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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:36

        2020年06月25日 09:15:36

        "Divine animal " people termed begins. (Tang Lei of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        During epidemic situation, still many enterprises were encountered do time of drawback of enterprise of 3 kinds of foreign trade newly to grow, capital presses the issue of muscularity. To support foreign trade exit stabilizes development, branch of Wu of duty of lake state city is declared from enterprise of convenience foreign trade, accelerate the respect proceed with such as plan of drawback examine and verify, through total bureau, province bureau, city bureau and area bureau 4 cascade are moved, promote drawback of foreign trade enterprise rate in the round, to export drawback " carry fast do " buy new power again. In the meantime, also decreasing formalities further, reduce segment, those who make 3 kinds do foreign trade business newly is exclusive drawback drive, stay in foreign trade enterprise firmly " lifeline " .

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 18 message (reporter Zheng Shu's reporter spends fair announce Zhang Yitao) in recent years, many people like to be in leisure time research and antique of buying and selling, him hope is naughty the baby that come perhaps sorts the old thing that hand down in the home, it is the antique of an invaluable. But antique industry is like the sea greatly, be deceived also be absent a few. Recently, guangzhou is beautiful police is being advanced continuously " hurricane 2020 " in special operation, demolish a bilk nest that is cover with artwork of buying and selling is nodded, arrest guilty suspect 23, effectively ensured the belongings safety of citizen masses.

        On June 1 8 when to on June 2 8 when, shaanxi is not had add new coronal of the input outside the condition newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness. Up to on June 2 8 when, shaanxi accumulative total inputs new coronal outside report condition pneumonic diagnose case of illness 64 (cure leave hospital 63, without dead case of illness) , have 1. The person that accumulative total report is affected without the symptom 16 (turn for diagnose case of illness 1, already removed keep apart 14) , have 1.

        Guangzhou police begins " hurricane 32 " chain of industry of black ash of crime of blow telecommunication bilk consolidates the operation, give heavy fist, move real, qing Dynasty puts an amount, dozen hole of gang, shot-off of loss, clean zoology, build mechanism, strong canal to accuse, obtain remarkable result. Experience record is at present right the clew amount that the industry of telegraphic bilk black ash such as public account involves Guangzhou shows bluff type to drop, add newly open an account to be used at bilk phenomenon basic and disappeared, from go up at all the one big channel that cut off bilk element to use the black grey industry such as pair of public account to undertake experience cheat capital is on the move.

        2019, overall PH average is complete province precipitation 6.34, acid rain frequency is 2.2% , with compared 2018, frequency of precipitation acidity, acid rain is stabilized basically.

        Secretary of Party committee of airport new city, canal appoint conference chairman He Jian expresses, next airport new cities plan to open Xi'an to wait for domestic line and Istanbul, Osaka to wait for international course to Shijiazhuang, Xuzhou, accelerate hub of hub of aviation of construction whole world, super and postal express delivery, compose is built " one belt all the way " international trade passageway, make domestic air-freight divide batch of center.

        Much ground is captured in coordination (public security of Yinchuan of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Hangzhou of center extensive network on June 3 message (Wen Jun of Cao of reporter Li Jia) on June 2 afternoon, news of Zhejiang province government does hold the 49th new hat pneumonic epidemic situation is prevented accuse working press conference, zhejiang saves wholesome health appoint vice director Sun Li bright introduction, by June before, hospitals of all 2 class above that offer calorific outpatient service have Zhejiang nucleic acid detects ability.

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 18 message (reporter Chen Peng) the data that comes from Chongqing city hydrology to monitor terminal, 17 days 8 when to 18 days 8 when, chongqing occurrence rainstorm of 16 areas county, jia Lingjiang appears 4 ~ flood 5 meters apparently process.

        8 when 30 minutes, 1297 deep harbor cross condition student, in scientific rigor " closed circuit type " check puts flow in, finish safe and conveniently examine procedures, set foot on road of the attend school that go to harbor smoothly.

