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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:37

        2020年06月25日 09:15:37

        Shanghai of center extensive network on June 5 message (nimble of reporter Fu Wen) Shanghai night life section will be started formally on June 6, advocate " night is read " the theme of the life board piece " section of late night bookshop " pull open the corresponding period big screen. That day, be located in on Shanghai outside · of bookshop of foreign language of lane of bookshop of ancient books of the inn of road of Fuzhou of Shanghai book city of block of culture of famous Fuzhou road, Shanghai, artistic book, Shanghai, reader beach flagship store, inn of the road in revealing the Sai Nashu bureau that Sai Nawen changes to revive, smooth space carry on promotes road inn and element to have " late night study " the press of old hidden from view that say (achieve wisdom inn of heaven and earth) wait for inn of 8 a letter from home, business hours all will be lengthened to 23 when, among them Sai Nashu bureau and smooth space will be delayed to 24 when, company reader spends night to read time.

        Spot of popular science activity (Zheng Shu of center wide reporter is photographed)

        On the west Shaanxi of silver-colored tall iron paragraph lay a railway track of all fronts that finish

        In relief river of center extensive network on June 3 message (Wei Zhifeng of reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang) early morning rose yesterday, sufferring strong rainfall cloud is an influence, general of Guangdong in relief river falls rainstorm is local and especially big rainstorm, during, guangdong in relief river 30 sites are recorded so that exceed 100 millimeter rainfall inside 6 hours, among them 3 sites record Yangdong and urban district so that exceed 250 millimeter rainfall. Place on June 2 7 when started lash-up of class of flood prevention Ⅳ 45 minutes to answer. Be affected by successive strong rainfall, large area of area, Jiangchen area encounters in relief Jiang Yangdong serious leach.

        Ⅳ of category of Cheng sea water quality kind, water quality spends pollution gently, did not achieve requirement of water environment function, lake library evaluates index total nitrogen to be Ⅲ alone kind, nutrient condition is in nutrition.

        Will come last year in November in December, expert of many 10 international pottery and porcelain that comes from Italy, Germany, United States, Spain, scholar, entrepreneur suffers invite Chongqing Rong Changcan to add 2019 Chongqing " one belt all the way " forum of international pottery and porcelain, with respect to industry of ceramics of China and foreign countries collaboration has development communication, brew cooperative development.

          One, mechanism of public security of city of Fosan benefit state is detected successfully " hurricane 6 " case of bilk of experience epidemic situation

        As we have learned, crossed condition cable business to maintain pattern of duty stock up last year in Shenyang integrated free tax zone moves in the round, the mark is worn Shenyang of division of test of Liaoning free trade piece the area crosses condition cable business to work to be started in the round. In the entrance that keep tax mode falls, electric business declares goods first and enter custom special superintendency section or the place that keep tax, after churchyard customer deals on the net, the goods inside the area chases batch of cent to dial with article deserve to send, this mode raised what importer tastes to arrive significantly speed. Data shows, the mode that keep tax debuts one year to come, shenyang piece the area crosses category of place import other people, amount to increase considerably. Up to May end, close a quantity to already broke through 30 thousand sheet. Basically import commodity to wait for more than kinds 600 for cosmetic, milk powder, articles for daily use, entrance ground includes 21 countries and area.

           3YesService of the meal that make choice, healthy provide for the aged, estate is rented and property service 3 big industry of 5 one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight class, Optimize consumptive experience, make big market scale, raise characteristic to change, specialization, standardization develops a standard.

           Up to on May 31, 2020 24 when, the person that report of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is affected without the symptom 2, in all keeping apart medicine to observe.

        Up to on June 17 14 when 17 minutes, because of rainfall, prohibit 7 (contain 7) a section of a highway with above passenger car and current freight car has:

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        The reporter learns, "Word of sea month musical instrument " antediluvian swim be born out of at " aigret river is noctivagant " , latter passes development of 20 years, accumulate welcome visitor nearly 3 million person-time, had become with Shanghai " Pu Jiang is noctivagant " , Guangzhou " Pearl River is noctivagant " circuitry of the travel on eponymous gold water.

        3. University of medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of Zhang Zhongde Guangzhou the 2nd accessary hospital

        Cause of center extensive network is celebrated on June 12 message (Zhang Heng of Lv Jiaqi of Zhang Xin of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) on June 12 morning, nobody drive on SFS-430RC water machine receiving oil celebrates maritime bureau to check and accept through the supplier grooms and starting, library of equipment of oily lash-up of overflow of this bureau water adds new sharp weapon again, the mark is worn nobody drive on first water of Guangdong configuration of machine receiving oil reachs the designated position.

        May, shanxi province PM2.5 and PM10 chroma are respectively 26 with 70 microgramme / stere, all be historical the corresponding period is the most low-level since 2013; O3 chroma falls to 174 microgramme / stere, for level of lowest of the corresponding period of nearly 4 years of antecedents history, drop compared to the same period 7% , ascendant impetus somewhat keep within limits; Accumulative total of ozone of 11 city that establish a division exceeds award day number to be 78 days, decrease 23 days compared to the same period; Accumulative total amounts to award day 250 days several, add 40 days completely compared to the same period; Shanxi saves good day to count scale to achieve completely 73.3% , increase 11.7 percent compared to the same period. 1-5 month, ambient air 6 contaminant all drop compared to the same period, among them, PM2.5 falls to 53 microgramme / stere, drop compared to the same period 13.1% ; Scale of good day number is achieved 70.2% , increase 10 percent compared to the same period.

