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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:58:58

        2020年06月25日 08:58:58

        Diagnose case of illness is inputted outside the 58th condition, female, 25 years old, student, chinese book, reside new York of dwelling place United States. Take a scheduled flight from American los angeles (CA988) , arrived at Tianjin seaside International Airport on June 8. The temperature when entering a country 36.3 ℃ , declare state of the disease that do not have disease; After via custom quarantine the platoon checks sampling, transmit namely to south hotel of Vienna opening an area (yellow wadi inn) concentration keeps apart medical point of observation; 9 days, mop of nose, pharynx child nucleic acid detects the result shows for masculine gender, transmit namely send popular examine to airport hospital. Diagnose of group of classics city expert is case of illness of diagnose of the input outside Tianjin condition, cent for light-duty; Already turned toward Haihe River hospital now, in undertaking about epidemiology investigation. Whole journey carries out closed circuit management.

        The heavy difficulty that regards another name for Jiangxi Province as deep Gao Tie controls one of sexual projects, full-length 6414.2 meters Huang Baishan channel is located in Jiangxi to save city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province to believe abundant county and complete south in high mountain ridges of prefectural have a common boundary. This channel country rock is complex extreme difference of changeful, stability, order and degree of construction safety risk is higher, pass through many shallow bury bias voltage paragraph with many broken belt, rupture belt, country rock of class of complete Sui Ⅳ , Ⅴ is occupied bigger, groundwater is rich, existence bias voltage is broken firm, dash forward mud dash forward water, cave in, spread the risk such as collapse, construction risk big, difficulty is tall.