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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:59:00

        2020年06月25日 08:59:00

           To capture difficulty, target of successful succeeding node, deep in passageway project is built period Party committee with " trailbreaker " the project is grasper, the ginseng such as one boat bureau is handed in to build unit Party member in managing backbone of technology of Party member of ministry Party branch by insular Sui project, held water " vanguard of heavy canal channel " reach " artificial island vanguard " in assault of assault fortified positions of construction a gleam of, deploy construction plans their science, plan as a whole formulate " route chart " , reach plan of every pace construction accurately hour and even minute. They are guiding more than 200 builder to pass X hour uninterrupted exercise, receive first heavy valve eventually the historical hour of satisfactory butt joint.

           Quickening the horizontal musical instrument of construction, custom also is connected for port close quickly, promote from trade piece the division develops. Connect as 24 hours close " advocate position " , port of horizontal musical instrument and overbridge of island of Macao young are linked together, the small passenger car of two ground card via this come-and-go is numerous, two ground custom is right the small passenger car of condition of pass in and out of Jing Hengqin port, approbate machine of other one party to check check not to have unusual result, managing car getting check is connected pass time 40% .

        The field prepares in capital, farming issue Shandong to save branch finance 30 billion yuan special use at supporting summer grain crops to buy, increase at any time according to need. Ensure summer grain crops is bought " the grain such as the storehouse, grain such as money, grain such as the person " .

        As we have learned, this the autograph builds about " the country believes " breed labour boat loading capacity to make an appointment with 100 thousand tons, breed water system to amount to 80 thousand stere, captain 249 meters, single ship invests about 400 million yuan, plan to begin large yellow croaker, grouper, Atlantic redfish, yellow the renown actor such as a Zuo breeds fingerling, predict to produce per year can 4000 tons, year all do business income makes an appointment with 220 million yuan. This labour boat takes concept of green breed aquatics on the design, it is with comfortable fishing sex oriented, in ship structure, advance the respect such as means of system, moor to optimize a design, with home banner, world's top-ranking damping falls implementation of technology of a confusion of voices breeds space and shipping overall and organic union, compose builds zoology, efficient, intensive to change cabin to raise a space; Through the system compositive innovate with mode, initiate wisdom to breed new pattern, but effective avoid coastal waters breeds pollution and high seas to breed a risk, can drive shipping at the same time design and build, the many industries confluence such as deep treatment of net of couplet of wisdom fishery, content, aquatic product develops, confluence of changeover of new old kinetic energy, the army and the people reachs implementation shipping industry those who extend far-reaching sea land to use a space is compositive set an example, in the technology advanced sex respect reachs world banner level, will lead dark open sea of our country off shore to breed new trend.

        Cut off epidemic situation to input transmission channel. Each district should strengthen the risk that country of high to coming from risk and area importer taste to monitor, undertake sampling detecting to environment of sale commodity, place regularly, detect to nucleic acid electropositive article and environment adopt disappear in time to kill wait for lash-up to deal with, to the likelihood the contact detects the personnel of electropositive article and environment undertakes nucleic acid detects in time check with healthy sieve, detect electropositive personnel should be kept apart in time, the person that develop intimate contact instantly tracks management, the epidemic situation that prevents to reach a person by content travels and diffuse. Epidemic situation of aggrandizement key place is prevented accuse. Each district should strengthen the personnel such as pair of seafood markets, free market of agricultural products concentrated discrepancy management and health monitor public staff, fulfil strictly register, measure lukewarm, ventilated, disinfection to wait prevent accuse measure. Aggrandizement risk platoon is checked and environmental sanitation punish, fulfil disappear strictly to the key place such as work station face, sewer, carriage car to kill measure. Strengthen pair of content to flow from epidemic situation of personnel of course of study relevant knowledge grooms, fulfil real name strictly to register, check is inspected, the system such as doubtful goods report, increase frequency of disappear poison bacterium second, eliminate epidemic situation to transmit hidden trouble.

        That day before dawn 4 when make, execute the law jointly group dispatch execute the law personnel and be on duty policeman in all 38, execute the law mosquito craft 1, execute the law car 5, arms cent road heads for new Ou Muzhou, can big a huge legendary turtle the water area around, the nest place that undertakes to illegal crampfish element fishing obtains content to trade is executed " terraqueous block " , control a network successfully. The experience fishing that acts this to seize property of master piece of 5 use report in all " 3 without " shipping, capture crampfish tool 5, fishing obtains content to make an appointment with 100 kilograms, arrest guilty suspect 11. Current, 11 crime suspect and 5 experience fishing " 3 without " shipping already was handed in make further investigation handle by door of the Ministry of Public Security.

