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        2020年06月25日 08:58:53


        2020年06月25日 08:58:53

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 14 message (reporter Wang Hang) on June 13, "Colorful Guizhou is not 2020 culture and natural heritage day shopping section of involuntary discharge of urine and blame involuntary discharge of urine get together on the weekend " in eye of colorful Guizhou scenery Wen Chuangyuan is started.

        Green hill of the area that install a source presses down the seeper below Wen Pancun trestle (Wang Chunyan of reporter of hair of center extensive network is photographed)

        On May 7, act according to change police to drive go to area of Hangzhou arch villa, below the assistance of Hangzhou police, seize guilty suspect Dong Mou, hunt down its on the computer of the spot from " dark net " on more than 10000 bought individual information.

        It is reported, this second conference sets Beijing, Harbin in all 2 advocate assembly room and 74 branch field, come from China to weigh group limited company, China mining industry of Long Mei of limited company of group of engineering of limited company of 5 mine group, China railroad, Heilongjiang accuses 5 central enterprises such as a group, haing drug group, Heilongjiang the province belongs to enterprise, Harbin the delegate that city belongs to an enterprise around meeting theme. Enterprise representing express in succession, revitalizing Long Jiang is the responsibility with obligatory enterprise, each just will be entered in all hand in hand, it is a place hard catenary of firm economy, certain property, steady obtain employment, maintain growth, protect the people's livelihood to add a brick to add tile, to expand Longjiang revitalizes new kinetic energy to contribute force.

        40 come for years, of this adamancy lady's effeminate body loads a whole family, arrive from black hair white hair, she what arrive 71 years old from 25 years old, carry case attend all the year round lie in bed, and the heavy burden of the little brother Xie Deen of the marital Xie Xiangen that the life cannot provide for oneself completely and husband, never had pleaded, cease passes. 46 years, beautiful season girl becomes old person of a cycle of sixty years gradually, mei Xiu of Liu of elder brother's wife is like mother, general like the elder sister expect to be beside Xie Deen from beginning to end however.

        In " business start serves only window " execute " an one window pass in and out, material, collect, do a form one day " system, new open enterprise is serving only the window is one-time submit application data, one-time complete business charter, bill explain get, the bank opens an account, quarter make seal, ginseng protect register wait for link to deal with, still can pass " " politics silver cooperates " platform offers a bank to open an account appreciation serves and " financing straight be open to traffic " application is small loan. All data are adopted " one window is connected do, tiring-room is on the move " namely careful does kind namely, realize business start one day to do a form.

        On June 8 8 when, guizhou Province decreases calamity to do urgent lash-up of deliverance of calamity of nature of class of Ⅳ of the province that start is answered, the rainstorm that should save process of weather of durative strong rainfall and gale of bureau ground thunderstorm, hail to bring about completely to the near future big affection of the waterlogged disaster caused by hail that reach wind.

        Shenzhen of center extensive network on June 12 message (reporter Yang Zhen) Shenzhen Wei Jian appoint released a message to say on June 11, bureau of education of headquarters of government of Hong Kong special zone already was crossed with respect to city of the Shenzhen since June 15 what read toward Hong Kong school before the condition is medium job of resume classes of student of the 3 5 class in coming makes arrangement, via deep harbor two ground government decides, will cross to Shenzhen condition to go to school of Hong Kong school in exempt of student of the 3 5 class in coming keeps apart policy, other year crosses condition student temporary not resume classes.

        On June 16, the big, medium, small, synchronism that hold a class in the palm opens whole town nursery school field.

        The Tong austral short for Weihe River of river of short for Weihe River closes suspension bridge water quality to monitor a station automatically to be located in Shaanxi to save Tong to close prefectural Qin Dong to press down crossing of south bank of trunk stream of river of 4 short for Weihe River knowing a village around. Water station belongs to national water quality to monitor station network automatically, it is section of the control before river of short for Weihe River enters the Yellow River.

        At present is worth Qinghai to save the optimal period of afforestation, the land of 20 much hectare that staff member of forestry centre of Xining city west hill is at the back of Xining city wild animal garden, cultivating the nursery stock such as Chinese flowering crabapple, Chinese pine, undertake for the quality to nursery stock strict accuse, personnel of office work of headquarters of afforest of the hill austral Xining city undertakes metrical to nursery stock here everyday almost, record.

