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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:59:00

        2020年06月25日 08:59:00

           Up to by 2019, area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province already built big bridge of door of big bridge of Pearl River yellow Bu, tiger, harbor bead bay big bridge, Na Sha big bridge 4 cross river passageway, total course of development of highway be open to traffic amounts to area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province 4500 kilometers, core area density makes an appointment with 8.2 kilometers / 100 square kilometer, city of prep above new York, Tokyo is encircled. Save a freeway to give province passageway to amount to 26 completely, save by the adjacent of 4 overland photographs such as Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian (area) the highway that to HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province big bay area all maintains 4 above. Save freeway total course of development to amount to 9495 kilometers completely, reside the whole nation 6 years continuously the first.

        Will come last year in November in December, expert of many 10 international pottery and porcelain that comes from Italy, Germany, United States, Spain, scholar, entrepreneur suffers invite Chongqing Rong Changcan to add 2019 Chongqing " one belt all the way " forum of international pottery and porcelain, with respect to industry of ceramics of China and foreign countries collaboration has development communication, brew cooperative development.

        Construction whole nation's banner wisdom is new alarm Wu project

        Final, via Hangzhou custom concentration careful resembles center, Jia Xinghai closing check affirm, discover its are general field trash content exceeds bid, amount to 2.06% , more than " the entrance can use the solid trash environmental protection that makes raw material to control a standard, waste paper or chipboard " this kinds of field trash of the regulation does not exceed 0.5% be restricted to be worth, belong to environmental protection project to examine unqualified. To this, custom issue to waste paper lawfully examine quarantine handles advice note, make the processing that withdraw motion.

        The pluvial spring mosque of village of spring of flood of countryside of the Hui nationality of spring of restful area flood only then build Yu Mingchao, it is unit of protection of cultural relic of national level key, china is classic Chinese type temple is shirt-sleeve Mohammedan, buddhism and Taoism structure style and characteristic, the idea of Mohammedan culture tradition such as existing animal design cannot give in carving schematic design to break mosque, apply what reflect multiracial culture in great quantities " plum Lan Zhuju " , " lucky eight treasures " , " dark the Eight Immortals in the legend " , " painting and calligraphy of musical instrument chess " , " 5 bat (blessing) hold birthday in both hands " , " 2 Long Huzhu " , " phoenix, chinese, time, the element of different people culture such as Tibet is shown at the same time mosque is medium now, this is belonged to in the fact in our country Mohammedan fane infrequent.

        It is reported, bureau of company of person of the Changsha City is opposite actively received 100 above institution of higher learing, developed 27 thousand obtain employment station that suit college graduate as a whole. Pass " Internet + obtain employment " , implementation essence is pushed definitely send, carry out the autograph on the interview on the line, line to wait for a service about, the activity will last to the end of July. Obtain employment of bureau of company of person of the Changsha City promotes Xiao Lina of department section chief to say: "Besides on-line activity, online next colleges term begins in succession, we can resume activity of invite applications for a job of the campus below the line of the college in order, can organize industry, company, begin according to school characteristic, professional characteristic into campus activity. Begin according to school characteristic, professional characteristic into campus activity..

           Respect of ambient air quality, complete province is overall good at going up year. The public pays close attention to mostPM2.5Chroma drops continuously, 2019Year complete province establishs area townPM2.5Chroma is on average31Microgramme/Stere, than going up year drop3.1%, complete province sets quality of air of area city day (AQI) scale of good day number is on average88.6%.

        Control the job to ensure to epidemic situation is normalized to prevent after Guiyang city school terms begins in the round fine and fine, solid and solid, the conference emphasizes, each area (city, county) educational bureau should fulfil apanage responsibility, supervise and urge coach the school inside this area fulfills epidemic situation to prevent control main body liability; Various and of all kinds school wants essence of life to feel a teachers and students definitely, strengthen school personnel administration, outside school has nothing to do personnel is same forbid to enter a school gate; Various and of all kinds school should be fulfilled strictly " new coronal of Guiyang city school is pneumonic epidemic situation lash-up deals with beforehand case " , build perfect school meet an urgent need into one beforehand case, begin lash-up drilling by the requirement; Should perfect evening of midday of report of contagion epidemic situation, morning check, due to illness absence from duty is tracked register, resume classes proves to check, health management, contagion is prevented accuse healthy education, ventilated disinfection and immune vaccinate to check wait for each job system; Various and of all kinds school wants the guaze mask inside campus of employee of normative teachers and students adorn, normative office reachs the use of the air conditioning inside the place such as the classroom. Build defense line of firm normalization epidemic situation stoutly, prevent epidemic situation accuse a net to be plunged into more closely firmer.

