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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:52

        2020年06月25日 08:58:52

        Serve quality and efficiency to increase credit, ensure buy credit fund seasonable full specified amount is supplied, this are begun with respect to concentration April assess of grade of credit of food oily company worked 2020, end end already was finished in the round in May various the grade that participates in summer grain crops to buy a company works. In the meantime, buy grain oil loan qualification to maintain attributive transfer to a lower level to reach ground city branch, in May the last ten-day of a month was finished grain oil bought loan qualification to maintain 2020, put on record the job, share 87 to open an account the enterprise is participated in summer grain crops is bought this year. In the meantime, sell food for nearby of friend of convenient and broad farmer, this place administer each county (area) subbranch of a bank cooperates department of local commissariat administration, with have the grain oil that buys a qualification to buy an enterprise to plan jointly, in complete province each buy a county (area) establish buy a site 186, can realize summer grain crops to buy a county (area) enclothe completely, accomplish buy do not stay " blank spot " , offer advantage for farmer friend, reduce the loss in carriage process and cost.

        "Regard affiliated to a ministry as the school, forward position of technology of sea general follow closely, accelerate the deepness confluence that advances new technology and school to run a school. The sea wishs greatly as square as each hand in hand, share resource, dominant position complementary, build the new platform that collaboration develops, new mechanism, make shipping of our country intelligence develop leading sheep jointly, for traffic powerful nation construction contributes more wisdom and force! " Zheng Shaona of secretary of maritime university Party committee says Dalian.

        On June 12 when 0-24, sichuan adds virus of new-style coronal shape newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness 1 (for the input outside the condition, set out from Wengehua by plane on June 11, segregation medicine observation and dynamic diagnosis and treatment are accepted namely after arriving at Chengdu with day, on June 12 diagnose) , add newly cure leave hospital case of illness 1, without add doubt newly to seem case, without add dead case of illness newly.

        On May 31 - on June 6, shanxi saves average fall to be 0.9 millimeter completely, with all the year round the corresponding period (11.9 millimeter) slant little 9 into; Save average air temperature to be 23.8 ℃ completely, with all the year round the corresponding period (20.6 ℃ ) on the high side 3.2 ℃ . 3-6 day Shanxi appeared high temperature weather, southern greater part and upper ministry distribute land in the area has 75 counties (city, area) highest air temperature is in 35 ℃ above, among them, have 32 counties (city, area) more than 37 ℃ .

        Element of peaceful wave characteristic is shown especially in this second exhibition -- " science and technology is civilian, struggle have me -- Ning Bo city ' science and technology seeks dream person ' elegant demeanour is exhibited " . This is this second " scientist spirit theme exhibits countrywide make one's rounds " on the foundation of content, new affiliation peaceful wave element.

        Above patient all keeps apart cure in the hospital that decide a dot, all person that contact closely all are in appoint a place to undertake medicine observes centralized keeping apart, whole journey executes closed circuit management, sentiment of severe epidemic prevention spreads spread.

        As we have learned, the 60th times standing conference publishs Ningxia municipality government surely definitely this year 16 new move, supportive service line of business answers consumption to answer fill, latent capacity is released, among them one is exploration deserves to send a service without contact. Inn of unmanned fruit vegetables manages wisdom square active noise is made share service of wisdom business affairs, aid force in order to do not have contact service to normalize epidemic situation to prevent accuse, relevant department of city of municipality of active butt joint, Yinchuan, inspect study to the other place, each big property company gets connection Yinchuan support energetically.

        Be in Taiyuan city 48 in, the school is forbidden and ab extra have nothing to do personnel is entered school, the student is entered school enter class to need to pass temperature for many times to detect, register. The parent temperature of day-boarder is unusual and go out to also need to report to classmaster from city. Taiyuan city 48 in tall 3 classmaster Han Jianbin says, if hair is existing temperature is unusual, it is OK to have special class cadre report to school doctor and education president directly.

        Liu Mei Xiu feeds a meal to husband's younger brother

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 4 message (reporter Liang Mingxing) on June 3, when tiger door sells cigarette 181 years, hefei city public security bureau presses down concentration in Wu Shan of long abundant county drugs of destroy by melting or burning more than kilograms 60.

