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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:58:59

        2020年06月25日 08:58:59

        On this second congress, shi Jingshan area signs major project to introduce with concerned enterprise, platform of capital attraction project, industry is built and head steel garden area priority discipline 30, the autograph restricts amount many yuan 500, head postdoctoral achievement of base of solid model of project of platform of Internet of golden international center, industry, Beijing transforms base, head community of talent of steel garden international be born of a batch of projects such as apartment of administration of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, platform, for Shi Jingshan the area is perfected " high-grade " industrial structure infuse motivation.

        As we have learned, the piggery that boar stands is used full automatic intelligent annulus accuses system, full automatic system of intelligent air conditioning, intelligent deodorization system, intelligence is drinkable pure water equipment, full automatic safety of biology of the system that wash disappear, intelligence is prevented accuse a system to wait, and as well-known as world of domain of artificial be fertilized company -- company of Holand TOPIGS NORSVIN and Spanish MAGAPOR company reach strategic collaboration.

           "The enterprise enters the cloud to go up through sweeping our 2 dimension to pile up platform of butt joint yield be in harmony, requirement can raise after registering, can appoint 3 banks, silver-colored guild follows enterprise butt joint inside 3 days. "Finance of peaceful wave city does banking to grow Cui Yujie to say everywhere, ning Bo " butt joint of be in harmony is produced on the cloud " platform is original " aid 10 thousand look forward to 10 thousand members " the Yan Shen of the activity below the line, "After it is good to receiving that bank client manager comes, if have loan intention, can give a company in the feedback on platform, enterprise never leave home to be able to see information, have a series of follow-up operations next. The enterprise can see credit product on the net, can ' goods compares 3 ' " .

        Meanwhile, various places also acts in succession, advance our region deep the comprehensive, development that classification of rubbish of communal orgnaization life works is begun. Shenyang city, Dalian city regards a country as 46 go ahead of the rest executive life rubbish classifies key city compulsively, already formed classification to put in, the standard is collected, the lasting effect of unified processing controlling use runs a mechanism, other area also undertakes to this job according to concerned requirement comprehensive deploy, layer upon layer fulfil. Next, liaoning province will continue to coach each district catchs good place to belong to area the organization that classification of rubbish of communal orgnaization life works is carried out and superintend and director guides the examination works, build the administrative system that catchs condominium to be treated in all in all, ensure goal assignment is finished.

        Month of PM2.5 of 11 city that establish a division all chroma rank is: City of state of another name for Jiangxi Province the first, the appropriate spring city, city that stroke a city is paratactic the 2nd, jingdezhen city, Ji An city is paratactic the 4th, duckweed country city, new more than city, go up forgive city is paratactic the 6th, accipitral pool city the 9th, 9 rivers city the 10th, nanchang city eleventh.

        Calligraphy has ply, reflect the part in touch line not only, more among the literary inside information that body obtains the author now, zhou Yinggong is self-prossessed a large number of reading begin after picking up brush, abound the culture connotation of oneself. He always can go look for book of a few used, what compare electronic book is convenient, the book that he loves paper more is sweet. During reading, he still fell in love with reading, the author had favour to listen to a paragraph of his reading " the long water March " , tender and sturdy, be full of a hope like his life.

        Some petrifaction company all is company of power of beautiful Guan Mou and Fosan civilian battalion enterprise. Came in October 2019 in December, another name for Guangdong Province of beautiful Guan Mou, some parts to sign contract of purchase and sale with power company into two trading companies, during, company of some another name for Guangdong Province and power company, petrifaction company signs a contract, power company serves as assure just assume joint liability. After two trading companies offer money according to it, company of electric power, petrifaction is with difficulty is being managed during epidemic situation by, owe pay amount of payment for goods to add up to more than yuan 13.15 million. Two trading companies tell electric power and petrifaction company to the court.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 16 message (Lin Yin of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) a few days ago, national forestry and prairie bureau were announced " important wet place name recorded the country 2020 " , the whole nation shares 29 place nature to protect the land important wet place name records selected country. Among them Guangdong has 2 place selected, it is important to save country of China white cowfish for Guangdong respectively country of mangrove of cropland of blessing of area of cropland of blessing of city of Shenzhen of province of wet ground, Guangdong is important wet.

