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        2020年06月25日 08:59:02

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        The Cai Fan when attend school (back row is right 2) (hair of center extensive network suffers the person that visit to offer a plan)

        As we have learned, ningxia develops the organization division warden canal to violate this year compasses cut slope to build room, scientific program to remove avoid let, advance 3 geological calamity such as great processing to administer a project integratedly as a whole, the dispersive dweller that to sufferring geology calamity browbeats is carried out remove avoid let, punish of combinative zoology rehabilitate, land, mine resumes the processing, project such as land answer cultivate, advance gravely qualitative calamity to administer as a whole, public to the harm safety, the likelihood causes a large number of personal casualty and significant loss and carry out hard remove avoid calamity hidden trouble nods the great geology that let, basis importance, in installment, carry out processing group by group.

        End at present, complete province seals up for keeping import the seafood product such as 3 article fish 149 thousand kilograms, seal up for keeping product of flesh of entrance flocks and herds 1.193 million kilograms. The sample that collects at present not check gives positive result. Each district organizes pair of free market of agricultural productses, terminal market, business to exceed instantly, the place such as refrigeratory is engaged in managing an entrance the seafood product such as 3 article fish and those who import flesh of flocks and herds is relevant begin new coronal from personnel of course of study pneumonic virus nucleic acid detects the job, accomplish " should check uses up check " . Already collected at present relevant detect from nucleic acid of personnel of course of study example 3819, not check gives positive result. To all involving the seafood product such as 3 article fish reachs sale, treatment, Chu Yunjin mouth sampling of the environment outside importing the market of flesh of flocks and herds to begin detects, collect food and environmental sample at present 3545, not check gives positive result.

        It is reported, enter the two areas county that punish phase works. Change north area is insisting to check measure go against the river to treat an organic whole to advance, form a complete set drives punish sewage to steal a platoon to be put secretly, discharge check the number of in all 3656, discover a problem 1000, already fulfilled rectify and reform 997, aid power source punish effectively; Two rivers new developed area already entered classified punish phase in the round, 240 platoons mouth only remnant is being rectified and reform 27 times, advance rate 89% . The platoon that finishs in early days is checked, monitor, trace to the source the abstraction in the job forms classification to name, encode regulation, dog monitor, deepness traces to the source, 7 jobs such as sign setting are normative, print and distribute " integrated repair program " build area river to grow do with live build, the lasting effect of the branch such as irrigation works, environmental protection, traffic runs a system.

        All the time since, red boat is the indicative symbol of Guangdong opera. Clear minor details civilian first the years with the most prosperous Guangdong opera, guangdong opera theatrical troupe is recumbent a red boat, wander in a network of rivers in Pearl River delta, show of draw close the shore, extremely prosperous. 2016 Guangzhou make Guangdong opera popularize carrier afresh- - Pearl River red boat " the boat says " theater. Up to now " the boat says " successful already show many 1000, recieved nearly 200 thousand person-time global tourist, become a piece of be worthy of the name to publicize the new calling card of the culture austral mountain of Guangzhou, transmission and Guangdong opera culture.

        Build enter a country come short for Zhejiang Province " quick passage " stimulative go back to work answer produce

        Yinchuan of center extensive network on June 3 message (reporter Xu Sheng) the reporter understands from Ningxia Public Security Department today, on June 2 12 when, mechanism of Ningxia public security and Vietnam police by col of auspicious city friendship in Guangxi 0 kilometers are in the bank to be labelled to because be suspected of,opening gambling house crime chase after on the net escape the Hou of personnel is such-and-such undertake handover. So far, vietnam of flee to other country long Hou of 1 year is such-and-such be captured to bring to justice by the success.

        Jinan of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter Liu Ying exceeds) today is World Environment Day, this year the theme of environmental day is " care is natural, no time to delay " . In the morning at 10 o'clock, news of Shandong province government does hold a press conference, basis " law of environmental protection of People's Republic of China " concerned regulation, release publicly " Shandong saved bulletin of zoology environment state 2019 " .

        Be located in south short for Weihe River south the short for Weihe River that city faces area of short for Weihe River finite liability company regards town drain off water as this city's bigger sewage treatment plant, it is this city old the city zone, center the city zone of all sewage " purifier " , sewage disposal back row enters river, the Yellow River is collected after shedding Jing Weihe again.

        In the spot, orgnaization of service of 12 intellectual property passes platform of new media of intellectual property major to develop general situation of course, brand and service characteristic to undertake direct seeding explains to public around what serve an orgnaization severally to personnel of broad to apply for a job interactive, allow the operation style that personnel of to apply for a job knows orgnaization of different invite applications for a job in the round, intuitionisticly, conveniently, improve efficiency of invite applications for a job.

        Drive a key actively to give aid to area and the eastpart part develop the area begins communication of collaboration of science and technology. Active organization gives aid to orgnaization of area institution of higher learing, scientific research and enterprise attend thing ministry commerce to negotiate mainly meeting, east alliance exposition, exploration drives the eastpart part to develop the area is the same as a key to give aid to area begins collaboration of science and technology and talent intelligence cooperation through the means such as scientific research cooperation, collaboration education.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 4 message (reporter Liu Tao) county of heart of happy event of city of Sichuan province cool hill refines the measure that help deficient up, in and village of combination pulling countryside is carried out " 1+2+N " working law, build trends to take off deficient stage Zhang, ensure poor masses takes off deficient as soon as possible.

