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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:32

        2020年06月25日 09:15:32

        Current watermelon section begins from June 6, will come continuously on July 5. The activity is divided set advocate the assembly room divides an assembly room 4 times outside, still added the characteristic travel activity of circumjacent villages and towns, enclothe the travel tourist attraction with whole main area already, conduct the rustic culture activity of characteristic of outstanding edge beach again. During the activity, tourists can taste watermelon, watch game of performance, view, enjoy a to the local culture big food that provides distinguishing feature alone.

        In special operation, mechanism of complete province public security is united in wedlock " 10 thousand policemans enter 10 thousand villages (community) enter 10 thousand " activity, jointly with service place of domain of thorough key area, key, key begins platoon of the type that help a network to check, active discovery violates guilty clew. Up to now, complete province detects case of crime of domain of the annulus that feed medicine 252 cases in all, arrest guilty suspect 296, destroy guilty gang 55, demolish false nest of the carry out that make a holiday nods 74.

        This mark is worn Chongqing already had whole technological process of silicon smooth domain own technology engineering capability, begin to offer silicon smooth chip to shed a service and design of photoelectricity design automation to serve to the whole world.

        June 14 is blood donor day of the 17th world this year, the theme is " safe blood saves life " , mobile catchword is " donate blood, make the world more healthy " . The theme that holds in Zhejiang Hangzhou this year publicizes the whole nation advocate assembly room activity is used " on the line + below the line " means, pass " healthy China " Guan Wei, in the head, quick worker, shake frequency of sound, CCTV to wait for direct seeding of synchronism of much home platform.

        Up to on June 9 9 when statistic, the process of calamity sex weather since May 31 causes Guizhou Province to visit 8 town completely in all (city) 36 counties (city, area) different level is sufferred big calamity of the waterlogged hail that reach wind, stricken be hit by a natural adversity population two hundred and fifteen thousand four hundred person, because of calamity death is missing 8 people; Avoid danger move and urgent move find a place for temporarily 2800 person; Crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area ten thousand seven hundred hectare, receive 3400 hectare absolutely among them; Because of calamity collapse building 24 52, different attaint building 2866 6152; Immediate pecuniary loss 326 million yuan. The situation of a disaster and relevant circumstance still are in the statistic that check.

        Come since Feburary 1 this year oneself on May 31, sex of phase of business area of net Heibei electric power reduces the state electrovalency already was an enterprise the managing cost that use phone adds up to 810 million yuan, help user of 2.08 million enterprises overshoot capital insecurity period, quickened answer of go back to work to produce, drive socioeconomy order to restore in the round.

        Thematic speech link, chinese nautical society standing vice-president Zhang Baochen represents the 9th council, technology of shipping intelligence voyage is the key that leads intelligent shipping technology development and " head wild goose " , maturity of trend of intelligent shipping technology is own and banner, need encourages the mechanism that millions of people innovates, also need communal experiment to check a condition to prop up, need to create comfortable applied environment in home more. Seize the opportunity of this intelligence shipping only, the shipping of our country just can be on the drive that intelligence changes, implementation moves toward the dream of shipping powerful nation from shipping big country.

        Category of ceremony of the stationery outside organizing the 59 family circumstances that come from 25 countries such as Malaysia, Wukelan, Nigeria, Colombia, United States and area in all is exhibited to purchase business on this second net, with Ning Bo the enterprise offerring money of city adopts online platform -- conjugate of ZOOM video assembly room negotiates, the video on the network that developed 290 more than the number of showings of a film talks to arrange with.

        The graph is exhibition spot (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Last year in July, the wife of Ma Yuancai of employee of restful post the Hui nationality absurd embryo of below 4 afterbirth. 4 afterbirth embryo arrives, while to this average household brings joy, also brought huge economic burden to this pair of young couples. After be informed this one circumstance, each people personnel and run a hand that reachs aid to couple of this pair of the Hui nationality for a short while, do not achieve 71 thousand yuan to a day of contribution, the family that is embryo of this 4 afterbirth settled a pressing need.