        Long Wan emerges green jade path(reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        The reporter sees March age twin anteater exhibits in animal nursery school, when ant bear young cub extends the tongue that is as long as 30 centimeters when, the spot exclamations one piece. The twin ant bear that exhibits first is one fair one mother, although be twin, but still can be distinguished from feature of a few appearances " two sibling " . "Elder brother " compare besides bodily form " little sister " a bit a bit smaller, wool hue is shallow to also can be being compared, ear is compared " little sister " should a bit wider.

        Obligation of whole town common run by the local people teachs the school to want a standard to carry out random and balanced divide into classes, forbidden establish key class, speed class, characteristic class and experimental class to wait with any name. Citizen of 5 the city zone does junior high school to wait for balanced principle according to scale of men and women of every total number, student, by each area branch of educational administration director is in " the action at the beginning of the Fuzhou City runs a system " finish balanced divide into classes, the school outside 5 the city zone by each county (city) branch of director of area education administration is unified the organization is random and balanced divide into classes, unified announce admit and divide into classes result.

        Up to now, tribute hill county throws a rescuer in all 1700 much person-time, rescuing machinery more than 200, job of rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief is being begun in order. Reserve of entire county commissariat is enough, county communication already restored, the country 219 lines 6 libraries are destroyed to tribute hill county road already was grabbed. Stop the guesthouse public house that the tourist all reachs refuge perhaps takes refugee, alone dragon river highway, county comes highway of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces in third still suffocate suffocate, communication is interrupted, in organizing rush to repair.

        On November 18, 2019, superintendency bureau of the flat market that spend city executes the law personnel receives a mayor (government) mailbox turns after handling sheet, be opposite instantly Qingdao inferior limited company of profit objective trade undertakes the spot is checked, 1 batch discovers inside this company storehouse 8 box " crab flesh club " product outer packing tags product name: Crab flesh club (quick-freeze is unripe make) , outer packing is tagged crab flesh composition is not had in burden, outer packing tags additive agent for food to contain crab essence, crab sweet. Party formed those who run the food that nots agree with with label content to violate act. On January 2, 2020, superintendency bureau of the flat market that spend city gives party following punishment: 1. Amerce RMB is rectified 40 thousand yuan; 2. Those who confiscate the 8 box that close down and label content to not agree with " crab flesh club " product; 3. Confiscate illegal earning RMB 1188 yuan are rectified.

        On June 9 15 when 30 minutes, truck of heavy-duty dump of M649** of advance of the discovery when policeman of group of policeman of public security bureau of area of carry city saline is on duty changes motor vehicle external form for do sth without authorization of much load pull, forces drives in the meantime some has not carried a driver's license along with the car. Basis " law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China " relevant provision, public security policeman lawfully sequestered car, fine 700 yuan to write down 1 minute to equestrian somewhere.

        Ren Jiwei expresses, trash environment superintends danger of next will main aggrandizement. On the foundation that has fulfilled problem of superintend of central environmental protection two rounds to rectify and reform the job, hold to an edge to rectify and reform, promotion of edge summary, edge, drive dangerous trash environment to superintend the job to appear on the stage again with all one's strength rank. Accelerate carry out " prevention and cure of pollution of trash of Qinghai province solid plans (2018-2022 year) " , advance construction of ability of medical treatment waste disposal, trash of perfect medical treatment is collected deal with ability system, fill in the round trash of neat medical treatment handles establishment weak point centrally board weak sports. Begin super- period the trends of trash of danger of keep in storage turns to clear operation, trash of severe blow danger deals with illegal move, illegal tip, illegally wait for illegal behavior, ensure dangerous trash is seasonable appropriate deals with. Upgrade solid trash management information system, build didymous solid waste material generation, carry, deal with the informatization platform that whole process undertakes superintendency.

        Current, liaoning inputs diagnose case of illness outside condition of report of complete province accumulative total 21, cure entirely leave hospital; Case of illness of diagnose of mainland of report of complete province accumulative total 128, cure leave hospital 126, die 2.

        Zhang Peng of general manager of finite liability company exceeds drain off water of the town austral short for Weihe River the introduction, day of this sewage treatment plant treats foul water 100 thousand tons, at present one, 2 period project all full load runs, the design gives water water quality to be standard of one class B. After be being transformed through raising bid, use aeration biology filter + mixture reaction precipitates + filter craft, water quality giving water reached level of one class A. He says: "After processing facilities carries mark to transform, water quality giving water becomes better, protect water environment for the city austral short for Weihe River, implementation water natural resources is used circularly, improved people living environment to produce main effect. Improved people living environment to produce main effect..

