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        Channel networkInformation CenterDomestic channelhome news
        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:37

        2020年06月25日 09:15:37

        September 2017, belt of economy of the national the Yangtse River that start is saved 11 times (city) reach Qinghai to save " 3 lines one sheet " the work out works. Height of government of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, province takes seriously, hold water to be a group leader with vice-governor of be assigned personal responsibility for for a short while, province hair changes appoint, the provincial and harmonious group that the chief of 15 provincial branches such as finance hall, rich hall, zoology environment hall is a member and office, hold complete province in time to push plan of work out of meeting, print and distribute, as a whole force is advanced in the round. Each district city also establishs staff job to coordinate a group, build perfect government to take the lead, the working mechanism that much unit advances in coordination.

           Defence: Hidden trouble of calamity of geology of go on a tour of inspection nods 1628 place to change 513 people

        Pig farm covers an area of 34 thousand square metre, year give column to make an appointment with 60 thousand, automation rate is high. (Liu Yang of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 8 message (Xiao Guang of reporter Wang Hang's reporter) a few days ago, the reporter is installed from Guizhou Province appoint do hold hidden danger of safety of environment of railroad along the line special punish advances the know on the meeting, guizhou Province will begin hidden danger of safety of environment of railroad along the line special punish acts 3 years, time is came in June 2020 by December 2022, will divide a phase to undertake.

        The project of the storehouse that keep tax that is located in a steel garden area also is the priority discipline that this second autograph makes an appointment with, will be in a Beijing that construction of the area austral steel garden always builds 2634 square metre first sports characteristic is public model the storehouse that keep tax. Besides basic storage function, future of the storehouse that keep tax still will use as winter sporting goods and high-end equipment equipment protect duty to reveal trade pilot, support manages sports kind the enterprise of the article that keep tax is begun all the year round reveal, experience, be on sale, trade. It is reported, the be born of this project heads steel garden is begun cross condition cable business, development sports commerce, aid turn sports + industry, draw international resource, quicken national sports industry to set an example area construction laid a foundation. See to can be here not only average consumer sports product is exhibited, spot close quarters experiences and buy the importer of 0 price difference to taste, still can be in the stadium scene such as house of park of the ski big diving tower inside garden area, limit, ice hockey, implementation " buy now use now " , enjoy " new retail " what consumptive pattern brings is convenient.

        Jin Xiangjun expresses, exert oneself of current mass rally builds assembly, exhibit, Sai Hezhi can experience " quaternity " internationalization platform, make radiation Beijing ferry look forward to, lead the domain of complete China, intelligent science and technology that faces a whole world high-end grand meeting. 6 matches activity namely world intelligence drives challenge, China (Tianjin) contest of application of industrial App innovation, " the 5th space " contest of sports of intelligence of algorithmic contest of lake of data of · of Hua Lu cup of intelligent safety contest, China, international, " Haihe River person of outstanding ability " poineering contest.

        Up to by 2019, whole town town changes prosperous rate achieve 29.2% , advocate population of census register of the city zone reachs seventy-six thousand nine hundred person, the area amounts to 8.9 square kilometer (city of prosperous of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        This year " trade of long triangle classics negotiates " , it is Hunan Province in new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation is prevented accuse to normalize a situation to fall, leave the photograph union, provincial and major economic and trade activity that faces means of global synchronism direct seeding to hold with the line on the line first, form and content have bigger innovation and breakthrough.

        Popularize on line of distributing center center while, urumqi classics opens an area (area of head collect river) business affairs bureau (commissariat bureau) the way that ark promotion shows below attempt tie line undertakes selling. In Wei Tai the edifice handles affairs the hall, quadruplet is revealed move farming special local product is revealed to taste not only in ark with article travel product, of contact handle affairs personnel is piled up through the 2 dimension by scanning product, can issue sheet to buy directly. Citizen Wu Shuimei says: "Exhibit look to be plowed like Yi in ark, still have and cropland, spit rash time these are placed good-lookingly, still have these Yi Li's special local product, I am exhibited in this now the code is swept to be able to be bought in ark, also hold out so convenient. Also hold out so convenient..

        House Professor Yuan Gejian male is opposite Fudan University professor, central Rearch Institute of Culture and History domestic wind construction also talked about him opinion, "Domestic wind builds the main base that is China civilization inheritance. Truly outstanding home wind, in different history period can get innovation changeover and development. Domestic wind construction raised tie and the requirement such as law of prep above social morals to domestic member. Domestic wind construction raised tie and the requirement such as law of prep above social morals to domestic member..

