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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:59:02

        2020年06月25日 08:59:02

        A year of in the past, in aid push green to develop a field, tianjin city is accelerated adjust " 4 old structures " . Exert oneself defeats solution " steely encircle a city " , " garden area encircle a city " , implementation of machine of agglomeration of 2 steely enterprises exceeds low discharge, area of 160 industry garden finishs classification to administer. Urban and rural dweller comes loose coal warms oneself basic " to clear " , "Messy corrupt " the enterprise realizes dynamic platoon to check, dynamic " to clear " . Red line of protection of work out zoology, resource is used on bottom line of quality of line, environment and environmental admittance detailed list; Transition of direct company green. Executive environmental protection " get the person that run " system, urge a company from " passivity is treated corrupt " to " treat actively corrupt " change. Establish mechanism of collaboration of branch of zoology environment, business association, essence of life allows a side to support development of green of civilian battalion enterprise. Build an environment to administer service platform, help enterprise promotes processing the standard; Optimize battalion business environment continuously. Annulus is judged, check and accept wait for a license item implementation is examined and approve on net of whole technological process, registration form puts on record implementation " nobody are examined and approve " . Begin " 1 million " project, send policy actively, send a technology, send a service to enter a business.

        Tianjin of center extensive network on June 4 message (Sun Xiaobin of reporter Chen Qingbin's reporter) the reporter learns from Tianjin city revenue, 1-4 month, duty of new increase and decrease of Tianjin city accumulative total falls expend 5.92 billion yuan, among them, the supportive epidemic situation that came on stage 2020 is prevented accuse and duty of new increase and decrease of policy of privilege of cost of tax of economic society progress falls expend 1.17 billion yuan. Policy came on stage to become warped this year in year 2019 duty of end new increase and decrease falls expend 4.75 billion yuan.


        In addition, 2019, the concerned administration that Chongqing court administration tries to front courtyard is aimed at the discovery in cognizance executes the law the fact is maintained and law is applicable wait for controversy of administration of sex of illegal case, group to dissolve, lawfully administration and administrative controversy essence are dissolved wait for a respect to give out judicatory to suggest to add up to 162, feedback is led 84.57% , judicatory suggests to give out amount and feedback rate to all achieve the history highest value.

        In " masses letter is visited have a return " in the job, with " the thing should be solved " for the target, the member that the key pays close attention to worker of minor, ab extra Wu and be badly off the special group such as masses, active exploration " the letter visits item case to change deal with " practice, close a letter to visit party to the thing practical benefit, appeal to beg have rationality, already the letter of end law relief approach visits item, do a case to undertake checkup handling oneself as charge, use tone to check a variety of means such as deliverance of solid, open hearing of witnesses, judicatory and argue sex answer, help masses Shu solves contradiction, cogent accomplish case bear thing.

            Execute the law help each other to be quickened for horizontal musical instrument

        Fall of this week accumulative total: Zone of north of the Huaihe River is upper: 100 millimeter of 50 ~ the south in area of north of; the Huaihe River: 150 millimeter; fastens 100 ~ greatly a mountainous area to Changjiang Delta north: 150 millimeter of 100 ~ south of; Changjiang Delta: 100 millimeter of 50 ~ . Other area: 300 millimeter of 150 ~ , local 500 millimeter of 300 ~ .

        The Beijing that turn bridge spans 9 railroad are main artery of traffic of our country north and south, wagon flow is concentrated period of time, every 8 have train to pass to 10 minutes, accuse to bring great challenge to turn bridge construction and safe canal. To ensure construction is safe, utmost reduces bridge construction to be opposite already the influence of wired operation, those who assume construction job is medium 3 bureaus group uses iron " after be being built first, turn " method, be in Beijing namely mound of the sheet of direction of railroad of parallel of 9 railroad a side that finish and bridge body cantilever are irrigated build construction, the rotational system that recycle establishs beforehand is the bridge system that has built inside time limits of the regulation, edge clockwise turn arrives design position.

        Shenyang of center extensive network on June 2 message (reporter Zhang Jing) Liaoning saves Wei Jian appoint bulletin: Liaoning province was not had on June 1 add case of the input outside the condition newly, without add case of native land diagnose newly.

           City of forest of first country of sprint China group target

        Information of post of learn on job already was in city website of government of manpower resource market, " market of resource of Dalian city labor power " website of date of small letter public and obtain employment of Dalian college graduate, " graduate obtain employment serves " date of small letter public undertook centralized issuance, also turn post information at the same time send each to be in even the college, undertake issuance on website of the obtain employment inside school. The personnel that wishs of purpose can be contacted with base of learn on job and reach individual circumstance deliver appoint mailbox. If information of this second butt joint cannot satisfy requirement quite, the personnel that wishs to enter obtain employment learn on job of purpose can log onto website of government of market of resource of city labor power to register individual information, tag apiration of learn on job, relevant controller has the help " man-to-man " demand butt joint.

        City of lake of center extensive network on June 17 message (Pan Xiaofei of Yu Saiyan of Chen Ying of reporter Zhang Guoliang's reporter) use consumptive market to be pulled further, sing noisy " beautiful China sees in lake city " thematic, city of start shooting lake " urban brand " , trade fair of first lake city was in center of exhibition of De Qingguo border to pull open heavy curtain on June 16, the concentration below the line exhibits by a definite date 5 days, activity of the series below the line on the line will last to the end of this year.

           On this foundation, superintendency bureau of market of whole town each district is harmonious cooperate Wei Jian of area under administration, disease to accuse to wait for a branch, the virus nucleic acid that makes food of good focal point and environmental example with all one's strength detects. Up to now, couplet of many branches joint defence accuses, already finished the edible produce such as vegetables of fruit of sanded to fizzling out aquatic product, Changjiang Delta to trade centrally the food of the supermarket such as Ma Xiansheng of the market, box and nucleic acid of environmental example virus detect.    

          Peaceful wave of center extensive networkOn June 4 message (reporter Cao Meili)On June 4In the morning, Peaceful wave city is held continuouslyWhole town is carried out in the round " 3433 " service line of business times add development operation deploy to meetWith whole town comprehensive executive countryside revitalizes strategic job to head a group (expand) the conference and "4566" rustic industry revitalizes action deploy to meet, with respect toHigh quality is advancedWhole townService line of business times add development operationRevitalize the action to undertake deploy with industry of thorough executive country.