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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:35

        2020年06月25日 09:15:35



        Harbin of center extensive network on June 9 message (reporter Feng Zhiyuan) the reporter learns from bureau of environment of Harbin town organisms' habits, this year, harbin city (the following abbreviation breaths out city) will transform around sewage rubbish processing, toilet, the key job such as management of pollution of agricultural face source, cultivate birds pollution begins rural person to rank an environment continuously integrated punish, strive rubbish of life of 90% above administrative village gets administering, rustic door lavatory popularity rate achieves 85% above, chemical fertilizer pesticide makes dosage achieves 0 growth, cultivate birds pollution gets be controllinged effectively.

        As we have learned, 2020 the 2nd typhoon " parrot " predict to will be in by day on June 14 Zhan Jiang is landed littoral to Zhuhai, cause bigger effect to Zhan Jiang, zhan Jiang is maritime branch against a rainy day, comprehensive deploy typhoon is prevented fight the work, the transportation on cogent safeguard water is safe.

        Shenyang of center extensive network on June 4 message (reporter Zhang Jing) Liaoning saves Wei Jian appoint bulletin: Liaoning province was not had on June 3 add new coronal newly case of illness of the input outside pneumonic condition, without add case of native land diagnose newly; 15 people removed that day medical observation.


        Guizhou Province carries out children nutrition to improve a project 8 years to come, complete province establishs card with building archives poverty door, low protect a family to attach most importance to a dot, give priority to a problem with improving nutrition of impoverished area children in the round, accumulative total has nearly 1 million children to be benefited. 2019, rate of sicken of anaemia of complete province infant, grow logy sicken is led all relatively base line level falls considerably, skill of feed of rural infant parent rises ceaselessly, children health condition is improved ceaselessly.

           Up to on May 31, 2020 24 when, the person that report of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is affected without the symptom 2, in all keeping apart medicine to observe.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 15 message (reporter Meng Hai) general office of Guizhou Province government a few days ago print and distribute " Guizhou Province deepens rural highway to manage conserve system to reform executive scheme in the round " , encourage masses of highway along the line to contract through the family means shares rural road daily conserve.

        As we have learned, the shares 177 to involve the trade such as traffic, the sources of energy, building, business affairs, travel, finance, estate center look forward to that attends this invite applications for a job to meet, state-owend enterprise and local enterprise, offer obtain employment post to amount to 3381. Covered secret of Wu of engineer, technician, party work, law, human affairs, office staff, article, money among them more than 50 position such as meeting, sale, hotel management, top monthly pay amounts to 25000 yuan.

        That is to say, big data considers to make clear, donate blood crowd outpatient service sees a doctor frequency and the odds that suffer from the upper respiratory tract to contract a disease are followed donate blood the grow in quantity of the frequency and decrease; As donate blood the addition of the frequency is stalk of malignant tumor, heart, endocrine the risk of be in hospital such as the disease appears reduce a current, donate blood the crowd is not relatively donate blood the accident when the be in hospital of the crowd, first age of be in hospital is old.

        Hey dark Chinese herbal medicine cultivates farmer major cooperation is one of window that another name for Yunnan Province of Shanghai of Chang Ning county helps result of deficient cooperation project only. As we have learned, rely on project of Shanghai another name for Yunnan Province to support deficient fund, program of science of prosperous peaceful county, essence uses strategy definitely. Came 2017 by 2018, shanghai speak or sing alternately boosts capital of project of Chang Ning county forty-four million four hundred and eighty-five thousand yuan, implement a project in all 36; 2019, shanghai speak or sing alternately boosts capital of project of Chang Ning county thirty-nine million nine hundred and twenty-two thousand yuan, executive project 27. Meanwhile, personages of a lot of love of Shanghai love enterprise are area of Chang Ning poverty to present value early or late more than yuan 100 goods and materials, shanghai enterprise undertakes more than yuan 200 consumptive helping up deficient drives walnut and tea sale to Chang Ning.


        The Guangdong that uncovered a shop sign that day saves garden of industry of goods and materials of communal and wholesome lash-up, it is Guangdong province " in new machine of the Yo in the crisis " vivid reflect. The project opens a Guangdong by the country province branch, wide accuse a group, clear far municipal government newly to be built in all, always invest dimensions 4.5 billion yuan, aim to fill reserve of goods and materials of neat communal and wholesome lash-up, allocate, of respect of ability of production, scientific research short board. Head period investment exceeds 1 billion yuan, construction decides Yu Anqing economy with ground choosing extraordinary cooperation area, will cooperate with the enterprise inside Guangzhou developing zone, use existing standard workshop to wait to guide quickly industry of communal and wholesome lash-up is relevant enterprise.

        ◎ is driven south group of trade of pond old market begins local trade voice is adjusted and project brand upgrades.

        Duration of length of current skilled personnel 7 days, share more than 300 innovation enterprise to take out station of more than 2000 work to face social invite applications for a job, with one station interview, online chat about, video is interactive wait for means to spread out. During the activity, big market of northeast science and technology will hold communication of science and technology to share data of seminar of expert of meeting, achievement, talent to unscramble, the interactive invite applications for a job series activity on the line, and " hind the way that innovation of enterprise of epidemic situation period develops " develop the topic such as the trend to undertake communicating interacting with policy of company of industry of science and technology, industry.