        As we have learned, participate in this second Shuang Bo's talent to negotiate the unit of the butt joint included share of division power electric equipment, China hair, Li Zhu not only science and technology of software of science and technology of group, full records, main beam, smooth library appear on the market company, also have the institution such as city people hospital, still have the college such as university of Macao science and technology. Condition of the pay level that each unit provides, scientific research all very liberal, some post yearly salary are as high as 1.5 million yuan. Later generations of global doctor doctor just signs up also very eagerly, up to now, have come from Beijing University, tsinghua university, fudan University, shanghai traffic university, zhongshan university, 39 global famous colleges such as London university are close 100 doctors are postdoctoral sign up attend, involve biology of material, medicine, environmental protection, finance and industrial and commercial management to wait for many course domain.

        First hydrogenous fuel cell all installed equipment of mobile 5G CPE and north to fight satellitic tabulator inside the bus, the energy that can achieve car through 5G network locates definitely and drive the millisecond class of the data such as behavior, passenger flow is transmitted, attemper to send a squad automatically, safety drives the functional implementation such as monitoring of condition of early-warning, car offers crucial technology to prop up.

        Jinan of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter bavin installs Dong Tanglei) in " flyspeck horse " temperature instrument advancement goes facial identifying, stretch small mouth to make an inspection to the body, extend little hand to do a disinfection, had received packets of big packet from adult hand, step on touchdown to go up " bound feet bifurcation " walk into nursery school corridor...

        Arrive for inheritance craft of authentic float bridge congou, wang Yongfeng was found at that time already of 91 years old of advanced age " Chinese tea longlived person " Huang Chongdao, determination does obeisance to Shi Xueyi. When going for the first time, yellow old very conversable, thinking is clear, but to reviving " inspire confidence in sb is nailed " disapprovingly, thinking is young nevertheless temporarily actuation. Did not think of after coming back, Wang Yongfeng asks the master, leaf that buy delicacy, good tea was made search again after 4 days, wang Yongfeng says: "The master drank tea at that time whats did not say, I guess affirmation is to be no good, come back to collect a leaf to make tea again, altogether went 11 times. The master is touched by me, eleventh second send, he sees I say ' OK ' , helping up by his son find out a manuscript in the room, still climb to write down for me in the middle of the night later ' inspire confidence in sb is nailed ' testimonial. " affirm because of what have a master worker just about and help, wang Yongfeng does tea to always have a sense of responsibility. Make tea way 3 years, wang Yongfeng took float roof beam greatly small each tea hill, visited place all artisan that have the craft that make tea, participate in personally to all tea picked, abstain in person, guard a pass strictly each segment that makes tea, nail tea to undertake improve and innovating to inspire confidence in sb ceaselessly.

        Jiangxi market superintendency department will strengthen the market to go up the price that with the entrance the seafood product such as 3 article fish reachs the congener or similar product such as flesh of flocks and herds supervises an examination, investigate lawfully collude with rise in price, drive up the price, corner resides strange, price to wait for illegal behavior false.

        Long white Shan Tianchi (hair of center extensive network grows Bai Shan to be in charge of appoint can offer a plan)

        As we have learned, henceforth, limited company of academy of design of Zhejiang university building basically will be in the talent grooms the respect such as work out of research of learning of technical communication, scientific research, urban and rural program and project project design and for instance the county begins cooperative communication, for for instance urban and rural plan and construction offers new intelligence, science and technology to prop up, to expand the power with new infuse for instance. At the same time this also is intelligence of first high administrative levels and settle of project of science and technology for instance. Current, the first batch involves a purpose to make an on-the-spot survey to had been finished on the spot, design work has been started.

        The Chinese nation takes domestic all through the ages seriously very, "The person that be about to rule its country, first Qi Jijia " , " of the world be in the home originally " , " the home and all things are promoted " , " administer a country of neat home of cultivate one's morality makes the same score the world " etc, spoke domestic wind family education to regard China as outstanding culture gene, be culture of outstanding rule of virtue is important bear the weight of, it is the important cornerstone that society of stimulative basic level administers. The core viewpoint of value of a country is a country fetch, the core viewpoint of value of a family is a wind. The family is basic cell of the society, domestic wind is the foundation of social fashion, domestic wind criterion folkway pures, folkway pures a the god of the land and the god of the grain-the state how.

        On May 11 9 when make, the member that custom of airport of Guangzhou white cloud closes undertakes superintendency in some airliner to coming from Thailand when, discovery lies fallow 1 times the smooth image of baggage existence X that dresses up a woman is unusual, immediately opens box to check. The member that custom closes is in the mark outside 3 packets are being found inside the boot of this woman " farmhouse aromatic rice " " top class mango does Thailand " " beautiful of give sb a present is tasted " the in bags food that waits for model of written characters, but feel and the food sort of the designation on the bag that pack are apparently different. The member that close checks discovery further, bottom of the bag that pack has the drape mark that after sealing off, encloses afresh. Open the of a variety of different color pill inside bag of the discovery that pack and capsule. Woman spot admits what what its carry to be not common provision, however " medicine reducing weight " . Classics check the amount, this batches of medicines and chemical reagents in all 5 kinds, make an appointment with 6.3 kilogram again.

