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        2020年06月25日 08:59:00


        2020年06月25日 08:59:00

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang another name for Guangdong Province should announce) draw near on the weekend, xin Yibo " dragon boat water " will affect Guangdong again. According to atmosphere department forecast, on June 5 - 8 days, guangdong province rainstorm is frequent, bureau ground has big rainstorm or especially big torrential rain, the companion when thunderstorm has 8 class ~ ground of 9 class bureau gale of 10 class thunderstorm.

        Hui spring area exports vegetable to having advantaged advantage to Russia, the overland port that there is Jilin province to be opened exclusively to Russia here -- Hui spring port. Port is apart from Hui spring urban district only 14 kilometers, as only also as port of Si Jinuo of carat of the Russia opposite side 28.5 kilometers. Condition of good ground predestined relationship, attracted many vegetable enterprises to gather. "Fresh vegetable has perishable the characteristic that rots easily, be apart from to carrying and connect had concerned goods ability the demand is particularly high. " some vegetable company controller tells Shandong the reporter, during epidemic situation, the ability spending money of original line drops, cannot satisfy vegetable to export demand, after choosing Hui spring to take money, no matter be empty span,connect involve a service, let an enterprise save many time.

        Hainan centers drugs of destroy by melting or burning 1.725 tons (Public Security Department of province of Hainan of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        In addition, sichuan arrives directly at financial privilege policy actively still service industry. Up to in May end, complete province is 4877 trade trade, contemporary the service estate company such as meal of travel of content shedding, style, plain clique is obtained " war pestilence is borrowed " amount 2.049 billion yuan.

        In the meantime, business start applicant can be in according to actual condition " one net is connected do " platform chooses whole technological process to deal with independently or section combination is dealt with, business start member offers business charter, bill explain get, the bank opens an account, quarter make seal, ginseng protect register wait for business start the free combination of each link serves, the enterprise can choose independently " 2 syncretic, three-in-one, 4 syncretic " the formula decides to handle matter, own alternative is passed " the spot is gotten " or " send freely give " means achieves conduction result.

        Old represents head of a station of station of check of edge of peaceful wave airport, next, station of check of edge of peaceful wave airport still will be in the respect such as education, consumption, travel and 3 rivers county nod a side to help a village up to begin development communication surely.

        According to statistic, 2019, chongqing city attends free to donate blood number in all 359347 person-time, relatively rose 2018 5.17% ; Collect haemal gross to add up to 567463.2 units, relatively rose 2018 4.06% ; Collect complete blood 537692.15 units, relatively rose 2018 3.72% . According to statistic of haemal recruit means: Individual alms blood 305411 person-time, occupy the 84.99 % that collects haemal total person-time, relatively rose 2018 5.96% ; Organization alms blood 53907 person-time, occupy the 15 % that collects haemal total person-time, relatively rose 2018 3.08% . Annual offers blood for clinical medical treatment in all 1035054.3 units, relatively rose 2018 3.66% .

        Especially big bridge finishs crewel of village of sweet-scented osmanthus of Zheng Mogao iron smoothly closure (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        The reporter is in wet park old lake piece the area sees, clear Ma river water flows into wet core area through wadi, wet water quantity got addition effectively. This zoology filling water predicts to end to the end of June, always fill water quantity will achieve 10 million stere. Zhang Chao of staff member of management board of park of wet land of Home Ma Home Na Siguo says: "Water content of the arundinaceous inside wet park is reduced, its turn green speed slows, we increased filling water strength, accelerate rate of its that turn green. Accelerate rate of its that turn green..

        Beijing of center extensive network on June 13 message (reporter Liu Tiansai) on June 12, 2020, " area of Chinese industry garden appears on the market company white paper (2020) " (the following abbreviation " white paper " ) release in Beijing. " white paper " first panoramic type presented area of garden of 35 typical industries to appear on the market company (22 advocate board appear on the market company + 13 new 3 board appear on the market company) performance of development course, market and mode mechanism, undertake to development of industry of industrial garden region 2019 year summary is looked into with 2020 year.

        Hangzhou of center extensive network on June 10 message (Huang Ling of reporter Zhang Guoliang's reporter 100 million) recently, below the butt joint that saves carry on to promote the 9th batch of aid of city to hide force in Zhejiang, group of limited company of academy of design of Zhejiang university building was driven recently go to a the Xizang Autonomous Region for instance the county makes an on-the-spot investigation, with for instance prefectural people government holds an informal discussion, signed finally " for instance prefectural people government - agreement of framework of collaboration of strategy of limited company of academy of design of Zhejiang university building " .

