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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:58:59

        2020年06月25日 08:58:59

        Center extensive network Urumqi on June 7 message (goosefoot of reporter of stage of Urumqi of reporter Jiang Xuejiao thinks) come on stage in Urumqi city " Urumqi city has been done " 6 firm " the job is fulfilled " 6 protect " a certain number of measure of the task " (the following abbreviation " measure " ) in, obtain employment is put in first place to put forward. Give aid to from obtain employment of group of college graduate, key Shu of aid look forward to is hit tiredly " slow down is returned " assorted fist, " dried food " , " hard nucleus " , knit prison knit close metropolis obtain employment to ensure a net.

        After receiving an information, victim Chen Mou with etc 8 parents pass scanning 2 dimension code paid 711.5 yuan respectively, subsequently, "Classmaster " sent again " not be him classmaster " group of messages, disclosure of victim Chen Mou is inappropriate, immediately calls to seek testimony to its daughter a teacher in charge of a class, classmaster informs victim Chen Mou and do not have this matter, after Chen Mou discovery is deceived, head for big stone police station to call the police instantly.

        From June 5 since afternoon, guangdong province rainstorm is frequent. Arrive 9 days 8 days day in the morning, delta of north of another name for Guangdong Province, Pearl River and Shan end appeared rainstorm arrives big rainstorm, among them beautiful closed small towns of camphor tree of music river area to appear especially big rainstorm. Predict, 9 days of evening come 10 days, north of another name for Guangdong Province, bead northern city county has torrential rain in trigonometry; 10 days begin, situation of rain of Guangdong province greater part wear off.

        Current, zhuhai maritime bureau already dispatched full boat a light boat, water area of area under administration of go on a tour of inspection of arms cent road, "Man-to-man " supervise and urge and coach shipping implements the measure that defend a stand. Guidance is medium or small shipping enters inland river water area to take shelter from the wind, large ship is far from a typhoon to affect area to defend a stand, main channel of harbor of close attention high hurdles, danger tastes electric field of wind of bay of berth, gold, Hong He the key water area such as site of big bridge construction, the key fulfils ford project shipping, danger to taste shipping, defend stage measure without the marine such as ferry of dynamical shipping, guest.

        According to introducing, pre-construction works already be in order, undertaking trailer of hydraulic pressure module now transfer into, spell a car, assemble. Car is divided 4 axes and 6 axes two groups of module, need rises their joining together. Having spellinging a car in succession now, car can enter building lower part entirely in 9 days, 10 days can see translation spot.

        Members of standing committee of Qingdao municipal Party committee, deputy mayor Xue celebrates a country to express when the speech, build world industry Internet, the innovation that cannot leave industrial design already develops, also leave do not start the force that joins wind. Industry of Qingdao of the construction that start designs innovation center, it is to drive design of Qingdao city industry to be changed to dimensions better, specialization, internationalization develops. And space of innovation of capital of the industry in big peaceful fund, spring scenery, Ying Nuo achieve those who cast wind to join a celebrity to join, can induct global resource element to blend in Qingdao development better, accelerate urge industrial innovation and new-style infrastructure construction, what can realize historical the city zone with industrial ode is strong revive.

        Guangzhou custom is purchased in field of Guangzhou beautiful city pilot drive business door people leave partial line trade move to the line, the trade that executes Internet type runs mode. Market distributor door reach through the platform on the net and foreign trader after trading, can contact get precatory money acting, foreign trade, declare at customs the company is in platform is aspirant travel series goods, trade, fill in declare information, the branch such as custom undertakes on line of superintendency whole journey, efficiency of whole trade technological process tall, cost is low, but date from, great encouraged small-sized business door begin foreign trade to export business, promoted professional market to export development of foreign trade estate. Before this year in May, field of Guangzhou beautiful city purchases pilot exit to measure with the month all the rate of 75.6% rises, only in May month amounts to 17.65 billion yuan, already exceeded 2019 month all level.