        Ning Bo accepts a dot to be set in free tax zone, also complied with cosmetic to step the demand that condition commerce expands quickly, will be helpful for trade pattern from cross condition trade one-track turn for general commerce and cross condition commerce double track to make, be helpful for crossing condition entrance and general commerce to import mutual confluence, be helpful for Ning Bo enlarging an entrance, service " 225 " foreign trade double -727379968 actions.

        The static state is checked and accept is in Gao Tie the project is finished entirely and circumstance of self check qualification falls, by Gao Tieyun battalion unit is opposite craft of the construction quality of each system, construction mixes tall iron circuitry equipment performance begin check and accept an examination subtly in the round, affirm whether the project is finished by the design and quality is eligible, whether was systematic equipment already installed and debug end etc. The static state is checked and accept after finishing, will begin trends to check and accept by the plan, preliminary check and accept and safety is evaluated.

        Guangdong saves forestry bureau to divulge, next, prompt combination nature of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to teach the job, build nature of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to teach communication collaboration big platform, active compose is built it is for foundation, wet park with natural groove guard additional mangrove nature protects land management system, strict mangrove nature protects ground government, continue to fulfil the strictest mangrove to protect administrative measure, carry out rehabilitate of mangrove system zoology as a whole major project, strengthen mangrove to protect repair science and technology to prop up, build wet park energetically, preferential functional area outbalance, suffer the wet ground with relatively serious menace to bring into wet park management, escalate mangrove gets monitoring area, enhance zoology of key area wet ground to serve a function ceaselessly.

        This year in March, new coronal epidemic situation spreads in the whole world, italy is become " heavy disaster area " . Government of flourish prosperous district is after the circumstance that is informed the country such as Italy, Spain to fight epidemic disease goods and materials to short, arouse actively enterprise of constituent area under administration prepares guaze mask, segregation quickly to take wait for epidemic prevention goods and materials with blinkers, carry group of each country artist, donated this to approve medical treatment preserve endowment, settled a pressing need of local hospital.

        3. All alone with blame environmental protection, blame green meal is provided not actively.

        As we have learned, from 2006 the country is started carry out " special hillock teacher plans " up to now, invite applications for a job of Ningxia accumulative total is unusual hillock teacher many 20 thousand, be benefited on 1000 country schools that limits covers whole area. Special hillock teacher has service time of 3 years, there is multiple choice after the service expires, if be in place to continue remain in office, will retain truly make up have post, enjoy local teacher to wait to encounter together.

        Go up lunar base, the hand swims " food language " medium brand-new the person that feed soul sets Xiang Yu the Conqueror to fasten the line on female singer, it is to let a person cause boundless imagination more. To this, chen Jing expresses, advocate achieve a group to give out collaboration to invite to courtyard of Shanghai Beijing opera designedly about, original intention is advocate the quintessence of a country. Courtyard of Shanghai Beijing opera got also agree willingly after the infinite glamour of the network in the feeling before this. Can better to let A Jie of notable reputation actor display sing, assume personal command of specially of Mei Paqing Yi Tianhui coachs and publicizing piece li of loud voice. Fasten new overlord after the deliberate burnish that A Jie passes countless times female singer is sung lasting appeal is dye-in-the-woodly, came true to feed the arena dream of fetch.

        Jinan of center extensive network on June 3 message (reporter Gui Yuan) Shandong province Linyi, aid holds wheaten machine 2 days to receive start harvesting ceremony at the same time rather, indicate 60 million mus of Xiaomai harvest a Shandong will from south to north, spread out in the round eastwards on the west oneself.

        As we have learned, area of character of Pu'er tea of general Er city piece platform of catenary date from passes conformity " one portal, 3 terminal " , build case " product quality is superintended + sale + supply catenary finance to serve " system, and with " a mobile phone handles affairs " , " look forward to of cloud of a mobile phone is borrowed " wait for platform to realize data in all each other of be in harmony is connected, formed the information management closed circuit that waits for all link from production, current, consumption, realized an enterprise the catenary that production of 3 sincere letters, consumer trusts consumption, government superintends a service is moved unified, cogent help enterprise solves product quality promotion, sale channel to extend, get difficulty and the problem such as financial support.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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