        According to introducing, pre-construction works already be in order, undertaking trailer of hydraulic pressure module now transfer into, spell a car, assemble. Car is divided 4 axes and 6 axes two groups of module, need rises their joining together. Having spellinging a car in succession now, car can enter building lower part entirely in 9 days, 10 days can see translation spot.

        Next, shanxi is saved VOCs of have the aid of special execute the law lash-up of ozone of the action, summer is prevented accuse to reach VOCs to walk along boat go on a tour of inspection, push summertime offensive to depth further, hit stoutly win blue sky to guard battle.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 18 message (Lin Yin of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) on June 18, the reporter saves the understanding on forestry estate congress to arrive completely from what hold in Meizhou city, since 2009, guangdong province is firm establish " green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill " development concept, construction of active exploration zoology and industry coordinate development, enlarge forestry estate dimensions ceaselessly, optimize a structure, develop new job form, drive industrial transition to upgrade, promote demonstrative belt of forestry estate bibcock to move action ceaselessly, guangdong forestry industry grows strong. According to statistic, total production value of property of forestry of complete 2019 province amounts to 841.6 billion yuan, rank the whole nation 11 years continuously the first, increased 372.5 billion yuan than 2012, amplitude is achieved 79.41% , the total production value of property of 4 city forestry such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fosan, Dongguan all exceeds one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan.

        On April 23, the organization that makes illicit inning in province Public Security Department is harmonious below, guangzhou city public security bureau hits illicit detachment to add bureau of suppress smuggling of custom of substation of public security of the city zone, Huang Bu to begin jointly " hurricane 52 " blow aspic tastes smuggling case to centralize operation controlling a network, hunt down aspic to taste more than tons 4800, arrest guilty suspect 19 people.

        Next, superintendency bureau of Chongqing city market will produce whole process around salt, risk of oriented, aggrandizement manages outstanding problem, strengthen salt quality safety to superintend lawfully, ensure people " the safety on the tip of the tongue " .

        In the meantime, the spot still will hold Shanghai to make taste newly release combination to go beautiful, go beautiful to give priority to body with fashionable clothing model, cooperate setting to turn a performance, reveal the Shanghai such as watch of food of cosmetic, characteristic, headgear to make beautiful taste jointly. Mobile spot was built " Shanghai is made " conference sitting room, with setting mode, reveal Shanghai to design · Shanghai to make high grade taste newly. Conference sitting room reachs reservation on June 18, before welcoming broad citizen, go to look around.

           City of forest of first country of sprint China group target

        Kunming of center extensive network on June 2 message (reporter Chen Hongyan) Du Jianhui of deputy mayor of Pu Er municipal government announces today, area of character of Pu'er tea of general Er city piece platform of catenary date from is started formally today.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 17 message (Zhang Jing of Yang Ruixuan of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) total bureau of national tax Wu is stationed in Guangzhou specially appointed to do to coagulate with Guangzhou city revenue the heart gets together force, focusing " 6 firm " " 6 protect " with total bureau " 4 force " requirement, the organization is begun " homocentric battle ' epidemic disease ' spring breeze acts " , serve an industry with all one's strength answer of go back to work produces answer city.

        Hill body " scar " repair, shan Qing light green, development has more " the bottom is angry " .

        It is reported, orgnaization of service of brand of 12 intellectual property faces personnel of this year's graduates, society to offer post 53 kinds, demand of invite applications for a job 260 many, online view a number 3000 much people. This second " cloud invite applications for a job " hold successfully, developed intellectual property adequately to serve course of study to induct the action of obtain employment, can last of stimulative intellectual property development.

           That day, in 2020 peaceful wave city " 10 thousand aid 10 thousand look forward to " on activity of butt joint of the financing on the cloud, ning Bo " butt joint of be in harmony is produced on the cloud " platform was held on line ceremony.

        Hydrology monitors safe and special punish. Key punish hydrology measures boat, make one's rounds to measure a vehicle regular examination, maintenance does not reach the designated position; Equipment of fire control lifesaving appliance, shot-off of loss is not deployed reach the designated position; Cableway easy happening hidden danger of safety of critical establishment existence.

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