        Xining of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Liu Zegeng) the reporter saves zoology environment hall 28 days to learn from Qinghai, qinghai province planned as a whole 2019 position risk trash is used integratedly reach trash of social source danger to collect establishment construction centrally, deal with ability achieves 1.53 million tons / year, satisfy complete province need basically.

        In repair process, road ground both sides is paid attention to in " associated linkage " fluctuation kongfu, establish " program of reconnaissance of combination of problem hidden trouble, repair combines affirmatory, punish to carry out associated operation, problem to sell a combination to affirm " working principle. This superintend and director of survey of road ground combination is checked group, arrive deep railroad along the line, the spot listens to the opinion of the many sided such as local dweller in detail, hold to everything from protective masses personal interest sets out, the spot enacts punish measure, science allocates relevant resource, captured difficult problem, accelerated punish move, ensured the manufacturing life of masses of along the line is safe, also promoted meaning of liability of each city state to know farther aggrandizement, drive to spend at the same time increase further, duty standard promotes further.

        East in Zhao village big canopy " stereo kind of melon " fructification again and again (Liu Yang of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        "In day-to-day management, we are used 20 to 30 minutes itinerate dogs type Bao Jie, maintain a toilet neat, convenient public is used the toilet; From personnel of course of study to public toilet management every half an year begins vocational training, improve the business quality of basic level personnel, enhance professional morality; The area that has certain stream of people to evening, public toilet replaces the living division of the toilet that occupy the home, creation condition executes environmental sanitation public toilet 24 hours to open, accomplish true civilian service. " Wang Xia expresses.

        Drilling installs calamity spot in advance to come to help in all, before holding, rear headquarters conference, sky counteracts Gao Tie to cast send reinforce force, barrier lake rush to deal with an emergency, danger is changed article divulge deal with wait for 16 drilling course, army ground ginseng performs a number to exceed 5600 people, employ civil aviaton charter flight 1, army and place are general aviation helicopter 4, unmanned aircraft 20, rescuing equipment of other and of all kinds special type more than 700 (cover) . Join each branch that act and each unit according to newest castigatory " lash-up of Sichuan province earthquake beforehand case " , essence of life allowed scientific and efficient, orderly ground to develop large-scale, much site earthquake relief work.

        The Guangxi that is about to hold from trade " 3 cloud " action business recommends an activity with " vigor Guangxi leads China from trade, east alliance opens collaboration " for the theme, pass online next settings advocate assembly room, basically appear with the means of the direct seeding on the line. The activity broke through a tradition " face-to-face " action business is in the number, space, limit that shows the side such as the form, action business recommends a form more contemporary, content is richer and novel, build personage of a global investor, all circles to never leave home, Guangxi of one key butt joint experiments from trade the platform of the area.

        Suddenly Er Guo Sihai closes the member that close to undertake superintendency to class row (Yu Wenjing is photographed)

        Small letter of work of market of white source of the area that install a source group (Wu Bin of reporter of hair of center extensive network is offerred)

        As we have learned, on June 3 20: 30, brake of side of 3 fort lock, new dam lock, river " do not enter only piece " one-way discharged, fu Chunjiang lock stops to move, 22: 00, new dam lock stops to move, on June 4 1: 00, 3 fort lock stops to move.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on May 30 message (reporter Gu Yichao) on May 29, area of river of Chengdu bright and beautiful holds be the lucky number of volume of project of great 2020 industrialization to restrict ceremony and global action trade partner congress. Project of 10 great industrialization centers an autograph to make an appointment with, investment amount amounts to 16 billion yuan, involve the many fields such as development of medical treatment of headquarters economy, education, city, new media. This congress is returned with " below the line + on the line " mode is synchronous on the network direct seeding, attracted more than 100 businesses online participate in.