        Meanwhile, in the course that in the enterprise that help strength answer of go back to work produces answer city, duty Wu branch still is " direct seeding takes money " take a stand, help sale channel of enterprise get through, dish vivid industry catenary. In add the city zone, associated place changes bureau, section the branch such as bureau of industrial and commercial letter, begin classroom of cloud of policy of Wu of line pay taxes while, invite relevant branch chief " goods of the belt on the cloud " activity, publicize tourist attraction of local famous travel and characteristic produce, sales volume of discharge translate into.

        This year in April the middle ten days of a month, peaceful wave city gives the network that turn an area alarm the group is in on the net in go on a tour of inspection discovered one trades accidentally platform, the card inside is to be in sell citizen individual information. Basis clew, police immediately began case to investigate. The policeman investigates discovery, the website of this platform and general website are different, it is consist in " dark net " in illegal trade.

        The new coronal that faces arise suddenly is pneumonic epidemic situation, make concerted effort of social all circles, consecratory love, collective fight epidemic disease. Up to on June 5, meeting accumulative total receives charity of city, area new coronal is pneumonic prevent accuse a society to donate money other people to make an appointment with 245 million yuan, donate fund among them 166 million yuan, donate appraise of goods and materials to be worth 79.72 million yuan. Among them, meeting accumulative total receives Guangzhou city charity directly new coronal is pneumonic prevent accuse a society to donate money other people to make an appointment with 130 million yuan, capital of accumulative total transfer many yuan 9788, give out appraise of goods and materials to be worth about 32.59 million yuan, guide beneficent force actively to build firm community epidemic situation to prevent charge position, win epidemic situation to prevent to be hit stoutly accuse nick battle to contribute powerful force.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter Chen Ge) on June 8 10 when, be aimed at weather of the many strong rainfall inside this week Guizhou limits, the order and degree of calamity atmosphere risk such as town waterlogging, mountain torrents, cave in, coast, mud-rock flow is higher circumstance, decision of headquarters of fight a drought of flood prevention or control of government of Guizhou Province people answers meet an urgent need of class of flood prevention Ⅳ promotion come Ⅲ class.

        Civilian certificate is in benefit of travel of culture of the first batch of 5 million yuan of Guizhou formally the line on the platform that carry Cheng, basically mix in the light of hotel, civilian constellation recreational go vacationing board piece put in. Adopt " fold on fold " , form of double and favourable send out, participate in benefit civilian certificate to extend mobile hotel and civilian constellation product 6 tuck up, go vacationing circuit product is highest decrease 1500 yuan.

        In the Zhejiang that held on June 11 industry of province people country revitalizes alliance to hold water and on news briefing of achievement of butt joint of resource of ethical country travel, released " hall of 100 villages congress " brand image. As we have learned, phoenix is the mascot of She nationality. Those who regard spirit as culture is indicative, the implied meaning is worn what She nationality people lives to the inheritance of outstanding tradition and happiness is yearning. Design of image of brand of hall of 100 villages congress is dominant with phoenix figure, blend in housetop, group design of element of hill, green water, cloud and mist, reflecting green hill of green water of a scene of new rural area of She nationality beauty and " is the development concept of " of golden hill silver-colored hill.

        Case of illness of diagnose of the input outside the condition 1: Summer is such-and-such, male, 23 years old, chongqing book, CA910 airliner passenger. When entering a country, detect temperature 36.6 ℃ , xi'an custom and Xi'an city nucleic acid detect the result all is masculine gender, bosom CT is unusual. Group of expert of classics city class diagnoses tegether, diagnose for new coronal pneumonic diagnose case of illness. Keep apart cure in the medical establishment that decide a dot at present.

        Mobile spot, besides award contract for 10 ambassadors that enrol business, to 20 " the partner that enrol business " give a shop sign, outside undertaking signing agreement with unit of 14 collaboration that enrol business. Area of bright and beautiful river still recommended 3 big focal points piece area: Area of function of headquarters of egret bay new economy, 3 emperor are street 3 emperor piece area and hand in child river of city of finance of Chengdu of area of function of park banking commerce east piece area.

