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        Release time:2020年06月25日 09:15:36

        2020年06月25日 09:15:36

           Uphold foreign trade order actively

          Below Guangzhou tower, citizen obligation donates blood the spot End extensive network sends a reporter to offer a plan

        Regnal dragon says: "Party branch of village of small place of business decided ' travel industry + association + the party is built ' working mode, party branch develops core to lead action, the Party member is the first make model, arouse the villager joins travel consortium, develop property of village stage travel, villager income increased, the core cohesive affinity of Party branch and appeal force also increased greatly. The core cohesive affinity of Party branch and appeal force also increased greatly..


        "Cropland stewards " managing cultivate land not only, the move that return a side sells food. Wheat just was hit, cooperation is being helped buy a company to receiving food, wheat sent place grain supply center directly. Xiaomai buys the price this year is 1.12 yuan / jin, new wheat basically is given priority to with wheat of 2 class above, 2 class and above wheat can achieve 85% above. Always Cao of villager of village of apricot of aid city Zhao has 5 mus of land in peak home more, "A mu of ground can hit many jins 1200, crop goes to more than 6000 jins, sold be less than 7000 money, this quality is possible still, this year is one class grain completely, family grain distribution station is direct after was being handed in settle accounts " .

        Shandong from trade division Qingdao piece the area is in charge of appoint, in Europe international bourse makes resultant force base of capital market service market of the capital outside becoming place of butt joint of the enterprise inside area is omnibus service zoology body, build pair of moral character to Europe " double action double bring " contact station, D appear on the market butt joint of camp of training of ability of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of key business library, enterprise, financing is close linkage of orgnaization of gas station of regulation of circle, legislation, intermediary group etc, cogent play finance serves function of area substance economy, consciousness and ability appear on the market outside promoting condition of the company inside area, widen channel of the financing outside condition of the company inside area, advance region industry transition to upgrade development.

        Soup header still represents all love car driver, wish examinee obtains good result heartily, the love that wishs a taxi the pioneer serves motorcade sends check a car, finished tall examinee smoothly to receive send and lash-up task.

           2YesOriginality of the culture that become actor, travel service of recreational, science and technology and software information, business affairs 4 big industry of 5 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two class, Drive civil achieve an industry to become have most " money " one of industries of scene, construction lies fallow internationally travel destination, the science and technology that forms entire chain serves a system, found famous city of characteristic China software, raise major to serve level and economic benefits.

        To suit to be based on the platform economy, new obtain employment that shares the new economy such as economy, new pattern currently configuration expands a demand, "Duty Wu 9 " put forward, hold to " 3 are helpful for " principle, support development of configuration of new obtain employment actively, configuration of sufficient play new obtain employment is defending the significant action in obtain employment of obtain employment hurried. Strengthen investigation and study, exploration improves the revenue management that gets used to configuration of new obtain employment to expand a demand and service measure, research puts forward policy to optimize a proposal. Insist to include careful superintend, "Calm danger is not checked, do not enter without approval door, without violate ceaseless ticket " , disturb less to managing taxpayer normally, do not disturb, do not get the setting in using in bill unreasonable limitation, support an enterprise to do energetically do actor greatly strong.

           Severe catch crucial link, increase examination strength. In the examination, flesh of birds of key examination cultivate kind product and aquatic product buy goods certificate, examine quarantine qualification proves to mark, severe catch edible produce to trade centrally market open person with food operator " manage and manage " the main body responsibility of two crucial link is fulfilled; Supervise and urge foodManagePerson perform duty of food safety main body strictly, fulfil replenish onr's stock strictly to check reach a record relevant requirement, do not purchase, keep in storage, sale is not had trace to the source proof, origin is unidentified, expire the metamorphism food that does not accord with food safety standard, import a product to want to ask for discrepancy condition to examine especially quarantine branch issue examine quarantine proves a file, ensure food source but go against the river.

        "There is master area in the factory, there is teacher teaching in the school, attend school days is the fortune with my precious lifetime. Attend school days is the fortune with my precious lifetime..


        Members of standing committee of Qingdao municipal Party committee, deputy mayor Xue celebrates a country to express when the speech, build world industry Internet, the innovation that cannot leave industrial design already develops, also leave do not start the force that joins wind. Industry of Qingdao of the construction that start designs innovation center, it is to drive design of Qingdao city industry to be changed to dimensions better, specialization, internationalization develops. And space of innovation of capital of the industry in big peaceful fund, spring scenery, Ying Nuo achieve those who cast wind to join a celebrity to join, can induct global resource element to blend in Qingdao development better, accelerate urge industrial innovation and new-style infrastructure construction, what can realize historical the city zone with industrial ode is strong revive.

        This the activity includes two to postpone Chen He have an informal discussion board piece, the dress of each minority embroidery that exhibits content to basically house of Guizhou Province culture is collected, braces, embroider piece, tool, paper-cut and province culture house stores document of the case that taste archives for years (Zhang of old photograph, old journal, note, stage, photograph, older generation article. The exhibition is passed break up a space reasonably, the device that uses tailor-made embroider line to undertake classics weft knitting is made undertakes adorn and introductory, build walk change scene, meaningful effect and atmosphere.

        Since epidemic situation happening, because many international course cancels, force of international straight shipping drops considerably. Shenzhen custom explores content actively to shed the superintendency mode of much style overlay, innovation is made " Liu Kongtie mails the sea " whole way other people sheds through traffic new channel, go back to work of company of business of comprehensive dredge cable answer produce the content that be faced with to flow " block a dot up " " breakpoint " .