        Guangzhou serves as our country " maritime silk road " the key city of important node, export trade, still maintain certain tenacity below the influence of epidemic situation. According to statistic, 1-4 month foreign trade exported twenty-three billion seven hundred and twenty-nine million dollar 2020, be opposite among them " one belt all the way " export of nation of along the line increases about two to become compared to the same period.

        Channel country rock basically places the broken cliff system such as cliff of sandstone, gesso, salt for mudstone, interstitial water is rich, pass through the layer of special salt cliff with 1 much kilometer, construction difficulty is great, and corrode to construction material serious. In excavate process, construction unit uses small oscillatory control to blow up, reduce pair of country rock disturb.

           According to introducing, good to can enter condition of go back to work to be done as soon as possible epidemic prevention works, project of Chengdu nature museum used scientific epidemic prevention means, connection police station undertakes the 14 contrail of the day are tracked, keep apart effective method of 14 days to returning hillock employee to adopt, medical treatment of active harmonious concerned major detects the orgnaization reachs service personnel to add up to to personnel of project administrator, logistics 225 begin nucleic acid of virus of new-style coronal shape to detect, only business accounting detects the project employee of up to mark ability allow enters; Besides, fulfil enclosed managing strictly, prohibit employee do sth without authorization goes out, strengthen office division and life division disinfection, prohibit personnel strings together hillock, cogent had done answer of go back to work to produce the job, start working namely decisive battle, finish with all one's strength 2020 each task of make known to lower levels.

        The input outside the 17th condition does not have the person that the symptom is affected, male, 24 years old, student, chinese book, reside Paris of dwelling place France. Take a scheduled flight from French Paris (CA934) , arrived at Tianjin seaside International Airport on June 4. The temperature when entering a country 36.3 ℃ , declare state of the disease that do not have disease, after via custom quarantine the platoon checks sampling, transmit namely to area of Tianjin city Heibei Victoria big public house keeps apart medical point of observation centrally. Nucleic acid detects the result shows for masculine gender. The input outside be Tianjin city condition via diagnose of city expert group does not have the person that the symptom is affected, already turned to airport hospital to undertake medicine observes keeping apart now. Whole journey carries out closed circuit management.

        In link of station of pass in and out, the passenger holds living card of dweller of living card of dweller of Id of dweller of People's Republic of China, HongKong and Macow, Taiwan, foreigner permanent and resident Id can know automatically when reading certificate, can take car person by what when buying a ticket, use original of effective identity document, finish real name to formulate procedures of ticket of check of station of test and verify, pass in and out through self-help brake machine; The passenger holds registered permanent residence to wait originally cannot know automatically when reading certificate, can take car person by what when buying a ticket, use original of effective identity document, finish real name to formulate procedures of ticket of check of station of test and verify, pass in and out through artificial passageway.

        End at present, complete province seals up for keeping import the seafood product such as 3 article fish 149 thousand kilograms, seal up for keeping product of flesh of entrance flocks and herds 1.193 million kilograms. The sample that collects at present not check gives positive result. Each district organizes pair of free market of agricultural productses, terminal market, business to exceed instantly, the place such as refrigeratory is engaged in managing an entrance the seafood product such as 3 article fish and those who import flesh of flocks and herds is relevant begin new coronal from personnel of course of study pneumonic virus nucleic acid detects the job, accomplish " should check uses up check " . Already collected at present relevant detect from nucleic acid of personnel of course of study example 3819, not check gives positive result. To all involving the seafood product such as 3 article fish reachs sale, treatment, Chu Yunjin mouth sampling of the environment outside importing the market of flesh of flocks and herds to begin detects, collect food and environmental sample at present 3545, not check gives positive result.

        This year " world blood donor day " very special, suffer effect of new coronal epidemic situation, qinghai saves blood to be in an emergency, critical hour, broad free sleeve of blood donor rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers donates blood, it is battle with love " epidemic disease " cheer. The spot to 2020 " warm blood fights epidemic disease " the free with outstanding performance donates blood advanced unit awarded medal, save the 5th for Qinghai " the star that free donates blood " award prize.

        On June 6, 2020 8 when to on June 7 8 when, shaanxi province is not had add diagnose case newly, without add doubt newly to seem case, without add the person that affect without the symptom newly, already successive 108 days are not had add case of native land diagnose newly, successive 105 days are not had add doubt newly to seem case, successive 106 days do not have the person that add mainland newly to be affected without the symptom. Up to on June 7 8 when, case of illness of diagnose of mainland of accumulative total report 245 (home inputs case of illness 116, this locality case of illness 129) , leave hospital 242, die 3, cure rate 98.78% . The person that accumulative total report is affected without the symptom 31 (turn for diagnose case of illness 1, already removed keep apart 30) .

        According to introducing, special hillock teacher is in the center of one when carry out is opposite western the special policy that obligation of area rural area teachs, arrive through making public graduate of college of invite applications for a job western school of area rural area teachs, guide and encourage college graduate to be engaged in rural obligation teaching the job, the compensatory mechanism of teacher of innovation country school, improve the integral quality of rural teacher team, promote urban and rural education balanced development.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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