        Center extensive network is like Qiang on May 30 message (Han Yonggang of Mu Zhipeng of reporter Wu Zhuosheng's reporter) on May 29 afternoon, as laid of success of two 500 meters long rail, case library railroad (Geermu - Kuerle) all fronts hill channel finishs A Erjin of the first long Sui task of lay a railway track.

        According to Kunming city procuratorate Zhang Li of deputy chief procurator introduces, mechanism of Kunming town procuratorial work is organized early or late begin " Jin Shajiang catchment (Yunnan paragraph) zoology environment and resource are protected " " environment of zoology of catchment of sea of lake of protective Jiang He, the Yangtse River and resource are special act " " lawsuit of commonweal of processing of protection of pool of another name for Yunnan Province is special, supervise and urge relevant section clears area of contaminative water area more than mus 160, supervise and urge rectify and reform demolish illegal building to exceed 40 thousand square metre, recover filling establish answer green gold is close 2 million yuan.

        On May 12, the danger that when policeman of group of policeman of happy county public security bureau is on duty, Xin Zhoujing discovers to number of a plate is DW***2 of look forward to is changed taste carriage car travel to be changed to danger taste a car to ban an area. Basis " law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China " " method of > of law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China of Shanxi province executive < " relevant provision, the policeman is in the administrative punishment that writes down 6 minutes with fining 200 yuan lawfully to its, persuade its in time to return.

        Ancient town beautiful scenery watersides south (Na Xun area appoint propagandist department offers a plan)

        Ocean environment respect. 2019, by Shandong complete province 609 provinces control a station calculate, a kind, 2 kinds, 3 kinds, with bad scale of area of water quality of 4 kinds of seawater is 4 kinds respectively 85.1% , 9.3% , 1.6% , 1.4% with 2.6% , water quality is good (one, 2 kinds of water quality) area ratio exemple is 94.4% , with keep balance basically 2018.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on May 30 message (Qi Fenglin of reporter Wang Hang's reporter) save the strategy by force to carry out a talent energetically, education brings up to have masterly the team of high skill talent of craft and innovation ability, office of company of Guizhou Province person, province finance hall allots jointly " groom about talent of high 2020 skill project of base and construction of atelier of skill Great Master declares an announcement " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) .

        Deep in factory of wisdom of passageway heavy canal (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Taiyuan of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter Li Nan) the reporter understands from office of company of Shanxi province person, face job of basic level choose to guide further and urge college graduate, continued 2020 graduate of a batch of colleges goes to recruit basic level is engaged in raising religion, support agriculture, cure and help the work such as deficient. Complete province releases 711 recruit quota of people.

        As we have learned, couplet of rescuing joint defence of lash-up of 3 ground unifinication accuses a system to build, basically be aimed at cause easily cross condition impact or need to cross condition jury grave accident, construction lash-up helps rescue work system. Future, couplet of lash-up rescuing joint defence controls a system platform of compositive and will existing informatization and resource, make overall plans, unified design, an a system, system, come true gradually " a dish of chess " . For this, 3 ground should have been done in time and determine working compendium and main content. After 3 ground lash-up saves couplet of aid joint defence to accuse systematic building, lash-up platform tells implementation interconnection each other.

