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        2020年06月25日 09:15:32


        2020年06月25日 09:15:32

        Today, the free of 6 Zhejiang province such as city of Zhejiang province Hangzhou donates blood advanced city and free of 10 Zhejiang province donate blood bear the palm of particularly consecratory award person be commended.

        Information shows, the utmost reason of this second incident is: Right windscreen of B-6419 sign chance is sealed severe (atmosphere is sealed father or seal severe silica gel) likelihood damaged, windscreen interior is put in cavity, exterior lunt infiltration coexists leave Yu Feng to block bottom brim.

        To assure successful answer garden, of nursery school epidemic prevention drilling undertook 6 times before teaching workers to carry, "From entering garden the parent sends the child, classes are over to in the evening all the time the parent receives the child, it is sudden lash-up state next, enter the bolt when garden, how is the bolt during school handled, complete set drilling comes down us. " teacher Tian Yanxia tells a reporter.

        Hangzhou of center extensive network on June 10 message (Ying Zhiyuan of Wen Jun of Cao of reporter Li Jia's reporter) recently, county of Zhejiang tung cottage lives build dangerous house of difficult family of country of bureau union county actual condition, according to farmer freewill principle, choose minute of Shui Zhencheng village village, precious jade 7 high such as village of Dong Lin of beautiful jade town are old farming room regards a county as difficult masses " wisdom farming room " the project is pilot, old house of danger of innovation difficulty family transforms service new pattern.

        Divine farming phlogistic emperor is the first ancestor of China farming agrarian civilization, phlogistic emperor culture is the fountainhead of China civilization. According to expert textual research, make the same score divine farming phlogistic emperor high " historical involuntary discharge of urine collects evidence of historic site of relatively complete, cultural relic full and accurate of account of strong, character carved stone of rich, monument is long-standing of unique, sacred activity, phlogistic amorous feelings of folk-custom of the Supreme Being is far-reaching " , it is the whole nation resource of phlogistic emperor culture is most rich inside limits the area of collect.

        Allowed to uncover members of standing committee of Yang Puning municipal Party committee in May 2003

        Quality of environment of complete province soil is optimized ceaselessly, strengthen soil contamination prevention and cure in the round, solid advance Sukhavati to guard battle. Finish complete province 190 million mus agricultural sift of ground soil contamination state and category of quality of environment of soil of 20% counties farmland differentiate, begin key industry business to use ground investigation, strengthen risk canal effectively to accuse. Advance danger to change taste an enterprise to remove transform, prohibit in the round " foreign rubbish " enter a country, trash of complete province solid " 0 entrances " . Advance rubbish to classify processing, make " distribution of processing of classification of trash of solid body of country of Heilongjiang provincial capital plans (2019-2035 year) " , accelerate town life rubbish is harmless change processing facilities construction. Begin blackland ground to protect special operation deep, promotion " break up two avoid " wait for integrated technology measure, begin agriculture machinery to spend protection farming, the platoon consults business of industry of key of punish experience heavy metal, cut off enter farm chain, ensured commissariat is safe.

        Shan end, Shenzhen and Dongguan the sea of 3 ground alarm execute the law public security of personnel combination place, synchronism spreads out control a network, fight bravely through 3 hours, final in Shan end, Shenzhen and Dongguan 3 areas seize personnel of 20 experience case successfully.

        Spot of popular science activity (Zheng Shu of center wide reporter is photographed)

        Each district is started in time group prevent group survey a system, accumulative total platoon checks ground calamity hidden trouble to nod slope of 8600 place, high steep margin 24 thousand place, seasonable and decisive move suffers masses of geological calamity menace 5119 people, cogent accomplish danger affection to be transferred early discovery, early early-warning, early.

        "Container of cold storage of this lithium battery will take railroad freight class to list with 80 kilometers / the traversal speed when leaves row, in road won't new organizing into groups, monitoring of whole journey platform, photograph comparing is other cold chain is carried, have whole journey electron to accuse lukewarm, safe stability tall, contented round-the-clock carry wait for advantage condition, on carriage flexibility, photograph comparing is other cold chain carriage means also has definite advantage, can promote product market effectively competition ability. " Yang Pu of Shanghai freight center says via Zhu Zhenwei of battalion headquarters vice director. Participate in this to try those who move is medium of Liu Zi of vise general manager of branch of Shanghai of carriage limited company also represents iron spy money, run the effect according to trying this, railroad branch will undertake assessment an analysis. Later period, container of lithium battery cold storage realizes dimensions to change stage by stage, class row is changed become a possibility soon.