        "Light is to find best raw material, we went around this circumference thousands of kilometer, daydreaming in the evening is concrete. " in make 4 boat inning deep in passageway project lab is in charge of Sun Shuai say, "After settling the individual and sensitive factor that affects concrete performance, continue to study temperature, time even, irrigate index of function of the canal that build pump, design to wait for much element coupling the action to concrete, must ensure concrete function no risk at all. Must ensure concrete function no risk at all..

        How to reside, more want happy job, how to let move the villager that comes downhill to be able to have a steady income, local government expended many idea. He Min of director of bureau of company of person of happy heart county introduces, they extend channel of impoverished villager obtain employment hard, "On one hand, external we execute bit of one-stop to the dot service output; On the other hand, internally we had done answer of go back to work to produce continuously with firm hillock obtain employment, encourage enterprise and garden area to induct labour of Wu of nearby of poor able-bodied person. Encourage enterprise and garden area to induct labour of Wu of nearby of poor able-bodied person..

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang another name for Guangdong Province should announce) draw near on the weekend, xin Yibo " dragon boat water " will affect Guangdong again. According to atmosphere department forecast, on June 5 - 8 days, guangdong province rainstorm is frequent, bureau ground has big rainstorm or especially big torrential rain, the companion when thunderstorm has 8 class ~ ground of 9 class bureau gale of 10 class thunderstorm.

        As we have learned, the epidemic prevention goods and materials of the 70 standards container in special train of this epidemic prevention is mixed for medical and surgical guaze mask defend take, by Spain relevant section is purchased and pass " justice new Europe " in Ou Ban lists this " steely Lian Xinqiao " carry to Spanish Madrid, alleviate for Spain epidemic situation and answer produce go back to work to offer " Chinese rush to the rescue " .

        The some combination company that pack and leave one's post, retired employee affirms desk of working relationship issue

        Jordanian library Nai compares transcribe of Mr Mulade Abodule of stationery company company VCR, he says in video: "I like Ning Bo very much, could there be every year wave stationery is exhibited. As Jordanian jobber, I need to be government, school, orgnaization and organization to offer high grade and rich writing material and office product. I wish this Ci Ningbo stationery exhibits consummation on the net, everybody can find favorite product and partner. Everybody can find favorite product and partner..

        3 rivers city is located in boundary of Beijing ferry look forward to, be " north 3 counties " one of. Accordingly, the height that 3 rivers city hopes to develop deputy center of overall situation and Beijing city to build in coordination from service Beijing ferry sets out, since 2016, close stopped all 22 mining company, remove workshop of stone of product line of 63 pink stone, 10 mechanisms arenaceous product line, pink and finished product makings library 66 300 thousand smooth rice, end the history that 3 rivers mine extracts thoroughly, the processing that is mine of the eastpart part laid good foundation.

        Be aimed at this round of the situation of a disaster, office of government of Hunan Province lash-up, province decreases calamity appoint office basis " lash-up of deliverance of calamity of Hunan Province nature beforehand case " already started class of Ⅳ of deliverance of natural disaster lash-up to answer, branch of various government and lash-up providing disaster relief begins constituent guidance place actively rescuing deliverance, cogent safeguard is stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses lives basically.

        Country of white cowfish of Guangdong province China is important it is type of wet ground of bayou water area wetly, be located in inside groove guard of nature of level of state of China white cowfish. There is a country inside wet ground white cowfish of China of animal of one class protection. This water area is countrywide China white cowfish distributings the most concentrated, the area with maximum amount.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter Han Min counterpoises) on June 4 when 0-24, sichuan adds virus of new-style coronal shape newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness 1 (for the input outside the condition, the person be affected without the symptom May 24 turns diagnose) , without add newly cure leave hospital case of illness, without add doubt newly to seem case, without add dead case of illness newly.

        Last year, 3 rivers city administers the task to be rolled out in the round to the rest, finished 10 responsibility main body to destroy in those days break mine to administer the task, handle the appearance of do as one pleases of hill body occurrence spring more, mine zoology environment improves further. Predict this year the end of the year, the deserted mine that is extracted 40 one's remaining years, area amounts to 22 square kilometer drapes a green clothes entirely.

        2018, yu Mingsheng took off deficient, after having certain stockpile, yu Mingsheng had new idea again.

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 1 message (Ren Yue of reporter Wu Xinwei's reporter) recently, newspaper of Italian much home carries civil express, area of prosperous of flourish of acknowledgment Chongqing city is in new coronal sends Italian medical treatment goods and materials during pneumonic epidemic situation, expect in pottery and porcelain domain and flourish prosperous area will have further cooperation henceforth.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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