        Recommend on the meeting, shanghai book exhibits a group to be mixed from project of design of overall frame, content, brand the whole that read a few respects such as culture activity to introduce current book to exhibit prepares a case, introduced epidemic situation to prevent mainly accuse to normalize setting to fall, will take the new step such as the activity on network ticket Wu, line, cogent safeguard exhibits the safety that can move orderly. Current book is exhibited will continue to be joined choicely exhibit orgnaization, handpick ginseng to exhibit books, concentration to read an activity, through dash forward show a theme, deepen character of connotation, promotion, transmit new era of mainstream value, navigate further, build active up, the book sweet atmosphere that the act vigorously that urge a person enters. Shanghai book is exhibited cordial invite in the center of reach Beijing area to publish a person of the same trade to choose activity of culture of outstanding product, organization centrally, take an active part in Shanghai book to exhibit, reveal China to publish the new achievement of course of study, new style and features. Press of university of press of Chinese publication group, China International publication group, mechanical industry, Beijing University press, people, medium letter press and rich market day coil, new classical, Beijing grinds iron to wait to publish an orgnaization to express in succession in Beijing, want concentration good book, organization is high grade read an activity to appear on Shanghai book to exhibit.

        Jujube of big Li winter (department of propaganda of big Li of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Guangzhou custom reminds, basis " criminal law of People's Republic of China " regulation, smuggling, traffic, carry, production drugs, no matter amount how many, ought to investigate criminal duty, give criminal is punished. Ask broad citizen not to be carried with any forms, send give place of drugs pass in and out.

        4, strengthen key place and community to prevent accuse. Fulfil apanage, industry, unit, individual " all directions " responsibility, strengthen the management of pair of rental buildings, dormitory, foreign staff, do good entrance guard strictly, register, the link such as management of car pass in and out works, the member that build the bearer outside normalization runs a system, the key is right outside the condition, area of high school risk, go to a doctor, be away on official business come short for Shaanxi Province returns 4 kinds of personnel such as short for Shaanxi Province to undertake detailed list is changed, stage Zhang turns management, head a group through various epidemic situation (headquarters) the office is executed daily chase class to appear in the newspaper. Strengthen the personnel such as seafood market, free market of agricultural products continuously concentrated public personnel discrepancy management and health are monitored, strengthen the flesh kind, seafood product and sampling of example of outer shroud condition detect, fulfil disinfection, ventilated etc prevent accuse measure, clear in time environmental sanitation blind angle, eliminate epidemic situation to transmit hidden trouble. Should strengthen prevent control reserve of goods and materials, begin lash-up drilling, do good epidemic situation actively to prevent accuse to answer the job.

        Meeting general makes current steam gain " advocate assembly room + branch field + the exhibition hall on the line " innovation mode. Gross area of the exhibition below the line is 203 thousand square metre. Among them, advocate the assembly room is set in Changchun international exhibition center, show an area 150 thousand square metre, cent is indoor 8 exhibit a house greatly, outdoor 4 exhibit area and direct seeding area greatly; Branch field is set in the Changchun City triumphal road is secondhand car market and partial 4S inn, add up to 53 thousand square metre. The exhibition on the line will make full use of the digitlization method such as cloud computation and big data, make new-style high in the clouds exhibit meeting, beforehand appraise is whole active quantity exceeds exhibition period accumulative total 10 million person-time.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter Gu Yichao) sponsor by Sichuan province forestry and prairie bureau " explore Sichuan -- landscape of 88 when must go the most beautiful Lin Cao experiences a drop " activity of network elect by ballot was started recently, activity of this second elect by ballot shares landscape of nearly 300 Lin Cao to experience the dot is participated in, covered the resource of beautiful scenery of of all kinds zoology such as forest, wet ground, prairie.

        Wisdom inn of unmanned fruit vegetables and traditional food store are different, inn of lakefront Jia Yuan has cold delicacy of vegetables of 4 intelligence fruit to sell ark, show a variety of 50 fresh fruit vegetables for the citizen with the means such as frequency of VR setting, nearsightedness, direct seeding everyday, arrive from field mensal, fruit vegetables base offers cheap of price of new health, qualitative actor continuously, the price under market price 15% to 20% , hui Minli civilian better service community. Whole journey does not have salesman, the citizen needs small letter to sweep a code to be able to be chosen only buy and finish settle accounts to pay, the save labour when convenient and quick province.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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