        The side that decide a dot helps Guangxi poverty up Children's Festival of child of village hill area receives 5791 books (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        The reporter builds academy of consolidate of university project appraisal to understand from Shandong, on June 10, be located in road of hill of Jinan all previous nun meets do missionary work of 47 goddess of primary Catholic square benefit courtyard (abbreviation " nun building " ) will formal translation. "Move " to the crossing outside tens of rice. "Nun building " total floor area makes an appointment with 1700 square metre, gross weight makes an appointment with 2600 tons, for three-layer brick timberwork, will build limited company of engineering of major of solid special type to undertake migratory protection construction by Shandong. Translation project predicts a long time to be able to be finished, move after reposition " nun building " the heavy traffic that shuts boreal look out the main street eastwards, the high buildings and large mansions that back builds south, make the bid of one place new ground around, elegant demeanour of returning cultural relic.

        Sign this " memorandum " put forward, should build information of sampling observation of network commodity quality to share clew of case of mechanism, network make, the electron obtains evidence share a mechanism 3 systems, begin the associated research of condition of new to electric business job, enclothe superintend blank at present, health of condition of safeguard new job develops.

        Yi glad community is pressed down to find a place for centrally in light of happy heart county dot, 6 maize building is orderly arrange, street and neat capacious. Leererbu of 32 years old just moved new building last year, look at the new furniture of houseful, yell meaning, "This table is national hair, this cupboard also is national hair. With report, go to the lavatory particularly with water. With report, go to the lavatory particularly with water..

        Police reminds broad citizen masses, individual and enterprise should be strengthened be on guard consciousness, appropriate has kept card of oneself Id, bank, right the information such as public account. No matter be conduction bank card or phone card, if be used at selling to be belonged to,commit a crime only, hope everybody cherishs his credence, do not offer phone card, bank card other use.

        Secretary of Party committee of airport new city, canal appoint conference chairman He Jian expresses, next airport new cities plan to open Xi'an to wait for domestic line and Istanbul, Osaka to wait for international course to Shijiazhuang, Xuzhou, accelerate hub of hub of aviation of construction whole world, super and postal express delivery, compose is built " one belt all the way " international trade passageway, make domestic air-freight divide batch of center.

        Details of a case is major, frontier defence and substation of harbor boat public security establish case group to develop investigation crack a criminal case instantly. After careful analysis details of a case, case group arms parts a way, try to search bilk suspect information all the way, find out flow direction of the capital that be cheated all the way. Comb through relapsing, police discovers bilk crime suspect is located in Fujian spring city finally. Case group expedites the member that investigate to drive the city that go to a spring to begin the work instantly, search a suspect hard material information and hide the ground. Arrived fontal city, police discovers guilty suspect used false information to escape blow, temporarily clew is interrupted. The member that investigate people plunge into directly was in fontal city, run every day clew investigates a case, ran whole spring city almost. In mechanism of local public security cooperate to fall, one have thread, even if again little likelihood, quick also action hurries to the policeman search.


        According to introducing, 2018, king of the accused person such-and-such, Xu the 6 people such as some are in such-and-such, Chen Mou carry on starts the business of waste disposal intermediary such as pool mud. In May 2018, company of carry on Xing Jinhui is about to handle a batch of metal pail to install litter, king of person of the accused on connection is such-and-such. The person such as some knows perfectly well Wang Mou oneself do not have aptitude of dangerous waste disposal, still receive this next order.

           Across, city canal executes the law personnel is in with what they encounter smoke civilian undertakes communication.

        To answer the influence that pneumonic epidemic situation brings new coronal, office of company of person of the Anhui province adjusts service period appropriately this year, attend for college graduate " 3 are helped up " the plan offers advantage. Relax recruit limits, fulfil partial profession qualification " first mount guard, again textual research " level sex measure, allow to did not obtain the college graduate of pedagogic qualification certificate, use acceptance to make enter oneself for an examination " 3 are helped up " the plan is raised teach post.

        Allowed to uncover members of standing committee of Yang Puning municipal Party committee in May 2003

        (7) decide to carrying out announce, reject to accept examination, refus not to comply with management of checkpoint staff member is dissuaded, forcibly affray of current, provoke even rabble disobey this announce to ask, public security mechanism will lawfully from severe from heavy processing.

        It is reported, this second activity saves culture and travel hall, Zhejiang to save cultural relic bureau, carry on to promote city people government to sponsor by Zhejiang, zhejiang saves immaterial culture bequest to protect center, carry on to promote bureau of tourism of city culture wide report, carry on to promote bureau of city cultural relic, carry on to promote government of people of division of city bridge stalking or branch to undertake, carry on promotes bequest of city immaterial culture to protect center, carry on to promote bureau of tourism of wide report of culture of area of city bridge stalking or branch to carry out undertake.

        " guideline " put forward reasonable and prandial " CD acts " .

           Get through letter is visited " last kilometer " , reply " whole journey leaves mark "

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