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        2020年06月25日 08:58:50


        2020年06月25日 08:58:50

        In recent years, purify environment of water area of core of yellow riverside river to last, the superintendency strength that bureau of thing of yellow Pu Hai increases smeary to shipping water, sewage and rubbish dump and of illegal behavior investigate strength, accumulative total investigates illegal case 45 cases since 2018, to according with shipping water pollution content discharges standard shipping to take the step that limitation sails or deadline rectifies and reform, had better awe effect.

        The influence that brings to answer new coronal epidemic situation to work to capital attraction, stimulative center of investment of peaceful wave city and couplet of city live abroad invited 36 to pay close attention to Ning Bo to develop jointly and the abroad live abroad that has project resource medium of communication is gotten, foreign orgnaization represents composition " investment of Ning Bo estate promotes abroad alliance " . These allied members distributing 26 countries that are in Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, they will regard abroad action of Ning Bo as business adviser, for our city capital attraction the job provides strong support, accomplish the work that enrol business ceaseless pace.

          3, machine of remote town public security detects Qing Dynasty of Dongguan of Shan head Fosan successfully " hurricane 31 " blow " touch porcelain " bilk crime case

        Chen Ansheng emphasizes, although Zhejiang saves epidemic situation to prevent,accuse the job to obtain major effect, but appeared continuously recently from home send out the circumstance of case of illness looks, normalization is prevented accuse a look to be not gotten the least bit and paralytic, must fulfil strictly " outside prevent an input, inside prevent rebound " each deploy, continue to come to area of high risk, apoplectic jaws personnel of short for Zhejiang Province has specific aim to strengthen nucleic acid to detect, work with perseverance has caught nicety wisdom to accuse, consolidate with all one's strength of hard-earned prevent dominate positive result.

        Ningxia water conservancy project builds Pan Zilin of central vice director to tell a reporter, trunk canal changes the leakage that channel will drop greatly after enlarge on the west, raise utilization rate of water natural resources greatly, prevent quantity of ooze section water every year to will achieve stere of about 4 ten million, be equivalent to letting 20 thousand become irrigable land to 25 thousand dry land. implementation data is changed hold remotely accuse, achieve little person to be on duty or unmanned value defends a purpose, use water couplet network " digital prevent floods by water control " concept, make fill region the division of modern zoology fill that is efficient, managing, green, harmony. Still will raise a covered corridor or walk of grape of the foot of mountain of congratulate orchid Shandong to cultivate safeguard of base water supply to lead, to make more attractive Ningxia distinguishing feature " purple calling card " offer substantial water safety to ensure; Serve through using water to along the line provides modes of life and relation to their environment lakily, wetly, make for Yinchuan the green landscape a covered corridor or walk western.

        Up to on June 10 24 when, still have the person that affect without the symptom 8, input 6 for Hubei province respectively, 1 is inputted outside the condition (input for the United States) , this locality is original 1 (for macrobian area 1) , accepting medicine to observe.

        Meanwhile, "Circus wagon " consumption helps deficient up to be started formally also into community activity, guizhou Province Guizhou is southwest city farming special local product is tasted walk into 47 cities community.

        On May 22 11 when 57 minutes or so, thick dam of river oily city presses down fierce diversion works always weighs branch canal to be in build channel happening to break down collapse send 3 people to break couplet. After accident happening, sichuan provincial Party committee saves governmental height to take seriously, make arrangement deploy to coming to help instantly. Sichuan visits lash-up government office start lash-up to answer for a short while, expedite be assigned personal responsibility for to be in charge of a comrade guiding rescuing team to drive quickly go to ahead, jointly with continous this world and municipal government of river oily municipal Party committee fast investment comes to help.

        The person that the input outside the condition affects without the symptom 4: Female, 30 years old, sichuan from tribute city person. The patient takes CA632 airliner to reached Jinan Yao wall on June 9 from Pakistan Istanbul International Airport, the temperature when entering a country is normal, without other and unusual symptom, keep apart bit of executive concentration cure to learn observation to concentration by special have a change of luck. Custom of late that day Jinan reports his to enter a country nucleic acid sieve checks masculine gender, reach hospital of Jinan city contagion to keep apart diagnosis and treatment via have a change of luck of ambulance of 120 negative pressure instantly. Disease of before dawn city accused central check nucleic acid to detect on June 10 electropositive, combine the result such as clinical symptom and video examination, via expert group consultation diagnoses the person that affect without the symptom for virus of new-style coronal shape. With aircraft personnel 255 average per capita already carried out collect traditional Chinese medical science to learn observation.

        According to introducing, shanghai proposes key form unmanned workshop storage facility for reserve purpose, focusing supply end optimizes ability, production system of work out intelligence is compositive business recommends catalog, platform of promotion industry Internet is witting spend and the user is agglutinant, be in harmony connects intelligence to produce solution and ode can kit; Focusing application carries deep ploughing trade, the intelligence that advances the domain such as chemical industry of equipment of medicine of information of car, electron, aerospace, biology, high end, green and new material continuously changes transition to upgrade. Accelerate the new-style infrastructure such as center of construction 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, aggrandizement intelligence creates driving science and technology, data and network base; Accelerate advance new capital construction of word of one lot number, online new economy to endow with can project of intelligent production high end, aid investment of force steady growth, hurried, synergism can. Focusing robot, intelligence makes service, wisdom give the territory such as travel, accelerate attract to cultivate industry of a batch of bibcock, make setting of a batch of deepness application; The Shanghai intelligence that creates 10 billion yuan of scale makes an industry invest fund, encourage investment of venture capital investment, equity to blend in intelligence to make a trade; Rely on intelligence to make a talent groom base, cent batch fosters division of 200 presiding programs.