        "Colophony glycerine ester (food colophony) 10 yuan a jin, and fat colophony (industrial colophony) want 5.5 yuan only a jin, the price differs nearly one times, but the result that uses pair of fowl to undertake depilation is similar. I also am corrupt petty gain, was developed by profit brains, concupiscent conquer conscience, mix industrial colophony and food colophony use undertake depilating machining. Mix industrial colophony and food colophony use undertake depilating machining..

           The 3rd phase, To the end of 2035, save course of development of highway be open to traffic to make an appointment with 15000 kilometers completely. Among them, Area of Pearl River delta makes an appointment with 7100 kilometers, area of north of thing of another name for Guangdong Province makes an appointment with 7900 kilometers, the comprehensive Guangdong that finish saves highway construction. Partial distant view looks into a line to begin early days studies or start carry out. 34 freeways give Guangdong and interval of photograph adjacent province province passageway is all get through, among them, Connect Fujian 6, connect Jiangxi 7, connect Hunan 7, connect Guangxi 13, connect Hainan 1.

        Center extensive network Huhhot on June 8 message (Wang Yusen of reporter Li Zhengxiang's reporter) on June 8 afternoon, procuratorate of people of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region builds with respect to procuratorial work mechanism " masses letter is visited have a return " system and fulfil a circumstance, hold " civilian breathe out somewhat, I answer somewhat - masses letter is visited have return system " press conference of activity of week of conduct propaganda of new era examination.

        Show level, young cub returns ant bear is with drinking the grandma is given priority to, till July age, can ablactation stage by stage and join the food of grown ant bear, basically give priority to with common black ant and termite, can join the food such as dog food and fruit at the same time, balanced nutrition. To later period meeting imitate is done a few with field toy of formative of likeness of large formic hole, they are placed to love eating food inside, undertake wild change training. Ant bear likes ground of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed of the claw before using, nursery governess can prepare a few wood to perhaps build sanded ground and slimy ground for them, convenient the claw before they go learning to be used neatly, increase the natural propensity that they live at ordinary times, also build brook at the same time, the establishment such as cistern abounds their life.

        Qingdao of center extensive network on May 31 message (reporter Wang Wei) Qingdao city Wei Jian appoint reported on May 31, on May 30 0, 24 when, qingdao city adds the input outside the condition newly virus of new-style coronal shape is pneumonic diagnose case of illness 1.

        Exhibiting " check your cross bridge " , author Mo Nai (Jiang Wenjing of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        7. Wu Jie Cause of disease of center of control of precaution of Guangdong province disease is microbial examine

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter Liu Zhan) basis " byelaw of air defence of Chongqing city people " concerned regulation, on June 5 morning 10 when come 30 minutes 10 when 42 minutes, chongqing will undertake inside whole town limits air defence alarm tries airing of views, grieve over " Chongqing big bomb " die brethren.

        In construction, each ginseng builds an unit cast-iron pipe accuses construction liquid waste to discharge, rubbish processing, the field abandoning broken bits that takes up in time temporarily to along the line undertakes answer cultivate and afforest, reduced the effect to the environment.

        In recent years, around area water environment integrated punish promotes, straight area of Li bay area highlights a problem, dare to move touch really hard, in the light of periphery of the village in the city the river emerges water quality is black smelly easy repeatedly problem, via the key the platoon is checked, discover area of garden of industry of class of village of Li bay area exists generally in-house rain corrupt confluent, drainpipe network is old old circumstance, partial existence did not receive municipal and communal waste pipe net, bring about corrupt liquid waste discharges a river to emerge continuously cause pollution of natural water system. For from go up at all solve industrial garden area to affect circumjacent environment issue, base oneself upon of Li bay area is actual circumstance, begin systematic catchment punish to garden of industry of class of whole area village, through having section corrupt net of accept canal, canal upgrades transform, realize billabong of rain of garden area interior, sewage, found catchment to amount to sign unit.

        "Wait for a reason as a result of asymmetry of information of geographical environment limitation, market, it is high grade produce looks for less than buying on one hand, on the other hand, sea dawn citizen also is searching high grade supply of goods. We put up the bazaar that help deficient up, the energy that should achieve social love consumption and poor masses to take off deficient demand namely allows a butt joint. " classics of sea dawn area closes chief says related the bureau.

        On June 4 when 0-24, complete province is not had add the person that affect without the symptom newly, turn that day for diagnose case of illness 1, remove to keep apart medicine to observe 1 centrally that day, still keep apart medicine to observe 5 in concentration (4 are inputted outside the condition among them, hubei inputs 1) , reduce 2 than before one day.


        Zhuhai of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter of eaves of reporter Guo Xiang another name for Guangdong Province should announce) " dragon boat water " affect Guangdong continuously, little river goes out to exceed now in the part alarm the flood, guangdong saves main organization to fight calamity. The reporter manages hall 7 days to understand from province lash-up, province 3 prevent do, office of province lash-up government stares at water situation closely all the time to change, in the province command center attempers clear continuously the city county that the key such as city of far, benefit gets influence area presses down lash-up branch, supervise and urge basic level transfers dangerous area masses in time, river of small gold of city of Du Buzhen of in relief hill of the guidance that connect a line, benefit, clear Yuan Fogang, Guangzhou is beautiful, and other places of Zhao Qingna abundant is in buy the situation of a disaster.