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        2020年06月25日 09:15:37


        2020年06月25日 09:15:37

        During the activity, the Anhui province will put in collect 's charge to release information of post of 1 million or so invite applications for a job, hold invite applications for a job of the special performance below the line above of 1000 showing number; Organize 1000 above cadre connection, visit a company 10 thousand above, begin an enterprise to serve above of 1000 showing number with labour.

        4, strengthen key place and community to prevent accuse. Fulfil apanage, industry, unit, individual " all directions " responsibility, strengthen the management of pair of rental buildings, dormitory, foreign staff, do good entrance guard strictly, register, the link such as management of car pass in and out works, the member that build the bearer outside normalization runs a system, the key is right outside the condition, area of high school risk, go to a doctor, be away on official business come short for Shaanxi Province returns 4 kinds of personnel such as short for Shaanxi Province to undertake detailed list is changed, stage Zhang turns management, head a group through various epidemic situation (headquarters) the office is executed daily chase class to appear in the newspaper. Strengthen the personnel such as seafood market, free market of agricultural products continuously concentrated public personnel discrepancy management and health are monitored, strengthen the flesh kind, seafood product and sampling of example of outer shroud condition detect, fulfil disinfection, ventilated etc prevent accuse measure, clear in time environmental sanitation blind angle, eliminate epidemic situation to transmit hidden trouble. Should strengthen prevent control reserve of goods and materials, begin lash-up drilling, do good epidemic situation actively to prevent accuse to answer the job.

        Whole nation of world blood donor day advocate assembly room activity (Zhejiang of hair of center extensive network saves Wei Jian appoint for the graph)

           City of forest of first country of sprint China group target

        6 when 30 minutes, blessing cropland port 11 doors are punctual open, the deep harbor that wears various school uniform crosses condition student to accuse a mechanism according to couplet of joint defence of port epidemic situation, after adopting procedures of custom sanitation quarantine, along connect technically close a line, arrive at edge check to await check area. Nervous and orderly probation in the hall, whole journey leaves sufficient 10 artificial passageways, wear defend station of the check side the Huang Gang that take is on duty adept standard checks the policeman, watch sb go away another student leaves the country in safety.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 8 message (Ma Jian of Yang Yuegong of reporter Liu Tao's reporter) " where cannot go during epidemic situation, very rusty, work here every month income 8500 yuan, basically can maintain family expenses. " on June 7, in autonomous prefecture of Tibetian of Sichuan pleasant Zi Lu decides city to grind happiness is pressed down on the west - grind 110 kilovolt circuitry builds a project on the west spot of field of 11 towers drawing, the Ceng Yumin of hand of drawing machine operation that comes from Sichuan wide An Yuechi 50 years old is very satisfactory ground say.

        "One boat ferry is installed 1 " burden drilling from May 30 before dawn undertakes coming on May 31 midnight, add up to 43 hours. During, join of boat of an organic whole sinks first times canal, according to formal construction craft, began include to enter undock, DP (from boat) the system is debugged, build surplus carry channel and turn to float of area radical chamfer to carry lash-up of imitate, tug pulls the content such as test of boat, speek of a ship or plane.

        Next, guangdong will be bred energetically and reasonable use silvan resource, adamantine optimize configuration of silvan natural resources, accelerate forestry estate to transition upgrades and carry qualitative synergism, cogent increase capacity of supply of high grade forest products, innovation of 3 industries confluence develops stimulative forestry just a little. Accelerate advance forestry estate structural adjustment, do solid do firm breed the forestry that attachs most importance to a dot with silvan natural resources the first industry, do make Jiang Yilin product greatly the forestry secondary industry that profound treatment attachs most importance to a dot, do essence of life to do flourishing with silvan zoology travel, forest health raise the forestry tertiary industy that attachs most importance to a dot. Accelerate development burgeoning forestry estate, the standard develops forest next economy, develop property of silvan zoology travel energetically, build circuitry of characteristic of 100 forests travel and 100 forests travel burgeoning brand ground, accelerate development with provide for the aged of health care of silvan recuperate, forest, forest, forest stroll about or have a rest of recreational, forest, forest goes vacationing, the forest that silvan culture gives priority to health raise an industry, the product of zoology of high grade forestry of much consumption of much production common people, love consumption, estate of forestry of construction whole nation is saved by force and countrywide green zoology is saved by force.

        In recent years, zhuhai city strengthens the connection of site of as abroad as each talent to cooperate, conduct activity of special performance of Zhuhai of travel of the another name for Guangdong Province austral 9 abroad experts continuously, doctor of 2 global youths is postdoctoral innovation does poineering work negotiate meeting, innovation of Zhuhai of talent of 3 high end does poineering work negotiate activity of travel of country of abroad journal of meeting and China, key of help Zhuhai city is enterprise or business unit butt joint talent of global high end 1600 more than person, choose to each area recommend high grade and abroad poineering project 483. Among them, the 4 dimension period that introduces via mobile platform, Pu Linxin gallop, actor is microbial wait for much home to study abroad personnel company is selected already Zhuhai city is fast growing innovation enterprise (alone horny animal industry) cultivate industry of library put in storage. Chief expresses related person company bureau, this second Shuang Bo can be absorbed before experience, essence of butt joint of do one's best is accurate, cooperative diversity, the talent after making the enterprise recruits the doctoral doctor that introduces scientific research place to need more easily, more conveniently, also make a doctor postdoctoral get information of more to apply for a job at the same time, help them arrive directly at company station, direct project adds up to oppose to resemble, promote with all possible means win-win.

