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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:57

        2020年06月25日 08:58:57

        The Communist Party of China peacefuls when Luo Yumei of head of a county of government of people of vice secretary of peaceful county Party committee, county causes greeting decline, point out: "We will continue to carry out " zoology establishs county, talent to promote county, travel to drive, characteristic develops " the strategy, good in protection peaceful culture of folk-custom of nation of green water of peaceful green hill, inheritance while, begin travel to enrol business energetically, advance travel and support deficient, travel and culture confluence development, jiang Suining makes what the resort that travels into zoology, macrocosm travels set an example. Jiang Suining makes what the resort that travels into zoology, macrocosm travels set an example..

        Quality of the whole environment that visit water promotes apparently, implement plan of action of water pollution prevention and cure deep, exert oneself hits water of good green jade to guard battle. Aggrandizement is in charge of lawfully accuse and administer in coordination, begin water quality not to amount to mark catchment special execute the law to check and be discharged into river sewage draining exit check, eliminate A assorted river, an old name for Japan successfully to agree V of bad of river, Chinese parasol river kind water system. Hold to " jar of common people water cannot dirty " , protect fountainhead land effectively, differentiate adjust 407 fountainhead groove guard, finish 17 city class and 26 place county (area) problem of class fountainhead ground rectifies and reform punish, advance fountainhead water quality to amount to mark to replace a project, accumulative total finishs processing of system of 40 black smelly water. Increase sewage disposal establishment to build strength, increase sewage disposal capacity newly 276 thousand tons / day, build transform drainpipe net 571 kilometers.

        New rural area of high speed of Beijing HongKong and Macow stands, Wei Hui stands; Unseal even suddenly high speed east, orchid inspect a station; Big wide high speed grows wall to stand, connect Xu Dong to stand; of day orchid high speed is in relief, Lankaoxi collects fees station; An Luogao fast Wei on the west; Announce of high speed of saline the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces turns a station, gentleman call together stands; Business ascends palace of high speed yellow emperor to stand, hillock of; of station of Ya of ancient city county plum, the station austral a surname county; Apricot of Zheng civilian high speed spends camp, a surname county collects fees station; Lan Na high speed 2 man temple, Wei collects fees station;

        The person that the input outside the condition affects without the symptom 4: Female, 30 years old, sichuan from tribute city person. The patient takes CA632 airliner to reached Jinan Yao wall on June 9 from Pakistan Istanbul International Airport, the temperature when entering a country is normal, without other and unusual symptom, keep apart bit of executive concentration cure to learn observation to concentration by special have a change of luck. Custom of late that day Jinan reports his to enter a country nucleic acid sieve checks masculine gender, reach hospital of Jinan city contagion to keep apart diagnosis and treatment via have a change of luck of ambulance of 120 negative pressure instantly. Disease of before dawn city accused central check nucleic acid to detect on June 10 electropositive, combine the result such as clinical symptom and video examination, via expert group consultation diagnoses the person that affect without the symptom for virus of new-style coronal shape. With aircraft personnel 255 average per capita already carried out collect traditional Chinese medical science to learn observation.

        "Countryside of big Tang Li " send litchi to enter " Chang'an "

        After husband's father and mother dies, the heavy burden that takes care of husband's younger brother falls completely to Liu Mei Xiushen again, "Inchoate moment, feel some really at odds. " Liu Mei Xiu says, a few neighbour once persuaded her: That is your husband's younger brother only, not be husband's father and mother, your elder brother's wife is in charge of so much to do what. "I make a point more, husband's younger brother lives bit more at easely. I am married Xie Jia, marital brother is my full brother. I no matter, who still takes care of him. " the hard choice with old memory, liu Mei always laughs very on beautiful face calm.

        3. After the settle accounts on the palm between the examine that finish, cure protects a patient to medicine is piled up or check a code by generated extraction, take drug to hospital medicine bureau or go relevant examination window makes an inspection can.

        Recommend area of garden of industry of key of content focusing Hunan Province, key, major project, cut a point only and essence of life. Like Hunan advanced manufacturing industry recommends industry of focusing project machinery, orbit transportation industry; Innovation of Hunan science and technology recommends article of video of hill of column of city of science and technology of university of hill of outstanding Yue Lu, horse to start garden; The West Hunan austral Hunan carries on the industry transfers demonstrative area to recommend on the meeting, 6 city states of the West Hunan austral Hunan each advocate turn industry of a key, or key garden area, priority discipline.

        Be affected the most easily by across in view of the hospital, zhejiang is strengthened in the round new coronal is pneumonic inside the courtyard detect. Took the lead in making a provision on April 24, all to medical establishment staff member undertakes nucleic acid and antibody detect, patient of popular to all hair examine and advancement of be in hospital of patient of be in hospital go nucleic acid and antibody detect. Up to now, medical establishment of 767 thousand staff members detect the result is negative entirely; Press nearly 7 days of computation, accept patient of detected calorific outpatient service and patient of be in hospital on average to make an appointment with 61 thousand person everyday, detect the result also is negative entirely. In the meantime, accompany to all be in hospital protect personnel to undertake nucleic acid and antibody detect, the person that discovery was affected without the symptom on May 26 1, make clear pair of epidemic situation adequately to prevent accuse to cannot have absolutely the least bit and lax, any paralytic bring about serious careless omission possibly.