        On June 6, 2020 8 when to on June 7 8 when, shaanxi province is not had add diagnose case newly, without add doubt newly to seem case, without add the person that affect without the symptom newly, already successive 108 days are not had add case of native land diagnose newly, successive 105 days are not had add doubt newly to seem case, successive 106 days do not have the person that add mainland newly to be affected without the symptom. Up to on June 7 8 when, case of illness of diagnose of mainland of accumulative total report 245 (home inputs case of illness 116, this locality case of illness 129) , leave hospital 242, die 3, cure rate 98.78% . The person that accumulative total report is affected without the symptom 31 (turn for diagnose case of illness 1, already removed keep apart 30) .

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 12 message (beautiful of Sun Jia of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) according to Guangzhou customs information, recently, should close place to belong to custom of airport of Guangzhou white cloud to hunt down a passenger many cases to violate in brigade check channel compasses carry medicaments to take situation situation job, hunt down produce the medicaments that does not have any effective Chinese and English labels from Thailand to make an appointment with 15.8 kilogram. Check of appraisal of partial medicaments classics goes out fragrance special bright, belong to the medicines and chemical reagents of the 2nd kind of spirit of national control.

        Center extensive network Urumqi on June 9 message (Zhang Ting of reporter Wu Zhuosheng's reporter) according to " group by group wrong peak, orderly open garden " principle, the first batch of nursery school of Urumqi city open garden timeline is, nursery school of county of the Mi Dong area, the city zone that amount to slope, Urumqi opened garden on June 8.

        Complete province administers system and ability to promote steadily, deepen reform of mechanism of zoology civilization system, accelerate zoology environment to administer system and processing capability modernization ceaselessly. Pursue system of zoology environment damages energetically, each city land all publishs reform program and advance fulfil; Accelerate advance blowdown to allow a system, finish blowdown licence ahead of schedule 2019 year nucleus sends the mission; Solid begin evaluation of environment of area space zoology, "3 lines one sheet " the work out obtains preliminary positive result. Comprehensive aggrandizement environment is monitored, the foundation such as IT supports ability construction, build water, gas to monitor a station automatically, harbin air is super station building moves; Task of key of census of source of the pollution that finish, strengthen application of achievement of place of scientific research courtyard, the domain achievement such as water, gas, earth is outstanding; Fulfil routine news to release a system, open environmental protection establishment to the public, advance news government affairs to make public, play society public opinion controls function. Raise law to change processing standard, make hair " administration of environmental protection of Heilongjiang province zoology executes the law to join with criminal judicatory working way carries out detailed rules " , build joint defence couplet to treat execute the law to join with criminal judicatory with administration mechanism, severe sanction and penalize zoology environment violates criminality.

        As we have learned, 2019, chongqing city " double total river is long " sign and issue the 1st total river to grow your, sewage is begun to steal platoon, straight platoon, chaos to discharge special punish action in Chongqing deploy, more than seventeen thousand five hundred river is long reach departmental door, each unit to hear make and move, check punish through the platoon a batch, exposure hits a batch, sewage of effective keep within limits discharges random seniority to be secretly, water environment quality promotes significantly. Wu Chenghai introduces, 2 total rivers grow your requirement taller, limits wider, task is heavier. Basically occupy around chaos of sewage chaos platoon, water front, wadi chaos proposes an issue, divide comprehensive platoon to check, puissant punish, standard manages 3 phase to begin " 3 chaos " special punish acts, made clear specific time. To the end of 2020, chaos of sewage chaos platoon, water front is occupied, wadi chaos builds special punish action to obtain remarkable result, the problem that put an amount is finished basically clear punish, break the law violate compasses behavior to get comprehensive keep within limits, lasting effect mechanism is built effectively, clean clean of basic implementation water quality, wadi the target of cleanness of side of neat, river.

        Degree of record of formal schooling asks to have full-time specialized subject of average school college and above record of formal schooling, gain diploma. Among them, full-time undergraduate course and above graduate must obtain degree evidence. The graduate 2020, diploma and diploma beard are obtained before September 1, 2020. Age requirement undergraduate course and limitation of age of personnel of the following record of formal schooling come 25 one full year of life (be born after January 1, 1995) reach the following. Master graduate student and limitation of age of personnel of above record of formal schooling come 30 one full year of life (be born after January 1, 1990) reach the following.