        Plan is specific, to 2022, build basically " the county is participated in for main body, countryside, each are square support, various supervise, the government is assessed " mechanism of system of conserve of rural highway management, form finance investment to give priority to, social force is participated in for complementary working structure. Rural highway administers ability to rise apparently, processing system is initial form. Current condition and road region environment promote rural highway apparently, traffic ensures ability to increase significantly. Rural highway way is long make implementation county, countryside, village 3 class 100% enclothe completely; Village highway manages conserve 100% bring into countryside compasses civilian is made an appointment with, village compasses civilian about; Rural highway row is raised rate 100% , year all conserve project scale not under 5% , medium reach above village highway to occupy than not under 75% ; Found " beautiful country way " course of development not under 20% ; Found " way of 4 nice rural areas " demonstrative city (city) 2, demonstrative county not under 50. Plan supports each district to develop station of sex of commonweal of rural highway conserve, attract rural dweller to build archives to establish calorie of poverty door to attend rural highway to manage conserve especially. In the meantime, encourage will daily conserve and lash-up to grab bind carry out and hand in contract by masses, masses of highway along the line can contract through the family means is participated in; Urge the country area close two class patrol and guard a road or railway member, protect forest member, the member that protect a river is integrated, improve integrated conserve quality.

        Suffer epidemic situation effect, home can exhibit property first half of the year basic backwater. Changchun steam rich can eliminate all difficulties to take the lead in holding. Prevent the overall demand that control according to epidemic situation of country and province, city, made epidemic situation prevent accuse working program and standardization to prevent accuse manual. Will exhibit business to adopt external register ahead of schedule, phase of attestation, APP measures real name lukewarm wait for means to undertake administrative; Enter those who exhibit a house to exhibit business and audience to measure attestation of lukewarm system, identity to identify the system that register through installing trends, ensure identity contrail can be tracked, can trace to the source. Steam rich is met all participator all asks to accomplish " healthy code is swept surely, temperature is measured surely, guaze mask is worn surely, disinfection is done surely, break out be in surely " .

        Honest of Zhejiang of Wang Yongfeng ancestral home is installed, 1966, father installs river reservoir newly to move the home for construction move Jiangxi. "My great-grandfather has opened tea number so, the grandfather also is a tea person, I live in float bridge along with father as a child, open the door to see hill, see hill is tea garden, dim perhaps in be destined to want with tea become attached to. " Wang Yongfeng is in with respect to the life as a child a tea is sweet in the family of 4 excessive. His parental as the first batch Xin Anjiang emigrates, the field of breed of cultivate of 9 dragon hill that settle exports one of base 19 times in head office of new China tea cultivates tea.

        The dawn of monitor old man that has 17 years of team age says by force: "Since establishing, I am in this unit, the mobile phone is done not have previously or the mobile phone is in charge of severely we also often can organize a few activities, everybody plays so that laugh very happily at that time, in last few years the mobile phone relaxed slowly, the hand swims increasing, the activity begins with in former years also it doesn't matter changes, the bout when having a holiday sees in the class everybody low build is playing a mobile phone. This the activity let me see teammate people the long-unseen smile on the face, special after our class got the first, everybody laughs very happily. Everybody laughs very happily..

        Besides, domestic and international more than 400 enterprises will carry new product of more than 2000 unmanned aircraft and unmanned and masked equipment to undertake revealing, successive 3 days are passed " thematic congress, product is revealed, contest speed ratio is surpassed " wait for an activity, all-around, multidimensional spend the ground to highlight internationalization, specialization and commercialize 3 large window.

        Fudan University professor, central Rearch Institute of Culture and History house Professor Yuan Gejian male addresses (Wei Wei of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        According to Tianjin Qian Hailing of tall courtyard assistant dean introduces, the data that this white paper shows and compare before have 3 marked characteristics, was to appear first suit of zoology environment damages type of this one case, this is lawsuit of afterwards environment commonweal hind, lawsuit of another kind of when environmental judicatory domain appears new type. 2 it is administrative case outside supervising kind of case except the environment, manage resource kind of case to bring into statistical category first, the type covers land, forestry, geological, prairie, the sources of energy to wait, receive 394 newly, careful writtens guarantee 396 (contain old put) . 3 it is the statistical limits that enlarged maritime space case, the type covers shipping pollution, maritime space pollution, maritime space breed aquatics, marine development and use etc, receive 357 newly, careful writtens guarantee 365 (contain old put) .

        Accordingly before report, the university entrance exam " lose out " after 16 years, chen Qiuyuan of coronal county person (alias) the plan enters oneself for an examination the adult teachs the school, come the regret in fill heart. However, when information fill in a form and submit it to the leadership she just discovers, "Chen Qiuyuan " had been in college of Shandong grain industry " read " over- , graduate smoothly, just learn to believe a net to go up " Chen Qiuyuan " , another is on photograph column the head portrait of unfamiliar girl. Original, before 16 years, she by another " Chen Qiuyuan " imposture attended a college.

        Zoology of dot of quarry of area of mountain of the Qin Dynasty restores to administer (Shu Longhuan of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        The Guangxi that is about to hold from trade " 3 cloud " action business recommends an activity with " vigor Guangxi leads China from trade, east alliance opens collaboration " for the theme, pass online next settings advocate assembly room, basically appear with the means of the direct seeding on the line. The activity broke through a tradition " face-to-face " action business is in the number, space, limit that shows the side such as the form, action business recommends a form more contemporary, content is richer and novel, build personage of a global investor, all circles to never leave home, Guangxi of one key butt joint experiments from trade the platform of the area.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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