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        2020年06月25日 08:58:59


        2020年06月25日 08:58:59

        Spot of popular science activity (Zheng Shu of center wide reporter is photographed)

        Peaceful wave of center extensive network on June 16 message (Zhang Jiaji of Liu Jianxiong of reporter Du Jinming's reporter) on June 16 afternoon, "Affection fastens edge of 3 rivers short for Zhejiang Province to have love " travel of culture of 3 rivers the Dong nationality recommends Guangxi can hold in Ning Bo. 35 hostel recommend peaceful wave of combination of station of check of edge of peaceful wave airport jointly the travel resource of autonomous counties of 3 Jiang Dong a group of things with common features.

        Zhuhai of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang another name for Guangdong Province should announce) " dragon boat water " affect Guangdong continuously, little river goes out to exceed now in the part alarm the flood, guangdong saves main organization to fight calamity. The reporter manages hall 7 days to understand from province lash-up, province 3 prevent do, office of province lash-up government stares at water situation closely all the time to change, in the province command center attempers clear continuously the city county that the key such as city of far, benefit gets influence area presses down lash-up branch, supervise and urge basic level transfers dangerous area masses in time, river of small gold of city of Du Buzhen of in relief hill of the guidance that connect a line, benefit, clear Yuan Fogang, Guangzhou is beautiful, and other places of Zhao Qingna abundant is in buy the situation of a disaster.

        In recent years, with " cool Dou Sanbao " pear of yangtao, thorn, tea attachs most importance to a dot, 6 dishes of water develop industry of zoology characteristic food energetically. Recommend this on the meeting, the compere of two ground and honored guest are carrying Dalian and 6 dishes of water the netizen walks into production to cultivate base, get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, experience 6 dishes of water on the tip of the tongue are delicate. Netizen of 1.45 million person-time passes cloud of sina small gain, Netease, spot, Tian Jian net, " grand sight news " and " seeing and hearing is cool " 6 media port watchs living broadcast.

        City of spring of center extensive network on May 29 message (Meng Meichen of reporter Zhang Ziya's reporter) by in iron group of 2 courtyards engineering is narrow liability company (the iron in abbreviation 2 courtyards) railroad changes the Xing Quan that assumes a design rather to fontal city paragraph control sexual project mainly, this is the railroad that begin a spring the specialty channel of the 10 kilometers above of first be well versed in.

        See in spot reporter, railroad south the setting has two interval 15 meters tall vertical sanded barrier, northern part has 3 same tall vertical sanded barrier, was continuous a few kilometers. Wang Xinbin says, discover through detecting, along the line of case library railroad 90% much sand are to leave the earth's surface to flow one meter, it is so when barrier of rustle of block of setting tall vertical, height basically is to be in a meter 5 go to a meter 8, pass layer upon layer setting, can block 90% much sand so outside.

           Strong rainfall lasts calamity risk is high

        Look down at Tibetan Asiatic wild ass group (center extensive network sends Xu Junquan to photograph)

           Limited company of deputy food of spirits of sugar of Qingdao Lu Feng is engaged in food managing without the license activity and manage the entrance that does not have Chinese label to pack food case beforehand

        Tianjin of center extensive network on June 17 message (reporter Xia Zhenyu) the reporter accuses a center to learn from Tianjin city disease, on June 17 6 when to 18 when, tianjin adds this locality new coronal newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness 1, new coronal of this locality of accumulative total report is pneumonic diagnose case of illness 137, among them the male 74, female 63; In the courtyard 1 (for light-duty) , cure leave hospital 133, die 3.

        Shenzhen of center extensive network on June 16 message (reporter Li Jiang) on June 15, the 127th wide hand in can be in " high in the clouds " open act. Reporter from wide hand in know of meeting news center, ginseng exhibit current wide the enterprise outside making the within the country of the meeting has nearly 2. 60 thousand, guangdong enterprise has 4268, among them Shenzhen enterprise 1112, shenzhen ginseng exhibits industry measure to occupy global city front row.

        Center extensive network is elegant install on June 5 message (reporter Liu Tao) June 5 is the 49th World Environment Day. That day, dam of A of drainage area of Sichuan Min river, Gan Zi, elegant install, 8 city such as guest of hill of cool hill, Chengdu, eyebrow, Le Shan, appropriate (city) intermediate people court, and report of academy of science of environment of Sichuan province zoology, China builds group Chengdu survey to design an academy unit of two scientific research, in elegant how to sign " resource of environment of zoology of Min river drainage area is protected " 8+2 " agreement of judicatory cooperation framework " , the decision establishs mechanism of cooperation of judicatory of resource of environment of zoology of Min river drainage area, what compose builds principal part of unit of judiciary, scientific research, society is multivariate cooperate in coordination, the area in dissolving zoology safety to ensure jointly is broken up with catchment whole sex, branch cent is treated with the contradiction between ecosystem sex, the river that it is Min and environmental protection of zoology of its catchment along the line provide strong judicatory service and safeguard.