        Ocean environment quality. Water quality of maritime space of whole town alongshore is overall firm in to good, admirable (one, 2 kinds) scale of area of water quality maritime space is 98.3% , rise compared to the same period 7.3 percent, the scale of maritime space area that accords with standard of quality of a kind of seawater among them is 96.9% . Bay of bay of stone of inscriptions beach, berth, Fu Jiazhuang, star, big Hei Shi, Xia Jiahe child with water quality of bathhouse of seawater of bay of celestial being bath good rate all is 100% , good rate is water quality of bathhouse of seawater of tower river bay 91% .

        A young woman should nurse at the same time the husband and husband's younger brother, want to take care of 3 children at the same time, easier said than done. Liu Mei Xiuchang constant backache of the tired acid that get a small of the back, night cannot sleep, be afraid that the husband and husband's younger brother lie on the bed bedsore grows on inactive, body, lie between a few hours to be massaged to him. Hello meal, turn over, massage, serve relieve oneself of the husband and husband's younger brother, it is the thing that she is done 40 years surely everyday. In neighbour eye, her husband and husband's younger brother are unfortunate, long-term lie in bed cannot provide for oneself even relieve oneself; But they are lucky, because they have a good wife, good elder brother's wife, 40 will be guarded silently for years, do not leave do not abandon.

        On May 20, 2019, public security mechanism Wang Mou, Liu Mou, Wang Mou 5 capture. Additional find out, wang Mou sells a river arenaceous illegal earning one hundred and fifty-nine thousand four hundred and ten yuan, liu Mou sells a river arenaceous illegal earning 15 thousand yuan.

        Here setting falls, industrial garden area appears on the market the company hopes with Beijing ferry in succession, city of area of big bay of ministry of long triangle, Chinese and Western and HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province group undertake strategic layout sink for the center, among them mid rise abruptly apparent, resource of a sector of an area of core of 23 lines city suffers chase after hold in both hands.

        14 centuries go to the Christian era 19 centuries are Europe the important period that art history develops, period of this one history, european economy is all-time grow, the society changes agitate of wind and cloud, painterly art was experienced from classic to contemporary significant gradual progress, all sorts of genre develop eagerly, its are far-reaching the influence continues up to now.

        The reporter understands, sichuan saves much arrange of each finance orgnaization to develop simultaneously war epidemic situation, active support serves estate go back to work answer city, through new extend loan, borrow without add of repayment of capital, delay repays captital with interest, the means such as derate accrual supported 31 thousand services estate company and individual and industrial and commercial door answer of go back to work is produced, amount 177.4 billion yuan. Department of Sichuan province finance will cash pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange and accessorial capital make an appointment with 210 million yuan, predict to will be stabilized and drive obtain employment to overtake 200 thousand person.

        In recent years, cloud of Yu company county installs a village two appoint area of have the aid of advantage, adjust ceaselessly optimize agricultural industry structure. 2020, village two appoint active butt joint too courtyard of Gu Nong division, guide vegetable grower to undertake actually changing yield with market demand according to this village, recommend promotion high grade watermelon cultivates short weather, came true to grow change to the fruit by establish of traditional greens colza. "This each watermelon is right for us, not be common watermelon, however the villager becomes rich ' golden key ' . " secretary of Yun Ancun Party branch Introduction Li Xu flying arrives, "After watermelon is harvested, we will lead later period common people grows tomato. We will lead later period common people grows tomato..

        Declare the name independently, the enterprise is established register amalgamative deal with, official seal is engraved make, bill explain get, the bank opens an account, ginseng protect the paralell connection that register to move. Standardization of big thrust travel, intelligence is changed, the whole journey electron of automation is changed register. Simplify business start " one net is connected do " platform bill explain get, official seal is engraved make, ginseng protect the link that register to express sheet to fill in content, "Business start serves only window " the staff member is one-time gather real name information of test and verify, departmental door passes tiring-room share answer with this information, fill in a form and submit it to the leadership repeats in avoiding business start process congener information.

        As we have learned, 2019, chongqing city " double total river is long " sign and issue the 1st total river to grow your, sewage is begun to steal platoon, straight platoon, chaos to discharge special punish action in Chongqing deploy, more than seventeen thousand five hundred river is long reach departmental door, each unit to hear make and move, check punish through the platoon a batch, exposure hits a batch, sewage of effective keep within limits discharges random seniority to be secretly, water environment quality promotes significantly. Wu Chenghai introduces, 2 total rivers grow your requirement taller, limits wider, task is heavier. Basically occupy around chaos of sewage chaos platoon, water front, wadi chaos proposes an issue, divide comprehensive platoon to check, puissant punish, standard manages 3 phase to begin " 3 chaos " special punish acts, made clear specific time. To the end of 2020, chaos of sewage chaos platoon, water front is occupied, wadi chaos builds special punish action to obtain remarkable result, the problem that put an amount is finished basically clear punish, break the law violate compasses behavior to get comprehensive keep within limits, lasting effect mechanism is built effectively, clean clean of basic implementation water quality, wadi the target of cleanness of side of neat, river.