        Jinan of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Gui Yuan) the reporter understands from hall of Shandong province finance, consume latent capacity to release masses sports further, shandong finance arranged capital to be used technically at sports Hui Min to consume certificate to extend recently, cogent pull move sports consumption.

        On May 31 0, 24 when, chongqing city is not had add new coronal of the input outside the condition newly report of pneumonic diagnose case. Up to on May 31 24 when, chongqing city is in without the input outside the condition courtyard diagnose case of illness, accumulative total inputs diagnose case of illness outside report condition 3, already all cured leave hospital.

        Shen Zhou settle looks river come 10 years, accumulative total realizes production value 40.2 billion yuan, taxation 650 million yuan, export 31 thousand dollar, send knock off endowment 3.39 billion yuan. Be worth what carry is, in " Shen Zhou and hope river people flies in all " the concept is how-to below, enterprise leave no stone unturned extends obtain employment post, essence of executive obtain employment takes off deficient definitely, be dedicated to industrial promote a county, aid force to help deficient assault fortified positions up.

        In the meantime, the province establishs Shaanxi to establish first provincial countryside of countrywide to promote standardization technology committee member, weave early or late " system of standardization of vegetables of Shaanxi province fruit plans " " Shaanxi saves beautiful country system of standardization to plan " " Shaanxi province countryside revitalizes system of standardization to plan " , release executive countryside to promote field place standard 9, for Shaanxi province countryside revitalized high quality development to establish solid technology to prop up, through driving standardization pilot job lets enterprise synergism, masses add close. Emerge in large numbers went out with Yan Liang the apple of yangtao of county of integrated melon and fruit, eyebrow, An Saishan ground pilot mode that is a delegate is mixed typical experience. Up to now, shaanxi province builds national level agriculture to standardize demonstrative area 164, provincial demonstrative area 157, enclothed complete province all experience farming county (area) , demonstrative area amount ranks the whole nation the 7th, demonstrative area agriculture products has 42 to obtain national geography mark to protect a product, 28 obtain Shaanxi to omit famous brand name, "Shaanxi apple " the Europe in obtaining " 10+10 " each other of international of geographical mark product admits.

           Policy of taxation of poineering obtain employment of focusing key group is fulfilled

        The basis is newest farming affection attempers show, because weather is appropriate this year, edaphic soil moisture content is better, although early days has stripe rust effect, but because prevent,accuse seasonable, wheaten impact is not big, will integratedly look, crop also relatively in former years increases somewhat. During 3 summer, machinery of agriculture of go into battle of complete province plan is covered 1.8 million times, among them machine of wheaten combination results drill of 170 thousand more than stage, corn more than 20, personnel of technology of 280 thousand agriculture machinery and agriculture machinery hand enlist 3 summer launch a mass campaign. Wang Fengyong of the member that Shandong saves management of mechanization of farming of agricultural country hall to be in 2 class survey says, the first ten days of a month began complete province wheat in June after large area is harvested, to the last ten-day of a month in June, save 60 million mus of wheat to will be reaped basically completely end.

        "The company prepares to establish APP " full name is " the company prepares to establish project management and service platform " , initiate " 24 hours not put up the shutters " the unifinication below the line on the line is brand-new the company prepares to establish service mode. The enterprise encounters problem and difficulty in process of project investment construction, can pass end of mobile phone APP to type at any time and place appear in the newspaper, can get relevant function branch is not had seam join, linkage is corresponding, come to handle an issue in coordination for the enterprise quickly.

        Up to on May 31 24 when, the person that accumulative total traces intimate contact 25112 people, already removed medicine watchs 24988 people, still 124 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        Below epidemic situation test, online education photograph relatively do not accept dimensional district restriction at traditional classroom, show its huge advantage, but meanwhile, online course also presents a quality uneven wait for a problem. In May, shanghai disappear is protected appoint accept religion earth up, the consumption such as fitness, entertainment complains 2636, rise compared to the same period 26.9% . Among them, education grooms share 1439, quality of main report education does not accord with consumer anticipate, cannot make an appointment course, false persons qualified to teach and cannot the problem such as refund; Gymnastical service accepts 545 in all, the problem is in centrally make an appointment not free, affirmatory service and not agree with actually, turn poundage of inn collection high specified number, protracted refund; Network game accepts 492 in all, the problem is sealed in game Zhang date centrally, fictitious equipment by pilfer, fill a value to operate requirement refund to wait by accident.