        Current, river of Li bay area is long do, bureau of area farming water amounts to sign work conference through holding catchment of garden of industry of class of whole area village, coach company of each economy couplet is being felt in the round the proper motion on the foundation that check or invite technical unit to press minute of pace to carry out punish of catchment of garden of village class industry, the plan realized sewage to be collected completely before the bottom in June, before the end of the year finish unit of catchment of garden of industry of class of the village inside area under administration basically to amount to mark to found the job.

        According to statistic, first two changeover paragraph add mark brand in all more than 100, setting temporarily street lamp is mixed 88 times temporarily monitoring 4 place, increased frequency flashlight, grade to emulate measure fast appearance, transverse decelerate graticule and temporarily lash-up jockeys dot, to glancing grade of material had promotion. At the same time the spot still allocated many 60 traffic assist the member that be in charge of 24 hours of go on a tour of inspection, defend liaison man, assured already two-way 4 driveway traffic capacity, raised safety factor of road drive a vehicle again.

        In addition, zhejiang province bans poisonous job videophone to be able to go up to still announce to ban poison to set an example found list of unit, key punish unit.

        For cogent the potential risk that reduces flow of personnel big range, zhejiang leaves oneself Chinese the passageway removes since the canal accuses, change according to situation of area epidemic situation, wait for the urban personnel with higher order and degree of the risk that visit an area or key crowd to coming from Hubei, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Jilin early or late, every not health of hold near future detects of the report, organize nucleic acid to detect for a short while, the person that accumulative total discovers to the gender is inputted to be affected without the symptom outside the province case of illness of 12 exemple, diagnose answer this world person 1, see the hidden danger that travels besides epidemic situation in time.

        Shenyang of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Tian Tong) innovation is the first motive force that leads development, the talent is the first resource of innovation. Under epidemic situation, enterprise of enterprise of tall growing sex, new kinetic energy innovates continuously, the skilled personnel is crucial. On May 29, big market of northeastern science and technology holds part of first skilled personnel the ceremony that start. Elite of strategy of cloud of platform of cloud of service of expert of northeast science and technology, skilled personnel, science and technology double choose the multinomial activity the corresponding period such as the meeting to spread out, manager of first Liaoning province technology that selects generation by the program (broker) the person is obtained promulgate letter of appointment.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 15 message (Xiao Guang of reporter Wang Hang's reporter) came 18 days on June 16, guizhou Province still will be greeted new process of round of strong rainfall. Hall of Guizhou Province lash-up asks rigor of various and departmental door is on guard, aggrandizement lash-up value is defended, answer this round of water that carry midday hammer and tongs.

        Since entering high water this year, guizhou Province produced weather of big range strong rainfall 8 times early or late, appear in all especially big rainstorm 8 stations second, big rainstorm 238 stations second, rainstorm 2293 stations second, 5 rivers 7 stations second happen early or late exceed warning line flood, partial county town is sufferred serious big damage caused by waterlogging is killed. Among them since May 28, of the province mid to the south of with south reach general of upper bureau ground to fall to arrive greatly rainstorm, big rainstorm, especially big rainstorm, visit average fall completely 162.1 millimeter, relatively all the year round the corresponding period slants much 54.3% , for historical the corresponding period is highest since 1961.

        Jinan of center extensive network on June 7 message (reporter Gui Yuan) the reporter learns from bureau of Shandong province big data, shandong province data gathers together the job obtains level sex positive result, library of natural resources of information of 6 large bases already gathered together data 2.37 billion, among them electronic card puts in collect 's charge to save departmental door completely according to the library 349 kinds, 220 million card reflect data, add a newspaper newly in May to send card to occupy countrywide first place according to data bulk.

        Already realized deficient build archives to establish calorie of poverty door Zhao Shengcai, the happy life nowadays is being experienced in the bridal chamber of oneself bright and clean, in the heart more it is to jubilate: "It is earthy building, log house so, be about to want the look that collapse. You see me live now, so fine house, had not thought of really. Had not thought of really..