        A few consumer import 3 article fish and point of sales of pulp of flocks and herds familiarly to already left afore-mentioned products frame. The reporter calls shop of lake of green hill of Nanchang of dragon of heart of inn of member of Nanchang hill Mu, wheat today, they all express to already suspended selling 3 article fish and meat of entrance flocks and herds yesterday, restore to sell date to need to await further announcement. Staff member of dining-room of some advanced day makings tells Nanchang the reporter, also suspend supplying all food related to 3 article fish in their inn, wait like department of body of 3 article fish bone, birthday, all be Australia entrance because of the beef of dining-room at the same time, so beef products also of short duration is not sold.

        Shan end, Shenzhen and Dongguan the sea of 3 ground alarm execute the law public security of personnel combination place, synchronism spreads out control a network, fight bravely through 3 hours, final in Shan end, Shenzhen and Dongguan 3 areas seize personnel of 20 experience case successfully.

        Can go up to receiving, be based on Shanghai artificial intelligence " Shuang Baihui " series activity, city economy informatization appoint vice director Zhang Ying puts forward, it is farther aggrandizement " endow with can, innovation, collaboration " concept, build information the communal platform with more more expedite, efficient to receiving, more close cooperation, build what normalization specializations to run a mechanism; 2 be fund of investment of estate of play artificial intelligence " leading sheep " action, strengthen essence of life to be felt pulse definitely, essence of life serves definitely, enterprise of the innovation that help strength is in the financing demand of different level, form linkage with relevant garden area, policy, the enterprise that prop up accelerates development to expand; 3 it is to pay attention to play Shanghai to wait for the integrated advantage of the respect in setting of finance, talent, application more, the deepness that strengthens bound of industrial group, science and technology and side of financial, application is shirt-sleeve, build modes of life and relation to their environment of innovation of high quality high level.

        Chen Ansheng says, come as typhonic season, good to be done as a whole epidemic situation is prevented accuse to defend a work with flood prevention, zhejiang province makes directive opinion technically, the requirement is first goal with people life safety, according to grade of natural disaster early-warning and early-warning limits, it is of all kinds and dangerous to organize move lawfully area suffers influence personnel, the kind that ties through concentration finds a place for and finding a place for dispersedly, ensure basic life safeguard and primary medical treatment ensure stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses, ensure move finds a place for epidemic situation does not produce in the process.

        Hill body " scar " repair, shan Qing light green, development has more " the bottom is angry " .

        It is current that nucleic acid detects outside prevent an input, inside prevent rebounding important step, it is the basic approach of the person that discovery is affected without the symptom. Use up check by coordinate check, wish the requirement that check uses up check, zhejiang province expands in order relevant detect limits. Come from April 8 on June 1, the nucleic acid of personnel of key area key that accumulative total has 2.17 million person to accept a government to organize detects.

        Peaceful wave of center extensive network on June 9 message (Yang Ming of Du Jinming of reporter Cao Meili's reporter) manage sexual construction to enter town with the ground for normative collective, compose builds urban and rural and unified construction to use ground market, safeguard farmer closes right increase, a few days ago, print and distribute of municipal government of Yao of Ning Bo beyond " construction of management sex of body of bazaar of more than Yao enters city to implement measure with the ground (try out) " . This one major institution innovates, gifted construction of collective management sex uses the land with the ground and state-owned construction coequal the right that enters land market, sexual construction is managed to be on the move with the ground for collective on the system opened a channel, built urban and rural and unified construction to step materiality pace with ground market for compose.

        The reporter saves forestry bureau know from Guangdong, up to by 2019, bead trigonometry area builds zoology landscape forest belt in all 742 kilometers, take plan job 185% of 472 kilometers; Forest belt of landscape of perfect promotion zoology 2318 kilometers, build green line network 1509 kilometers, perfect promotion green line 990 kilometers, already all exceeded a plan to finish.

        Dragon of kingdom of secretary of Party branch of village of small place of business says: "The villager of small Zhuang Cun, no matter be ab extra, still be this village, should abide by a village only compasses civilian is made an appointment with, get along well with neighborhood. Get along well with neighborhood..