        Hangzhou of center extensive network on June 11 message (Zheng Lu of Zhao Wenqiong of colourful Xie Mengjie of reporter Chen Yu's reporter) make long triangle international for join forces environment of top-ranking battalion business, develop to be endowed with continuously with the innovation below the line on line of digital melt into can, on June 10, conference of job of processing of unifinication of market of long triangle network and optimize environment of network battalion business to develop forum to be in Hangzhou hold.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on May 30 message (reporter Gu Yichao) the reporter saves lash-up government office to learn from Sichuan, on May 29 20 when make, the hardship that passes a rescuer 176 hours is rescued, fierce of Sichuan river oily city diversion works channel breaks down collapse to be stranded 3 people are rescued entirely, already sent toward the hospital to observe cure.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 11 message (Huang Guilin of Wang Xinyu of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) the reporter learns from Guangdong province Public Security Department, recently, according to Guangdong province Public Security Department unites deploy, save mechanism of various public security to be begun with all one's strength completely " hurricane 76 " case group campaign consolidates operation controlling a network, father wild animal violates dozen of of all kinds experience criminality. During the action, complete province establishs criminal case more than cases 160 in all, arrest guilty suspect more than 230, demolish the nest nods more than 70, capture wild animal more than 3660 () , experience proposal value more than yuan 1090, uncovered a batch successfully to destroy wildlife natural resources to violate guilty case, effective awe wild animal violates experience crime.

        Shenzhen of center extensive network on June 3 message (reporter Yang Zhen) on June 2 afternoon, shenzhen holds news briefing of epidemic situation series, liu Wenbin of undersecretary of department of Shenzhen city propaganda introduced Shenzhen culture enterprise to suffer epidemic situation to affect circumstance and relevant support policy.

        Come since this day on May 31, section of the local product austral Hunan of the 4th West Hunan and the commodity that help deficient up is exhibited will undertake farming special local product is tasted and culture originality product is on sale, peaceful peaceful characteristic is fastfood the spot samples, traditional craft and immaterial culture bequest are revealed, provide a network red tape goods is exclusive direct seeding arena, net of person energy of life is red will with ginseng exhibit a businessman to interact, recommend peaceful peaceful characteristic product.

         Place 3: Giraffe exhibits an area

        This, in for instance the county still will start hotel of high-quality goods of travel of area of Sa general scene, angry river project of station of scene of coastal corridor view plans to design the job. "With Zhejiang university the building designs collaboration of academy limited company, can pledge high not only efficient complete current work, and still serve as chance with closing this, extend enlarge cooperative domain, deepen both sides ceaselessly in function of urban and rural plan and construction, city perfect, countryside is revitalized, the communication of the domain such as talent skill communication cooperates, achieve mutually beneficial mutual benefit, collective progress. " this chief says so.

        From " 5 ground are produced " since job of the reform that enter town is started, county of company of Yu of the city in Shanxi province advance is active natural resources of dish of vivid country unused capital, increase farmer profit, lay next solid foundations to realize countryside to revitalize. This county is built perfect according to " synchronism of go ahead of the rest of pilot villages and towns, other villages and towns is advanced " overall deploy, lead with the model nod to be cut, going up with policy of link up with of increase and decrease of the sufficient land that use work " time beginning " , remove will easily whole village removes construction of village old village bales with ground index whole city, realized land index to trade profit is the biggest change. Doing do strong collective to manage sexual asset to go up greatly " explore new way " , village of town of company town agency with " village company syncretic " means drives collective to manage sexual asset to enter town, develop flowers property, increase collective economy income every year 290 thousand yuan, drive 236 poverty door to add close. Prevenient travel foretaste is unused curtilage base enters city reform to go up " solution predicament " , ma Huicun of dustpan town north distributes land with every 3000 yuan price is counter-purchased, 6000 yuan price rents city, new residence of plan and construction 60, 18 mus unused curtilage base by dish vivid, improved a person to rank an environment, expanded collective economy, increased villager income.

        In addition, yang Jiang is inshore project of windward cable of sea of 10 million kilowatt is whole already approve, 3 million kilowatt project is building shallow water division, installed capacity holds complete province about 41% , first fan already last year in November and the net generates electricity, project of 7 million kilowatt is accelerating deep water area push early days work, project of 500 thousand kilowatt plans its China report began construction before the bottom this year in June, will make division of deep water of our country coastal waters the first takes the lead in start working project. Predict 2025, machine of outfit of program of 10 million kilowatt will build coastal waters entirely put into production.

           Chengdu nature museum this successful and finishing mark wears main body structure project construction reaps significant gain again, will push the rest of project in order continuously next. This project regards the Chengdu City as Wen Bo kind the project of another high-quality goods in the building, will be in one is offerred to show Ba Shuwen to change to come from the undergraduate of the whole world during the 31st big games 2021 with elegant demeanour " the window " , in the meantime, as Chengdu alone structure of attractive culture ground mark, will build infuse new vitality for park city, make exploration gender, share the gender, communal space that views and admire a gender, what satisfy masses to live to happiness hard is new expect.