        Port of 2 railroad of Lian Hao spy are carried out seriously ascertain a state " 6 firm " " 6 protect " working deploy, catch epidemic situation of good port station to prevent as a whole accuse and safe production, with check of custom, edge and Mongolia country through strengthening the connection of railroad branch is communicated, shortened effectively discrepancy condition proves the time with bill discharged. According to statistic, since this year in Oubanlie is in port of 2 railroad of Lian Hao spy leave the country inside 24 hours discharged rate is achieved 93% , rate of the discharged inside 48 hours achieves the Oubanlie in entering a country 89% , oubanlie is in in the carriage efficiency of port of 2 railroad of Lian Hao spy realized apparent promotion.

        This " · of roam blame involuntary discharge of urine is video exhibit " , apply digitlization method to undertake normalizing revealing in network media and new media carrier, choose 54 outstanding work to undertake conduct propaganda from inside many 400 work that fight epidemic disease, choose is exhibited sow 26 blame involuntary discharge of urine to fight epidemic disease story, around traditional sports kind, traditional meal kind, traditional medicine kind waited to recommend 22 states level and provincial blame involuntary discharge of urine in all priority discipline, guide an audience to appreciate Jingchu to be not glamour of involuntary discharge of urine jointly.

        Classics trial, hire of this crime gang some company server and high-grade office building, client of employ clerk hook in is registered trade, division of labor of clear, member makes clear constituent structure. Experience record company is passed class is chased to allot after client information natural resources is being bought on the net to the clerk. The clerk calls to the client through the unified word art that grooms ahead of schedule whether is the inquiry fried, add small letter to recommend fry match endowment advantage. Lead client scans installation of download of 2 dimension code is fried match endowment the APP of platform is registered and charge a cost. When the client fills a value to undertake successfully building a warehouse, with 10 times match endowment do business. The share that buys when the client drops 5% hind, clerk coax client increases investment, instantly drops 7% hind, make the same score the client compulsively the storehouse. If the client buys a stock to rise,gain sells when going out, of draw-out gain 10% become as cent. Want a client to build a warehouse only, with respect to meeting collection extremely the cost that build a warehouse. And the pass the night that maintain a warehouse, everyday collection matchs capital specified amount extremely as give delay cost. But place investment gold enters a suspect entirely personal account, never flow into a country to superintend account.

        This second exhibition is the Tibet that first time of Guizhou culture house will be accumulated for years article reveal centrally to the masses, and the humanitarian perspective with Wen Run, tell about from last centuries since the fifties, authors of article chemical industry collect the course that liquidates high-quality goods of ethical folk art, reach the brilliant old practice that tastes the person that is intermediary happening and person, person and content with embroider. Say simply, this the exhibition pays attention to the life whole that presents Tibet to taste, maintain the integrality that culture delivers.

        Fight drought case, end on June 14, bai Sha, Oriental, Chang Jiang and Dan city are special drought, hill of the five fingers, sea fining jade, how to attach most importance to drought with Le Dong surely, settleclear stride, water of big talk, hill and 3 inferior the drought in be, face He Qiongzhong of prosperous of tall, collect to be small on land, county of the others city is in without atmosphere drought condition. With compared on June 7, east turns by heavy drought for special drought, dan city by in drought turns for special drought, hill of the five fingers, sea fining jade, install He Ledong surely by in drought turns attach most importance to drought, 3 inferior turn by heavy drought the drought in be.


        During the festival, each nation village runs this county the activity of folk-custom amorous feelings that a series of wonderful confused show: Stockaded village of big garden seedling is admired roll out bar performance of stunt of exorcise of careless dragon of door wine, dance, witch and show of a surname drama; Stockaded village of garden cabinet seedling is made meticulously jump the ceremony that spend a tree and " a region of rivers and lakes in the dream " bonfire evening party; Ancient town of stockaded village city (on the west river old street) hold carry story make one's rounds swims; Intention of fort Dong stockaded village is begun on " class of smallholder husband nature " close child activity and " Duogaduoye " bonfire evening party; Total heart holds yellow Sang Xiaozhen " amorous feelings Huang Sang " evening party of singing and dancing of former unripe folk-custom. Shao Yang peacefuled 2020 peaceful Miao Zu activity of series of 8 girls section aimed to had been protected in April peaceful culture of folk-custom of nation of Ning Qingshan green water, inheritance while, begin travel to enrol business energetically, advance travel and support deficient, travel and culture confluence development, jiang Suining makes what the resort that travels into zoology, macrocosm travels set an example.

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