        Wait for key group obtain employment to support college graduate, bureau of company of Dalian city person collects post of state-owned company obtain employment in all 885, involve whole town of all kinds and various, state-owned company 42. A few days ago, dalian city reached date of public of its government website, small letter to release graduate of college of invite applications for a job of the first batch of state-owned companies centrally in market of resource of city labor power obtain employment post 125. Recommend actively in person company department below, in 4 state-owned companies such as petrifaction of malt, Dalian already finished grain plan of whole invite applications for a job, two enterprises such as 8 bureaus are built to finish partial station invite applications for a job in, 6 companies accumulative total finishs post of invite applications for a job 114.

        Shenyang of center extensive network on June 15 message (reporter Xu Zhijiang) with " open on the river " now body, with " maritime and open " revitalize, the Liaoning of city of hundred years harbor outside hill custom visits battalion mouth town, the distinctive group that embracing Internet times enthusiasticly " the net is red " and subsequently and come " net red economy " , quicken a city " open the 3rd times " process. On June 15, the reporter learns on the press conference that battalion mouth municipal government holds, this city is in the state that 1000 sail contest delivers red economy of net of countrywide each district, first put forward to make " of Chinese net red economy " , consolidate and enlarge advantage of go ahead of the rest ceaselessly, lead northeast to be in of domain of this one new economy advocate field place is grabbed early form, exploration " pullback the market beside " northeast revitalizes new way.

        Bai Zuda is in charge of this year with " two sides is the same as Zu Gongqi blessing, china of bless of divine farming phlogistic emperor " give priority to a problem, by China seminar of phlogistic yellow culture, Shanxi saves seminar of phlogistic emperor culture to sponsor. In the morning 9 when 50 minutes, bai Zuda is in charge of to begin formally. All stand as a mark of respect, drum 9, Zhong Ming 9 noises, respectful the door that open emperor, liu Xincheng of vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of 13 whole nations and Shanxi province city are led with entrust or arriving the means of the spot to the god farming a basket of flowers of phlogistic Di Jingxian. Phlogistic yellow culture studies China Xu Guangchun of former secretary of provincial Party committee of Henan of can chief adviser, the Communist Party of China with video means respectful read do obeisance to civil, shi Baili of spot people travel, taiwan brethren, abroad countrymen residing abroad does obeisance to Zu Zhufu with video means. Subsequently, the traditional ceremony that held hold a memorial ceremony for to do obeisance to divine farming phlogistic emperor " respect 10 tribute " , 64 numerous students wear Jing Xian of archaic formal attire " 8 Yi dance " .

        Politics of terminal of Zhejiang edge check is in director Feng Renjun to express, "Affection fastens edge of 3 rivers short for Zhejiang Province to have love " it is Zhejiang terminal of the check side the province blends in a country actively to take off deficient strategy, aid what decide the issue of the battle of force decisive battle takes off deficient assault fortified positions and make meticulously to help deficient brand. As we have learned, this year first half of the year, terminal of Zhejiang edge check is built in the party, the respect such as education, the people's livelihood and the 3 rivers county that help to choosing a side began depth second, the communication of much channel cooperates, the job that help deficient up obtained initial effect.

        In the meantime, since 2019, whole town builds waste pipe network 4898 kilometers, be " 925 " during build total tubal a network (1292 kilometers) 3.8 times, improved promotion to lay solid foundation further for quality of environment of our city water.

        The Guangdong that uncovered a shop sign that day saves garden of industry of goods and materials of communal and wholesome lash-up, it is Guangdong province " in new machine of the Yo in the crisis " vivid reflect. The project opens a Guangdong by the country province branch, wide accuse a group, clear far municipal government newly to be built in all, always invest dimensions 4.5 billion yuan, aim to fill reserve of goods and materials of neat communal and wholesome lash-up, allocate, of respect of ability of production, scientific research short board. Head period investment exceeds 1 billion yuan, construction decides Yu Anqing economy with ground choosing extraordinary cooperation area, will cooperate with the enterprise inside Guangzhou developing zone, use existing standard workshop to wait to guide quickly industry of communal and wholesome lash-up is relevant enterprise.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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