        It is reported, city procuratorate from 2008 initiate is provincial courtyard check appoint since can typical case reports a system, already released typical case to report 133 continuously, new-style " first " the case occupies half above, 6 are released as case of directiveness of tall check courtyard. Since 2019, case of model of 23 selected and highest check, for case of mechanism of countrywide procuratorial work directive job contributed Shanghai force. If some waits for Fu Mou,destroy record of computer information system, first discharge of department whole nation are hijacked case; The person such as some manages Lin Mou illegally case, it is a typical case that shows futures is curbstone.

        On May 7, act according to change police to drive go to area of Hangzhou arch villa, below the assistance of Hangzhou police, seize guilty suspect Dong Mou, hunt down its on the computer of the spot from " dark net " on more than 10000 bought individual information.

        According to introducing, current, guizhou visits area of spring sowing commissariat completely thirty-two million nine hundred and fifty-six thousand mus, whole of grain summer harvest enters later period, go well, bumper harvest in sight.

        Xiamen University still held student of the university entrance exam to make an appointment that day hundred years invite a ceremony. Xiamen old school grows 3 students gave out piece of Rong Xianggao to make an appointment of hundred years anniversary of the founding of a school invite about. He expresses, "Hundred years Xiamen University the feelings of unrestrained and far -ranging with it, need the student's convention mildly, awaiting your arrival, make your good life. " subsequently, he sends invitation letter to delegate of middle school secretary, president, throw invitation letter mailbox together.

          Perfect epidemic situation is prevented accuse to normalize next take precautions against natural calamities to avoid danger move finds a place for mechanism

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 16 message (reporter Wang Li) to carry brace up consumptive hurried vivid economy, hefei city extended at 10 o'clock in the morning on June 17 " everybody buys glamour Hefei · " certificate of the 3rd round of 40 million yuan of consumption, after the activity begins, social community can pay treasure APP home page to the zone enters the mouth or be searched through paying treasure through clicking " Hefei " enter " everybody buys glamour Hefei · " mobile page gets consumptive ticket, after getting, consumptive certificate will extend to pay treasure card bag to consumer.

           "The characteristic food such as cake of whip of the crisp candy of Macao, egg, almond is wide suffer outback people like, even if be,market demand also maintains during epidemic situation in higher level, but the expiration period of partial provision is briefer, this is right of custom efficient superintend raised taller requirement " Gongbei custom place belongs to custom of horizontal musical instrument to superintend Liang Tao of one division section chief to stand express. To be economy of grasper, stimulative Macao with food industry measurable and multivariate develop, custom is active exploration, bold attempt, carried out simplify the classify, buy before examining, collect a letter tripartite examines to wait for series measure as a result, reduce Macao food to connect considerably pass cost, advantage of Macao characteristic food enters inland " drive " be able to compose is built.

        2 Lian Hao spy are the discrepancy condition port that the Ou Ban in our country lists central line channel, go out via this port at present those who enter a country is medium Oubanlie runs circuit to already amounted to 36, involve 25 provinces of countrywide (city) , it is medium Oubanlie from our country China the briefest passage that before the area sets out, medium, Huadongde goes to Europe. This year in March since the first ten days of a month, wear along with home epidemic situation gets controlling mixing stage by stage answer produce go back to work to spread out in the round, those who pass imports and exports of 2 port of railroad of Lian Hao spy is medium Oubanlie from before daily 3 pick up to be controlled to 8 stage by stage to 4, achieve the Oubanlie in 2013 to drive the top level since travel. The Ou Ban in everyday many industrial finished products and epidemic prevention goods and materials are passed now lists carry to go to Europe, when the return trip also wait for mechanical equipment of Europe, red wine, flour and lumber production and home of carry back of life goods and materials, supported domestic answer strongly to produce go back to work, abounded the life of common people.

           "Deep in channel of passageway heavy canal compares harbor bead bay big bridge two-way section of channel of heavy canal of 6 driveway ferroconcrete is even broad, weak opening span exceeds 18 meters, heavy put the biggest depth of water to achieve 40 meters, of heavy canal structure get power very complex, it is the widest sea floor on eye preexistence bound heavy canal channel. " Chen Wei of vice secretary of Party committee of limited company of construction of Guangdong province highway, general manager is happy express: "Deep in the project scope of channel of passageway heavy canal and technical difficulty are unprecedented, want to capture these difficulty core equipment and core technology are indispensable. Want to capture these difficulty core equipment and core technology are indispensable..