        Meddlesome and geminate. Midday 13:6, giant panda " Ai Li " produce young of giant panda of a female smoothly also, unripe weight was to achieve 219 grams more at the beginning of young, a when take off alive " young fat person " . After young is born, mother " Ai Li " hold it in the arms immediately in the bosom, showed stronger maternal instinct.

        Besides maintaining tourist interest, travel court is scene area actively still the meaning that individual operator explains travel circuit court to exist. Manage a Cai Shigong to running store of product of characteristic of a Xinjiang in scene area, the feeling after she understood travel circuit court is quite much. Cai Shigong tells a reporter: "Explain to public through law, let us manage an understanding more legal knowledge, already defend oneself right, normative oneself behavior, the tourist that is scene area also can create better consumptive environment. The tourist that is scene area also can create better consumptive environment..

        " guideline " gain ground energetically " the cent that distribute food is fed " .

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 2 message (reporter Zheng Shu) on June 2, bureau of Guangzhou city education is released about " 2020 the announcement of timeline of summer vacation of middle and primary school " , semester of spring of clear middle and primary school will end on July 21, put summer vacation at will rising on July 22, nursery school consults carry out.

        To this, ningxia is various function of procuratorial work of base oneself upon of procuratorial work mechanism, blow and deliverance pay equal attention to. Teach minor of worker sex enroach on crime to 2, put forward to prohibit to the court its are engaged in concerning occupational with education " prohibit from course of study " proposal, the court adopts a proposal to be in make guilty court decision while sentence " prohibit from course of study " ; Active care deliverance suffers the minor the injured party of sexual enroach on, invade the injured party to extend to the sex in predicament in all judicatory deliverance gold 1.009 million yuan, begin psychological dredge 35 person-time; Aggrandizement criminal lawsuit is supervised, to mechanism of public security of case of minor of sexual enroach on ought to put on record and not 2 cases of put on record supervise place a case on file for investigation and prosecution, case of light to abnormal of forensic measurement of penalty minor of 3 sexes enroach on puts forward counterappeal, counterappeal opinion is adopted entirely, case be able to change the original sentence.

        " agreement " put forward, both sides will strengthen cooperation, in " culture, management, talent, course " wait for a respect to develop activity of of all kinds communication; Undertake in advantage course respect each other is connected communicating, close to in all enter in all, develop activity of academic exchange visits regularly; Produce oneself advantage adequately, the side supports weak force course or weak power project, fill neat short board, promote joint development; Strengthen a talent to foster, receive administrator, cure freely to protect personnel attend in a advanced studies and groom study.

        This forum installed gist speech, special subject communication, " law speaks " wait for link, come from a province concern a section continuously (unit) , be in plain orgnaization of service of enterprise, law, be in plain school, in plain business (assist) the 300 Yu Mingjia guest of the domain such as the meeting are collective delibrate new coronal is pneumonic epidemic situation affects the service that leave law of enterprises of course of study, and how does group of law of mechanism of politics and law, law respond to care of service estate company, offer essence of life to allow Wu of kimono of law countermeasure, measure for the enterprise.

        Hangzhou of center extensive network on June 4 message (Wen Jun of Cao of reporter Li Jia) influence of rain belt getting a plum, began on June 2, zhejiang appears into the 2nd round of rainfall after the plum. 2 days rise in night, thoroughfare big rainstorm of occurrence rainstorm of south of city greater part, Hangzhou and area of Jin Huaxi north. 2 days 8 when to 3 days 15 when, save average rainfall completely 26.2 millimeter, thoroughfare among them 44.1 millimeter of 82.6 millimeter of state city, Hangzhou city, have 9 counties (city, area) more than 50 millimeter, county of the biggest become civilized 139.4 millimeter; Only station most greatly the Huaihe River of become civilized pool presses down 191.9 millimeter. 3 days 15 when, harbor of the root of antipyretic dichroa of upper reaches of money pond river happens to exceed the flood of warning line slightly, other and main Jiang He all is on behalf of station water level under warning line; Library of saliva of lion of the root of antipyretic dichroa, lotus is yellow the water level of 3 medium-sized reservoir such as reservoir of bank of become known of spring of village reservoir, dragon exceeds flood to be restricted, other large and medium-sized reservoir all is restricted in flood the following. The whole situation that visit high water is at present smooth, did not receive unusual situation to report.

