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        2020年06月25日 08:58:53

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        In " the high in the clouds that buy · is not market of involuntary discharge of urine " in, audience of countrywide each district but online through understanding fitness of preserve one's health of traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional sports, traditional health the outstanding blame of the respect such as food of preserve one's health offers as a gift project,

        "Divine animal " people termed begins. (Tang Lei of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Rubbish of more than bags of 12 island makes picking up volunteer service brand

        Tianjin city farming appoint director Shen Xin introduces, tianjin will strengthen policy safeguard, fulfil an industry the side is helped up and infrastructure side helps capital up to guarantee policy, harmonious fulfil fund of city finance allowance, ensure finish construction job on schedule. Began in June, according to the town the village is checked oneself, area class is checked and accept, the kind that city class takes a nucleus, around " 3 beauty 4 complete 5 equal " 73 sides support index, to 1041 difficult villages the item-by-item that chase a village undertakes checking and accept, finish a batch to check and accept a batch, check and accept a standard strictly, put an end to stoutly " the number takes off deficient " " take off deficient phonily " . To finishing the village of the task, insist not to amount to mark, not unhook, do not obtain get the better of completely absolutely not withdraw troops. Final implementation side is helped up arrive from the village door enclothe completely, society of well-off of overall high quality does not leak one village, do not fall one person.

        "You see mice of the carven on this wall and grape, it is the species with progenitive extremely strong capability, the implied meaning is worn the descendants is much child much happiness. " Maqinglin says imam of pluvial spring mosque, the confluence of element of culture of this kind of different people, be ethical big solidarity is indicative, also be the crystallization of each folk great wisdom, witnessed ancient area of Huang of river of past the present and the past the harmony between each nation in all flourish.

        According to Jiangxi Huang Xiaochun of deputy director general of province forestry bureau introduces, since this year, jiangxi province fire prevention does, hall of lash-up of Public Security Department of province forestry bureau, province, province began silvan fire prevention jointly " restful spring acts " with complete province field fire cause is special processing acts. Concentrated force amount is right agronomic with fire, sacred with fire, forestry production uses the fire hidden trouble such as fire to undertake discharging checking administering, gravity is investigated violate compasses the behavior that use internal heat.

        In recent years, xi'an city reduces business start time continuously, superintendency bureau of Xi'an city market takes the lead in enabling in the whole nation " 24 hours of whole intelligence do according to the system " declare a system independently with company name, debutted in August 2019 " the enterprise cancels advantage to change one net to serve platform " , move formally in January 2020 " platform is registered on net of main body of Xi'an city market " , get through the crucial link of business start, defeat solution to block problem of dot, pain spot, difficulty up with all one's strength, promoted the market " metabolic " , realized market main body " complete lifecycle " government serves.

        "1+3+3 " green jade 1 set to build a standard namely (" time Yu Ou Bidao builds a demand " ) , 3 thematic gallery (include corridor of science and technology of culture inheritance corridor, colorful life corridor, innovation) , 3 100 kilometers green jade (plan to 2025 length 304.9 kilometers. According to " a year of pilot construction, see effect 3 years greatly, build basically 7 years " target requirement, combine the town planning of a Yu and culture distinguishing feature, space of bank of water of preferential be well versed in, optimize water quality environment, perfect civilian establishment, each other of interconnection of path of implementation green jade, green line, slow trade is connected, become into the net piece, contented masses " water bank stroll about or have a rest " yearning. Already finished 7 lamps 2019 reservoir and south lake reservoir path of 6 kilometers green jade is pilot construction job, finished green jade path to build 235.2 kilometers 2022, make 2 above high level green jade, to the end of 2025, accumulative total building greens jade 304.9 kilometers, green jade path is integrated function and social benefit are shown increasingly, the light that becomes a Yu zoology civilization to build beautiful calling card.

        Up to by May, complete province fact has principal part of of all kinds market 3871071, grow 7.49% compared to the same period. Among them, complete province fact has a company 1038027, grow 9.04% compared to the same period; Solid have individual and industrial and commercial door 2763875, grow 7.07% compared to the same period; Solid have farmer major cooperation 69169, grow 1.5% compared to the same period.