        Special subject activity. In all 5. It is the West Hunan austral Hunan carries on special performance of industrial move demonstrative division is recommended meeting, will hold with type of line upper part in the morning on June 29, 6 city states of You Xiangna West Hunan each advocate push area of garden of industry of a key, key or priority discipline. 2 it is Hunan electron Information Industry is recommended reach put together to protect area butt joint to meet, will offspring in Jiangsu in the morning on July 16 hill is held. 3 it is Changsha faces collaboration of empty international trade to recommend meeting, will hold at be in Shanghai on July 16 afternoon. 4 it is peak of Hunan number countryside meeting and " Hunan tastes a net to go up " recommend, will be in Hangzhou afternoon on July 17 Alibaba group headquarters, the way that leaves union with the line on the line is held. 5 it is trade of Central Africa classics cooperative mechanism Shanghai is recommended meeting, during will importing exposition at the 3rd China International, hold in Shanghai.

        Er of library of limited company of group of bureau of Chinese railroad Urumqi straps railroad to build headquarters assistant director to grow Lai Guangming to say: "Predict to will have all fronts to open a condition October, at the appointed time, strap wood of Qinghai case Er to need 12 hours to control only by train from Xinjiang library Er, the carry between Xinjiang of will great promotion and city of the eastpart part can transport power, move Xinjiang economy to pulling, stimulative people unites, strengthen Xinjiang railroad further east couplet ability has important sense. Strengthen Xinjiang railroad further east couplet ability has important sense..

        In April, shanxi province establishs area town 11 times ambient air falls dirt quantity all is worth limits to be in (7.3-16.8) ton / between month of square kilometre · , it is 11 tons on average / month of square kilometre · , drop compared to the same period 6.8% . Arrive 2 towns of Fen and Jincheng fall dirt quantity is less than 9 tons / month of square kilometre · , xin Zhou and carry city fall dirt quantity is equal to 9 tons / month of square kilometre · , the others of 7 cities fall dirt quantity is more than 9 tons / month of square kilometre · ; City of new moon state falls dirt amount is the largest, it is 16.8 tons / month of square kilometre · .

        Category of ceremony of the stationery outside organizing the 59 family circumstances that come from 25 countries such as Malaysia, Wukelan, Nigeria, Colombia, United States and area in all is exhibited to purchase business on this second net, with Ning Bo the enterprise offerring money of city adopts online platform -- conjugate of ZOOM video assembly room negotiates, the video on the network that developed 290 more than the number of showings of a film talks to arrange with.


        Expanding to unlock a respect external, " a certain number of measure " put forward to support a foreign trader to invest foretaste of go ahead of the rest of new open field, increase division of free trade test to open strength. Increasing investment to promote strength to go up, " a certain number of measure " clear, whole town should build a foreign trader to invest whole technological process to serve system, support to begin the investment outside churchyard to promote activity, promotion to open platform to bring aptitude quantity, increase project of key foreign capital to support strength, exploration to build commercialize capital attraction to reward a mechanism to wait.

        Suddenly Er Guo Sihai closes the member that close to undertake probation to importing cherry (center extensive network sends Diliyaer to photograph)

        In the spot, orgnaization of service of 12 intellectual property passes platform of new media of intellectual property major to develop general situation of course, brand and service characteristic to undertake direct seeding explains to public around what serve an orgnaization severally to personnel of broad to apply for a job interactive, allow the operation style that personnel of to apply for a job knows orgnaization of different invite applications for a job in the round, intuitionisticly, conveniently, improve efficiency of invite applications for a job.

        Up to on June 10 24 when, still have the person that affect without the symptom 8, input 6 for Hubei province respectively, 1 is inputted outside the condition (input for the United States) , this locality is original 1 (for macrobian area 1) , accepting medicine to observe.

        The input outside the 17th condition does not have the person that the symptom is affected, male, 24 years old, student, chinese book, reside Paris of dwelling place France. Take a scheduled flight from French Paris (CA934) , arrived at Tianjin seaside International Airport on June 4. The temperature when entering a country 36.3 ℃ , declare state of the disease that do not have disease, after via custom quarantine the platoon checks sampling, transmit namely to area of Tianjin city Heibei Victoria big public house keeps apart medical point of observation centrally. Nucleic acid detects the result shows for masculine gender. The input outside be Tianjin city condition via diagnose of city expert group does not have the person that the symptom is affected, already turned to airport hospital to undertake medicine observes keeping apart now. Whole journey carries out closed circuit management.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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