        Lake of Dragon Well tea of park of forest of hill of Jiangxi gold basin (hall of forestry of province of Jiangxi of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Current, zhejiang in all canal of environment of delimit land region charges unit 2507. Among them, first protection is unit 1063, 50.30% what occupy land area. Key canal charges unit 1117, 14.31% what occupy land area, among them industrial assemble kind key canal charges unit 612, town lives kind of key canal charge unit 505. General canal charges unit 327, 35.39% what occupy land area. Canal of delimit ocean environment charges unit 206. Among them, first protection is unit 104, 33.03% what occupy gross area of complete province maritime space; Key canal charges unit 80, 15.55% what occupy gross area of complete province maritime space; General canal charges unit 22, 51.42% what occupy gross area of complete province maritime space. In the meantime, offerred detailed account of provincial and overall admittance, and first protection kind, key canal dominates kind of overall admittance detailed list that dominates kind of environment canal to charge unit with general canal, carry out divisional difference to change a canal to accuse.

        Last year in July, the wife of Ma Yuancai of employee of restful post the Hui nationality absurd embryo of below 4 afterbirth. 4 afterbirth embryo arrives, while to this average household brings joy, also brought huge economic burden to this pair of young couples. After be informed this one circumstance, each people personnel and run a hand that reachs aid to couple of this pair of the Hui nationality for a short while, do not achieve 71 thousand yuan to a day of contribution, the family that is embryo of this 4 afterbirth settled a pressing need.

        2014, zhejiang province takes the lead in publishing local laws and regulations inside countrywide limits, roll out free to donate blood " 3 avoid " care measure, offer for free blood donor " free and public transportation, free travel, avoid hand in outpatient service examine to examine cost " wait for a service. End at present, complete province shared 42228 blood donor to enjoy care treatment. 2019, zhejiang is saved will " the service that use blood need not run " bring into medical treatment sanitation to serve " run at most " reform, blood donor uses blood " the hospital is avoided continuously " give priority to, " the derate on the net " for complementary working mode takes the lead in coming true to be enclothed completely inside countrywide limits, the go to a doctor of blood donor obtains feeling and satisfaction to spend apparent promotion.

           2020Year it is processing of protection of pool of another name for Yunnan Province " 3 years of assault fortified positions " of the decisive battle of the action year, kunming will pass rain of village of punish of mouth of construction of clear water passageway, overflow, court corrupt billabong sets an example, drainage system dredge restores construction, water quality to purify a factory tail water and in water is used integratedly wait for 58 projects to build, ensure water quality of complete lake of pool of another name for Yunnan Province maintains Ⅳ kind.

        According to introducing, zhejiang province still is facing austere and complex poisonous situation situation at present. It is aggravate of input of ab extra drugs. Zhejiang near future is detected reach the case of heavy especially big narcotics in detect is at present medium, drugs majority is southwesterly direction, "Golden triangle " the main source land that the area has made drugs. 2 it is poisonous feelings face return dragoon power. The near future, outside the condition, poison is peddled outside the province group and provincial attract the staff that peddle poison frequent Gou Lian, a large amount of drugs especially kilogram case of class above narcotics is clear grow in quantity. 3 it is drugs blow difficulty is increased. Current, zhejiang province presents material of active of conventional drugs, synthesis drugs, new drive " 3 acting drugs " concomitant situation, new type drugs emerges in endlessly.

        Li Duojie introduces, according to the requirement that 5 years legislation plans, standing committee of National People's Congress of sea north city started autonomic byelaw to edit 2018 the job, those who pass two years of many time edit, byelaw submits to this year the seventeenth times the conference examines standing committee of Qinghai province National People's Congress approval. Byelaw edits work to wait for legal laws and regulations to be a basis with law of constitution, regional autonomy of minority nationalities, legislative law, combine politics of sea north state, economy, culture, society, zoology and ethical characteristic, pay attention to the new case that in solving autonomous prefecture to develop in economic society, appears and new issue, undertook to autonomic byelaw the system edits in the round.

        Regard national liquid dynamic as main force, this factory is assuming the mission of spaceflight powerful nation and responsibility, shoulder heavy responsibilities. The backside of arrogant person achievement, it is sail resembling Cai is same " young craftsman " go after and have deep love for assiduously to spaceflight career. Come 14 years, he lets himself make study in effort model, skill, on the road of innovation post talent never cease.

        Up to on June 2 24 when, the person that accumulative total traces intimate contact 25118 people, already removed medicine watchs 24989 people, still 129 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        Content of port of Chongqing municipal government flows do express, ou Ban is listed in (Yu Xinou) in international postal parcel, Russia entrance aspic is tasted waited for a respect to develop new supply of goods, the key industry such as report of pen of this locality of main safeguard, car supplies the stability of catenary and industrial catenary, produced strategic passageway effect.

        Through work out print and distribute " Guiyang city river (lake) assessment evaluates detailed rules " , health of ecology of water of Guiyang river lake evaluates a result to had been applied 2019 city class " one river is taken an examination of " " one county is taken an examination of " in, take the lead in implementing the working aim around health of river lake ecology in complete province.

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