        Came in Feburary 2019 in July 2019, chen Mou of the accused person be good at to reduce cost, in know perfectly well the case that cannot use blame food to depilate an agent to fall, still be located in the shambles that Ou Mou presses down Bi Shan in what he manages, fat colophony (industrial colophony) use bright duck to depilate with confuse sth with sth else of colophony glycerine ester, the bright duck after depilating use fat colophony treatment sells free market of agricultural products of area under administration of hill of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center or direct sale to give customer.

        According to introducing, of this circuitry enlightened, fill neat old since the city zone of the city in advance lodges for the night to Taiyuan fierce what the International Airport does not have nonstop special railway line is short board, of passenger traffic of highway of the city zone of the city in realizing advance and aviation traffic without seam join, integrated to accelerating stereo change traffic to carry a system construction, accelerate Long Cheng area materiality construction serves whole city " 4 a hunderd li " project has great sense.

        The 95 average per capita such as He Mou are Fosan some combination packs a company to leave one's post, retired employee, because the company does not have accumulation fund of filling capture housing more than yuan 955 thousand, applied for labor arbitration on January 6, 2020, the request affirms with the company that pack existence labor concerns, after winning support, to forensic to lodge a complaint.

        " plan " clear, in fulfil epidemic situation strictly to prevent the premise that accuses measure to fall, open the living room such as bazaar, supermarket, guesthouse, meal in the round; Adopt make an appointment, the means such as current limliting, the outdoor activity place such as place of tourist attraction of open park, travel, motion, the indoor place such as the library, museum, art gallery, and the airtight type such as hall of cinema, entertainment recreation place; Can hold of all kinds and necessary conference, meeting to exhibit an activity to wait; During holiday, area of park, scene public should adopt entrance ticket to make an appointment, the means such as wrong peak of intelligent guiding, time-sharing, discharge management, division credit sheds a crowd, be on guard collect a risk. Answer of go back to work produces an unit to do good office place, work area and public section, dormitory to wait relatively the job such as the ventilated disinfection of illicit close space and environmental cleanness, do daily health monitors good employee to manage with sanitation, necessary to revealing a nose wrong smoking room apparently place is same shut.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 11 message (Xiao Guang of reporter Wang Hang's reporter) on June 11, the reporter learns from Guizhou Province federation of trade unions, already began continuously old " Guizhou tea " 3 skill contest -- contest of skill of profession of the contest of contest of the manual skill that make tea, skill of Gu Shucha treatment, division that judge tea, on open act in Yin Jiang county next week. Current, outside already ending except time of contest of the manual skill that make tea signing up, time of contest of skill of the ancient treatment that cultivate tea signing up will come continuously on August 20, time of contest of skill of profession of the division that judge tea signing up will come continuously on September 15.

        During the activity is held, sponsor direction to kiss child the helianthus Xiaomiao that the family gave the implied meaning to hope. Children plant below one jointly in beautiful cropland with parents " the sun is beautiful " , boardcast sowing hope. Sponsor still just distribute plant seed freely to spot tourist, let an innumberable families lay the seed of the hope at when epidemic situation is about to end, be being planted in oneself balcony.

        Dalian of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Gu Tiesheng) on May 29, sheet of storehouse of standard of the line on Dalian Commodity Exchange trades business, make inside bourse field with outside field, futures and merchandise on hand interrelate each other is connected, what promote each other is mutiple level market system is deepened further.

        There is money in villager hand, village collective has accrual to be able to promote a village to allow village appearance to rebuild stage by stage. Meanwhile, guard of bank of small king of seaside new developed area collects fund of 10 difficult villages one case, with the Tianjin of subordinate of Tianjin food group Kang Jiasheng condition breeds farming cultivate limited company, explore live pig breed aquatics. Invest way through collective, let breed professional corporation from breed, breed sale unifinication operation, ensure difficult village to invest share out bonus for a long time.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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