        Since December 2018, municipal procuratorate drives whole area actively to teach a system to be begun in each school development " safe hidden trouble is big are checked " the job, the key prevents ability to content of people's air defense construction, preventive enroach on, be on guard social personnel enters periphery of campus and campus ride roughshod over, campus the job such as integrated processing spreads out a platoon to check, have a problem instruct rectify and reform. At the same time mechanism of various procuratorial work checks whole area 767 middle and primary school, nursery school and outside school groom the orgnaization undertook examination, dark visit, superintend and director guides. The examine and verify that manages relevant system, action to employ a staff member with respect to school security guards a pass, the problem such as the monitoring blind area of the key area such as room of circumstance of education of system of schoolgirl dormitory management, law, dormitory, classroom, security personnel undertakes be examininged on the spot, supervise and urge rectify and reform.

        The reporter saves forestry bureau know from Guangdong, up to by 2019, bead trigonometry area builds zoology landscape forest belt in all 742 kilometers, take plan job 185% of 472 kilometers; Forest belt of landscape of perfect promotion zoology 2318 kilometers, build green line network 1509 kilometers, perfect promotion green line 990 kilometers, already all exceeded a plan to finish.

        On April 8, 2020, ningxia always coulds there be the Cheng Mou that Li Jun presses down the county 13 years old some is cheated more than yuan 36 thousand with including the kind that return profit aglow. After case hair, always could there be prefectural public security bureau is investigated through careful, seize at Dongguan town was being visited in Guangdong on April 27 " kill a fish dish " bilk gang " car hand " Yang Mou some, be in 12 province, areas of countrywide, city to string together similar case more than cases 40 for breach with this, discovery is born with middle and primary school to commit the crime target, with " kill a fish dish " the gang of telegraphic network bilk of means bilk.

        From batch catch sue a circumstance to look, mechanism of complete province procuratorial work is approved in all arrest case of enroach on minor 1103 1479 people, rise respectively compared to the same period 23% with 19.4% ; Prosecute 1279 2241 people, rise respectively compared to the same period 27.6% with 51.3% , show ascendant trend 3 years continuously.

        A controller represents this plant, situation of zoology environmental protection is increasingly grim, should ask strictly to be opposite according to environmental protection as the enterprise " 3 useless " processing equipment undertakes upgrading, want to pay attention to economic benefits already, also want beneficial result of zoology of give attention to two or morethings, for benefit descendants, the enterprise must be zoology environmental protection " yield benefit " , follow closely " green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill " develop a concept.

        Face new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation this " add examination questions " , receive an official in the assault fortified positions that take off deficient year, guangzhou city guides social charity force extensively to participate in decisive battle decide the issue of the battle to take off deficient assault fortified positions, focusing captures battle of deficient assault fortified positions is last fort. Develop Guangzhou town deep 2020 " Guangdong helps deficient aid up to strand day " activity, establish " Guangdong helps deficient aid up to strand day " the activity donates fund only door, open in platform of collect of extensive increase couplet " charity is civilian month " special subject of Internet raise donations, wait for means through raise donations of wide hair proposal, community, build " on the line + below the line " donate and transmit platform, begin beneficent the whole people to contribute arouse extensively social all circles participates in the aid that help deficient up to strand donate an activity. Through " the love that help deficient up is mensal " wait for consumption to help deficient up, " litchi + beneficent " wait for direct seeding to take goods pattern, promotion helps deficient dimensions and quality. Compile and print deficient assault fortified positions is publicized book, reveal charity to aid force to help deficient up to take off deficient work achievement. Came this year in January May, guangzhou city charity can raise money resource of love of social all circles, initiate in platform of collect of extensive increase couplet " I take off deficient assault fortified positions to display love for Guangdong " , " Yang Chengci be apt to is civilian " wait for 22 aid that help deficient up to surround a project, side of speak or sing alternately of city of the Guangzhou that help strength helps decide the issue of the battle of area decisive battle up to take off deficient assault fortified positions, accumulative total defray helps deficient capital up to even more 100 million yuan.

        As we have learned, this the autograph builds about " the country believes " breed labour boat loading capacity to make an appointment with 100 thousand tons, breed water system to amount to 80 thousand stere, captain 249 meters, single ship invests about 400 million yuan, plan to begin large yellow croaker, grouper, Atlantic redfish, yellow the renown actor such as a Zuo breeds fingerling, predict to produce per year can 4000 tons, year all do business income makes an appointment with 220 million yuan. This labour boat takes concept of green breed aquatics on the design, it is with comfortable fishing sex oriented, in ship structure, advance the respect such as means of system, moor to optimize a design, with home banner, world's top-ranking damping falls implementation of technology of a confusion of voices breeds space and shipping overall and organic union, compose builds zoology, efficient, intensive to change cabin to raise a space; Through the system compositive innovate with mode, initiate wisdom to breed new pattern, but effective avoid coastal waters breeds pollution and high seas to breed a risk, can drive shipping at the same time design and build, the many industries confluence such as deep treatment of net of couplet of wisdom fishery, content, aquatic product develops, confluence of changeover of new old kinetic energy, the army and the people reachs implementation shipping industry those who extend far-reaching sea land to use a space is compositive set an example, in the technology advanced sex respect reachs world banner level, will lead dark open sea of our country off shore to breed new trend.

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