        Cause celebrates Liu Xiaoyun of maritime bureau director to introduce, in recent years, cause celebrates maritime bureau to devote oneself to to drive ability of oily lash-up of local water overflow to build all the time, establish established Zhao Qing team of oily lash-up of town water overflow and library of equipment of oily lash-up of overflow of water of Zhao Qing town, be in on the west river along the line sets 20 excessive oily lash-up newly to deal with material lays in a dot. In the meantime, still with on the west county of river along the line (city, area) relevant section and enterprise are built " safety is built in all, resource is shared, the team is built in all, lash-up is interactive " politics look forward to establishs pattern in all, integrated " army, politics, look forward to " on the west strength of incident lash-up troop is broken out on Jiang Shui, drive actively combine model, close experienced, collaboration, practice " three-in-one acts " , establish lasting effect mechanism, be united in wedlock visible Jiang Jian is set on the west, oil of overflow of ceaseless promotion water answers speed and lash-up to deal with ability, collective protection is good on the west river mother river.

        Dalian from trade piece the area is mixed according to the train of thought of systematic innovation, compositive innovation method, bold achieve, bold try, through series innovation is carried out, exploration was formed " trouble-free, noninterference " examine and approve superintend new pattern. Namely: Market admittance link leaves to be examined and approve artificially in the round, implementation whole journey standardizes a program to change, the enterprise is registered " stand etc desirable " , "Have not have a requirement completely " applicant but " the look is short of accept " " acceptance namely admittance, send card namely " ; Superintendency link is carried out " accord with attestation " " classification is superintended " , carry out in the round enclothe Dalian from trade piece superintend integratedly of region market main body, wisdom is superintended, credit is superintended.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on May 30 message (reporter Shu Longhuan) start of Xi'an city industry " one window is connected do one day to do a form " standardization construction promotion can be held on May 29, indicate open realizes a Xi'an city industry " one network service, one window is connected do, collect, one day does a form " target, business start time is compressed to 1 day.

        Yellow River culture is the main component of China civilization, it is the root of the Chinese nation and fetch. The Yellow River of 5400 much kilometers, for on the way Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu Province, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong 9 visit an area, left countless natural landscape and culture mark, a when already became beautiful China domain to go up wide suffer the travel a covered corridor or walk that fix eyes upon. In bequest of Yellow River culture, immaterial culture bequest has very large proportion, they accompany the Yellow River and be born, in cross-strait folk run in the family. Dig value of times of Yellow River culture deep, boost protection of system of bequest of Yellow River culture, great to sturdy culture self-confidence and implementation the Chinese nation revived Chinese dream has great sense.

        Be in harmony of cloud of commerce of investment of 2020 peace wave is exhibited on meeting and cloud of commodity of middle east Europe will around investment, commerce, consumption 3 big themes, with trade of classics of middle east Europe collaboration gives priority to a line, reveal with cloud conference, cloud, Yun Qia talks, cloud autograph is made an appointment with, cloud direct seeding is main form, will hold trade exhibition, two-way investment, consumption to promote wait for activity of the series on the line, be explored actively and make can new platform is exhibited on the line.

        January 2020, man Lin Mou reports a case to the security authorities to substation of yellow riverside public security, in different the ground is brushed 98 thousand yuan to block consumption after 4 pieces of credit card losing that call its under one's name. In investigation process, 4 pieces of credit card that police discovers to Lin Mou narrates are in " lose " before all exist to cancel credit card actively to trade password, promote credit card forehead to spend temporarily and to insurance company application credit card pilfer brushs the behavior such as danger, and these credit card all are in same time and ground to nod the card that be brushed to consume, and him Lin Mou is right " be brushed by pilfer after credit card losing " the course fumbles however, verbal antilogy.

        " a certain number of measure " include to implement policy of derate property hire actively; Increase finance capital to give aid to strength, arrange capital of 500 million yuan of finance to be used at supporting culture enterprise to answer epidemic situation as a whole, alleviate management difficulty, stimulative industry anabiosises; Essence of life allows a side to help up suffer epidemic situation to affect serious culture trade, the place of round to literary courtyard, show, hypostatic bookshop, cinema market principal part that supplies Wu of kimono of mental culture product for the citizen, concerned orgnaization, offer certain subsidy; Strengthen culture industry policy to explain to public; Accelerate plan of special fund appropriate; Start reserve of special fund project; Encourage supportive culture enterprise to participate in epidemic prevention to fight epidemic disease; Increase the supportive strength of areas of pair of culture industry garden; Increase industry financing support, offer 10 billion yuan special loan specified amount to spend for culture enterprise; Drive reduce burden of business tax Wu, financing burden; Promote innovation of condition of culture estate line of business; Encourage culture enterprise to extend the consumption on the line; Aggrandizement society linkage serves; Stimulate culture consumption; Increase a government to buy common culture to serve strength to wait in all 22 act.

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