        Since December 2018, municipal procuratorate drives whole area actively to teach a system to be begun in each school development " safe hidden trouble is big are checked " the job, the key prevents ability to content of people's air defense construction, preventive enroach on, be on guard social personnel enters periphery of campus and campus ride roughshod over, campus the job such as integrated processing spreads out a platoon to check, have a problem instruct rectify and reform. At the same time mechanism of various procuratorial work checks whole area 767 middle and primary school, nursery school and outside school groom the orgnaization undertook examination, dark visit, superintend and director guides. The examine and verify that manages relevant system, action to employ a staff member with respect to school security guards a pass, the problem such as the monitoring blind area of the key area such as room of circumstance of education of system of schoolgirl dormitory management, law, dormitory, classroom, security personnel undertakes be examininged on the spot, supervise and urge rectify and reform.

        Announcement requirement, each district each unit wants farther aggrandizement apanage to manage responsibility, branch and unit to prevent control liability, fulfil station of field of produce terminal market, free market of agricultural products, food market, supermarket, hospital, traffic strictly to wait for domain of key place, key " measure lukewarm + sweep (bright) code + Dai Kou is overspread " wait for health government measure.

        This year in March, supervisory management board of Zhejiang province medicines and chemical reagents is released " establish an entrance to be not special purpose cosmetic to put on record about be in peaceful wave city hear bit of announcement " , mark peaceful wave starts an entrance formally blame spy cosmetic puts on record accept the job. This also is Zhejiang the province imports blame spy cosmetic the 5th times to put on record accept a point.

        Shenyang of center extensive network on June 15 message (reporter Xu Zhijiang) with " open on the river " now body, with " maritime and open " revitalize, the Liaoning of city of hundred years harbor outside hill custom visits battalion mouth town, the distinctive group that embracing Internet times enthusiasticly " the net is red " and subsequently and come " net red economy " , quicken a city " open the 3rd times " process. On June 15, the reporter learns on the press conference that battalion mouth municipal government holds, this city is in the state that 1000 sail contest delivers red economy of net of countrywide each district, first put forward to make " of Chinese net red economy " , consolidate and enlarge advantage of go ahead of the rest ceaselessly, lead northeast to be in of domain of this one new economy advocate field place is grabbed early form, exploration " pullback the market beside " northeast revitalizes new way.

           City of water quality up-and-up, enterprise is treated corrupt go ahead of the rest

        International of Fujian source luxurianting growth exhibits limited company battalion to carry morning sunlight of chief inspector plum expresses, "The cloud is exhibited meeting " blended in artificial intelligence, can help a company, purchase business to realize the essence on the line to allow a butt joint. Li Chaohui expresses: "We pass algorithm of artificial intelligence essence, the help purchases business to find target partner and end product quickly. The business that carries intelligent conjugate is OK and online on make an appointment, undertake negotiating man-to-manly. Exhibit business to be able to show the comprehensive strength of enterprise and product adequately in his factory, purchase business to chat easily in his company, never leave home, reach creation condition for what both sides trades. Reach creation condition for what both sides trades..

        Xi'an of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Lei Kai) Shaanxi province sanitation is healthy appoint, province civilization does, province market supervisory management board combined print and distribute recently " Shaanxi saves guideline of civilized repast health " , pursue the dietary kind of environmental protection of contracted and measurable, green, healthy civilization further, guide repast of masses health civilization.

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 14 message (reporter Liang Mingxing) according to observatory of the Anhui province newest forecast, prospective a week saves much stronger precipitation completely, produce thunderstorm easily fresh gale and short when the weather of strong convection sex such as strong precipitation. Area of 14-15 day strong precipitation somewhat south pressure abate, river of the Huaihe River of edge the Huaihe River divides area heavy rain with the south, local rainstorm, 16-18 day complete province still has strong precipitation process.

        The Communist Party of China peacefuls when Luo Yumei of head of a county of government of people of vice secretary of peaceful county Party committee, county causes greeting decline, point out: "We will continue to carry out " zoology establishs county, talent to promote county, travel to drive, characteristic develops " the strategy, good in protection peaceful culture of folk-custom of nation of green water of peaceful green hill, inheritance while, begin travel to enrol business energetically, advance travel and support deficient, travel and culture confluence development, jiang Suining makes what the resort that travels into zoology, macrocosm travels set an example. Jiang Suining makes what the resort that travels into zoology, macrocosm travels set an example..