        Develop a rural area platoon of system of black smelly water investigates repair work, it is to carry out the requirement that fulfils Xi Jinping to give birth to form culture thought and Guizhou provincial Party committee to save a government to be built about reinforcing zoology culture, it is a when improve quality of rural zoology environment continuously system of environment of zoology of repair countryside water, significant move.

        Chongqing city observatory predicts, chongqing western the area is main precipitation period of time is 16 days nightly arrive 17 days by day, southeast ministry area is reached 17 days to arrive by day Chongqing nightly. Rainfall of area accumulative total is in Chongqing 120 millimeter of 70 ~ , bureau ground 180 millimeter above; The others area 40 ~ 70 millimeter, bureau ground 120 millimeter above; The biggest small Shi Yu measures 50 ~ 70 millimeter.

        Annulus end lemur is known as a Madagascar final " demon " , the annulus end lemur that Guangzhou zoo spirit grows an area this year is more " monkey " Ding Xingwang, altogether has 9 monkey darling to be born, of annulus end lemur climb climb, run and bouncing capability is very strong, will to orangutan house and gibbon exhibit the playground of annulus end lemur among the area, often can see the lively setting that monkey darling angle fights noisely. Monkey people when the activity often high cock their fair annulus remaining part, be like the flag that black and white stripe comprises one side, appear very marked. This " 61 " come to the zoo, scarcely can miss the house of lively and lively annulus end lemur as nursery school, see ocean the other shore " elf " elegant demeanour!

        A channel is located in Dai Yunshan village of head of cliff of countryside of Gaide of county of moralization of city of state of Fujian Province spring, for all fronts the first long Sui, channel is full-length 13720m, hole body passes through many fault, shallow bury next wearing highway, aqueduct, upper stormed crack is counted second, the groundwater inside channel is rich collect, have dash forward water dash forward slimy risk, carry section of coal measures layer, put in the harmful gas such as gas.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 9 message (reporter He Weiji) the reporter learns from bureau of Guangzhou city business affairs, on June 12, guangzhou will be held 2020 " city of Young city Yeah " nightly spending item starts a ceremony. At the appointed time, guangzhou city includes group of trade of group of trade of distance of the Milky way, Beijing distance, fluctuation originality of culture of beer of Ti of 9 trade group, Pa is artistic area, 10 thousand amount to square, be in harmony to achieve article brigade city to wait for 30 many business unit of location of force of synthesis of circle, city, article will hold water nightly.

        Extending sports consumption while certificate is reducing citizen fitness cost, also pass exciting sports consumption, alleviate the concussion that new coronal epidemic situation brings to market of spending of Inner Mongolia sports, push sports industry answer of go back to work is produced.

        This year on January 3, this division each unit " entire chain " destroy aspic of a smuggling to taste guilty gang, criminal detains the guilty suspect that participates in the smuggling such as sale of refute of strip of the smuggle on water, landing, churchyard to divide the work 10, sequestered smuggler 9, investigate the aspic such as foot of hand of pig abdomen, pig, chicken to taste 43.28 tons, proposal value 1.177 million yuan. Time substation of Yu area public security still is digging experience case personnel greatly, strive to contraband this the gang " entire chain " eradicate.

        "Listened to so much city found plan report, true benefit bandit is shallow, this is a chance that learns advanced experience and way. Pass those who understand other city to set an example establish program, I also undertook think over and looking for difference. After the meeting, we must learn place, be seen, be realized in handling real work, contend for the class that achieve a bit service center (station) , for broad retire the soldier provides better, realer excellent service. " join conference representing to express.

        Tianjin of center extensive network on June 12 message (reporter Gu Liliang) to fulfil " system of credit of Tianjin city society builds a program (2014-2020 year) " , advance construction of system of credit of domain of fire control safety, increase break one's promise chasten strength. A few days ago, branch of people bank Tianjin and Tianjin city fire control come to help total fleet is signed " collect domain of fire control safety to break his promise badly about database of base of financial credit information the cooperative memorandum of behavior information " , take the lead in breaking one's promise domain of fire control safety badly inside countrywide limits behavior brings into the system that sign a letter.

        Contend for " bask in " plan, "Competition ground " compare greatly go all out

        Long Wan emerges green jade path(reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

          Briny seed rice entered Qinghai-Tibet Platean bavin to amount to wooden basin

        This standard is specific, when the client enters store, should adorn guaze mask, management place should be measured to the client lukewarm, execute 14 days to the journey inquires and sweep health to pile up admittance management. Come from key area and cannot offer acid of 7 days of kernels to detect negative result proves, forbid to enter; Healthy code is yellow and red and temperature prep above 37.3 ℃ or have cough, shed the body such as tears, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis unwell personnel must not be entered inside, management place should remind his to do good segregation to see a doctor in time perhaps to the hospital according to the requirement, report in time with superintendency branch to apanage government pertinent information.