        Mobile spot, besides edge river fancy black agaric works rural area of brook of pleasant of county of a footpath between fields of Chinese prickly ash of special local product of country of well of bucket of county of river of egg of quail of pure natural glossy ganoderma, heart, stone, poplar often suckle the sort such as dish of county ham to abound farming special local product is tasted,

        Among them, high administrative levels gets a soldier talent is top the project that can win 100 million yuan is aided financially and the 10 million allowance that buy a house. The this year's graduates comes Xiamen can win the 20 thousand one-time subsidy that differs to 50 thousand yuan, outstanding doctoral graduate can apply for talent of 100 square metre housing or 1.3 million yuan of allowance that buy a house.

        This year on March 17, 40 old old partners thank make much of of Liu Mei Xiu Xiang En left the world. But already Liu Mei of 71 years old is beautiful, still get afterwards to attend everyday break down the husband's younger brother in the bed. A day of 3 eat, daily before sending sickbed the meal that has cooked; Every night in the middle of the night, time get up look carefully at husband's younger brother to sleep whether smooth and steadily; Ferial in, giving husband's younger brother haircut and nail also is Liu him Mei Xiu starts work, below makings of her understand without being told of essence of life, because long-term lie in bed has given birth to bedsore,Xie Deen never has, and there is a bit peculiar smell in the room... the living normal behavior or conditions that this is 40 years of Lai Liumei show and contrail. So difficult overworked, as dry as a chip insipid the life, right Liu Mei of 71 years old is beautiful nowadays for, be used to already and feel relieved, "Take care of him to come hundred years return old, I set my mind at. " Liu Mei Xiu says.

        Harbin of center extensive network on June 15 message (reporter Qiao Renhui) on June 15 morning 10 when, come in peony river beautiful Mu Sigao site of construction of county of Tie Lin mouth, when construction personnel is used only 78 minutes first groups of 500 meters long rail accurate laid reachs on roadbed having tiny fragments of stone, this mark is worn the whole nation is in build most Gao Tiezheng type enters beautiful of male of tall iron of boreal Gao Han phase of construction of lay a railway track.

        Male beautiful tall iron is our country " in long-term railroad network plans " main construction project and country " 935 " the project of key railroad project of the program, also be current in the whole nation that build most Gao Tie of boreal Gao Han. River of circuit result peony, classics forest mouth, chicken on the west, south 7 rivers, birch, double duck hill comes eventually beautiful Mu Si, full-length 371.6 kilometers, design speed per hour 250 kilometers, it is Heilongjiang province is in build the longest Gao Tie line. City of its along the line will bring into Harbin entirely circle of 3 hours of two hour, economy, formal in November 2016 start, plan operation of formal in Feburary 2022 be open to traffic.

        The 15th does not have the person that the symptom is affected, female, 23 years old, student, chinese book, reside Barcelona of dwelling place Spain. This patient takes a scheduled flight from Spanish Madrid (CA908) , arrived at Tianjin seaside International Airport on May 31. The temperature when entering a country is normal, declare state of the disease that do not have disease, after via custom quarantine the platoon is checked, new coronal is pneumonic antibody is masculine gender, nucleic acid detects the result shows for negative, namely by 120 transmit to airport hospital calorific outpatient service keeps apart observation. Came on May 31 on June 2, sampling of daily much place, nucleic acid detects the result all shows for negative. Nose on June 3 mop child nucleic acid detects the result shows for masculine gender, the input outside be Tianjin city condition via diagnose of city expert group does not have the person that the symptom is affected, already undertook in airport hospital medicine observes keeping apart now. Whole journey carries out closed circuit management.

        5 days nightly - 6 days, county of city of the south in Pearl River delta and Shan end have torrential rain local big rainstorm or especially big rainstorm, county of city of north of delta of north of another name for Guangdong Province, Pearl River and in relief river, luxuriant name has heavy rain to arrive rainstorm is local big rainstorm, thunder city peninsula is cloudy have thunder shower, heavy rain arrives in county of the others city local rainstorm.

        As we have learned, "Sea make one's rounds 1108 " annulus it is Hainan western maritime space head the biggest 60 meters of the most advanced course are maritime patrol boat, captain 64 meters, beam 10.2 meters, be fully loaded with displacement 840 tons, load draught speek of a ship or plane 18, the grade that defy wind can amount to cattail family name 10 class gale, fall for 16 circumstance in cruise speek of a ship or plane but add boat above of 1800 sea mile. This annulus was deployed platform falls since helicopter, huge promoted maritime lash-up deliverance capability, still provided satellite communications and navigational aid and full boat network and supervisory system at the same time, can undertake long-range monitoring in time to spot circumstance, in crucial period, can direct a center temporarily as shift.

        On June 9, flower police is organized alarm force, take action to this bilk gang, arrest 23 crime suspect in all. Classics trial, guilty suspect is right the behavior that is cover bilk poundage with antique of appraisal, auction is admitted.

           Pass through 50 kilometers maritime spaceRealize accurate installation

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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