of branch of duty Wu check cooperate, open the domestic all industry with relatively outstanding crime to begin to Fosan city empty grind sentence an analysis, combinative home all makes trade theory open a characteristic, begin clew to feel a platoon deep, make a thorough investigation of in the round fact of crime of experience record company. In view of details of a case great, province Public Security Department labels this series record " hurricane 25 " case.

        Newest announce " energy index " make clear, zhejiang province set index of jerk of poineering work of small small company newly to amount to 137.2 a little bit 2019, grow 9.28% compared to the same period, add fast the fastest, the contributive rate that rises to energy index is achieved 58.89% ; Index of innovation degree of polymerization keeps strong, close at 138.53 bits; It is certain that management scene bearing and environmental satisfaction spend an index to all have go up. The contributive rate that satisfaction of degree of polymerization of management scene bearing, innovation, environment spends an index to rise to total index is respectively 18.85% , 17.41% with 4.85% .

        Farm of blessing of beautiful of village of birthday of blessing of long smooth countryside more than mus of 100 vegetable base is damaged (Qiu Hailang of reporter of hair of center extensive network is photographed)

        Holding subsequently " base of check study of judicatory of mechanism of Shanghai procuratorial work " on press conference of the ceremony that start, huangfu Changcheng of director of city procuratorate lab was reported in recent years the check study of mechanism of Shanghai procuratorial work works effect introduced " base of check study of judicatory of mechanism of Shanghai procuratorial work " relevant circumstance, cao Xiao Ye introduced deputy chief procurator of procuratorate of Yang Pu area " case of judicatory of directiveness, referenced sex inquires a system " relevant circumstance.

        The industry of Malaysia stationery book of slope of Yuan Zaiji grand combines total meeting arrange to pay attention to long Mr Yan Ruiliang to express through video assembly room, below epidemic situation very expect to be able to have the platform on such line, build the bridge of commerce communication. "So, be being exhibited this on line of gift of peaceful wave stationery is to do very in time really, very good also, those who solved us to cannot come to China purchase is difficult. Those who solved us to cannot come to China purchase is difficult..

        Large plant of the Chengdu City serves competition ability of core of course of study, high level advances world article to achieve famous city, travel famous city, match famous city and international cate, of music, can exhibit " 3 cities 3 " construction, exert oneself models setting of 8 big spending, start 14 first TOD to implement a project, make the community such as boiling small town consume new setting demonstrative project 14, come on stage carry brace up inside require action plan, release 1000 1000 new setting, new products continuously to the whole world, roll out map of new spending of epidemic disease hind.

        Build the task to ensure safe, high grade, efficient ground completes a project, project construction just assembles advantage resource, advance a project to build in order. Li Liang tells a reporter, from Feburary the bottom is comprehensive since go back to work, concerned respect is organized through adjusting construction in time, increase resources investment, fall the influence of epidemic situation to lowest, already satisfied requirement of node of construction time limit for a project at present.

        With before be in harmony of all previous short for Zhejiang Province can be compared, current Zhejiang be in harmony can be designed in mobile theme, closely around " 6 firm " " 6 protect " and consumption of hurried of firm foreign capital of firm foreign trade, from trade test division economy of construction of great and open platform, number, cross job of the key such as condition cable business, heat, specific aim strong, move is strong, revealed Zhejiang adequately various government serves as actively with concerned branch, the psychosis of active meet an emergency, it is an enterprise hard from " the danger of epidemic situation " to " the machine of transition " change offers condition of good luck, creation.

        Legal cost still has the function that remove fee in administrative system, the case undertakes the judge is when end a case, can start the technological process that remove fee the systematic information that check, actively through handling a case directly, after waiting for examine and verify to affirm, the amount that remove fee can return the Zhang bugle call that party provides in real time, implementation should be retreated retreat, the pain spot that solves the existence in retreating cost to work before thoroughly, difficulty and block a dot up.

           2 it is plan of own decision invite applications for a job. Place of courtyard of institution of higher learing, scientific research, public hospital weaves in this unit inside gross limits, make plan of invite applications for a job independently, own organization carries out job of invite applications for a job, before person company department has a thing to plan of invite applications for a job no longer, the organization puts on record, reduced flow of work of invite applications for a job, compressed cycle of job of invite applications for a job.

        Guangzhou custom place belongs to Guangzhou post-office custom to hunt down mouth of 9 hempen lampblack in taking condition post (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Long Bai Shan is beauty spot of national 5A class, china one of 10 names hill, have northeast inferior highest peak. Long Bai Shan also is volcano of a dormancy, crater seeper becomes a lake namely day pool. Summer, melting day pool water an azure blue; In the winter, the day pool that seals aspic puts a face on the ice a whiteness. Long Baishan is icebound period in November left and right sides of the last ten-day of a month comes immediately following in time year of the middle ten days of a month on June, it is our country the last the lake that opens ice.

        Main body activity. Namely Hunan investment climate and key industry are recommended meeting, will be in in the morning on June 29 Changsha is held with type of line upper part, face the whole world to open type network direct seeding. The activity will recommend me to save investment climate in the round, the key industry such as medicine of advanced manufacturing industry, biology, and the circumstance such as industry of advantage of support of innovation of science and technology, finance, hold major project online autograph is made an appointment with.

        Hangzhou of center extensive network on June 2 message (Wen Jun of Cao of reporter Li Jia) 2 days afternoon, zhejiang holds the 49th new hat pneumonic epidemic situation is prevented accuse working press conference. The bulletin on the meeting: On June 1, zhejiang is not had add diagnose case newly, without add the person that affect without the symptom newly. Up to on June 1 24 when, zhejiang already did not have diagnose case of illness; The person that accumulative total report is affected without the symptom 229, the person that still affect without the symptom in medical observation 4.

        The member that custom closes undertakes probation to importing waste paper (king Yi star is photographed)

        Maritime branch expresses Zhan Jiang, as the central unit that be stationed in crystal clear, clench the area from trade harbor bridgehead advantage, go to already all the way carry in the van to go, be dedicated to ensuring safety of the transportation on water, hainan of service butt joint is built from trade harbor, economy of the place that help strength grows.

        Center extensive network grows Bai Shan on June 11 message (reporter Liu in a steady stream) the reporter is in charge of from long Bai Shan appoint can understand, long white Shan Tianchi opens ice today. Melt gradually as what put a layer on the ice, icebound the peak of the long long Bai Shan of 7 months this world Shanghai unplugs highest, area the active volcano mouth with the biggest, the deepest seeper lake, opened mysterious veil.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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