        Integrated free tax zone is in charge of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting appoint conference chairman Bai Can says: "Next, we even the value added tax that actively hoists put together to protect an area is average the job with taxpayer pilot qualification; With custom close cooperation, all of supportive industry free closes, the help supplies chain on enterprise add. A be born of as soon as possible supportive company policy, guide put together to protect division business to obtain greater progress. Guide put together to protect division business to obtain greater progress..

        Police clew: The net hands in friend to be sure to check status of the other side seriously, establish correct marriage to love view. The person in fictitious to those consist in chatting software, no matter who be, want respecting only about " cross a state " " rich color software " " investment platform " " systematic flaw " wait for a keyword, be about to raise vigilance. Whenever, be sure to keep in mind not to leak oneself individual information at will, do not turn Zhang, not remittance, encounter the circumstance that be cheated to call the police in time please.

        According to introducing, executive electron passenger ticket can raise a passenger to give an experience further. Buy ticket respect, the passenger can make work the window, automatically through Internet, station each channel such as ticket machine and dot of be commissioned to sell sth buy ticket, the flow that buy a ticket all did not change with the certificate that buy a ticket, after buying electronic passenger ticket, the passenger can be mixed through Internet return a ticket change a label, never leave home can complete an operation; Give a side, proof of ticket of check of check of station of pass in and out by the past " identity document + ticket " , identity document achieves effect of hold of brief melt into " one evidence is current " , real name makes ticket of nuclear check, check, check bank note more convenient, when ticket of brake machine check is used on average by 3.8 seconds / the person shortens to 1.3 seconds / person, rate rises 3 times the left and right sides, efficiency of station of great promotion pass in and out, managing passenger gives travel time cost, and can be on guard effectively missing ticket, buy the venture such as false bill.

        In investigation Chen Long understands, some team member choose to play game is for the mood in drain heart; Some team member think hand You Ying added up to young to go after the psychology that exciting, longing challenges, especially the net swims in challenge of grade of setting toll-gate, sort, arena, be personally on the scene letting a person, cannot help doing sth; Return some team member to express, activity of team after school is not rich, do not follow to go up the times develops, basic it is a ball kind, the traditional project such as chess card is in the majority. As a result likes weekend team member on the weekend at some, because of teammate each steps down field to go " gorge " , thorough " battlefield " , oneself also are joined slowly " hand You Dazhan " . In the meantime, he still discovers a strange phenomenon: A few behave common team member at ordinary times is an ace however in game. For instance preliminary firemen Chen Rui, training begs enthusiasm of be able to pass, job only not tall also, can play game to be like two different people however.

        Guangzhou city nightly consumption is allied (federation) plan to drive by bureau of Guangzhou city business affairs hold water, member unit was covered feed, buy, swim, the many domains such as amusement, almost include the Fangfang respect that common people life consumes, include orgnaization of enterprise of the platform on synthesis of group of whole town representative trade, city, line, media to wait.

        The golden monkey small princess that was born on April 8, healthy and lively, like to be climbed on branch and scaling ladder climb, bouncing, have adventurous mind very much. Zoo of early days Guangzhou was initiated " golden monkey princess asks for an activity " , on June 1 the Children's Festival that day, will be in Guangzhou zoo synchronism of golden monkey house begins a line to leave voting activity. The tourist of mobile spot is OK and overhand precious one ticket, each neighbor is taking child of your home bud to be name of your favorite golden monkey princess to poll! Final voting result, will announce at mobile spot.

        The activity goes out to check terminal to sponsor into condition frontier defence by Zhejiang of national immigrant management board, station of check of edge of peaceful wave airport undertakes.

        Exporting quickly while drawback is examined and approve, still guide export business to apply energetically " onefold window " , application of conduction drawback of the means on the line such as electronic revenue, use a phone to talk about, small letter is communicated, video delivers even mail of line, phone etc " blame contact " means is begun check, the export business that proves kind of writ to be badly in need of drawback is offerred in time mail express serves. Since epidemic situation happening, exit drawback business 100% for " blame contact " deal with.