        Come since Feburary 1 this year oneself on May 31, sex of phase of business area of net Heibei electric power reduces the state electrovalency already was an enterprise the managing cost that use phone adds up to 810 million yuan, help user of 2.08 million enterprises overshoot capital insecurity period, quickened answer of go back to work to produce, drive socioeconomy order to restore in the round.

        Long Bai Shan is beauty spot of national 5A class, china one of 10 names hill, have northeast inferior highest peak. Long Bai Shan also is volcano of a dormancy, crater seeper becomes a lake namely day pool. Summer, melting day pool water an azure blue; In the winter, the day pool that seals aspic puts a face on the ice a whiteness. Long Baishan is icebound period in November left and right sides of the last ten-day of a month comes immediately following in time year of the middle ten days of a month on June, it is our country the last the lake that opens ice.

        Flower substation of area public security is destroyed open buying and selling to be opposite the gang of state-owned bank account. Flower development of substation of area public security grinds the clew that sentences gumshoe detachment to turn over, discovery offers the gang of pair of state-owned bank account for element of telegraphic network bilk. This gang with guilty suspect Zhong Mou (male, 31 years old) head, by Wu Mou (male, 30 years old) , Ma Mou (male, 19 years old) composition waiting for a person, be suspected of be engaged in be being opened to date of state-owned bank Zhang, buying and selling is used at the illegal crime activity such as telegraphic network bilk, gang member is in area of Guangzhou, Fosan, wet Shan respectively activity, preliminary check experience record many 100, experience record amount amounts to 1.05 million yuan. On April 20 7 when make, gumshoe detachment is spent jointly substation of area public security dispatchs alarm force, be in current state, Fosan, Guangzhou respectively 3 ground synchronism is carried out capture, arrest the guilty suspect such as Zhong Mou, Wu Mou, Ma Mou in all 11, be in capture begin stop payment work to date of Zhang of 104 experience case at the same time. Via examining, this gang suspect is offerred narrate, personnel of society of lure by promise of gain offers identity document, head for a bank to open pair of public account, buy with 3000 yuan of prices, be engaged in violating guilty activity to gang of telegraphic network bilk with 4000 yuan of resell again.

        Up to now, tianjin city seems case without existent doubt, the person that accumulative total platoon investigates intimate contact 3734 people, still 210 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        2 quadrangle classics tries Hainan think, wang Mou, Liu Mou, Wang Mou the 5 regulations that violate law of mineral products resource, placer deposit of exploitation of do sth without authorization falls in the condition that did not obtain mining license, cause mineral products resource to destroy value to be two hundred and sixty-three thousand seven hundred and ninety yuan, the clue is serious, the behavior of 3 people already made illegal mining crime. 2 quadrangle make Hainan first instance court decision, the 3 average per capita such as Wang Mou commit illegal mining crime, sentence 6 months to come 1 year the set term of imprisonment that 2 months differ, be in 5000 yuan of fine that differ to 20 thousand yuan, among them Wang Mou 5 probation 1 year; At the same time lawfully the illegal earning of Wang Mou of pursue and wipe out, Liu Mou.

        Jilin province will develop posture according to epidemic situation, timely divide divisional class to make to each district adjust. Remind masses to rise at the same time be on guard consciousness, do good individual to defend. If appear the symptom of acute respiratory tract such as calorific, cough, nod medical establishment in time surely to place calorific outpatient service sees a doctor.

           Outside dividing corridor of innovation of science and technology of wide deep HongKong and Macow, bead trigonometry areaWillXin Zengqing as far as brillant, Buddha door of Zhaoyun high speed, river comes the 2nd high speed, Nanhai reachs Zhao Qing high speed of Hui Shan of high speed of airport of city of new meeting, benefit, river 26Course, north of thing of another name for Guangdong Province makes the same score Xin Zengmei city far beatitude build Wu Ping, Meizhou to current state, Liu He to benefit to come, south high speed of Shan elder brother bay 22 courses such as contact line.

        According to introducing, job of compensatory fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is island zoology in protection most a job of the foundation. Content of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership includes development of island nature attribute, island to use circumstance, island to examine and approve condition, break the law violate compasses investigate circumstance of island of circumstance, special protection to wait with the island. Current, liaoning saves rich hall to already was opposite undertook about city, county regulations of technology of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership and system of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership operate vocational training each littoral, each already began not to have dweller island development to use the current situation to undertake investigating examine and verify to place administer about city. Before this job of compensatory fill in a form and submit it to the leadership predicts to be by this year October, end in the round.

          Catch resume classes of good go back to school and campus nicety wisdom accuses