        Hui of center extensive network spring on June 12 message (Zhao Yang of reporter of reporter Liu in a steady stream) Hui of border land of the Russia in be fully loaded with the van of fresh vegetable 3 times to was saved in Jilin yesterday spring port connects heart of the central Shaanxi plain to receive probate probate, reach exit area of Russia far east. Changchun custom place belongs to Hui spring custom to rose on May 15 up to now, already accumulative total quarantine checks exit Russia vegetable 975.7 tons, goods is worth 3.689 million yuan. This is Jilin after 3 years are being lain between when the province, restart the vegetable export trade to Russia.

        As we have learned, " method " by Zhejiang province judicatory hall, Zhejiang saves big data bureau to be drafted jointly. Early days, two units go to Shanghai to begin early days survey jointly, made concerned legislation work implement plan; " method " after first draft is finished, early or late 3 written asked for letter of the letter that save a net, public security, classics, market to superintend the opinion that waits for legislation of more than 30 provincial concerned unit and government of people of 11 city that establish a division and partial basic level to connect a dot, seek social community opinion publicly through the network, ask bureau of big data of 6 city that establish a division submits written investigation report; In addition, bureau of big data of province judicatory hall, province still sends person specially assigned for a task to go to and other places of Hangzhou city, stage state city, justice black city to begin legislative survey, held an expert 2 times to prove meeting, branch to coordinate forum of meeting, industry. On the foundation that studies each honest opinion proposal one by one, bureau of big data of province judicatory hall, province is right " method " text undertook iteration modification, the 44th times standing conference discusses government of final classics province to pass and be promulgated to the society.

        Up to on June 6 24 when, liaoning saves case of illness of diagnose of accumulative total report completely 149, cure leave hospital 147, die 2. The person that accumulative total tracks diagnose case of illness to be contacted closely 4022 people (the person that contain case of illness of the input outside the condition to be contacted closely) , already removed entirely medical observation.

        Guiyang of center extensive network on June 10 message (reporter Chen Ge) on June 9, senior people court releases Guizhou Province " 2019 year save administrative case judicatory to investigate a report completely " show, 2019, guizhou Province is of all kinds in administrative contentious case, outside dropping except rehear case, one, 2 careful case still is shown rise situation continuously.

        Area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province " food basket " college of agriculture of project, Hua Na (Huang Bu) a batch of great agriculture projects such as innovation academy are in mobile spot autograph was made an appointment with that day. Luo Xiwen of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Zhonghua, and research center of technology of project of national cross paddy - the unit researcher such as college of college of agriculture of farming division courtyard, Hunan, Hua Na agriculture attends research center of Hunan cross paddy, Hunan Province activity, construction of contemporary to Huang Bu agriculture undertakes scientific research make an on-the-spot investigation.

        Essential stare at weak point to defend, in taking seriously highly little river, medium the pluvial defence of urine library works, strengthen Jiang He to dike, the go on a tour of inspection of the project such as brake station, reservoir defends, crucial period wants the staff that add a group, increase frequency of close go on a tour of inspection second, achieve hidden trouble early discovery, danger affection is fast deal with, ensure the project runs safety; Should reinforce town focal point the risk dot platoon of easy waterlogged place is checked, make preparation of good lash-up drain flooded fields; Should highlight had done fasten greatly defence of calamity of geology of a mountainous area mountain torrents works south a mountainous area, Anhui, the early warning system of calamity of sufficient play mountain torrents that monitor is mixed group of plan group defend systematic action, transfer uncannily region staff ahead of schedule, ensure people life is safe.

        Dali of center extensive network on June 15 message (morning of Luo Rui of benefit of Li Ying of reporter Li Jian's flying reporter) the Dali in be being built comes the railroad that face dark blue is Yunnan province " 8 provinces 5 leave the country " the main thoroughfare in railroad network, through tight construction of nearly 5 years, on June 15 morning, face railroad to begin lay a railway track formally greatly, indicate construction enters a passageway of this important railroad phase of sprint of assault fortified positions, press to open operation on schedule " bolt quickly " .

          3, machine of remote town public security detects Qing Dynasty of Dongguan of Shan head Fosan successfully " hurricane 31 " blow " touch porcelain " bilk crime case